Monday, January 30, 2017

Miss Universe

congrats to France

but after looking through all of the contestants' photos I had only one girl who I really liked

the other were pretty, but they looked way too similar to each other

I think Miss Universe should had been Curaçao girl


a little geography lesson

Curaçao is in the Caribbean

see, Miss Universe contest can be educational :)


Chanelle de Lau

such a beautiful woman!

and Miss Universe this year:

Kristen Dunst's fabulous hair

I was looking through pictures from SAG awards

and froze for a little bit too long on this picture

it feels photoshoped

but it is her real hair

now I even googled how her hairstyle is called to make something similar with my hell hair


it is called Tousled hair

and I am going to the hair store tomorrow to buy something called "texturizing spray"

gorgeous hair, Kristen!

Now this is not the music I am usually listening to

but I love this song

M-Dot - Shine Ft. Method Man, Dominique Larue

I am still dying a little inside, when I see what kind of "rap" music is popular today

hopefully this song gets more attention

and no

I have no idea how one minute I can listen to Open surgery (highly recommend listening to The Effects of Napalm on Human Flesh song)

the next one some blues rock

Rocky Athas Group - Slow Driver (thaaat song has some pretty cheesy lyrics, but I still love it :)

then switch to old good country

followed by Celtic punk

add some classics

and classic rock

aaaand rap music

my playlist may look like a playlist of some insane person

can I have a split musical personality?


I just appreciate good music :)

of every genre

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

They will return in July

yeah yeah

I am still hypnotizing tour dates of Dropkick Murphys


I already buried the hopes of seeing them, but then

July 2 appeared in their tour


in Belgium

so there still is a chance, that they will play live in Finland on some music fest:)

I have a hope


and I had a hat

always makes me smile :)

to another probably good news

Frank Turner is still touring


he probably lives everywhere except for his home

does he even have a home?


he will be in Europe from March

in France

and then mostly playing in UK

with Blink 182

gonna grow some hope on that one too :)

Monday, January 23, 2017

It is way too short!!!

but it is new

King Arthur


Thursday, January 19, 2017

I should probably feel bad for liking it

but I don't


baby babyyy

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

If it is working

don't freaking change anything in it


I made the same mistake that I had done last year

because of "you should take additional vitamins if you are vegetarian" kind of crap

last year I had overdose of some vitamin, when I was taking multivitamins

I still remember that itching

this time I decided that I won't take multi, but stay with veggie Omega 3-6 supplements


one week was enough for me to get covered in some skin irritation

it is like if I am allergic to vitamins :)

I eat a lot of crap and not enough proper meals

I have no freaking idea from where do I get all the stuff I need

but apparently I am perfectly fine

and extra dose of useful things breaks me down

after all of those publications about how hard it is to stay healthy while being vegetarian I feel uncomfortable not taking some supplements

I usually stick with C vitamin, because I like the taste of that :)

I guess I need to go back to Calcium, to show my brain, that I am a good person, who cares about her body :)

but first I need to get that rash off

stupid Omega

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I had not been to hockey in 10 months


TEEEEEEEEEEEN months without hockey

not like absolutely zero, I am constantly watching Columbus Blue Jackets' incredible season

I mean the local hockey

I need to pick up my pride and go watching our Espoo United team

Espoo Blues is gone

it will never go back

we play in the lower division

and not really successfully

but I need to support them

after all

Täääääää oooooooon Espoooooooo


I am already short of money this month, so, dear Espoo, wait for me couple more weeks

or maybe I cut off my food money

I don't really need to buy so much junk :)

Monday, January 16, 2017

"Today is going to be the best day of my life!"

I read an article about one very old lady, who always answers to the question: How is it possible to live for so long? with the line "Every morning after waking up I am telling myself - Today is going to be the best day of my life!

of course I decided to try that out


the first day was Friday 13'th

yeah, just the right time to start a happy life


it was a decent day filled with dozens of little annoying things, that usually don't happen with me

if every little thing could had gone wrong - it indeed went

okay, I said to myself, maybe subconsciously I expected that day to be bad, because of the date

so I tried it once again the next morning

waking up being all that happy and positive

closer to the end of the day I was cursing like a sailor, because eeeeeeeeeeeeverything went wrong

and the amount of times that I dropped something was way beyond appropriate

but the bad day had to had an epic finale

and it had

I went buying some groceries and I took a pack of cola zero

this one:

I had bought it for I don't even know how many times

not once that paper thing that connects the bottles were torn apart


it is a solid thing to grab the bottles and put it into you shopping basket


those bottles did not know yet, that I had The Best Day of My Life!

so when I was putting them into the basket that thing kinda broke

and the bottles fell to the floor

the bottles are plastic

the floor is not tiled, but pretty soft too

what bad could had happened!

