Monday, June 27, 2016

The meat section

I had not eaten meat in more than 11 years

but today I decided to make a meat pie

and so I did

I obviously needed to buy some meat first

and ooooooohhhhh how lost I was in the meat section in the grocery shop

something like "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu*k"

those sections are almost endless and you can find any meat you want

except for the one you need, of course :)

what's this???

what's that???

what is it???

you see, my tofu meat, carrot meat and other kinds of "meat" are not very popular in Estonia

and I have limited options, so I basically don't have to spend a lot of time in veggie section to take what I want

I have no idea how people choose what they want in meat section

there are like same things from different producers

time to add my favorite gif here:


made a pie, obviously, did not taste it :)

offered it to my parents

I guess it was not bad, if half of it already been eaten


but seriously

how do you chose meat?

Sunday, June 26, 2016

There is a thing called "hardstyle"

and apparently I loooooooooove it

like whaaaaaaaaaat

I knoooooooooooow
Hardstyle is an electronic dance genre mixing influences from hard techno and hardcore. Hardstyle typically consists of a deep, hard-sounding kick drum, intense faded or reversed basslines accompanying the beat, a dissonant synth melody story telling, and detuned and distorted sounds.
I should probably feel bad for loving electro-crap

but in my mind, hardstyle is like an adult version of electro-crap

a little bit more, elegant


Saturday, June 25, 2016

When rappers were rapping

I listen to all kinds of music

I have a redneck in me

I love post-grunge

and pop punk

and a little bit of metal

and Britney Spears

and blues rock

and jazz

and classics

and indie

and pretty much every other genre as well


even rap

but not "rap" that we have today

rather rap, when rappers were actually rapping


let's add something positive here

the country :)))

and I am always smiling every time I listen to that song

Add Josephine to your song

and you will have a good song


I am not in the mood today to complain or discuss why modern slavery still exists

therefore today we are listening to some music

Josephine is not really popular name nowadays

therefore it is strange, that the only two songs about Josephine I had ever heard are so good

sooooooooooooo goooooooooooood

the first one from my super mega awesome Frank Turner:

looooooooove that song

and the second one is from my German love


Emil Bulls (still hoping to get to their concert someday)

Should not you, like, eventually grow up?

I am missing Tom so much in new Blink 182, that I probably won't like any new song they will ever make

I said it before

and I am gonna say it again

pop punk is not for adult people to perform

but Travis is still there

and I love Travis

I have a thing for drummers :)

I just love the good ones :)

and Travis is good

I love Frank Turner

I really really really do


Thursday, June 23, 2016

Songs that come out of nowhere

you know I am a loyal fan of The Gaslight Anthem and Brian Fallon

couple of day ago I woke up with the song on my mind, that I had listened to half a year ago and only once

I did not like it, so I had not listened it again

now here is the question:

how the hell did that song come to my mind and how the hell did I remember all the chorus part???

it is no wonder, that I am listening to it non stop now:))

I had not found a clean version of it, so here is the live one

Brian Fallon - Georgia

The called me

but do I really need it?

maybe as a summer job only

Have you ever eaten pine needles?

if you were a normal kid, then of course you tried them :)

like needles and leaves of any other tree

because that's what kids do

eat stuff



I got a new mouthwash

with the name "Forest balm"

now that was my mistake only

what were you supposed to get from mouthwash with that name?:)

if you are looking for new tastes you should try that

it tastes like if you had taken a handful of pine cones and put it in your mouth

and then you chew it for so long, that every other flavor just disappears

that's how pine'ish that mouthwash is

worth trying :)

but I'm not gonna buy again

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I ordered my Sub

in Estonian!


small victories :)

Lee Brice

I just love that man


Shut up and smile

as you may have noticed I had been a little bit down lately

now I am fine

but some of the people I know made certain comments

which includes "ah, you are just bored, find a job and you will be fine"

I guess my constant whining for a month about my uncertainty in everything annoyed them



