Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Delicate subject of racism

should not be so delicate at all


if I do not like black people living in my country that does not mean I am racist, that means I just don't like the fact that black people are living in my country, they can live happily in some other country, just not mine

I do not want to kill them

I just don't like them on my land

it is not that disastrous

it is a matter of personal opinion

and that is my opinion

we should not take in refugees and then rearrange our lives to fulfil their demands and needs

I think it is wrong, that you put refugees in the school building and then tell girls to wear more clothes not to provoke the refugees men


you literally put your own people in danger situation to look nice to world community

I do not understand that

people are not equal

you should always pick the needs of your own nation before you start choosing the other people

you should always protect your own people

but nooooooo

just to look all that good and fluffy you take a lot of refugees and then cut one third of vacation money from working people, because you no longer have money to support everything



it seems to me your people are like Russians

they start slow, but then explode into something bad

and listen carefully now, if you continue your politics, you will face the rage of your own people

I am sure about that

because you forget, whose land it is

not theirs

Monday, September 28, 2015

Down syndrome

Dear people with down syndrome

I owe an apology to you: I am sincerely sorry

I used to think that all people with down syndrome know...typical down people, who can't talk properly, walk properly or do anything besides smiling

the image you get from television


couple of weeks ago we were working in the city and two men with down syndrome came to me asking what am I measuring

I guess my face could had been the perfect picture for describing "jaw dropping expression"

because they looked like people with down syndrome (you can do nothing with that, those are physical symptoms like slanted eyes and flat nasal bridge) and had that specific walk

but the fact, that they knew that I am not taking pictures, but rather measuring for me was surprising

and what was more surprising is the way they talked

not every Finn pronounce the words as clear and right as those two men did

if you close your eyes you would not even think, that those men have down syndrome

they were wearing working clothes too and seemed like they were working in the park doing the gardening work

I was shocked and embarrassed of what I had thought before

it is true, though, that most of them are, indeed, too mentally challenged to fit into society, but not every one of them

I googled it and found a lot of people with the down syndrome who are smarter than me and they could had been really successful if they looked like ordinary people without those physical symptoms

I imagine how hard is it for them

to be the outsiders of the group of outsiders

due to their illness they belong to the group of people with down syndrome, but they are too smart to belong there and not looking healthy enough to be a part of the group of ordinary people

they don't belong to any group

like I prefer to keep distant from people with diabetes who are obsessed with their health and measuring their glucose level every 2 hours

we should make a group for outsiders of outsiders

but once again: not every person with the down syndrome is a typical down person, and I apologize for thinking that way before

I am sorry

I was wrong

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

is baaaaaaaaaaack


and it is GOOOOOOOD

much better than the start of previous season

the third one reminds of the first one

weird jokes:)

I love it

love it

love it

love it

I love Mondays again, because I am watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Z-Nation on Mondays :)

I don't need much:)

Friday, September 25, 2015

I still think he is hotter than his brother

muuuuch hotter:)

I'm talking about Prince Harry obviously:)

he looks like a man, who can do everything with his hands while William looks like a man, who will hire somebody to do that :)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

One Direction is not thaaaaaaaaaaat bad

don't get me wrong

they are bad

like baaaaaaaaaaad

bad music

bad voices

but with the right voices and the right music you can make a tasteful candy out of their song:)

I am talking about Drag me down now

here is the plain boring original:

and here is the candy song:

same words

same singing style

but sounds sooooooooooooooooooo much better with the right music and voice intonations


the only word in the song that cuts the hearing is "baby"

it sounds way too fake

but One last night song is gooooooooooooooooooooood, even though its original is One Direction

aaall my life

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Pyramid of greatness

Swanson Pyramid of greatness


Swanson is aaaaweeeeesoooooome

open this picture in full size and have a lot of laughing and a lot of thinking

I do not understand concept of running

I do not like running

I gave up on it couple of years ago, if you are with me for a long time here now, you probably remember my attempts to become a runner

I do not understand why people run

running is for the weak ones!


