Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Japanese horror movies

you all know them

you all watched them

and lets admit it: they scared the shit out of you


the two stood out the most

let me remind you

probably the most famous Japanese movie

Ringu (aka The Ring)


Ju-On (aka The Grudge)

now it was obviously only a matter of time, when they make a crossover of those movies

this year they did it

Sadako vs Kayako

I watched that movie yesterday

it was an extremely confusing movie

for the first whole hour I just laughed

I laughed a looooooooooot

at some point I thought it was some parody movie, because it was such a non-sense

I had not watched the last movies in the series, so I had not understood why there was a completely different video on the tape, why Sadako's well changed its location and why from the week they went to only 2 days

and Kayako seemed, like, you know, tired :)


If to put up scores, I would score it 3/10 for the first hour of the movie

and 8/10 for the last 30 minutes

we were laughing that hour, but for the last 30 minutes we were actually watching the movie almost breathless

I choose Sadako (because at least she walks and looks good enough and politely calls you to remind you that you will die in 7 days or nowadays in two days)

my niece choose Kayako (because she was afraid of Toshio, when she was a kid)

and when you have two Japanese pale girls with long black hair it is sometimes impossible to understand who is on the screen

was it my girl, was it hers?

the last 30 minutes were intense

really intense

each one of those girls are scary enough, but when you put two of them in one location, well, you must be super stupid to do that and expect something good out of that


I would not spoil the ending

I won't say who won

but if you want to see something jaw dropping then watch the last 30 minutes of that movie, ignoring that impossibly illogical first hour


Team Sadakoooo!



I am still wondering why they do not tell that at school

plain information about history - you have it

tons of unnecessary definitions - you have it

interesting facts - NO

I am 30 years old

well educated

but today was the day when I leaned that Ireland has no snakes

There are NO SNAKES in Ireland

imagine the place where you can go to the forest without the need to constantly performing snake-check


Ireland is that place

you are awesome, Ireland!
Animals that reached Ireland before the sea became an impassible barrier included brown bears, wild boars, and lynxes—but "snakes never made it"
add some wolves and you will have the perfect animal pack :)

Link to National Geographic article

I personally don't mind snakes

for some reasons I respect them like the spiders

but if you want to live somewhere snake-free - Ireland is your choice!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I miss 80-90's action movies

I do

I really really do

that masculinity

that will to die to protect somebody you love

not afraid of getting hurt

not afraid of being sued

nowadays men in the movies are so perfect

so heroic

so right

but they miss that umpf

that recklessness that 80-90 heroes have

people are so fragile now

so affected

so delicate

and they miss that gentleman behavior, that courage, that confidence that men in old (30-60's) had

I do think soon we become one gender free society

but I do not think it is right

*gone watching another old movie

Conspiracy theory

and lets stop and appreciate how hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot Mel Gibson used to be

thoooooose eyes

thaaaaaaaat vooooice


Monday, December 26, 2016

My guilty pleasure

I love listening to the songs that make you wanna change something

they are so typical and predictable

but I love it

Bon Jovi - Born Again Tomorrow

Nickelback - If Today Was Your Last Day

I still don't understand why people hate Nickelback so much

only for that song all of their sins should be forgiven :)

If today was your last daaaaaay

Merry Christmas!!!

to all Christian people!

hope you celebrated it the way you imagined :)

Once you go black

you know how it ends :)

but I am not talking about people now

I am confessing that I am officially spoiled woman

who discovered her love to Chanel make up products

I bought Vitalumiere loose powder

this beauty
the consultant suggested number 20, so I bought it

when I applied it I spent eternity looking at the mirror thinking "loose powder can be sooooooo peeeeeeeeeeeerfeeeeeeect"

the mini kabuki brush is perfect for applying powder

the powder makes your skin perfectly even and smooth

and it lasts for at least 10 hours

but consultant was wrong about the shade

it is too dark for me

so I bought Rimmel Match perfection to lighten up the Chanel shade

it is good

good as mass market powder can be

but I cried deep down inside every time I applied it after Vitalumiere

it is like you put perfection to your face

and then a cement to make your face not that dark

on the way back home I bought shade 10


I now have 2 Chanel powders

with the ship discounts each one of them costs 56 eur

I now have -3eur on my Finnish bank account

do I regret it?

absolutely not

worth it

the powder worth its money

and I am worth that powder :)

hopefully they don't forget to pay me my salary


I need to buy a couple more presents


my perfect powder is Chanel

my perfect mascara is Dior


how can I be more label-fan girl?

