Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Wizards of Aus

I probably should feel bad for liking this show so much:

but I dooooooon't feel bad at all:)

I love it

love it

love it

looooooooooooooove it :)

I laugh my ass off when I watch it

I read comments on Russian site and 80% of it were something like: only drunk people should watch it, only junkies will understand it, that show is pointless and only stupid people will watch it and like it


apparently I am all of that


it is sad, that people can't see past through jokes

or can't understand the irony

or anything at all

because it is not "oh-my-god-this-show-is-soooooooooooo-dramatic!" (aka Suits)

apparently you can't say, that you like such a weird australian show

well I do

I love it

I understand it

and I hope you will take that mask off your face and have a good laugh

I do feel I am Terry the Shark


which is also sad:)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Peter Paul Rubens

if you have some basic knowledge about art, then when you hear Rubens, you probably imagine dark colours and some big (okay, okay, fat is the right word) half-naked people

today I was reading one magazine, not reading, but rather turning the pages, because I had a headache (it is baaack) and was not in the mood to read

but the magazine has a lot of pictures:)

picture book for adults

not thaaaaaaaaaat kind of picture


I already turned the page when sudden need to look at the last page forced me to open it again

it was Rubens' painting

as you know I am not a big fan of art, but this picture made me turn the page back and look at the painting for at least 5 minutes

and 5 minutes is an eternity nowadays


I had too many questions considering the painting

starting with the name: The Hippopotamus and Crocodile Hunt

"wait, waaaaaaaaaaaaaat" was my reaction

where are the fat ladies, where are the portraits

only hippopotamus, only hardcore


I still think hippopotamus is a funny word

the painting has a lot of details and if you have some time you can look at it more close

the hippopotamus (I'm still smiling), the horses (look at those eyes), the crazy man peeking from the underarm of another man, the probably dead man (try to stay alive, when crocodile and hippopotamus are standing on you) with huge strong arms, the weird dog (that look like a wolf), no-neck man the outstanding hippopotamus itself and lets not forget about crocodile

click on the picture to see it full size

this month The Hippopotamus and Crocodile Hunt is my favourite painting

Reality Wednesday

I kinda lost today my love to all of the men I like here

you know

my primary husband and the two ones who are changing every week

I am not feeling well when weather is changing so fast (last week it was -24, today +2) and I want to sleep all the time

aaaaall the tiiiime

so I am angry now

and somehow that helps seeing people more clear

not like I always do: finding something good in every person and then start liking for it


Reality Wednesday

I don't like anybody now

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Some songs stay in your head for years

that song still scares the shit out of me

but I still love it

a lot


Monday, January 25, 2016

Newborn pandas

I'm updating my knowledge about animals today :)

what I know now: newborn pandas are small




in comparison to it's mother newborn panda is slightly bigger than the width of her mouth :) and don't panic, panda on the picture is not going to eat her baby, apparently the safest place for a newborn is in panda's mouth

yup, that little thing on the floor is the actual newborn panda:)

I personally prefer red pandas over black and white ones, but only because they look more badass


Microcebus myoxinus

aka Pygmy mouse lemur

no comments

only: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


that is official percentage of black people in the United States


not even 25%

so this crap I sincerely don't understand:

there are couple of more tweets, but long story short: black people should boycott Oscars, because this year no blacks were nominated

there are 20 nominees in acting

5 for actor in a leading role, 5 for actress in a leading role, 5 for actor in a supporting role and 5 for actress in a supporting role

remember the percentage of 13,2?

of total population of black people in  US

I tried to find, but could not, but obviously, not all 13,2% are in acting

therefore I can't understand, you say you have to boycott Oscars, because out of 20 people there are not one black person

but can't you do the math and calculate, that there will be years, where only white people will be nominated, solely based on the fact, that whites are still a majority in US and to nominate one black, only to please minorities would had been the biggest racism there is

you say boycott Oscars

I say grow up and stop using your race card

as long as there is Black Entertainment Television and their BET awards you have absolutely no right to say you are discriminated

do you see a lot of white people on BET?




when you will accept your awards based on your talent and not on your skin colour, then we will talk about racism

but not while you are using selective racism card


as for Jada, I always liked her a lot, but that would do it

I will not feel bad for being white and I will not hope some black actor win Oscars, only because he/she is black

because you need to earn it with your talent

not your skin colour

black racist people are not better than white racist people

FYI : population of Asians in US is 5,6%, do you see them saying to boycott Oscars, because they had never won best actor in a leading role? nope, because they are smart enough to use the probability percentage

yeah, thaaaat's raaaacist


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Stop button

wanna have a little test on your ability to notice things?

consists of one question (suitable only for public transport users)

take a small piece of paper and draw a Braille code sign for "S"

you see it every single time when you use public transport



you see it

you feel it

you touch it every time you push the stop button

now how many of you drew that correctly?