I had been living in Finland for almost two years

I had people there who I liked and respected a lot

I had my own places I loved visiting

I had my own routine of the things I do

you see

I miss that all

it was my choice to leave

but it does not erase all the feelings I have

I miss those people and things and I always will be

I needed time to rearrange to my new reality

and I certainly needed some understanding and mental tapping on my shoulder

something like "you will be fine, you just need a little time"

not "just get a job"

it kinda confuses me

I am always that super smiling, super positive person with short periods of time, when I am angry

this time I had been down for more than a month

for once in my life

but well

I guess I need to give myself that mental tapping on the shoulder that I needed


no matter for how long you listen to people complain about their lives

the moment you need to be supported

you just

you know

end up alone with your problems


"just get a job"


my motto now is : shut up and smile

people need you only when you smile

Monday, June 20, 2016

Arsonist’s Lullabye

captivating song

Slow but steady

is the perfect expression to describe my life right now

slow but steady


feel much better now

my eyes got checked

my teeth got checked (I just looooooooooove going to dentists, I would easily spend a lot of money just to fix some small issues)


and knowing that you will not lose your sight and teeth kinda makes you wanna live a little bit happier :)

went to Türi on Friday

looooooooooooved it

thinking about moving there for a month

maybe have some job that I always wanted to try, but never liked the salary


working in a store :)

as a summer replacement for somebody

and then back to the job, that I actually love

being a surveyor with a degree :)


somewhere in my mind I am still thinking going back to Finland

but I got my Estonian back



I was able to communicate with doctors about my teeth and eyes using Estonian only, and they understood me very well

yaaaaaaaaaay :)

Flaky was sold to somebody

techno-orange I decided was too aggressive for me

so I am still looking for a car

but I already found my peace


Friday, June 17, 2016

Bring Tex back!!!

The last ship is back

I just started watching the first episode and damn, must I say, I always knew it was all such a "America is the greatest country" kind of show, but there has to be some limits


I am just a little bit mad and sad now


is this how you really wanted to end Rachel-Tex love story?

I did not like the replacement as well

it is like if they took everything that was good: the actors, the of-course-not-even-close-to-being-real-plot, the scenes with the not-even-really-the-last-ship

and replaced it with politics

from this:

to that:

season 1 - Russia is the enemy

season 2 - USA is the enemy

season 3 - surprise, surprise, China is the enemy:)

prisoners of war

and the pandemic stuff is somewhere behind all that political drama


it looks so boring

bring Tex back!

I'm just gonna watch this video couple of times more:

aaawwwww, such a lovely couple

maybe I should give that seems-to-be-total-crap season 3 a chance of watching couple of episodes and drop it and rewatch the first two seasons :)


I have a new favorite word



it is so weird in its clumsiness and from it you expect it to mean something not very good

but in fact

1.Astute or sharp in practical matters: a shrewd politician

2.keen; piercing

3.artful (def 1)
but wait, there is more weird form of that word



I love that word



Thursday, June 16, 2016

Indie time

I guess it is indie

love this song


The Strumbellas - Spirits

sing along:)

I am a vampire!!!

at least I felt so today

good news, my dear friends




apparently that black spot in my right eye, that caused me so much worries is no biggie

yeah, biatches

Jana is back


I was seriously thinking how to rearrange my life once I get blind

I have really bad sight, but it is as bad as it was before

and my eyes being scanned and photographed showed there is nothing disastrous there

I did not even know, that they can photograph the depth of your eye


such a relieve

but I felt like a vampire after being in the clinic for two and a half hours I left with my junkie pupils

you know, those drops they use to dilate pupils :)

felt perfectly fine in the clinic, the moment I left it I just wanted to scream from the pain

like a knife cutting my eyes

freaking sunlight


went back home with my eyes almost closed :)

I am just wondering now, the junkies have they pupils dilated all the time they use certain drugs

are they like modern time vampires, who can't function well while it is bright outside?


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

He never called

looking at the calendar today I realized it is the time, when my colleague is going on the summer vacation and it was my job to replace him


guess where am I?


in Tallinn:)

my boss never called

I guess no signs needed anymore

I need to learn how to love Tallinn again

and it is not thaaaaaaaat hard, we have a beautiful city

but I do miss the city I hated with all of my heart

Helsinki :)

and I miss my co-workers

and I miss metro (I am a train person, remember?)

but that's okay

that is not the end :)

the only end we may have is death, and while we all alive, it is just a pause


about my Flaky car

I wrote to the seller asking for VIN code (I don't want to buy a stolen car, and I wanted to see its history)

he never wrote me back

and that is kinda shady, don't you think?

