Monday, February 29, 2016

Rotting Christ

not my usual choice

but I find this song captivating

ROTTING CHRIST- Ἐλθὲ Κύριε-(Elthe Kyrie)

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Apparently I am into cooking now

I love my multi cooker

for those of you who are wondering "Why do you need a multi cooker, when you have a regular stove"


first of all: time savings, you don't have to wait until the oven will be hot enough to put the dish into it, with multi cooker you just open it and put it inside:)

secondly: postponed start, you can put the products in it, set the time and it can cook everything according to your timetable, you come from work, the food is warm and ready :)

and then the least important for you, the most important for me: I can cook in my room, without the need to use the kitchen, you see I live with the people I am not a big fan of, I tried to cook when I just moved in, but after hearing the lecture on "how to properly boil eggs" I decided my peace means more for me than freshly done food, so I am keeping the distance and I am proud, that my neighbours know almost nothing about me :)

paranoid parrot!


yesterday I thought I failed with my blueberry cake, but today I ate it in the morning and it was gooooooooooooooood

like super good

I guess it needed a night to transform into the god's food :)

it can be even better with an ice cream :)

so I continued exploring the possibilities of my Stollar friend and made backed apples

the ingredients are: apple, raspberry, walnuts and sugar

but my faith in recipes crushed when I saw the picture of that dish

remember the ingredients? RASPBERRY

look at the picture:

now you don't have to have a doctor's degree in botany to understand what is wrong with that picture :)

that is definitely not a raspberry in it

for me it looks like red currant

imagine my surprise : but...but...but I truuuuuuusted you

after short debate with myself I decided to go with raspberry, because you can buy fresh raspberries now, but if you want to use currant then the only possibility is to buy them frozen

for those of you, who, like I, had never eaten baked apples, the answer to the question you are asking: with spoon


Saturday, February 27, 2016


I love dark chocolate

I love 80% and I can eat 85% and 90% without any problems

I have 99%, but I am not yet capable of enjoying it :)

it needs some special skills:)

anyways, I have a new best friend now

her name is Stollar

and she is multicooker :)

the best thing you can have in kitchen utilities section


that little pretty thing can cook the hell you want

today I decided to try my baking skills and did a blueberry cake with dark chocolate

it was written in the recipe "use at least 70% dark chocolate"


I do what recipes tell me to do

so I bough dark cooking chocolate and after buying it I read the ingredients list and realized that it was only 60%

so I went back to the shop and got one of my favourites 85%

first of all

it smells reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally strange when you melt it


that should be enough reason not to use it in baking, but like I said, I do what recipes tell me to do


Stollar is my favourite thing now, because if you can cook a cake in it, well, that is something worth trying:)

I baked it

and it tastes good

in super little portions


85% is waaaaaaaaaay too bitter to mix it with blueberries

I have a cake now

that I will eat at least a week

it is good when you eat it with milk

but half a piece of normal size is the biggest you can eat:)

it is bitter, it is bitter even for me

so sum up: if the recipe says "at least 70%" you should better take 60, than 80 and definitely not 85, I overstated my ability to eat dark chocolate and now I will pay by eating that damned cake for a long time :)

blueberries were good, though


Kids in protective boxes

in the depths of my endless digital library I found books made for kids, who lived in Soviet Union

when I opened some of them I was in shock

because kids did awesome things back then

building boats, little wooden houses, growing plants, bees, making knives and other dangerous things

the books were for KIDS

not teenagers, but for kids ages 8 and up

now imagine what would modern parents say, when a 10 year old comes to them with the words: I am a beekeeper now

kids now can't even go to the shop to buy a bottle of milk

first of all, because it is too dangerous to go to the shop and TALK to the cashier

secondly, because they can't even drink milk, because of their countless allergies

it is like you take a little human, put it in a safety box and expect it to develop into perfect person

and all you get is those spoiled brats with high demands and zero common sense and responsibilities

passive people

coward people

It seems to me life was more exciting before for kids

I'm not saying you are a bad parent, if you will not allow your kid to be a beekeeper, I am sure I would put my kid in the safety box as well

because I am egoist and I want to know, that my kid will be fine, so I don't have to worry about him

but it is wrong

we are egoists raising passive little humans expecting something good out of it

and we are gonna pay for it in 10 years

I want my future kid to get my support when he comes to me with the words "I am a beekeeper now and I am making knives with father at the backyard"