here is the answer and it is super easy

three dots

there are a lot of things we don't notice, that mean a lot to some people

now let's try an advanced level

newer buses and trains have other stop buttons

where the whole Stop word is written in Braille

can you remember it?

see the familiar first letter?

there are so many useful things to learn

Prison Break

is coming back


what year is it???


and I would want to see how do they bring him back

he is not Moriarty, after all


he is Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) and although writers of the scrip promise "believable reasons why they are both alive" it would be hard to do

but it is good, though, that they are not doing prequel or filming the same story with new actors, nope, same brothers continue the story

it would be interesting to watch it

as for those of you, who lived in submarine and missed Prison Break here is some old fan made trailer

back to that time the official trailers were not yet popular :)))

and when you hear girls crying, that's because we all now know, that Wentworth is gay

and it is hard to accept


as for the young people, you may know him as Captain Cold from Flash series

and just to make boys feel bad

do you know how old is he?





Wednesday, January 20, 2016

On what side of the bed do single people sleep?

that is the question I read on 9gag

I had not thought about that before

in Helsinki I have double bed (or rather 1,5)

and I am sleeping on every side: right, left, middle

it is like why would you chose one side, when you can have the whole bed?


I am falling asleep always on the right side, then turn to the left side and when I have no sleep I am staring at the ceiling in the middle of the bed between the pillows:)

I have right side of the bed as reading papers and books side

left side as reading books from e-reader side

and middle if I am watching something


I use every side of my bed:)

and I don't understand why can somebody being single chose only one

maybe that's my inability to chose only one speaking


but I do think it is more like common sense :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Emil Bulls

I continue finding good songs from Emil Bulls

New Rise Against video

disappointed me :(

big times

once again, trying to make me feel guilty for being white

what the hell???


was it Chevrolet advertisement in the video???

come on, Rise Against

had you sold your soul?

Monday, January 18, 2016

The bus dilemma

at mornings my buses go every 5-ish minutes

obviously I take the first one when I finally appear at the bus stop

but I had noticed, that the bus, that comes 5 minutes later arrives to my destination only one minute later or even at the same time

because the first bus is always full and the second one is half empty

so every morning I have a debate with myself, should I stay and wait for the second one or should I go on the first one

the first bus arrives a bit earlier, but the second one drives much faster, because it does not need to stop on every single bus stop

but you never know, will the second bus arrive at time, will it always be half empty

and the first bus is always there, driving like a snail, but driving

it is like super important choice

should I stay with old and okay-ish

or should I risk and try the new and better now

and I am not talking only about buses now


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Because why the hell not

to listen to old spanish punk rock


La Polla Records - El ojo Te Ve

checked Wiki and learned that they are not only spanish but rather spanish basque band

which is weird

because it is the second basque band that I like


remember Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaa song?

Berri Txarrak - Denak ez du balio

Friday, January 15, 2016

Apparently I have a fan girl in me

because I have no other explanation of screaming inside my head when I watched latest episode of Sherlock


it was something like: MORIARTY!!!!MORIARTY!!!!!!MORIAAAAARTYYYYYYY!!!

you should not like a bad guy so much, but I am pretty sure a lot of girls share my inner screams



it is really hard to find episodes with Moriarty from the new episode

but hey

we can always enjoy the old one:)

no rush :)

I did not like the very end of the episode

I would not spoil it here, but I hope it is not the final solution and they find a way to interpret it differently


Thursday, January 14, 2016

I keep doing that

I keep smiling and waving to non alive objects

my last find is cookies
how can you possibly not smile when you take that pack?


and I always greet it

I do not say hello to people as often as I say it to non living things :)

I am not kidding now:)

obviously not out loud, but in my head I always say hello to things with faces, trams with names, pictures of waving animals, tech that have "hello" line when you turn it on (how can you not say "hello to you too")


and just for your information new trams in Estonia have names and the first one was highly advertised therefore every Tallinn resident knows who Moonika is

it is a tram

now we have plenty of them and every single one has a name

once I heard some kid on the street telling his mother "Moooom, look, Moonika!"


even kids know:)

We came to dance

I can not stop smiling when I hear this masterpiece:


it is good to see somebody, who enjoy singing so much

The gaslight anthem is one of those bands, that sound so much better live and in acoustic :)

like come oooooon

how can you not smile back?


such a lovely song too

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


for some reasons I love this song :)

and I think Demi is super hot


for those of you, who did not get the reference (how young are you???)

here is the original video

but I've always been Team Backstreet Boys


Colouring books for adults

are the best thing evaaaar

love it :)

when friends asking "what are you doing now?" I love to answer "I am chilling with my fishes"


I don't have fishes


I have three books: Lost Ocean, Secret Garden and Tropical Wonderland

my favourite one is Lost Ocean

I can colour one small fish for at least 10 minutes :)

my hypnotic fishes :)