I guess my Flaky was not meant for me

what do you think about metallic orange?


but my heart demands white car :)

my mystery Flaky

it is much older and much uglier than techno-ORange, but I feel connection with Flaky


maybe I should go to the city, where Flaky is and check that damned VIN code myself :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

And that is the sound dying dinosaurs makes

I love my girls

we met on Monday and while sitting in the bar eating and chatting we came to conclusion, that we had not played billiard in yeeeeeeeeeeeeeears

and so we went

one of us apparently played a year ago or so, two of us had not played for at least four years

and we plaaaayed

we plaaaayed like billiards gods


we played two on one, since that girl had a little bit more practice

but after multiply:


she gave up and said she does not understand how we play without aiming and still winning :)

she also mentioned I use same tactics in bowling, I do not aim and still win

my secret is: I really don't aim, I just hit the ball the one that I think I have a chance with

and somehow I usually do:)

I used to be a bad player, I always counted, thought too much and did other super important things like using chalk and stuff, and I almost never won

sometimes I had not even had a single point score in a game


the problem with out company, is that we laugh too much

and we are a little bit too loud


and he couples who played next to us were really uncomfortable, because they were apparently on the dates and were taking the game seriously, while we were giving high fives, jumping and joking

and some of the jokes were not, like, you know, acceptable

when we were losing in the last game, we decided we need to make that girl laugh so hard, that she would miss each time she hits the ball

don't look at the fact, that you are winning right now, we are like tuberculosis! right now we are slowly crawling into your insides and we are going to destroy you

and other evil jokes:)

we still lost thou

played 3 games, one was our clear win

second game was our technical loss (I accidentally scored that black ball into wrong hole, myyyy baaaaaaaaaaad)

and the last game she won with one ball advantage :)

so basically

it should be 1,5-1,5


we are the worst company to be around

but we are the best company to be the part of

and some of the people next to us wanted to join us

and it was so lovely

but it was our girl's night out :)

bu we really need to learn the rules of that game :)))

the next time we will play bowling

sometimes I thing we should film our games just for the memories :)

I love Warcraft movie

I do

I really really do

I have absolutely no idea why is it failing so bad in America, but I do understand, why it is such a big hit in China

I loved the movie

I loved the story

loved the characters

loved the actors

for god's sake, juuuuust looooooook aaaaaaaaaaaat hiiiiiiiiiiim:

or this cutie pie:

the only thing I did not like is the length of the movie

it should have at least one more hour, because some of the scenes felt like they were cut just to fit into those 2 hours

I want to see the director's cut

I loved the movie

I felt like if I were among those guardians and magic

therefore I really don't understand how is Mad Max (which was basically road movie with no plot whatsoever) so highly appreciated and WarCraft with outstanding visual effects, okay plot and good actors is labeled FAILURE

come ooooon

stop reading those negative reviews

if you need a serious movie, go watch some art house

if you need eye candy with a pretty decent plot (don't you think, that the scene, where orcs were looking at the valley they were based, looked like you know, crap that is going on in Arabic countries, leaving only path of destructions)

and yes

since I am stupid enough and still believe in love, I really liked what Medivh said :)

I really hope they will film another two movies

I want to see how it ends

*if you happen to live in Estonia, I would highly recommend you watching that movie in Coca-Cola Plaza in Scape, the ticket cost a little bit more, but the sound is outstanding and I had not been to 3D movies in a while (because I wear regular glasses and each time I wore 3D glasses I wanted scream, because of how uncomfortable they were and the effect on the screen were nothing), I don't know about the other screenings, but in Scape they have amazing 3D glasses, that weight nothing, cover the whole eyesight and I was sitting with my jaw dropped, the moment I realized: thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat is how a normal 3D movie looks like

now go watch that movie!


Sunday, June 12, 2016

The first impressions

I am a huge bookworm and I had never made some sort of secret out of it

right now I am reading simultaneously 29 books :)

4 languages

that is probably why I have problems with my eyes now :)))

I was looking for one certain book in one certain series of books and I was going to one really small shop with Russian books only

aaaaand the moment I walked into the shop the selling lady asked me what I am looking for

I answered

and she told me with sort of disgust "there is no such series of books and I had never heard about it"

well, sucks to be you, because I saw those books on the shelf and before leaving I silently pointed at them to her

and left

wondering why did she talk to me so rude

and then I realized, that I was wearing my short pleather (or it is called eco leather now) dress, my pleather boots, my pleather bomber and I was looking pretty much like some sort of metalhead I guess

and in the world of old book ladies, metalheads are probably all Satan's worshipers and don't even know how to read

