Monday, November 30, 2015

Squeaky leather

I have couple of faux leather dresses

for the reasons yet unknown sometimes they are starting making squeaky sounds

I read recommendations about how to get that off

all of those recommendations demanded a lot of time or a lot of money

I am self proclaimed lazy ass

I am looking for an easy way out:)

therefore forget about super expensive silicone gels, leather sprays that leave shiny marks, leather conditioners and other expensive thing, that smell like hell, cost like Ferrari and you have to be super careful not to spit that thing everywhere (and you have to use it on all of your dress, because in other way you will have ugly spots on it)

then I read about some home things

oils mostly

I don't like to use oils, because they are so hard to deal with

then I read one comment, that was written as a joke, recommending to use WD-40, because that thing can fix anything

and I looooooooooooooove WD-40

it is like my unreasonable love for aluminium

I just love it for some reason

probably, because deep down I am a robot


anyways, was that joke or not, but I had that picture from one of the best movies eeeveeeer Sunshine

that part, when they were repairing the shield of the ship

that part from 1:30

I use that picture in my mind, when I have headaches and try to shut them down

I close the panels in my brain

so I thought


if my dress makes squeaky sound

then something need to close those squeaky panels of that dress

and why the hell not WD-40 spray?:)

and you know what?


I took off the excessive WD-40 with paper towels and the dress is silent now

both of them

no marks

no smell

no money spent (everybody have that spray can at home, mystery thing)

therefore: before buying expensive silicone things try old good WD-40

for faux leather dresses it fit


most likely for the real one it will help as well :)

Girls, you are welcome

I already hear imaginary "thank you" from you for posting this photo of Charlie Hunnam


it would had been wrong not to post it :)

and thanks to Charlie for building that wonderful body :)

and girls, if your boyfriends tell you "ewww, you gained 3kg, you need to lose weight asap", you can show him that picture and say "do you look like Hunnam? No? then eeeewwwwww, you need to lose weight asap"


I love his beard

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The man I thought I loved

had left the country



he immigrated to Canada and told me the date when he leaves

apparently I could not care less, if I forgot about that

and it feels gooooooooooood


like come on, year ago I would had desperately trying to make him stay in Estonia

and now I forgot about that day

it is good to know, that I got over that illness

it is about time:)

hello, brave men of Finland and Estonia

I am ready to bring some light to your life (mixed with emotion explosion once a month:)))


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

If Blues leaves the League

I will leave the country


I came for love, money and hockey

found no love

got no money

and the last thing keeping me here is Espoo Blues, who have serious financial troubles and there is a possibility that they will file for bankruptcy and leave Liiga

and if I have nothing to keep me here, then why to stay


Monday, November 23, 2015

I know something about you

that you lied about to me:)

apparently not only boys lie to me, but girls as well

but I understand that you wanted to look a better person than you are


and I will continue pretending that I don't know what you did

but I do know


I feel like cheating on Rise Against

I love Emil Bulls now

love love loooove them


not toniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight Josephiiiiiiiiiiine

my heeeeeart belongs to anooooother

I knooow what I want and it's not yoooooooou

for some reason I love the word "pandemonium" in that song:)

pandemooooooooooooooooooooonium :)

or this masterpiece Man or mouse:

or this super party song Pants down


they have a loooooooooooooooot of good songs and I remember the first song I had heard from them was Angel delivery

and let's not count how many years ago was that:)))

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

And I just wanna

put my head into his shoulder and stay like that forever, feeling safe and happy

eeeeevery single time I see him at work :)

and he is weird

like super weird

and I don's seem to mind that

it is sad, that Finnish men are so passive, because I am pretty sure he likes me too

if only I knew is he married, or dating somebody

and then I remember, that if I start doing the first steps it will end like it always does : with my broken heart and inability to trust people

therefore I keep telling myself: he is just not that into me


Monday, November 16, 2015

Don't trust the bus stop lady

almost every morning I see an old lady on the bus stop next to my building

the buses in the morning are a rare phenomenon here, therefore the first time I saw here I though, oh, good, the bus is coming soon and my lazy ass always prefers taking one short ride over walking for 6 minutes to metro :)

so I waited with her

and waited

then realized my metro train already left

and I was still waiting with that bus stop lady :)

I left while she was still standing there

I still see her almost every morning

sometimes the bus comes right away, most of the times it does not

but she is always there

creating illusion of soon coming bus


and now the conclusion: the person showing you the way is not always right

the person can be just standing there for no obvious reason

or the person can have all the time in the world to stand there

it is extremely stupid to trust somebody

everybody has different reasons for doing the same thing as you

you can always chose the easy way (you see the lady, you expect a bus)

and for some of you it may work (you are not late and can wait the shit of time until the bus comes)

but you should not depend on other people to make a decision you need to make

and I am not talking about buses anymore:)