I said it


there is only two real reasons for running: when you are running away and when you are chasing somebody or something

running away from something should not be morally allowed at all

running away from problems as well

running away from killer is not an exception, you will only die tired and unable to defend yourself because you are so tired

you have the brain and you have the strength

you don't have to be super strong to protect yourself, just watch those self defence videos, learn basic tricks and do not be scared to use them

running away may save your life, but it will just mean, that you are trading your own life for somebody else's life

he won't kill you

he will kill the next girl

and you could had stopped them

I know it is easy to discuss that when adrenalin is not running in your veins and you are not standing in front of a dangerous person

but I am one of those ones who are not afraid to die:)

running for something or somebody does not require you training your running skills

almost everybody (except for people who are physically not capable of running) can sprint

run fast for a short period of time

if you need to run longer than you are able to sprint, then it is your fault of not foreseeing the possible course of events

I run to metro when I am late

that is almost every morning:)

it is my fault of not planning my time right and I pay for it sprinting for 10-20 seconds and that is enough

I do not take running as a serious sport

you don't need to play in team, you don't need to have any skill whatsoever

all you have to do is move your legs and arms in one certain way

that's not sport

that's physical activity for lazy people

but not a real sport

when somebody says that "I run every day"

all I can think about "But...whyyyyyyy?"

it is not super healthy as well

just look at all of those problems the runners have after finishing their "careers"

stop running!

start fighting :)

Monday, September 21, 2015

Do not talk about your problems

it will be used against you

you think you have a close friend

you tell something that bothers you hoping for some support

you get it

but then everything you said will be used against you

it always does:)

therefore, a wise words from me, use it like an advice: do not tell anybody about your problems

unless it is your psychologist


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Never wrong

self copycats are still making the same music with same awesome songs

here is my favourite from Immortalized

Never Wrong


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Why do you create idols?

I had noticed that almost everybody has some sort of idol to worship

I would not same "a role model", but rather somebody who is more successful than you

which is weird for me

you basically admit you are not good enough to be yourself and need somebody to hold on to

all those "he has better job, more money, hotter look, better style" talks

don't get me wrong

it is good, when person has goals and tries to achieve them

but it is weird, when you have goals of some other person and try to achieve them, just because you find that person being a better man than you are

I am sorry, but I won't be unsatisfied with my life just because some other is doing better than me

my life sucks, but it is my life and I don't need some idol to make it better

my role models are my family members

and if you know us personally, well, we are a pack of weird people, but we are a pack of weird people without the need to prove we are the best to every single person on planet Earth

we are awesome in our opinion and that is enough:)

and if you are still looking up from the depths of your miserable life to reach for the life of some pop star or any other man, well, honey, you will always be down there trying to get out and when you do, that is when the drugs come to your life, because you were living the life that was never yours and you reached the goals, that were never yours

do not create idols

you are too good for that!

People never change

I always tend to forget about it

and step in the same shit all over again


there is some special type of men, who find a way to belittle you no matter how good you are

and if before it drove me mad and sad at the same time, now it is something like: oh, you did not change at all, despite all you had said, still same good looking shit man


I am too awesome for that

and I am too confident for that now:)

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lesbian zombie strippers

yeeeeeah, biatches

Z-nation is finally baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack


the most trashiest series about zombie you will ever see

the most interesting series about zombie you will ever see

and I am pretty sure it is the best

much better than Walking dead :)

I laugh eeeeevery episode

the first episode was trashed by lesbian zombie strippers and zombie the hats carrier:)))

I expect to see more gems like it was in the first season: zombie tsunami (aka zunami), zombie bear, zombie tornado, oversized zombie soldier, nuclear war, zombie toddlers

why would not you love this show?


