Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I owe an apology to Jo Nesbo

I am sorry, that I previously wrote that I thought that you are overrated writer


I am not really sorry

my opinion was based on the first two books of detective Harry Hole series, and I still think those books are disastrous and way too dirty

but, like I mentioned before, the first book I bought was Snowman, solely because I liked the title :)

I started reading and understood, that it is not the first book in the series, so I bought the first one (because of the picture of Jo on the cover as well)

I was going through the sea of unnecessary things and I found Snowman (because how the hell can I recycle the book with that title?)

and I decided to read it

ignoring the missing 4 books that were left unread in the series

and so I read it (I am still having couple of chapters left)

and I thought

wait, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, that could not be him

or her

or him again

and that was a major spoiler I guess:)))

anyways, I still think Nesbo is nowhere near to Larsson, but maybe, juuuuuuuuust maybe, he is not that overrated after all:)

I am sincerely sorry, Jo Nesbo

I think The Snowman is an interesting book with pretty unexpected twists

and I am not gonna recycle it

and that means it is something good:)
now I have couple of questions:

  1. Where is the line, when his basic criminal novels become something interesting? I mean do I need to read those four books I missed before the snowman and all of the books after the snowman? or is The Snowman some accidental book and all of the rest parts are exactly the same as the first two books? 
  2. What is up with the Harry name? does it mean, that when you name your son Harry his chances of becoming fictional detective character skyrocket? I am talking about you Harry Dresden, Harry Bosch and Harry Hole :) Prince Harry, maybe you should think about getting a detective license? 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

I love Frank Turner

I do not understand why people often say "eeeewwwwwww, you have tattoos, imagine when you get old and everyone will be looking at yoooooou?"

I love reading tattoos :)

I noticed couple of times staring at my colleagues reading their arms and other visible body parts

their bodies are like a painting of their lives

and I think it is cool :)

I do not understand tribal tattoos, though


do you belong to some tribe?

tattoo should tell some story, whether important or not really:)

it seems to me I am slowly understanding things I really want

not those sand castles

what do I want now:

  1. A stable job that I love (surveyor most likely)
  2. My own forest
  3. The man, in whose destiny I will play such an important role, that he would feel a need to tattoo a snowflake on his body later, as the reminder of me :)

what can I get:

  1. A stable job that I love (surveyor most likely)
  2. My own forest
  3. The man, who cares
that is not bad either :)

Where do you buy forest?

I tried looking for forest for sale

but they are either sell only trees (the permission to cut down the trees on their land) or forest 5 hectares or more

I do not need that much

I do not have enough money to buy that now

1 hectare or less would be enough

where do I buy it?

I am a simple girl

I see a naked man in winter on the poster

I watch that tv series


simple as that:)))

I know that people like different things

some are boobies-men

some are sixpack-women

I am back-woman

I love male backs :)

aaand arms


so the poster to the Modus series for me are like a Playboy for you




series are okay, but I still had not found anything close to Broen

and girls, the answer to your question is - Marek Oravec :)


the detective is hot as well:)

I saw you in my dream

and it felt so real

and it felt like home


Thursday, May 26, 2016

I do not want to buy anything

I do not need to buy anything

I am STILL unpacking my things

and the more I look at them the more I understand, that all I needed were my dresses and couple of boots

I think if I were healthy I would move to the middle of nowhere and I do think I could had had a great life there

without internet, television, phones, artificial food, artificial drinks, tons of stuff I do not even need

I would probably take the whole home library with me, though


but we will never know how it could had been

I am not healthy

and never will be

but hey!

I have a lot of crap I don't even need


it is good to know that at least that intensive impulsive buying period in my life has ended

now I am saving to buy some forest


I always wanted to have my own forest

I think I will start with the pine forest

I love that she is staying true to herself

I'm talking about Pink

I wonder how many broken girls she helped with her songs


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I miss you, miss you

I miss my job

I miss crawling in the dirt, measuring pipes, manholes, the things I don't know in English

I miss people, colleagues, old people telling stories about their lives while I am measuring

I do not miss the wasted time waiting for the actual work to start (that's like at least 1,5 hours each morning)

I had been home for 2,5 weeks only

and I am already thinking about getting surveyor position back

I just need to decide do I want to stay here or go back to Finland

because as for now

I kinda want to go back



I miss you, miss you


Jennifer Lopez confuses me

Jennifer Lopez - Ain't Your Mama

I liked the song, I don't like the message

when she is housewife she tells she will not cook and clean the house


if she did it right from the beginning is not it unfair to her husband?

