Wednesday, July 27, 2016


I said it before

and I am gonna say it million times again

Charlie Hunnam is hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot



thank you for not choosing 50 shades of grey


he is like a man with the perfect appearance for me :)

and now we wait

why the hell do they make intriguing trailers so early?

it is not even the end of 2016

and the movie will be released 2017



even that version of The wild wild berry has no full version




of course I am gonna watch it in 2017:)

Thursday, July 21, 2016

I need Viagra again

I already started worrying about that

I had not had "Buy Viagra" letter from some Canadian Pharmacy in suuuuuch a long time, that I started thinking they forgot about me


but no

everything is okay

apparently I need Viagra again

and it does not matter, that I am female

I just need it

Canadian Pharmacy knows better


for some reasons I like getting junk mail from time to time

you know

just to see what problems people have

I just wonder, do men actually buy those pills, because they got that ad?

I highly doubt it

but if they don't, what is the point of sending so much junk mail?

so probably they buy it

dear men, who happened to be here (you probably got here, because I have Viagra name in the post title:) : Had any of you bought Viagra pills from the online pharmacy, that sends junk mails?

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Do you want me to change gloves?

and that is why I prefer not to tell people that I am vegetarian

usually I just say that I don't eat meat

because we have hell of a reputation :)

I was ordering veggie subway in Subway (I can eat it every day, that good it is, sorry Burger King, but I found new favourite veggie meat:) and at the same time she made a sub for a next customer, who ordered something with meat and so she touched meat with those gloves and asked if I want her to change them to put the vegetables on mine

because apparently a lot of vegetarians can't eat anything touched by meat

it is like how much meat molecules can she hold on those gloves?

and if she was asking (and I had been asked before as well), then apparently there were complaints


my dear lovely vegetarian people, would you be so nice and stop being such hypocrites?


I loooooooooooove veggie sub

and no

this is not a product placement

people don't pay me

I've been asked to test some programs, but I think I am not qualified to do that :)

Monday, July 18, 2016

Too many friends

I was listening to my favourite internet radio station Ultra, when I heard this song

I am not ashamed to admit that I was laughing out loud on the street the moment I heard it

that is what I call a good song intro


deep meaning as well

Friday, July 15, 2016

Sometimes I want to kill them all

today I watched the news about France and I almost cried

not because of the people who died

I don't really give a damn about them

but they filmed a moment, where mom was sitting with her little daughter, and thaaaaaat fear in her eyes

that feeeeeear

her childhood ended because of those shitheads who organized it

I do not understand those bastards, but at least they have some sick reason for killing adults

but what the hell kids did to them???



you can talk your shit talks about how every person is worth the same

and everybody is equal

but in no freaking way will I be equal to someone, who steals childhood

I hope all of you die

in a painful way

and they you meet you god

and he rejects you and send back to Earth

and you die again in even more painful way and go back to your God and he rejects you again

and it will be endless cycle

and even that won't be enough for stealing childhood


Thursday, July 14, 2016

That does not mean I am a bad surveyor

macho macho man


Mr Sunshine is on vacation and we have 2 new guys here

I am working with one of them

after I noticed how one of them was irritated with drawings and stuff I offered taking his jobs to myself and took his partner as well

he happily agreed

so it started weird

my partner was being all that I am the maaaaan kind of man

so at first I just patiently waited for him to actually start working

after 10 minutes I decided that it takes waaaaaaaay too much time and offered him my help

and he agreed to use it

kudos for that


he now asks for my help without using I am the maaaaaaaaaan card

but I have problems with the one I took jobs from



he actually opens every file and checks the codes and heights and everything

today he told me: Jana, you forgot to measure the manhole, you need to go back and measure it

and all I remember was the picture from last week, when he was cursing while drawing his drawings

so I tried to politely explain that not every pipe goes to the manhole, sometimes it goes straight to the magistral line and I can not measure manhole if it is not there (he has like 10-15 years of experience should had probably known about that)

then using signs with his hands he tried to tell me, that I need to train the man, who is with me

that killed me

showing signs with hands?



conclusion: I was checking work email and saw, that a lot of his drawings were sent back for revaluation


mine are perfectly fine


but that annoys the shit out of me, yeah, I wear dresses and happen to have weak hands, but that does not make a bad surveyor out of me

I measure what I need to measure

I do not measure non existent manholes :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Girls shave their arms

like waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

I knoooooooow

I am a lucky owner of arms with really light hair

and to some extent I understand girls, who shave their black hair off

but still

do you REALLY have to be that silky?

for me it would be a nightmare, the time when they start growing back

you know

like guys have stubble on their faces

apparently girls will have that on their arms

is not it, like, way too weird?


let them grow

you already shave almost every part of your body

why shave more?

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Thanks for all of congratulations

I made it!

I am 30 and still alive

eat that, all of the doctors, who said I would be blind, toothless, without ability to breath normally and pretty much dead



I am awesome :)

for those who forgot about my birthday, well, we are not that close anyways :)


it feels so good to be 30, to finally cross that ugly 2x decade :)

numbers starting with 3 are just beautiful :)

next 10 year depression starts when 4x begins


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

I got the closure

the moment I stepped on finnish land I realized I don't need it anymore



forgot to tell you

I am back to Finland for two months


and I kinda got over it, I guess


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Sum 41 is back and so am I


now that is what I call a good come back

6 days and 1 444 017 views

for a pop punk band that is a pretty solid result

and it has perfect explanation


especially 1:54 - 2:30


welcome back

we missed you!