I tell you how

I love he product

not the names

Chanel mascaras are disastrous

but their loose powder is perfection

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Have you ever wanted to remove your eye and lip?

if yes, I have a solution for you!

*if you are the owner of that photo write me of you want it to be removed from here

I laughed a lot, when I saw that

my first reaction was: but...but..but I don't want to remove my lip and eye

on the other hand, I will still have my other eye and my other lip, but the removed ones will be missed terribly


but all jokes aside, It's skin Mangowhite tissues are the best tissues I have ever used

and I used a looooooooot of it


matt lipstick, waterproof mascaras, BB, CC, powder, tint lipsticks

tried on everything I have

the skin is clean with one tissue

highly recommend

my Korean obsession continues


Monday, December 19, 2016

I am not going to lose my holiday mood

those little ugly things are temporary

I am awesome

you are awesome

holidays are coming


here is something old, but probably new for you:

Now this is funny

Russian language knowledge is required

or not


translation is:

I am suggesting a plan: we are going there throughout three books, but going back on eagles

Sunday, December 18, 2016

If we can't have a movie

can you at least give us the second trailer?

if this trailer were an old school record tape, it would had been already torn apart from the amounts of time I used it


and as you all know, I am a big fan of nice beards

the perfect one that Charlie has in that trailer is obviously perfect one :)

as for the girls who can't stand nice facial hair

here is the trailer for Crimson Peak

now it may probably take you some time to find Charlie there, but he is there

looking just plain

and boring

and plain

and boring

and pretty much like an oversized toddler


some men just look much better with the beard

Charlie is one of them

The harsh reality of modern snowmen

if you want to make a snowmen according to the new way of life

NHL still ignores Columbus Blue Jackets

my boys are shattering all of their smart ass prognoses and play like the Gods I always knew they were


they write a lot about the big boys like Crosby

and barely mention that we have








but I am sure they will write an enormous article about how it had not last long after we finally lose a game

and we will

because we can't win all the time


it is sad, though, that because of that crap my boys are not getting the appreciation that they deserved

but hey

we don't need their cheap fame

we are awesome the way we are

and we are goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood


For those about to rock




Still waiting

for the date to appear on their tour list

but at least they share their new songs

Dropkick Murphys - You'll Never Walk Alone

And I should probably feel bad

but I don't

and I know almost every song they play

on my new favourite radio station

and I laugh at almost every joke they make

on my new favourite radio station

country radio station


located in the place I have no idea where



link to tune in

I love it :)

their songs are just so cute and real

The art of choosing gifts

I love buying gifts

I had never had troubles with that

but I need the time to chose wisely

therefore I hate when somebody calls me last moment with the words "hey, I have a birthday party tomorrow and you are invited"


I myself create a mental picture of a person I am going to get a gift

like a projection of that person and I start putting everything I know about that person on that projection

everything I learned for the last year

everything I heard and remember about that person

then I am starting mentally applying objects to that projection

does it suit him/her?

does he/she want it?

and in the end I have a couple of options from what I chose based on my budget

I don't like when people ordering gifts

for me it is more like "if you know what you need, then just go to the freaking shop and buy that freaking thing"

but it makes life so much more easier

so I always ask if they expect something

I don't like it

but I am lazy ass :)

it is a mystery for me, why do you wait for some special date to get the thing you really need

Gifts for me are things, that you don't need, but you want, but you realize you don't want to buy them, because it would be a waste of money

but you still would wanna have it :)