I will try my best

I don't want a plastic kid

Friday, February 26, 2016

I was extremely mad, but then my support team helped me

yesterday and today

like maaaad-maaaaaaad

because since Mr Sunshine was on a vacation I worked with blondie and it was like hell

he is a nice man, no doubt in that and he is a good surveyor, but some people just can not work together

we are those people

he made a remark, that I am measuring too much

too slow

too complicated

he used the codes I did not tell him with the explanation "I though you were wrong that that pipe was 400GRP, for me it looked 300" LOOKED


I was in the pit, I checked the papers, I knew it was 400, but what can I do, if for him it LOOKED from the top of the pit like a 300 pipe

still makes me mad:)

the it was "you don't need to measure the shit pipe with two points, because they only need to know the start point"

excuse me, but when I see the loooooong pipe, why the hell not to measure its direction, so it would be easier for me to draw it in the office?10-20 seconds deal

why should I use measuring tape when you can put the total station on the other side of the pit and measure it with laser? Because measuring with a tape is much faster


we were never in a hurry

we always had plenty of time

I listened to the lecture of "why you put everything to the car in such a complicated way?" well, may be because I am perfectly aware how to fit everything in it so it won't make noises while you drive a car

there were plenty of little things like that, that annoyed the shit out of me, at some point I just wanted to throw away the prism asking "do YOU wanna measure and draw everything???"

and I am a professional now in moving the drawings to the needed points, because apparently, it is too hard to make sure, that the total station stays on its position

like coooooooooome oooooooooooon

I know last time we worked together I did not know anything about measurement, but I know my job now and I do it well, it is my name on the papers and I measure it how I found it most comfortable and precise for me and for pipe nation people

I cried again after work yesterday, because I realized it will never change, for them I will always be a foreign girl, who can't do nothing right

but well, at least he is a blondie :)))

today I was going at work with zero happiness and all I wanted to do, just crawl to my bed and hide in the blanket

morally weak and annoyed would be perfect description

but my support team is somehow always there when I need them :) I had not seen them whole week, but today they made my day

I am still smiling

I was smiling at work, at the bus, sitting now

and I am not tired :)

first when we were leaving to measure pipes with the new girl ( I looooooooooooove working with her) we saw Hiiiiiiiiiiiii man :) that super weird and super cute in his weirdness man :)

and he was acting super weird and super cute again:) he always does :))) and he always makes me smile, no matter how angry I am, it is some sort of chemical reaction :) big teddy bear

he sometimes tells me he loves me, only that he does not know about that :))) I have little knowledge of ASL (thank you, Switched at birth) and I know some basic stuff, like I love you, thank you, yes, no, I know, hear, together and some letters and other words

most of the times he shows a normal heavy metal sign:

which is usually shown on the opposite direction (hand palm direction is to your face, not like with the sign language when it is outside), but the main difference is that thumb position:)

but sometimes he tells me with his hands that he loves me and I am not gonna tell him about that :)

why the hell would I stop him :)))

it is my little secret :)

anaways, after seeing him world no longer seemed such a bad place

and then there was ladies man :) thaaaaaaaaaaaat man can make you feel beautiful no matter how shitty you look or how tired you are

his wife probably is the happiest wife in the world :)

they were not ready with the pipes so I asked him to call me, when they are done

and he called

one hour before our work day ends :)

but because in the morning I told him, that we will come to measure after he calls me, I decided that we need to go

with blondie

who for some reason decided not to wear work clothes and boots


the pit was on the big construction site and you are not allow to even be there dressed like that


so I measured everything by myself, while he was waiting in the car

I know, I know :)

but I do not regret my decision to go to that pit so late

because ladies man and his new partner (still had not heard his name and at this point it is too late to ask him, need to look in some papers) are super helpful and nice

need to open a manhole? no need to even ask for help, they do that, when they see my intention to open it :)