her man was looking for somebody who will do the homework

by marrying him she agreed to do that and now she suddenly realizes she does not want to do that anymore

liiiiiiiiiike she showed him in the pre-marriage version of herself, that she wants to do that, and then she is too good for that? is not it the thing you do before having a serious relationship, to put boundaries? like: I'm cooking dinners, you are making breakfast and divide the cleaning duties? you got the point

if you don't want to cook, find a man who is not expecting that from you

when she is secretary, I am sorry, but having such a deep cut on your dress it would be illogical not to expect somebody looking in it

if you don't want those looks

put a freaking turtleneck, because it is a simple reaction to open skin

or that factory look

it is not a rocket science to work at the line :) if you don't like the salary, look for another job, it is like with that husband thing, you agreed to one thing and then you demand the opposite of it

but the most confusing thing is "I ain't your mama"



that sounds like if she disrespects his mother

and every other mother in the world

I do not know

Lopez confuses me a lot with that song

and probably fathers who are doing the things "mamas" do

cooking and cleaning is not for women only


but she looks super hot :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Beautiful intimacy

in the depths of one of my hard drives I found a movie

a very old movie

Bathing Beauty

while watching this movie I had to pause it and google the year it was made, because I saw it was 1944, but I could not believe it was true


for real

1:45 and I did not even pause it (except for the time I went checking the year)

the music is outstanding

the jokes are funny and adorable

the fashion is breathtaking (I could not stop looking at their shoes, I want all of those, and I want it now)

I found some sort of trailer for that movie on youtube, but after watching it you may think it is some sort of sports movie, but it is not

they shoot under the water



like whaaaaaaaaaaaat

and the final water ballet is the best thing I ever saw being danced in the water

"oh no they did not!!! oh no they could not!!!" were my thoughts

and hell yes they did

the only bad part about that movie is the title :) Bathing beauty sounds a little bit porn'ish to me:)

but what surprised me the most was the level of intimacy they had back then

the way they touch each other, the way they fight for their love, the way they even dance

I seriously thought it was banned back then :)

I was wrong

and now I am jealous :)

today we have two extremes: get your hands off me and I'm gonna twerk the shit out of your genitals

something like that :)

and they have he beautiful intimacy

the right amount of physical contact at the right time at the right place with the right person

I love that movie

and I finally understood what I am looking for

I am looking for that beautiful intimacy

I want that kind of man who will fight for me and even apply for women's college if he needs to find me

and I want to be that girl, who is proud enough to leave the man, who treats her badly (he did not in the movie, but she was sure he was) and has strength to apologize to him, when she understood it was all big misunderstanding

and I want those blue shoes :)

and that final bathing suit :)

I loved that movie and if you are looking for a movie to have a wonderful time, consider watching Bathing Beauty



Monday, May 23, 2016

Russian edition of Scientific American

if I want to blow my brain I always buy Scientific American

and then I spend hours trying to translate and understand what the hell are they writing about

yes, I still did not give up on the idea to boost up my brain :)

in Estonia we have a loooooooooooooot of Russian magazines

but mostly they are about fashion, gossips and cooking

imagine my surprise when I saw this science magazine:

this is the Russian edition of Scientific American

but here is the tricky part

you probably know, that Russians are not big fans of Americans

but I never knew it can go so far

you see those big Russian letters on the left side of the cover?

that is the Russian name of the magazine

wanna know the translation?

In the world of science



they decided to put Scientific American on the right side just to point out, that they belong to the same media family and that they have some Scientific American articles without mentioning it in the name of the magazine :)

you know

nothing similar


the original cover:

my guess of why they changed the name in Russian market - because Russians won't buy a magazine about American science on the cover

which is totally understandable

but still weird :)

at least they could had chosen Scientific World, but they decided to stay with In the world of science :)


the fact, that articles are written in my mother tongue doooooooes not really make it much easier to understand :)

but I am still not giving up

I am gonna speed up my brain

because I caaaaaaaan


Friday, May 20, 2016

ZTE Blade

I changed my phone

I gave up

and got myself a smartphone for Estonian number as well


my limits were: no more than 150 and the longest working battery I can get


ZTE it is

ZTE Blade T620 to be exact

don't ask

I had not heard about that company too:)

but hey




where the hell can you find any of that for 119 euro? :)

and it looks good

and it works good

it is too big for my taste, but all new phones are practically the same size


it is android based and must I say: Windows phone is better


I said it :)