I don't think food, clothes, medical things and other necessary things are a gift

no matter how much it costs

have nothing against accessories, thou

the millionth bag that you want, but you understand that you already have 999 999 other ones would make a great gift


there are three things that I love, but already have way too much


hand creams

and lipsticks


I commited a crime

I ordered a gift

because I want it

but I have dozens of others

but I want this one

because of the package

only because of it

it is haunting me

Blue Q

hoooooooooow awesome that bear is?

extremely awesome


hand shit

why had not I bought it?

because I like fig, but not a big fan of jasmine

so couple of months ago I bought this one:

 because I love lilac :)

I love the package

not the cream itself

so it would be absurd to buy another one

only because of the package


that would make it a perfect gift for me

do I need it?


do I want it

hell yes :)

but it is out of stock

so not this time, not this time


invest your time in thinking about a person you are giving the gift to

sometimes I give those kind of "here is you fucking gift, just fuck off already" kind of attitude gifts

and you understand it right away




Friday, December 16, 2016


You are going to be the best mom ever!


Finland needs more white babies!


I love getting to know when girls are expecting a baby

wonderful news :)



Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Apathy, my old friend

something switched off my emotions

like a blank mind


the super sensitive person, who cries everytime I see anything I can cry about

it is like something took the eraser and erased all of the emotions

to some extent it is good living like that

constant chill

don't care about anything

sometimes don't even bother to answer the questions

it is like "Oh, well" kind of life

Columbus is one of the best teams?

Oh, well

been in Finland for three weeks and still had not visited any hockey game?

oh, well

that man was obviously trying to introduce himself to you?

oh, well

missed a bus?

oh, well

like, nothing


now I am gonna say something truly awful: I DO NOT CARE ABOUT CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS AND PRESENTS


the biggest Christmas lights admirer

I just don't give a smallest damn


just lights

nothing bringing

it is like if I used all of my emotional fuel and I did not find a source of new one

emotionally drained

I need Frank Turner :)

I guess Apathy missed me

so I will spend some time with that :)

Something is silently eating free space on your local disk?

must be Opera

I have a notebook, that I chose solely based on the sizes

my travel book

it is pretty decent, but stable

the only problem was, that it comes with 32Gb hard drive


you read it right :) back to the 90's!


anyways, that was enough for me, because I have The Big computer at home

this one is for watching movies :)

I won't be screaming and crying after I saw how much of a free space I actually have, when I first turned it on

preinstalled Win8 takes its bite


still was enough for me

couple of days ago I realized, that I don't have music, I don't have videos, I don't have games or any heavy programs and I still only have 1Gb of free space

like wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere is my limited space?

uninstalled everything I don't need

still the same size

check my computer with antivirus and anti-malware


and then I remembered that many years ago I used very simple, yet very powerful program Space Monger, that shows the space usage in simple squares

decided to find it, found it

read the reviews

and in the comments somebody suggested better and faster free program of same kind

Space Sniffer!

here is the link

it showed me my problem right away

Opera temporary files

a looooooooot of them

some with the 1Gb size

there was all of my space :)

I said it before and I say it again

Opera was destroyed the moment Google interrupted

I still use it though

it is like with the old thing

new is better, but you already got attached to the old one

after seeing that disaster I am thinking about exploring new options

are there any new stable browsers not linked to Google?

Monday, December 12, 2016

Tech n9ne

never heard?


he is pretty solid

For those about to rock





I am not saying that I was right when I was telling we are the best team


standings say it all


Thank You!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Spiders, spiders, spiders

for a person, who is afraid of insects I am writing about them way too often

but spiders are not insects, they belong to Arachnida class

which, technically, is not insects



remember I was talking about my own army of spiders?


you can think what you want

but yesterday I found TWO spiders in my room



I lived there for two months and never had any spider in my room

and just after writing that post I got two


I am one of those weirdos, who respect spiders

for some reasons I just do

I did not want to sleep in the same room with them, though

so I took the paper, caught them on that paper and released them

and when I was sitting with that paper with the door opened trying to make them crawl away from that paper to the street I thought, well, I probably look weird now, releasing spiders on the cold (which probably will kill them)

so I googled it, trying to explain my actions

and hell yes, I found one

in old Russia spiders were considered to protect the home they are living against bad influence

pretty much bringing luck

aaaaaaaaaand also catching insects

it was not recommended to take the spider web off or even kill the spider

if, for some reasons, you did not want to live with the spider, you needed to release it back to the nature, without hurting it


genetic memory I have?