need a ladder? here you go, he brought it and held it while I was climbing

need to measure a pipe with the measuring tape? (it was already hidden, because it was made yesterday and since blondie was in such a hurry to do I-have-no-idea-what we measured it today with the other pipe, I don't liiiiiiike using measuring tape, the surveyor in my is cursing badly when I do that) his new partner measured it for me :)

like come oooon, I always feel like a princess with them, and ignore the fact, that we are in the pit, in the waaaay oversized working clothes, covered in mud and dust :)

does not matter

I feel like a princess :)

and if men at work can make you feel like that, then it is a good place to work:)

when I finished with measurements and returned to the car blondie tried to explain, that "I looked on the paper and thought the pipes are outside the construction site, so I did not change clothes" and all I could think about was "yeah, yeah, it was probably too hard to ask me about the pit's location when we were at the office, but who am I for you to ask for some information, nooooooo, I know nothing, can do nothing" :) and you know, I was not even mad, aaaaaat all, because I got my daily boost of happiness from the Hiiiiiii man, the ladies man and his new partner (whose name I am yet to find out)

and I smiled all the way back to office and I am still smiling now

now here is the big question: should I take him next week?

next week the new girl took a vacation and my Mr Sunshine returns from his

so that means blondie probably will be with us one more week

when Mr Sunshine and Pure Evil (he is the nicest man now, I am thinking about changing his nickname to something good, yes, thaaat much he changed) are both present, I am working with Mr Sunshine, but he knows, that I love working on my own, so when we only have one job for two pairs he usually offers me to go with the new girl, and I always take that offer :)

on Monday we have one job (as for today, but it still can change), now the main question is, should I risk my nerves and go with blondie (listening again what I am doing wrong and cursing inside later while trying to understand what codes he used and for what reason, if you can't hear me properly, just ask again, it is not that hard) or should I take the chill pill and forget my love for being in charge and go with my Mr Sunshine?

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Happy Independence Day, my lovely Estonia!

or better: Happy Birthday!


I love cornflowers

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Happy Birthday!!!

Faaaat aaaaaaaaaass

for some reason I like to congratulate you on your birthdays

even though, you are still Mr Jerkinsson


UPD: You are welcome, but I removed your thank you, because the only real name here should be mine. There is no need for people to know who you are, faaaaaaaaaaaat aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssss.

UPD2: My real friends, my pipe nation people, my colleagues - I guarantee I won't use your real names, even though sometimes I can write some mean things about you :)

Brick by brick

I was building relationship with the man who barely talked with me

brick by brick

veeeeery slow

I think he is super hot


hoooooooooooooot hot


but it was interesting for me to see whether I can break that concrete wall and made him at least talk to me like with a normal human being

it took me 1,5 years


in a year he finally started saying hello to me when he saw me at work

a month ago the biggest progress happened: he smiled at meeeee and even made a joke

he smiled looking at me, smiled for me

that was like the "ta daaaaa" moment

that robot man has human feelings

then he helped me park a car

I was returning from the main office (driving 100km/h when the sun shines into your eyes, the roads are dirty and you can't see anything, because the window cleanser ended and you can not use it, well, I don't like driving and I thought I was a super bad driver, but after driving in those conditions without getting into any accident I promoted myself to "just a regular bad driver") and there was a car parked next to our car spot, I am now just a regular bad driver, but I am the worst one to park a car without any doubts

I saw that one car of pipe nation people was parked next to their office so I went there hoping there will be somebody to park that damned car

and that roboman was there and when I asked for help he parked that car

and he did it goooooooooooooooooooood

so we were pretty much like normal co-workers already

until my big mouth betrayed me

I was so happy that he helped me, that I told about that to my colleagues


one of them then made a joke to him and even I felt bad

it was not a good joke and I think it is not appropriate to make a joke about somebody helping someone

should I say, that after that "joke" he is not talking to me again?


the concrete wall, that I was smashing and building normal work relationship  brick by brick is back

now it is concrete covered in ice

and my bricks are nowhere to be seen


today we worked together and he did not even say Hi


back to the beginning

there is something about that man, I thought that if even he talks to me, then I am no longer such a foreigner here in the company

if I made ice man talk to me, then it means they all accepted me to their team

but nope

back to being foreign foreigner


but at least I have my support team:) the man who gives me compliments each time he sees me, the man who always asks something and the man who acts so weird around me, that I find it super cute:)