I laughed out loud when I realized, that people still do that

judging by the clothes people wear


I have three different styles I like to wear

"all black" - preferably eco leather

"slut look" - tight short dresses

"lady look" - short dresses, but with a white jacket to look more lady like


and I never know what I am going to wear tomorrow

it is the matter of mood

sometimes I put on the red dress and I feel "naaaaay, not in the right mood" and I change it for some white one

like with the hair: am I in the straight hair mood or in the flirty curly one

I thought that people now are smart enough not to put labels based on the looks only

judge me by my actions

not my looks

you have the right to call me racist pig, intolerant butthead and so on, I deserve that

but suggesting that I know nothing about books, only because I wear pleather is, how to say it, stupid :)

and fyi, metalheads are one of the most interesting people I had ever talked to


I need to go now, I have to sacrifice the innocent baby to Satan!

like come on


grow up already

One problem at a time

I am crawling back from the ocean of my apathy

all cleaned up :)

I guess I had "OMG, I AM ALMOST 30!!!" crisis

my biggest worries were: I have no husband, no kids, no house, no car and no job at the moment


you know

failed on every level

but today I got my shit sorted

I have no husband, but I do have one man, who loves me for years already (I just don't feel the same and I told that to him), so if for some stupid reason I will feel the need to be married, I can always turn to him (but I would rather die alone surrounded by cats)

but still, knowing, that I can get married at any moment kinda helps

I have no kids, but I do have one Finnish man who will gladly help me with that, if I ask him to (you know, I can charm the shit out of some men), I won't do that, but again, it is good to know, that I have that opportunity

I have no own house or flat

and living with my parents again :)

but my parents are awesome

and living with them allow me saving a lot of money

after all, I can alway move to Särevere (remember my short career as environmental inspector there?)

my sister would be happy if I do that

I have no car

but I already found one and it costs only 1300 and I have that money

and it is white

and I already named it Flaky (like snowflake)

but it is 16 (!!!) years old, so I really need to sleep over on that thought and if nothing in my mind changes (or somebody buys it before me) I will get it

and be the worst driver on an old car, but on my own car



and about the job

I had never in my life had any worries about getting a job

I just know, that I will get one

even in the worst years on the market, I got the job

I just know, the moment I start looking for a job (that would be around next Wednesday according to my new plan) I will get one

the only worry I have

I need to check my eyes ASAP

because they just don't feel right lately

but then again

I will be freaking awesome even being blind

not the end of the world


I feel so much more calm and relaxed now

Master Pretender

the video is as good as the song itself

First Aid Kit - Master Pretender

I always thought that you'd be here
But shit gets fucked up and people just disappear

Flight Crew

why not to watch some Russian film, I thought today

and I chose Экипаж (Flight Crew)


loooooong movie

watched it like it was 20 minutes long


I am pretty sure that would be the best movie in Russia this year

slow beginning

but after 40 minutes it is like change of scene, change of scene, change of scene

even though most scenes were filmed on the plane (and next to the plane)

I don't know how they did that

and why they make shitty movies most of the times and only one brilliant one

but I loved that movie

who is gonna die????


I knoooow

but I won't tell you

watch the movie if you can

I am pretty sure you can find some English subtitles to that movie

it is worth it

Thursday, June 9, 2016

I forgot Estonian

I read Estonian books and newspapers on daily basis

but after being two years in Finland my third language now is Finnish
  1. Russian
  2. English
  3. Finnish
  4. Estonian

how is it possible to forget Estonian so fast and replace it with Finnish???

I had difficult time ordering veggie sandwich at Subway couple of days ago

in the end I gave up and ordered it in Finnish :)

which is super close to Estonian, but still has significant differences 

I lost contacts with my university friends and I guess I need to find new Estonian friends if I want to promote Estonian to third place again :)


it may happen so

that from the depths of my mind the Spanish language will rise

had I told you I am learning Spanish now?

found some super old CD with the Spanish course and decided why the hell not :)

now I can ask in Spanish  ¿Es este su abrigo? :) and about twenty other things

to my surprise Spanish words are very easy to remember

but what's up with that upside down question mark at the beginning of every question?

or not every

I have zero knowledge about Spanish grammar

but hey

¿Es este su libra?


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

This town is too small for me now

I miss Finland like I missed Estonia while being in Finland

why can't I enjoy what I have?

this heart needs somethiiiiiing


This heart needs pumping

Chevelle is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack as well

not like if they were gone for a long time, but last album was nowhere close to being good

they have a new single

Joyride (Omen)

and I looooooooooooooooooooove it

welcome back boys :)

oh, and guess who is coming back?