I tell you what :)

double cola fountain!!!

the cork from the first bottle magically flew away and it started erupting

the second bottle with the help of some magical creatures got TWO LITTLE HOLES on the sides and started spinning and sprinkling its insides to every direction


the row was narrow

I had nowhere to escape so fast

I just stood there being watered like a plant :)

with cola zero

from two bottles

and that was the moment when I decided: not gonna try that The best day of my life method anymore


What if your life depended on your career choice?

I had a weird dream today (like, all my dreams are weird, but this one stood out)

a lot of blood, a lot of dying people, a lot of water, a lot of green

but I remember my dreams for a long time after I wake up, so I had a chance to think about that

the point of my dream was the speech one person gave me there

the reason why people were dying is because they were working not on the jobs they love, but on the jobs they got

they were dying with pain

but fast

and that person asked me: if you were to choose one job, the right job, the job that you desire the most, no matter what job it is, what would you choose?

and he showed me, that if I pick the wrong one I would die right away


imagine the world, when that could be possible

if you are not doing what you love - you die

simple as that

but then again, are not we all dying slowly doing the things we don't really love doing?

I do not know who that man was (the man in my dream, I don't know him personally)

but he got me thinking a lot

what job would you choose?

Goooood-Baaaaaaaad-Gooooood again

those were my feelings, when I heard Rusty K - End war

the middle part is just plain bad, but the beginning and the ending of that song is so good, that I can tolerate that middle disaster :)

good job, Rusty K!


screamed pretty much everyone, when then saw that awful "5 years ago" line

you know what I am talking about

Sherlock, obviously :)

I have a new girl crush

Ria Mae

I love her voice

even electro crap does not sound impossibly bad with her voice:)

Friday, January 13, 2017

Guess who is having a new movie!

my supermegaawesome M Night Shyamalan!!!



coming next week

it feels like a much darker version of Identity

mixed with The Minds of Billy Milligan book (life story of Milligan, who was not thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat violent like that man in the trailer)

so I guess McAvoy is the more psycho version of Billy :)

and just to save James from being hated as a psycho

here are the new pictures of him

and must I admit, he is one hell of a charming man :)


is not he?

Thursday, January 12, 2017

I am not a big fan of Adele

I may even say that I don't like her songs, because they are so depressive

but I looooooooooooooooove her Water under the bridge song

Public transport contest

do you use public transport?

if yes, have you ever had that feeling, when somebody walks in and this happens:

that person just freezes for a while thinking "to sit with somebody or stand alone"

and you are sitting

and you are feeling like participating in some sort of contest: am I good enough to sit with me?


stupid feeling, but it is what it is:)

I am usually choosing some older person to sit with

but I am quite often losing in the sitting contest

usually among the last ones to be sit with


I have a 30 minute ride to work, so I have plenty of time to observe and make conclusions

first: Finnish people tend not to sit with somebody wearing colour clothes

I have absolutely no idea why

but during summer when the bus was full and I was wearing green or yellow or red dress I usually sat alone or with my red brother

the man who wore a lot of different red clothes always chose my sit :)

we were the red team :)

or nice girl with yellow jacket

awesome jacket

same situation :)

when I am wearing black people always sit with me

second: people tend not to sit with somebody who is smiling

I guess it may feel like if I am laughing at them, but I have no idea what they are thinking

I am usually listening to radio or my playlist and some song always make me smile, but I guess it may be taken as insult, I dunno

third: when somebody is passing by and you don't want to sit with him/her, just make a direct eye contact, it is almost 100% guarantee, that person would not sit with you :)

so, if you are Finnish, wear colour clothes, make direct eye contact and smile a lot if you want to sit alone :)

jos olisin liiiiiiiiiiintuuuuuu

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

This song is so adorably cute


from Moana

You're welcome

soooooo cuuuuuuuuuute

Monday, January 9, 2017

Jos olisin lintu

or better

jos olisin liiintuuuuuuu


I have new favourite Finnish song

the song is old

like super old

CMX/Kotiteollisuus feat.51koodia - Vapaus johtaa kansaa

loooooooooooooove the chorus part sooooooooo muuuuuuch


If you want your life to be better

just don't do the things you don't like

simple as that

and so damn complicated at the same time :)