I am not Finnish enough to be here

Monday, February 22, 2016

Is my face burnt?

like waaaaaaaaaat

but that was the actual question one man asked us on the street :)

welcome to Estonia


with one of my friends we discovered, that we had never eaten Chinese food in take away boxes

you know, the classic ones

so we went to one restaurant that provides a good choice of take away food

we decided to eat there and take the left overs with us in The Box

well, it was bad



bad food, bad place, bad service, every little thing was bad there

I would not recommend you this place

I have no idea, who wrote those reviews

and to add a cherry to the top

the take away boxes there were simple plastic food boxes

so I still have that thing "to eat from the Chinese food take away box" in my list

we could not end the evening with that disaster and therefore went looking for a place to eat ice cream

when we were standing next to Wabadus one really drunk man approached us asking "Is my face burnt?"

I knooooooooow :)))

and the weirdest part

it was burnt

apparently he got in a fight or something like that and his neck was covered in burns


just a normal man:)

anyways, we went to Wabadus and giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirls, I would recommend that place 10 of 10 only already based on their personal

the boys, who worked there are so kind and nice and happy :)

you feel treated like a god :)

but in addition to the personal, I had eaten the most tasteful raspberry ice cream I had ever eaten

I usually take chocolate ice cream, but that time I took 2 chocolate and 1 raspberry

and it tasted like heeeeeeeeeeeeeeaven

such an interesting taste

I love it

love it

loved it

loooooved it

if you are looking for a good place to sit and chat with your friends while enjoying good (yet not too expensive) food I would recommend you Wabadus

Friday, February 19, 2016

I do not agree with the words of this song

but I love the song

it is...spoiler alert...about Ukraine


Antisystem - Ukraine

I love songs about countries, I love when people love their countries so much

they don't escape in critical situations (yup, refugees, shame on you)

they sing when it is time to cry

and that is powerful song

I love bilingual songs



another one is Mamo

I wonder do people who don't understand Russian understand where Russian language stops and Ukraine starts or do they sound the same to you?

Why do girls always focus on the good qualities?

I am still looking for mascara, that costs around 10EUR to use it on weekend, because I feel like a spoiled brat, using 35 eur Dior every day


read some reviews

looked at the ratings

and bought BeYu Model Mascara

looks great, is not it?


girls usually give her 4 stars and I thought 4 stars is enough for weekends


then I read reviews more carefully

you know how that mascara got its ratings?

1 for beautiful package, 1 for comfortable usage, 1 for lengthening and another one for giving volume

what they tend to forget adding is : it will give you panda eyes even if it is raining just a little bit

Is not it the most important thing to rate? Will it give you panda eyes or not?

for me it is

but apparently package is as important:)))

I do not understand that, it could give you the most beautiful lashes, but what is the point, if you always need to check weather forecast to know can you use it today, or not?



it is like with the man: - why do you love that drunk man? - but when he is sober he is such a nice and careful man


give it 4 stars and forget, that he beats the shit out of you, when he is drunk

girl's logic :)

and yes

I am gonna die alone, but without bruises and with my Dior Addict mascara:)))

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Swollen finger, zero friends and search for a pharmacy

last friday something happened with my pinky and it became twice its size, being all that red and swollen

I searched very carefully for some physical injury to know where it all started

but I did not find anything

not even a little tiny scratch

not some splinter


I started thinking about who can I call for an advice or a ride to ambulance care

and you know what?

I know a lot of people here from work

but I realized I can't call any of them, because we are just not that close

it is not a work thing and I can call them only when something unexpected happens at work, not after their weekend started

it is like



if I die today, for at least 2 days nobody will know what happened to me

that is how lonely I am here

nobody to call in case of need


another point for "I should move back to Estonia"


after a short minute of panicking I came back to the "what worst can happen" and accepted the fact that I may lose my pinky finger

after that, I started looking for opened pharmacies and thanks politicians for their common sense, that they finally allowed stores and pharmacies working as long at they want to

I always wondered, why the hell in the country of free market economy the government dictates for how long shops can be opened

if it is my store

my employers

my money

why the hell must I close my store at 6PM?

still a big mystery for me

is not Finland country with market economy?

found a pharmacy only 20 minutes away from the place I live, that was opened after 9PM

went there, bought basic stuff and started to self healing my finger

because why the hell not?