Sum 41!!!


later this month they will publish a new single and in the autumn whole CD

those guys used to be a lot of fun :)

and look at this picture of 2016 Sum 41

somebody got his shit together

I'm talking about you, Deryck :)
I hope you finally won the battle with alcohol


love that Chevelle song

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I'm swimming in the sea of self-pity

and I don't really mind doing that


it is soooooo goooooooood to make up the reasons to feel sorry for yourself

I am a good swimmer irl, so I guess I can swim long time in my imaginary sea of self-pity as well

that is dangerous

instead of swimming I need to find a way to build a boat and swim to the land of Certainty

Sunday, June 5, 2016

I remember the time when you were not as famous

that strange feeling, when you are kinda happy, that they are so famous and that they have money now and lots of new listeners

but you still feel a little bit sad, because you think that they will lose that special vibe, that they had

congratulations, twenty one pilots!

kinda :)

Lets dance!

I have a new song for dancing in the room:

Panic! At The Disco - LA Devotee

for my friends with non-English roots
1.a person who is greatly devoted to something.
2.a person who is extremely devoted to a religion; a follower. enthusiastic follower or fan
I did not know that word before, so I decided to enlighten you as well (unless you already knew that word before :)

I think prostitution should be legalized

I really do think so

I do not understand why if somebody who loves something that his (oh her) partner can't give him (her) why not to buy it from somebody who is willing to sell it

I am not talking about underage (those bastards should be killed and I am willing to participate in their liquidation)

I am talking about kinky stuff, that most of the people can't tolerate, but some people happen to love it

so why can't I buy what I want from somebody who shares my interest?

I think it could had saved so many marriages

and save so many girls from being sex slaves

what I don't understand is why escort ladies are being judged so harsh

I read in some newspaper story about "my husband did not know, that my friend is a whore (excuse me, but how can she be your friend, if you call her "whore"?). So one time that friend came visiting me and after she left I talked with my husband and told him, that she had a lot of men in her life. My husband said that he forbids me talking to her and he cleaned all the surfaces my friend touched or sat on"

I think it is hypocrisy

from where did it come, that having sex is something so dirty and soooooooo bad, that it must be done in the dark, in the silence, in the basic moves?

I am somehow pretty sure, that husband had some wet dreams about that friend later :)

two-faced people are the worst

dear girls, if you happen to love loving men, don't be ashamed of that

it is your body

it is your choice

it is your decision

and those "YOU WILL GO TO HELL!!!" people will always be in your life

as for me


I lose interest in man faster than we could had end up in the bed

at work I worked with one man and daym "I wanna do bad things with you" was the ultimate soundtrack in my head each time I saw him

some sort of animal attraction

but those shy Finnish men, who could barely talk to me, unless they were already married :)

so yeah, I still had not found man interesting enough to be with him

and I am pretty sure first time should be with somebody important (but not HE IS THE ONLY ONE!!!)


important enough to be with him, but not too important if you happen to lose interest after that


Saturday, June 4, 2016

Icelandic movie

because why the hell not :)


one time movie

watch it and forget it :)

but it is good to explore cinematography of different countries

and it is good to know, that not in every Scandinavian movie somebody gets killed


I am just gonna leave it here for the girls

Matthew Lewis


Look who is baaaack


for almost a month already and I just got to know it (noticed the video suggestion on the right column while watching A day to remember video)

that is a very silent come back to make, is not it?

BLINK 182!!!


nothing spectacular, but still an okay Blink 182

with Tom missing

and I am team Tom

therefore, here is some new AvA too :)

it is good to hear, that Angels and Airwaves are going back to I,Empire sound :)

Friday, June 3, 2016


I pick movies like I pick music

without any certain pattern

today I watched german movie Victoria

I started watching it, watched for 10 minutes, turned it off, did not like it at all

after 20 minutes I for some reasons wanted to continue that movie

and watched another 5 minutes

then again, decided it is too boring

and after another hour I gave it another chance and I watched it all :)

it is captivating movie

it is very slow and for the first hour almost nothing happens, but you start feeling like if you are with them in that movie

and you start caring about that weird company

and you just wanna see how it all ends

it is a 2,5 hour movie filmed in one shot

as I later read - the script was only 12 pages long and most of the things they say were improvisation