I like my Finnish phone with Windows better than Android phone

mainly because Windows phone is not so annoying with collecting any kind of data

and with Android it is right into your face

it collects everything, everywhere, every time

I turned off as many of those collecting background apps as I could

but it still has too much information about me :)

yeah-yeah, paranoid parrot:)

my previous phone was old, so I had to change the sim card (my number is the same)

I did not want to pay for transferring my contacts from my regular sim to this new micro (or whatever the hell it is called), neither was my old phone smart enough to save it somewhere in the cloud (and even if it could, my paranoid inner self would not allow it), so I saved all the numbers I needed in hand mode:)

to my surprise, from my long list of contacts I only had to save my family members numbers and the numbers of 4 of my friends with whom I meet quite often




I did not even remember half of the people I had in my phone

I had not saved the numbers of the men I liked

I had not saved the numbers of my university classmates

if I had no used those numbers in two years

why the hell would I need it?

to my surprise it was super easy to delete the number of the man I used to like a lot

was like: no biggie


and I am proud of that

saved the numbers, opened the phonebook in my new phone

found all the contacts from my outlook saved there aaaaaaaaaaand my skype contacts


I found later where to uncheck one option in the phone


dear Android, you could had asked before you drag them all

hate the system

love the phone


Remember the time when I was a runner?

you know

ALL of those 3 to 5 days (I do not remember how soon I gave up)


since yesterday I put a goal to unpack my things I needed to make the revision of the things I have to make sure I do not have a lot of old crap

I found this:

look at the date

they are still working!


I do not remember the exact year, but it seems to me my running career was about 4 years ago :) I had not changed the batteries, I had not had them in the sunny place, they were in the depths of the cupboard

and still working

keeping in mind they were super cheap Chinese watch :)

see, not everything made in China is bad :)

also I found my compass that I bought on my friend's wedding

that thing makes me wanna dream again :)

I do not know why

but I have plenty of compasses






oh, and I finally changed my phone :)

maybe I should run again


too lazy


Junkmail Blues

I found a way to post blues here :)


there are no videos on youtube on one of my favorite songs

Brendan Leggatt - Junkmail blues

I think I am into blue lately because my Espoo Blues hockey team no longer exists

so I took hockey blues and replaced it with the real blues


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Iiiiiiiiiiiii doooooooooooooon't knooooooooooooooooooooooooow


is the only answer I can give to my friends who are asking :"what are you going to do now?"

I do not know yet

have zero certain plans

I still had not unpacked half of my bags


and you are asking what am I going to do with my life now

therefore here is the answer: I am gonna unpack my things

as for the rest of my life
Well I won't think about this now. I'll think about it tomorrow

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

One of the problems with liking blues

it is impossible to find proper youtube videos


I am sincerely sorry for the quality of this video, but if you have a chance I would recommend you listening to that song not on youtube, but on some album

Slim Chance, The Gamblers - Mr. Lucky

there is something sinful in blues music :)

I love it

Today I am radioactive

one of my sister has serious medical condition and the doctors can't say what is wrong with her

for years they thought she was faking it

I think because they can find out what is the diagnosis

sucks to be them I guess


my sister takes strong medications and uses cane for walking, because she can suddenly fall down

seems to me, that the doctors finally realized, that she is not faking it and since she has strong allergic reaction to iodine they had to order some radioactive stuff for her to get her brain checked

I went with her to make sure she was okay after the procedure

so they filled her with that radioactive liquid and said it will take 4 hours for that liquid to reach all the parts they needed to scan

so we went for a walk hand by hand and for a lunch sitting next to each other

and when we came back we sat next to each other for another half an hour

when the nurse came to take her to the procedure room and saw that we were sitting so close to each other she screamed: YOU SHOULD BE AT LEAST 2M FROM EACH OTHER

apparently that thing that they gave her is so radioactive, that it has 2m radius of possible nuclear contamination :)

my sister was so worried about me, but I had only one answer for her: if it is in your blood, I can tolerate that crap and you can radiate the shit out of me :)

you see

our family has some serious problem

it is called: we laugh even in the darkest times

we joked so much and laughed so loud, that even the sad old lady, who was going through the same procedure was smiling with us :)

I do think it is the best way of dealing with life: to laugh a lot

but I do understand why doctors may had thought that my sister was faking her illness

because who the hell would be smiling so much when you feel so bad

I will tell you who

all members of my family :)

my sister felt fine today and I got moderate head ache

but we both did not get any super powers :(



yeah, biiiiatches


Finland vs Canada

both teams mainly of young players :)

to the quarter-finals!!!