I heard how much do they pay to doctors, who do some 1st year of medical school stuff

I do not have money to go to doctors worrying will I be able to pay that bill

and I find it extremely stupid

I pay tons of money for taxes and at least I should be sure, that I will get free medical help no matter what insurance I have

there should not be such a thing as medical insurance

I pay you taxes, it is in your own benefit, to keep working people working, so that they can pay you more taxes

another point for "I should move back to Estonia"

same medical insurance for every working person and for every disabled person

problems will start if you are not working and not registered as non-working person

then yes

be ready to get a fat bill

my way was to use Bepanthen, alcohol prep pads, bandage and latex gloves


it helped

first disinfect pinky with alcohol pad, then apply layer of magical Bepanthen, use a little bit of bandage, so that it stays on your finger and put a latex glove to make a saaaauna :)

I slept with it and applied bepanthen a couple more times next day

and in a day it came back to almost normal condition



Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The warm LED bulb it is

the search for perfect bulb is officially over

what do I hate the most?


you all know, that light attracts those little bastards

and today I read, that I am not the only one who is bothered by it:)

scientists made a research to get to know what types of bulbs attract more insects

and the results are in

The warm LED bulb is the only bulb I will be using from now:)

The incandescent bulb had the highest capture rate, followed by CFL, halogen, LED with a cool color temperature, and the "bug" light. An LED with a warm color temperature had the lowest capture rate.
the lowest is my choice :)

here is the link if you want to read it all

I have no idea what are they singing about

but I like the song :)

catchy song

Eating yoghurt with a spoon

I do not remember when was the last time I ate yoghurt with a spoon


I found a way to eat it less civilized , but more tasteful

with corn sticks

fits with every yoghurt and pudding taste:)

the spoon that you can eat

dip it into yoghurt and bite it off

no regular spoons needed

and adds a bit of extra structure to the yoghurt


of course the corn sticks should be without any added flavour

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Not all bamboleos are the same

you probably know old school Bamboleo song

imagine my surprise, when I heard similar words, while listening to Ensiferum


I laughed

a looooooooot

but saved the song:)

Bamboleeeeeeo bamboleeeeeeeeeo

Never ending candies

If you are looking for a pack of candies, that you can eat every work day for two months I have a solution for you:

if you love sour candies, of course:)

I am eating them for 1,5 months already and they still not ending


if you want to save some money on candies

buy it

you can't est more than 3-5 pieces a day

even though they are very good

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Alcohol prep pads

don't you just hate it, when you buy new tech and it is covered with stickers?

you know, all those "this-crap-is-better-than-the-previous-crap-in-50-times" kind of stickers

and when you take it off (why would you wanna keep them???) the sticky surface stays

and gathers all the dust

and you keep getting glued to it

aaaand it just does not look good

I bought multi cooker with that sticker

and I killed a lot of nerves trying to get the remains of the sticker off

non of the "clean it with oil, lemon, cleaning liquid etc" worked

then I read about alcohol pads

and I have them, so I used it and I was almost dancing around that multi cooker with shining surface when I took every little part of that sticky crap off


therefore, forget about the oil and other stuff

the easiest and cheapest way to take the sticky glue off something - alcohol prep pads


Friday, February 12, 2016


for some reason I think I like folk metal


there is something addictive in those mighty voices

All heathen hearts,
Answer the call,
God of thunder bless our swords,
Our heathen horde,
Will never fall,
We are hungry for blood, steel and war

I feel bad for people who use umbrellas

it is not very common in Estonia, to use umbrellas when it is snowing

but in Finland it is a pretty popular thing to do

I do not understand why

first of all

snow is heavy and it has tendency to stay on top of the surface until it gained enough to fall down

secondly, it is not comfortable to keep the umbrella with your hand, snow is heaaaavy, your hand will be tired

then, the umbrella will always give you some unexpected water attack :) when you open the wet umbrella, when you close it, when you move it

and after all how can you not enjoy snow?:)

wear a hood, if you want to keep your hair 100% dry


Thursday, February 11, 2016

One of the most underrated bands

Emil Bulls of course:)

and their Oceanic album must be in some Top 100 for sure

check this masterpiece:

pretty energetic, is not it?:)

looooooooooooooooooooooooove it

but they have very lovely and kind songs too

don't you have that kind of sad smile while listening to it?

