Thursday, April 27, 2017

Dr. Ian Malcolm will be baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

that's what I call good news :)
Jeff Goldblum joins 'Jurassic Park' sequel

(CNN)Life -- and Universal Pictures -- found a way to bring Jeff Goldblum back to "Jurassic Park."

Well known for playing the snarky but charming Dr. Ian Malcolm in the "Jurassic Park" series, Goldblum will return to the franchise in the sequel to "Jurassic World," CNN has learned.

I love Jurassic Park, I looooooooooooooooove that movie almost as much as I love Michael Crichton

I love the original movie, the second one, the third one and Jurassic world and I can say right away, I will love the fifth movie no matter how bad it would be :)

but with Dr Ian Malcolm it just can't be bad :)

Those basses are killing me

first of all: I should bad for liking this song

secondly: thoseeeee baaaaaasseeeeeeeees

now that's pure electro crap

but you should listen in HQ to fully understand the power of it :)

Dillon Francis - Say Less (ft. G-Eazy)

eleeeectro craaaaaap

I like it :)

has close to zero of meaning in that lyrics

but I like it :)

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

She should be looking too naked

but instead she looks plain goooooooooorgeous

Karolina Kurkova

Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week

looooooooooooove this dress

would not wear it

but still looooooooooooove it

the back of that dress stole my heart

Monday, April 24, 2017

Here is another post about King Arthur


waiting and waiting and waiting

almost here

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Definizione dell'impossibile

I always wondered why people stick to one music genre only

the world is full of beautiful music

like mysterious Tale Of Us - Definizione dell'impossibile

Dinah Washington

if I had a chance, I would like trying to live in 50's-60's

I think I would fit there well


That's what I call good pop song

Lorde - Green Light

Black socks

there are things that I just don't like

black socks are one of those

in my perfect world the only appropriate colour for socks is white

I am not a big fan of colourful socks, but I can tolerate them

but I just hate black socks

I have no idea why

I like black colour

I have plenty of black dresses

but when I need to put on my black boots that are not above the ankle I am feeling close to panicking :)

and I take off the black socks the first thing when I come back and take those shoes off

I love them

they have gorgeous heels and even though my legs are super tired from wearing them, I am wearing them :)

girls things :)

I tried wearing them without socks, that did not work out

so I have now plenty of black socks

that I hate


I feel like a new person when I change them for the white ones :)

Friday, April 21, 2017

Trial & Error

I stopped watching Trial & Error after first episode

because I thought it was so impossibly stupid

but after couple of days I caught myself laughing inside on some of their jokes

and I gave it another try

and I looooooooove it


it is so weird, that it makes you laugh almost non stop :)

it is something like Parks and Recreation

only that Trial did not need so much time to start being funny


Thursday, April 20, 2017



just like that

all capitals


here is the song from the upcoming album


I was afraid listening to that song, since Linkin Park turned into electro crap lately

and, lets admit it, The black market was not thaaaaaaaaaaat good (that ugly overdone sound that they had there, ehh, the least favourite album from them)


but if Wolves are going to be as good as their first single, then I have no doubts it would be ahhhhh-mazing

thaaaaaaaaaaat music

back to the good sounding

and the lyrics

and the "rrrr"-voice

all that I needed


Welcome back, Rise Against, hope to see you in Finland!


and lets appreciate the album artwork

something tells me the album with that kind of cover just can't be bad

it just can't be



bearded blondie :)

They should go on tour together

and name it "We used to like you, but now we don't"

disastrous Linkin Park (Mike alone can't save it)

and outrageous Paramore

this picture would be the perfect description of my feelings


I believe I was in space tonight


it was one of those dreams, when you feel absolutely real in those unreal surroundings

and I want to believe it was all real

because it felt so right

like if I had found my place


not gonna tell what I saw

but the answer to the question : The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything

is not 42

for me it is "being happy and never letting go the people who make you happy"


simple as that

I have a new hobby now

much more interesting than any reality show

ISS live

and I feel terribly sad, that I need to explain that ISS is not those sick bastards, but rather glorious International Space Station

here is the official stream that they have 24/7

here is the link

and believe me or not

but I can watch that for hours

even if they are just cruising over our planet

I love listening to their talks

and I was surprised to know, that sometimes they argue like normal people do :)

something like: I had not understood, do I need to put the new pipe or connect it to the old one?

and Moscow people trying to explain what to do

and he asks multiply times to be sure

they usually speak Russian, but with on time translation to English

I told ya

better than reality show


sometimes they are doing their thing outside the ISS

and we have videos from their helmets (better watch those ones on YouTube)

we are expecting the delivery early Saturday morning :)

I hope they will show the docking process in all of its glory

I sincerely don't understand why people waste their lives on religion

and wars

and destroying our nature

when here it is

here is the future

here is the present

but we prefer to live in the past

and that is sad

that does not make me happier

I just won't stop bleeding

and it starts bothering me

yesterday after work I accidentally scratched my leg (need to see where I am going) and it started bleeding

I used disinfection materials and adhesive bandage to stop the bleeding (I have the cat, after all, those things are my best friends after playing with him :) and left it over night

today I took it off

and apparently it is still bleeding

it never happened before

my wounds heal themselves pretty fast

but not this time

and it is not even deep

should I worry?

am I getting too old and those simple things require now much more time?

but it should had stopped overnight

but it did not

oh well

we all gonna die someday

and "bled to death, because of her inability to see where she was going" sounds pretty normal to me


People don't share their happiness with me

and I just can't figure out why is that

I have enough friends to notice that pattern

when they have problems - they come complaining to me

when they need some help - they are coming asking for help

when they feel down - they come to me for support

but they rarely share something good in their lives with me

I feel like a trash can where you can dump all of your negative things

but you don't throw good things in the trash can, don't you?

I need to think about that

Monday, April 17, 2017

South Korea is for sure the best place to fall in love

just listen to this song:

will you looooove meeeeeeeee

I am the part of the lazy generation now

living in Instagram

no need to explain anything

no ways to hurt somebody's feelings

just taking pictures and saving them for the memories


but I still don't want to delete this place

nor do I want to write anything here

mostly because of all of the troubles I got into because of the thing I wrote here

people are so sensitive

and so am I

but I will work this out

so far

I am Insta