I wish I were in Finland this evening :)

and I am sorry for constantly checking my phone this evening

that was a rude behavior

but like I already explained

It is hockey time!!!!

fyi: Wabadus no longer offers the best ice cream in town, they got new menu and that perfect ice cream is no longer in the list :(

but nevertheless


and about Russia

who is the good boy?

Bob is!!!


he probably listened to the cries of Columbus Blue Jackets fans and stopped being such a paper wall

the brick wall is back in town


I love this girl

Elle King


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

What is your sound?

I am still in the country mood :)

Lee Brice - That Don't Sound Like You

I always give people I meet some nickname and a certain picture (mainly animal pictures, like a mental totem for them)

but I had never been giving sounds

I associated some songs with some people, but it was not personal, mainly because of certain memories

therefore I have a new hobby now

finding sounds for people

and trying to realize what sound is mine
You always sounded like

Truck tires on a gravel road
Laughing at the world, blasting my radio
Cannon ball splashing in the water
that is sooooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet


Sunday, May 15, 2016

I still believe in love

I knoooooooow

life taught me nothing :)

I believe in this kind of love:

I have one habit: I download music to my phone without listening to it and listen in shuffle mode

blues, rock, pop, electro-crap, country, folk, metal

you name it

I have it:)

after that, I am listening to it while being outside and I delete the songs I don't like and promote the songs I loved to my "The best" playlist

Martina McBride was from some The best Nashville hits or smth like that album

the moment I heard the lyrics I started smiling like the idiot who I am

that song gives me something extremely kind and joyful

if music was food, that would be my dessert :)
You could have let me drown
But you reached your hand out and you met me in the fire
You fanned the flames up higher
Could have left me for dead
But you pulled me from the edge
For loving me the way you do
I know I’m reckless
But you must be reckless too


I may be idiot

but I believe in love

and I will not stop smiling every time I listen to that song

you must be reckless toooooooo


Well, at least she tried

was my reaction when I heard how bad Croatia sung


the results confused me a lot

Spoiler alert

Ukraine won

mostly because of the jury votes

which brings another question: why the hell jury vote is more important than mine

don't they have their own competitions?

you know, fancy ones with black ties, not OMG IT IS EUROVISION TIME

I said it before and I say it again

jury votes must be taken out

only viewers votes must be important

I like Ukraine's song and her voice

but who the hell would listen to that song again after the competition?

*gone listening to Lighthouse agaaaaain

Friday, May 13, 2016

I still had not unpacked my things

I am in acclimatisation process :)

I was sad for couple of days

but then I remembered, hey, I was there for two years

time to move on


or move back to charge my batteries and think about what to do next

after all

I can always come back :)

but I really need to unpack :)

I know that I will find yoooooooour


I want to go to Türi and have a slow rural life for couple of weeks after constant noise of Helsinki


My top 6

well, like I already wrote

1. Croatia!!!

2. Lithuania

I am sure Lithuania has real chances for winning the whole competition this year

this song just fits to competition and has radio air success

3. Hungary

jaw-dropping voice

my favorite kind of voice "rrrrr-voice"

but I haaaaaaate the chorus part

4. Israel

it was like with Croatia

I laughed the first time I saw him and heard the beginning of the song

but the longer I listened to that song the more I liked it

beautiful ballad

I especially loved the end of the song

5. Cyprus

catchy dancing song


that is a dancing song for me:)

6. Latvia

I love his voice, but not the song:)

if you have a chance, forget about "only dumb people watch Eurovision" crap and enjoy the show with millions and millions of people

watch it on TV screen

and have a handful of emotions

I can guarantee you will have a good laugh and you will find some songs you like

no matter how heartbreaking it can be for you

"I am the metalhead, I can't like that crap"

yes you can :)

but we will not tell anyone

Eurovision is the time of the year, when every person finds some song they would had never listened to if they had not heard it on Eurovision :)

watch Eurovision!


Gooooooo, Croatia!!!