Emil Bulls

I kinda love Emil Bulls now




looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove them


I knew long time about them, but for me they were okaaay band

now I am listening to their whole discography and I genuinely love it :)

The most evil spell is a wonderful song, that can be played as a jumping-screaming song and dancing in the lingerie song

same song, two opposites :)


I know it is extremely hard to imagine, but I feel perfectly fine being in that sort of crowd :) I actually love doing that :) even though I may look like a lady :) I still have that beast in me:)

and here is the slow dancing version of the same song:

perfect for the night:)


I want to see them live now

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Yeti stole 4 hours of my life

I have no other explanation

I came home, started eating, woke up 4 hours later in my bed

I do not remember how I got there

and when I stopped eating :)

the only explanation is yeti from another dimension came here and stole me and then erased all memory

but maybe I am getting my brain problems back


couple weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night not remembering half of the work day, but I had fever that time, so at least it had some explanation

was hard to restore any kind of memories of that day

I remembered morning perfectly fine, but then the temperature went up and my brain went on low mode functioning

I guess it is how drunk people feel

I remember certain pictures, but not the whole action:)

was ladies man holding a door for me?

we don't even work together in the same room, where was that door?

and other questions

one thing I love about my brain, is that no matter how bad and tired I feel I always wake up to eat something


I am pretty sure yeti is hunting me down

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The redneck in me

is still doing perfectly fine :)

I am not sure where did I get that love for country from :)

but I don't mind

I love country

makes me smile :)

simple things are the most important and country people know that

the voice of next country man I love more than I would like to admit :)

meet Kane Brown

his look does not match his voice aaaaat all

the beginning of that song gives me chills


but his voice would sound better on somebody like super manly hottie Dierks Bentley

I think I like country mainly because the men still sing about manly things :)

I would definitely feel safe with somebody, who can say:
Lay your pretty head down on my shoulder
You don’t have to worry anymore
This old world is cold and getting colder
And I know how to lock and bolt the door
I’m strong enough to hold you through the winter
who can say it and mean it :)

Monday, November 9, 2015

I am not a smart girl

that is what I thought, when reading programming book I saw a chart with the description of keys




I feel super dumb

but I never knew the whole name of Alt key

I was sure it was the proper name

Alt and nothing more



Alt is a short form of Alternate :)



it makes sense now:)

She looks so...polished

but that is what you get when you become famous

my ti-ri-ri girl (aka Rachel Platten, some people think it is not ti ri ri, but rather de dee de, which is not good) looks peeeerfect and polished and... boring

I would had recognize her without sound

hopefully she won't use autotune any time soon

here is the new video:

like come ooon, Carrie Underwood much?


for me Platten will always be ti-ri-ri girl :)

she looks so happy, so alive :)

Thursday, November 5, 2015


when I am drawing at work I am usually listening to HDRN (Hard Drivin' Radio)

last time I caught Nonpoint song that I used to love, but then suddenly forgot about it

sometimes that happens


Nonpoint - That day

And if memory serves me right,
You were serving up nothing but a plate of lies.

And it was covered in flies,
Rotten from the inside out,
Excuse my words as I put it in my mouth!
awesome song :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Are you leaving the sinking ship?

repairing our ship will be much easier

and productive

I am talking about Espoo Blues now

Malmivaara (amazing defenseman), Kantola (I looooved looking at his play, was our forward), Tikkinen (another amazing forward) and now Liivik left as well


I had mental breakdown when my CRAPtain Rick Nash left our sinking Columbus team

he kinda left me wondering "does the team mean nothing to you, if you leave it in the hardest, darkest time?"


apparently hockey is not a sport anymore

but a job

and who pays you more, gets you

Liivik was our "A" badge man

left to our enemy team (we play in the neighbour cities)



he played there years ago, but then joined our team (we probably paid him more)

now he is going back to his team

they probably offered him more

money and fame whore?

and the longer I watch hockey

the more I understand that with good money you can have any player in the world

hockey is business

no dignity there

remember the ugly escape from Ottawa?


who was there for yeeeeeeeeeeeeeears

the symbol of Senators

left his last season

because "he wanted a chance to win Stanley Cup"

leaving his own team

I do not understand that

nor do I intend to learn the names and the positions of the players anymore

from now my knowledge is "The Goaltender, The Captain, The Cutie pie"

I'm loyal to the team

but not to players

to those who left: good luck in your new teams!

to those who stayed: we are going to play better each game

and those who made evil jokes about us, will be wearing out scarf soon


Tää on Espoo

and we had amazing game yesterday

and we are going to have them even more now

less penalty minutes now for sure


Monday, November 2, 2015

The official explanation why autumn this year is so warm

because refugees breath so much

they exhale warm CO2


that is the only logical explanation

I do not think, that +10 when it is already November is an okay temperature

where is the snow

where is the cold

warm bodies of immigrants melted it


not racist remark at all

is not it?