spiders are awesome

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

New Mummy

looks boring

well made

but boring

or maybe it is because of Tom Cruise

I just don't like him

but I think, that it is more that The Mummy is a woman now

what is up with that lately

every relaunch of movie is with the woman main character

only Russell Crowe can save that movie

Monday, December 5, 2016


you know something is not right, when you hear the sound of opening door and all you can think of is "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo"

I was sure my roomie would be gone for two more days

but he is back

still ignoring the basics of cleaning

but hey

at least he washes dishes after himself

that's good

as for my little black neighbours

I killed two yesterday and one today

need to find their nest

but how?

I would have had organized my chemical war, but I can't


and my chemical attack in the kitchen will kill my roomie

who refuses to use the empty room



I feel like a bitch

but you have to have some common sense

and when you sleep so close to the floor (he sleeps on the mattress in the living room, when he could had been sleeping in the bed in the room) at some point you have to notice those creepy insects

but apparently he is so chill

that he does not bother about it

maybe I need to take some chill lessons from him

annoys the shit out of me

I don't want to be the free cleaning lady

but I can't be living in this mess

today they are in the kitchen

tomorrow they can be in my room

I probably need to organize my own army of spiders

spiders are cool

and they will protect me from other creepy crap

whyyyyyyyyy did you come baaaaaack todaaaaaaay

He is hoooooot

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Do insects have a memory?

officially they don't

but something tells me they do

yesterday I had to organize the massacre of some crawling insects

you see

I live in a work apartment now

I cleaned my room and bathroom

and the fridge

and the stove (which is already dirty as hell, is it really thaaaaaaaaaaat hard to clean after yourself???)

but I can't clean the whole kitchen

because I am not leaving alone

and I don't know what I can throw away and what I can't

unless it starts decaying and rotting

then I throw it away without permission

the kitchen is dirty

it is

and the fact that you are walking in your shoes there don't help

I am talking about you

the silent smoker

anyways, yesterday while washing the dishes I saw something moving on the floor

and if you know me

you know how I react

I run away from the kitchen to my room cursing like an old pirate hoping to find something chemical to kill that thing

I found a stove cleaning spray

smelled it

felt chemical enough for me, so I used it on that thing

after it stopped crawling I took it away with endless amount of paper towels and saw another one

the same species

crawling to the murder scene

I remembered all the rest of the curse words and sprayed it too

it tried to run away

but stove spray was stronger

and when I killed it guess what happened


the third one showed

and I felt like a mass murderer killing the whole family

it was baaaaaaaaaaad

for the rest of the day I was looking on the floor waiting the rest of the family to show up

now here is the question

how to tell my roomie to stop being such a dirty pig and start cleaning after himself, before we have an army of insects?

I am not his freaking servant to clean after him

but I want to walk in the apartment without the fear of stepping on something

Scissors are underrated

I've been moving quite a lot

and I have my list of things that I need to bring with me

scissors are on the top of that list

you never think about it

but it is always there

to cut a thread

remove tags

open packages

the little things that can annoy the shit out of you if you don't have scissors


don't forget to pack your scissors, when moving into new place

and don't buy the cheap ones

bad scissors are even worse than no scissors




bad scissors are like bad relationship

they create the illusion that you have one, when you actually don't

Saturday, December 3, 2016

I hate new Blogger

spending eternity to find needed buttons

why fix something, that had never been broken?

Thursday, December 1, 2016

I love my job

I do

I just really do


Z Nation

got a new season!!!!


more hilarious parodies


I love this show, but it always comes as a surprise, when I read that the show got new season

it is just such a weird show

but apparently it has its own world

and I am one of those watchers