I love it, when bands have songs like Epiphany and then on the same album something like The Saddest Man On Earth Is The Boy Who Never Weeps

We do laugh a lot in the critical situations

just like this picture says:

to my non-Russian friends : Only in Russia you can hear laughing from the rolled-over car

people often say, that Russian people don't smile or laugh enough


Russian people never give up:) and they prefer to laugh the fear away :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I like my short dresses and cold air

but for a short period of time, I tried to look more weather-appropriate

read on some Russian page, that only stupid people and whores wear short clothes at winter

I felt bad

I decided, that maybe they are right and I should wear more clothes

so I wore my thermo tights that I wear when it is -25C when it was +2

for two days

and then I gave up

I do not understand why should I sacrifice my comfort only not to stand out in the crowd of people wearing furs

wheeeen iiiiit iiiiiis +2

I felt angry both of those days

I do not like feeling hot

the high temperature is not for me and when you are sweating while waiting for a bus, because you wear more clothes that the weather requires only because it is "winter month" on the calendar, well, my dear friends, that is how you get ill

you are sweating in the transport, then go out of it and have a walk, while being all overheated and with a little help from wind your illness is ready for your personal use

so I switched back to my short dresses and regular tights

and yes

you may think I am a whore

and a stupid person who does not care about her health

but FYI the new girl we have here (she is almost a year here, but I still call her the new girl) is getting ill

she is coughing and has other fun things and she is always fully packed: super warm winter jacket, pants and underpants, hat and gloves and scarf and all the things you can imagine

and I am not the one who is ill now

even though I am permanently battling with my diabetes :)

last week one lady in the bus said to me, that I will get ill wearing clothes I am wearing

irony at its finest

guess who was coughing next day?:) the lady in super warm jacket in the bus:))

I do not wear short clothes to impress men (Finnish men are not talking to me anyways, so I don't bother anymore)

I wear my short clothes, because I feel good, when it is a little bit chill

I do not feel cold

I do not feel hot

I feel perfectly fine


and every time I put extra clothes I feel like the flu is crawling in my body


thank you for your worries

but I will continue being a brain free whore:)

a healthy brainless whore:)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The people who are ashamed of their jobs

I have one friend, who I had not seen in a while

we sent e-mails from time to time just to keep in touch

last time we talked about jobs and I had to ask twice to get his answer where is he working now

he said that he works in security and smth like "it is just a temporary job, I did not want to tell you, because I am ashamed of it"

all I could think of was "whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat"

I feel bad for people who are ashamed of their jobs

it is like they disrespect the job they are doing

and why would anybody treat you well, if you are doing that to yourself?

I personally like security guys when they are dedicated to their jobs

not like if somebody feels ashamed of it and we all understand how bad they all work

because you can't work well, when you hate your job

and it is easily seen, one guy can be dedicated to his job and feels like if he is protecting the place he is working at (and it is, indeed, his job, and what is not to like about that?) and the guy next to him just playing some games on his phone and so on

security is like a policeman on civil duty

I do not know why is it shameful

same with cleaning ladies

they always feel obligated to add "well, I am cleaner until I will find a proper job"

that IS a proper job

if you love cleaning, then why not the hell make a profession out of this?

and I do believe, that is the reason they get so little money

because they belittle their job

who will pay you more, when you say you think it is a temporary job?

never say you are ashamed of your job

you are doing it

you can't be ashamed of the things you do

be proud of what you do


Monday, February 8, 2016

Another great song from Emil Bulls

Emil Bulls - The Architects Of My Apocalypse

Domesticate the beast in me

Emil Bulls - When God Was Sleeping

I wanna see them live soooooooooooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

but as for now, their tour dates include only Festivals in Germany

If you are losing your hair

why do you keep doing that?
you know you will be bald

I know you will be bald

everybody with working eyes know that you will be bald

so why would you grow the rest of your hair long to comb it that way, that it will cover the bald spot


come ooooon, that does not help

it just looks pathetic

so whyyyyyyyyyyy would you dooooooooooo this???

just shave it off

most of the bald men look bad ass


would you rather look like a bad ass man or pathetic man, who tries to fool himself?

shave it off!!!