I found the photo I took when I finished my first three fishes and I was so proud, even though I don't think they have good colour combination, my favourite fish is black-yellow-blue, but I did not take photo :(

it is not even the book yet, it is the title page and I am still on it and can't imagine how much time do you need to actually colour all the book


but my niece turns into a monster when I give her Tropical Wonderland

eeeverything annoys her and she even asked "can you breeeeath any louder???"

so if you have her tempo, then these books will drive you insane with all of the small details :)

I love them, but 6 or even 12 colours is not enough, you will always feel the need to use a little different shade of colour

I tried pencils, did not like it, not colourful enough

yesterday I decided "eh, what the hell, enough saving, I need 30 colours"

and I bought it

now I am a proud owner of 30 stabilo pens :)

and they are the best for colouring

my fishes deserve the best :)

as for my niece, I sung her a song to calm her down, when she was in tropical wonderland

in English it would sound like "hypno bug, hypno bug, hypno dragonfly aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand a plant"

it is not to imagine how annoying that song was

no wonder she hated it :)

if you are looking for a new hobby, I highly recommend you colouring books for grown ups

but look carefully through pages, it has to consist of small pieces, if you have one huge picture, there is nothing fun with it, it is just a book for kids

I love my fishes :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Why do they die so peacefully?

I always wondered why in movies people, who freeze to death always die so peacefully
at first they shake a little (which is natural reaction)

but then they just lay down on earth and start falling asleep (which is also true, since brain is trying to keep as much energy for its functioning as it can, so it slowly shut downs all processes)

but where is the part when you cry?

when you feel, how your blood slows down and muscles start shrinking

it hurts

it hurts a loooooooooot

a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooot

and in books about polar expeditions the authors write about that

but the movies make the death look so peaceful

little bit of shaking, a lot of sleeping - death

I love winter

but winter hurts

and you should not forget about that


Depressive Finnish people

I live on the third floor

this morning my neighbour from the first floor caught me at 6:40 to tell me that I am going down the stairs way too loud

whaaaaaaaaaaaaat the actual fuck

I don't drink

I don't smoke

I don't listen music without headphones

I do not throw parties

but apparently that is not enough


I was speechless

yes, I know I have the tendency to jump on the last stair

but, like, come on, I am in the good mood at mornings and I do not weight much, so the noise I make is tolerable

but apparently not

I do not know, may be she sleeps under her door

but it is insane

Finnish people tend to look for something bad in everything

it is like they are afraid to like something

or to feel happy

apparently Finnish people are all depressed and I understand why suicide rate is so high here

I feel like a shit here

like a big pile of quality shit


I cried in metro after that comment

it is like Finnish people reject me

and it is too much for me

apparently I can't even walk the right way


they don't even use the sandwich method

something good - something bad - something good


they prefer something good - but - something bad

and I noticed it almost from every finnish person I had talked to

I do not think I belong here

I do not think Helsinki is my city

I miss beautiful people of Espoo

Monday, January 11, 2016

How to make gifs

I did not know about one very simple way of  making gif files from youtube videos





before the youtube link

for example

you take the youtube link of super mega awesome The Gaslight Anthem

then add GIF after www.

you will have

and can enjoy making gif files:)

thats all


pretty simple, eh?


you don't need to sign up for their services or create an account too


endless possibilities :)



Thursday, January 7, 2016

- 23 and tough Russian women

it is getting colder here :)

officially -23, but that wonderful thing "feels like" says it "feels like -30"

should I add, that I am still wearing a dress? :)

stopped eating ice cream though :)

and it doesn't not feel like -30

we don't have high humidity or wind, so it is like a dry cold

it is not like, you know, when you feel good, but when you come home you suddenly feel like if billion small bombs are exploding in your hands and feet

aaaand then you cry out loud, because it huuuuuuuuuurts so bad

and sometimes throw up

I had that:) couple of times, but it was wet cold, with strong wind


one of the few things that I don't like about winter, is that I always have dandelion hair :)

but I am half Russian

and Russian women are not afraid to look for hardcore solutions

at least those ones in Internet :)

I read a lot of advices about "wear wool clothes, comb hair with wood comb"

wooden comb does not help at all

but couple of advices made me laugh

because Russian women are smart asses


the cause of dandelion hair as we all know is static electricity

it is electricity, just not as killing as he regular one :)

and what should we do, if we want to discharge it?

we need to ground it

so the advices that women gave were: make one hand wet and touch something metal with it

or put that hand on the real ground to ground it

you don't have to go outside, the plant ground is suitable as well

science :)

it is a good advice, but it is hard to do, when you are outside and your hair start rising again

so I am still looking for another solution

preferably the one that you can buy in the bottle to spray it on hair and forget about it :)

Happy New Year!!!

apparently I forgot to congratulate you


Happy New Year again :)