I hope this song wins

but it probably will not

but I still have some hope:)


at first, like all of the mean people who watch Eurovision, I laughed out loud when I saw her costume

but then I stopped laughing and started listening to the song and to the beauty of her voice

and her final dress is outstanding

I....even.....VOTED for her

shut uuuup


it is that time of the year:)

I feel bad for people who for some reasons do not watch Eurovision

it is fun:)


no no no no nooooooooooooooooo

that was my instant reaction, when I saw Estonia's performance in the semi-final

how can you change from James Bond to pathetic card player so fast?

I am the biggest fan of the songs, that Estonia sends to Eurovision

but even I understood right away, that we were not going to get into final

just look at this captivating beauty

still gives me chills

and compare that beauty with the semi-final disaster now


creepy poker man


but I still love the first version of the song a lot:)

therefore, Good Job, Estonia!

I am not dead

I was just too busy moving from Finland back to Tallinn


Tallink crew know me from the face already :)

and then again


we will talk about that probably tomorrow :)

but that was cute, that you worried about me


I am definitely not dead :)

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Bobrovsky? Bob?

I still believe, that winning Vezina trophy or any other trophy can and will ruin your career as a goalkeeper

or maybe being in Columbus Blue Jacket will do that

well hell no:)

We are the best

but is it a coincidence, that Mason with rookie of the year award sled down to being a phi-bitch, who can barely do his job (he is sooooooooo young, but feels like if he is going to end that disaster career any time soon)

and Bob with Vezina


the magician, who saved us so many times now is like an another hole in the net

so many mistakes

and that is a big mystery for me, because I remember how he played before

how he saved us from the most complicated goal attempts

and now 0.908


and don't let me started how many games he played this season



he is more fragile than my bones, always in the injury lsit

I am writing about Bob today because Russia lost yesterday 0:3 to Czech :) they had always been hockey enemies, but 0:3 is confusing even for hockey enemies

guess who was in the net?


I am not blaming Bob for everything

the rest of the team is more responsible for the loss, but I do remember how players always say, that they play more confident, when they know they have a good goalie

just look at my Columbus in our good times

Bob was the shining star

team was hungry for the wins

and now I won't tell how we ended last season

because you already know:)

I do not care about Russian hockey team, my team is obviously Finnish, but I do care about my Blue Jackets men and what Bobrovsky is doing confuses the shit out of me

Dear Bob, I do not want Russia to win the tournament, but it would be great, if you limit yourself with only one missed puck each game :)

we believe in you

and we still need you in Columbus, stop sabotaging your career, you are not going home, you are staying with us and you will help us get the damned Stanley Cup


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

My new ringtone

the old song, though


and Russian



Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Get your best summer body in 30 days!!!

those are the post titles you see everywhere now

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii sincerely don't get it

why the hell should my "summer body" differ from my "winter body"?

if I were the winter body I would sue summer body for aggressive promotion

:)I just don't get it


you want to look good in the bikini



you are wearing underwear every single day of the year

why would you wanna impress somebody on the beach

and have a big body at winter, because only you and your significant (or not really significant) other can see it?

should not you be the only one important judge of your body?

I love sleeping in my underwear only (in my hockey jersey if it is really cold outside)

I love seeing my body in my lingerie

my body is not perfect, but I love it (except for my neck, but we will talk about it someday later)

I love my body equally at summer and winter

I see absolutely no reason to go on the diet only to have that mystical "summer body"

I am the summer body

I am the winter body

I am the autumn and spring body as well

I am The Body:)

and if you are having serious restrictions to get your bikini body ready


my darling

maybe you are doing something wrong in your diet if during the winter you gain so much weight

Dear girls, do not try to impress somebody on the beach, be the best you can be irrespective of what time of the year it is

just don't try to force yourself to look like those starving models

you are much better than that!

"get your best summer body"


come ooooon


I could had added some fancy picture of the beach with extra white sand and extra blue water

but I love our cold grey Baltic sea

so here it is
probably the day the summer visited Tallinn


Monday, May 2, 2016

I am disappeared

was the song I played in my head having the last work day

And come morning
I am disappeared
Just an imprint on the bedsheets
it was the right decision

Time is slowing down

I have some issues lately with time

first I realized time is the ultimate killer

now I have troubles with its speed

I used to wake up at 5 AM every morning

and was going to bed at around 1AM

which gave me just enough time for sleeping

now I had been unemployed for a day

and it feels like if I could fit an eternity into one evening, even though I used to had the need to fit more into that period of time

I don't know

like suddenly things I was excited about don't matter anymore

tv shows - don't wanna watch

books - don't wanna read

people - don't wanna chat


is it what depression feels like?

but I don't feel depressed