*my apologies to the man on the picture, I don't want to insult you in any way, but come ooooon, we all know you are losing hair:) and I am pretty sure, that you will look sooooo much better without hair

Friday, February 5, 2016

I am not a good cook

but when I see an interesting recipe I feel the urgent need to try that

last time it was cappuccino cake and pink grapefruit salad

here are the cakes:

the blue one is still in my fridge

and I ate only half of the white one

they are good

but I did not know they are the wet ones

they forgot to mention, that after baking it, the inner side will be pleasantly moisture (I read that in the comments after)

I like dry cakes

the drier the better:)

anyways, baked them, only because there was cappuccino in them

I don't drink coffee a lot, and I don't like cappuccino, but I decided that I wanna try that taste:)

not gonna post the recipe here, because it is just a basic cake only with added cappuccino


when I read pink grapefruit salad recipe I just froze for a moment and thought

hooooow the heeeeeell those ingredients can be in the same bowl

pink grapefruit, mint, chilli pepper, pink pepper and oil


grapefruit and chilli pepper

like waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

I chopped everything into smaller parts:

well, I spent eternity to get those clean grapefruit pieces:)

after eating it, I can admit, that salad (although it is said there, that you can eat it without main dish) needs some food next to eat

like food-food


I did not like the taste of peppers and I definitely did not like the taste of zest, felt like sand, even though it smelled good, when I made it:)

would I recommend it?

if you eat it with the fish, then yes

but not like a solo dish:)

what I liked a lot is the combination of pink grapefruit, mint and oil

I will definitely make that again without zest and pepper

refreshing salad

summer salad


Thursday, February 4, 2016

I refuse to be ashamed of this song that I love

it is hardly a song

more like an alarm clock


it is another beautiful day to be Rogelio

wake up Rogeeeelio

wake up Rogeeeeelio


he sung it himself


that's the right attitude

it is another beautiful day to be Rogelio

wake up Rogeeelio

wake up Rogeeelio


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Bullet With A Name

some good old song

Nonpoint - Bullet With A Name

still love it:)

I am going to have The Talk with my boss today

about my salary and my future

and I don't give a damn about it

if he does not promote me I leave

if he gives me a promotion I stay

and both options are equally good for me

it is like I don't care at all

and I should care

I am already mentally packing my luggage

and saying good byes to pipe nation people

I just need to choose the day


somehow I am sure I won't get a reasonable salary raise :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Listening to the songs, choosing the places

I used to be super jealous of the man I liked

one mention of some other girl and I already hated that girl and everything that was connected to her

because of that I stopped eating chocolate advent calendars and listening to Placebo


I know


today while listening to my new favourite radio - Ultra (Russian radio, the language you hear is Russian, unless it is English song and most of the songs are English there) I heard Placebo song that I used to like


babyyyyyy, did you forget to take your meds?

and then I realized I had not listened to them in yeeeears

and I used to like them

why did I stop listening?

because once the man I liked said, that his girlfriend loved Placebo - Running Up That Hill

I liked that song a lot too

but after that day I hated Placebo and every song of them

so childish :) and I was an adult already

with zero self esteem


anyways, this December I bought plenty of chocolate advent calendars (ate only couple of chocolates, the rest of that calender is still unopened and another three are even sealed) :)

but it is not about eating it, it is about being able to do and eat what I like, ignoring sad memories

all the places I liked are back in my list of favourite places

all of the music I loved ais back to my playlist

and all of the food I wanted to eat is in my refrigerator


that's how it should be

you do not eliminate the things you like

you just don't talk to people who make you hate the things you liked:)

simple as that

Monday, February 1, 2016


I still think those kind of moustaches should be legally forbidden and forgotten

great song, though

strong message