I don't live in Germany

I don't have German friends

but I found something very familiar in every of those characters

the main guy is disturbingly similar to one of my ex-co-workers, he even looks and talks the same

if you are patient enough to watch a 2,5 single shot movie, you should watch it

because you will feel, that you are that camera guy and you are there with them

interesting feeling

Thursday, June 2, 2016

I started dancing in the bus

not like dance-dance

but more like moving with the music

because I love that song for some reasons :)


I'm still redneck deep down inside

Thomas Rhett - T-Shirt

it has such a beautiful positive vibe :)

and while typing this I am dancing on my chair

because why the hell not :)

we need more positive songs in this negative world :)

And then I decided I can't wear short dresses anymore

that statement obviously is not mine :)

you see, I have a skin condition with a long scary name: Follicular hyperkeratosis

this picture is taken from the internet:

I have it on my legs only and in a light version, but it is still noticeable

today I decided to check, had the beauty industry created something better than laser peeling and to my surprise they still don't have any certain solution to that problem

you can turn it down, but you can't completely get rid off it

I have no problems with that, but apparently a looooooooooooot of women have

I had read I do not know how many "I do not wear any short clothes", "we only have sex in the dark", "I am ashamed of that and nobody can see it"

what the actual hell?

don't you have some serious stuff to worry about?

like islamisation of Europe and other scary things?

I don't get it

it is not your fault that you have it, why would you be so ashamed of it?

maybe it is because I love my legs so much, but the day I started wearing short dresses was the day I stopped creating so much issues


dear girls, if you happen to have that condition I have one beautiful and powerful picture to show you:


I can't tell you how many compliments my legs had over those years of wearing dresses

my favorite one is "are those, like, real?"

of course my legs are real :)))

and I have follicular hyperkeratosis and nobody caaaares :)

and if you can't wear dresses, because you are afraid, that will get some bad comments and can tell you: you will

you will have strange questions asked, disgusted looks at your legs and you will hear negative comments, like: eeeeeewwwwwwww, she should not wear dresses

but do you know from who you will get those?

from women only:)


I don't get it

it is like we are our worst enemies

and then you complain about men wanting perfect girls only


the perfect girls in the magazines were created by beauty standards and women themselves created those standards :)

not Bob Bobbinski is the editor-in-chief of beauty magazines, some Clare Clarinsky is :)

I love my legs :)

and yeah, I have those red dots

but dear women, before judging other women think a little bit about why you are doing it :)

your man is looking at my legs with a completely different look :)

You marry the young girl and then

she suddenly gets a restraining order and wants to get half of your money

The Hit Bitch


Johnny Depp

you lost my love when you left Vanessa and married that "is-not-it-too-obvious-that-she-is-only-with-you-because-of-the-money-and-fame" girl

I now wonder will Depp end up in jail, because of that "HE HIT ME" drama

team Vanessa here, obviously :)

I always wondered why men can't see those obvious things

he could had at least make some sort of prenup

but noooooooooo

charmed by the young blood :)

I don't know

I don't get it

but I should say, that I do not feel bad for Johnny

he deserved it

and that bitch will take everything from him

and you will hear a lot more about their alleged marriage life

a lot more drama, more pictures, more videos

you can create everything

had not you read the "Gone girl"?


feel the difference?

I was just searching for those pictures and noticed something weird

with Vanessa on the pictures he usually holds her hand

with the hit bitch he usually grabs her waist

I guess :) you know :) one is his soulmate, the other is for other stuff :)


I am not a big fan of going to cinemas

I am just too lazy to sit in one pose

like, to sit while watching the movie?


not my style :)


for some unexplained reason

I wanna go to the cinema to watch Warcraft soooooooo baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

and I even had not played that game

or know the story of that game

and not to mention I read all the bad reviews about that movie

and I wanna see it even more


I call it M. Night Shyamalan syndrome - most of the people hate his movies, some of the people LOVE his movies

or Mad Max effect - the more people love the movie, the higher chances that I will hate it


therefore I am gonna give Warcraft a chance

something tells me I will love it:)

and, to my surprise, living in Finland had changed me a bit

I no longer find men with long hair and messy beard ugly

I think some of them are really hot


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

What is worse?

to be lonely or to feel alone surrounded by people?

I am a little bit confused now, because the main reason why I left Finland was because I had no friends and no family there

but it is my fourth week home and I feel like I am being even more lonely here:)

I guess two years is long enough to grow distance

I don't know

my family is great

my friends are awesome

but for some reason when I am outside I am always looking down on the road

is it what a depression feels like?