I often read magazines

in all four languages, but my favourite is Russian SNC

but sometimes I buy Elle Russia

and the last one had one very interesting interview in it

if you know Russian here is the direct link

for the mortals, who don't know Russian here are the six simple rules how to make your life great

  1. Do only what you want to do
  2. Don't do anything you don't want to do
  3. Say right away, if you don't like something
  4. Don't answer, if you are not asked to
  5. Answer only to questions
  6. When talking about relationship with your partner - talk only about yourself 

the first three ones are so logical, but it never occurred to me, that you can do that

I am already applying that in small ways

you have to start with something, don't you?

as for numbers 4 and 5 - they confuse me a lot

it is the direct translation, but it sounds so weird

so, you basically have to answer to direct questions only, without talking in


when you are discussing something, do you need to wait for them to ask directly "and what do you think about that, Jana?" to say what you wanted to say?

but it conflicts with the number three, if I don't like something you are saying, I need to vocalize that, but if I want to say it, I need to wait for a question :)

I need to think about that

but as for now, the first three looks perfectly fine for me

I am going to do my life half better, I guess :)

Sunday, January 8, 2017

I don't want to go baaaaaack

I don't

I finally admitted that my place is here

in Estonia

here is my home

here is my family

here are my friends

here are the people I love

my place is here

it is my land, even though it is not my language :)


it is my language

the second one :)

just need more practice :)

I am slowly starting to make up my mind

where to live, what to do, who to marry

now I need to solve the biggest problem with "When"


soon is not certain enough

I am going back to Finland tomorrow

but my heart will always be in Estonia :)

and I need to figure out how to put my physical body with my heart

you'll neveeeeeer waaaaaaaalk alooooooone

Saturday, January 7, 2017

And that's how you open an album

I love you, Dropkick Murphys

I am no sure for how long those songs will be up, so I will double it with the songs' titles in case you would wanna look it up later*

*and it is worth it

The Lonesome Boatman

the moment it started I already knew I would love the whole album

and I did


it is an outstanding album with a smidge of melancholy in it

my favorite song is Rebels with a Cause

and Sandlot

I had not been able to find in in album quality on YouTube

so here it is live

thank you, Dropkick Murphys, for those unbelievable feelings you give us with your every song


hoping to see you live

*still no Finland/Estonia in the tour dates

you'll neeeeeeever waaaaaaaaaalk aloooooooooone

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Beavers are fish!

according to the Catholic church

let that sink into you


beavers are fish


oh, those religious people

and like if that was not just enough

Capybara is fish as well


everything is a fish!

if you believe in it :)

*and want to eat meat on Fridays

Are you a candy?

I tried

I really really tried

but still can't understand why people are so afraid of rain or snow

I am trying not to judge people

and I am getting better in it


each time I see a man running under the roof of some structure to hide from the rain or snow I instantly label him Little Sucker

I do

and I am not sorry for that

especially since Vikings are such a popular theme lately

imagine old time Viking running from the rain

I can't

I just don't understand why are you so afraid of getting wet

how else can you improve your immune system if not by training it?

and running from every little dangerous thing is not gonna help you

I don't know

I am working outside in every weather condition (once I stood on one of my legs, because it was too cold to have both of them on the ground at the same time)

I have some occasional close to flu conditions

mostly in Autumn

but I had never taken a sick leave

and I am working outside

and I am wearing dresses

and I am not wearing hats


maaaaaaaaaaaay be

juuuuuuuuust maaaaaaaaay be

if a girl with weak immunity (because of diabetes) can train it into something pretty stable

maaaaaaaaaaay be

juuuuust maaaaaaaaaay be

you should not be a little sucker and grow some immune system :)

winter is such a wonderful time of the year

if you are not hiding from it :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

I lost my snowflake

the one that I was wearing pretty much all the time


I lost it on the New Year's Eve

probably while doing last minute shopping for the gifts

I was sad for a while

but then I decided that it is the sign of the upcoming summer in my heart :)

it is snowing outside

but it is so warm inside :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Boooooooon Jooooviiiiii

I love them :)

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!!!

Let the 2017 be as good as December '16 was for Columbus


Undefeated in December is officially our new name

15 wins