Murphy and Doc are aaaweeeeesoooooooome :)

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Charlie Hunnam

no comments needed


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Bear Mode

I'm sleeping all the time again


I wake up with one phone in my hand not remembering how I switched the alarm clock off and only the second phone saves me from being way too late to work

I sleep in metro

in buses

I come home, eat and fall asleep again

I wake up when my mother calls, stay awake for couple of hours, eat and fall asleep again

and it is nooooooot eeeenoooooooough

I feel like a bear, whose time to sleep comes soon


I used to sleep 4 hours a day and that was more than enough

I guess it is payback


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I love this kind of jokes


Bring me the horizon

I looooooooooooooove their last album That's The Spirit

I like every song on that CD and loved couple of them and must I say that is pretty good result for such a picky bitch that I am


I loooove the first song on the album


but apparently it is still not on youtube :)

it has that sexual tension with strong emotion vibe

That's the spirit does sound a bit like some emo boys CD, but in a good way with much better music:)

Overpriced things every girl should have

I am not talking about expensive bags now, but smaller useful things with unreasonable prices on them

like beautyblender

best make up sponge EVAAAAR


that little sponge costs around 20 eur, but it is worth every cent

applying foundation is so much easier, than using fingers or brushes

will save you lots of nerves :)

it is literally, like photoshop if you have right foundation:)

I also tried Real Techniques sponge, because I looooooove their brushes

it is almost as good as beautyblender and costs a little bit less (around 13-15), but I don't like the flat edge and I never use it

another thing boys will never accept when they see the price is Invisibobble


the little pack of three hair rings cost 5-7 eur :)

I have two different packs of Invisibobble and one wannabe, that cost 1 eur and must I say, they look the same, but the cheap one had already lost its structure and to get it back you need to boil it in a hot water, but who the hell have time for doing that, if you can buy the original ones and forget about extra stuff


I use it every evening before going to sleep to keep my wet hair off the face, while applying moisturiser

and it keeps it so soft yet tight enough and it does not tear your hair off, when you take it off

I have the usual hair ring on my hand all the time, it is like a bracelet with the function of holding your hair, I use it at work, when I need to keep my hair off the face and I am a little bit sad each time I see how many hair did it take off with the ring. I do not take the invisibobble, because for my taste it is too big to be on the hand all the time, but I had seen plenty of girls keeping them as useful bracelet, but it is the matter of taste

anyways, if I use it every single evening, it must be useful and worth those 5 eur:)

but when you look at the prices you understand, that 85% of that you are paying for the brand

but then again

if the similar cheap alternatives are worse than the originals, then it may mean that you are paying not for the brand, but for the quality too


Monday, September 7, 2015

Surprisingly good TV show

I do not like movies where there are way too many soldiers having their battles

but I love the end of the world "WE ALL GONNA DIE!!!" kind of series:)

so I decided to give it a try to The Last Ship



it is hard to describe the plot, because it is one of those rare series, where a looooot of things happen in one episode

the first season was mostly about the virus

the second one mostly about the new reality

monkey hunt, burning people, battleship wars, submarine vs Nathan James battle, killing tons of people, having one super evil and couple of super messed up

eeeevery episode is about something so unrealistic, that you start to think, that maybe it is, indeed, possible:)

acting is bad

it is

and since it is army movie, there is way too much "America gonna save the world", but it doesn't not bother me

unless they kill Tex

don't kill Tex!!!


he is such a 100% badass in a good way

with a super sweet side:)

like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

that's the real man:)

tough and nice at the same time:)

the way he kissed her, like, cooooome ooooon :)

but it seems to me, that the writers gonna kill Tex and set Rachel with that oh so 'Murican Captain Chandler:(

yesterday the last episode of season 2 aired and I am a little bit scared watching it, because I don't want to see any of them die

to sum up: boys will have a loooooooooooooot of action to watch (wars, battles, government falls, betrayal etc etc), girls will have a loooooooooot of things to smile and maybe cry about :)

Tex may seem like a badass, but he has feelings:)

The hardest thing about goodbye is...all the stuff you didn't say

I think you underestimate people's capacity for forgiveness, or maybe you just find it too hard to forgive yourself

You make me wanna love again

Chandler: Revenge is best served cold.
Tex: Let's eat.

Let's eat, my friends!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sleeping kingdom

I do not understand how that happened

but the day autumn started was the day cold weather came


I guess it was a big pressure on bodies and people here are all in sloth mode now

if you know me personally, you know, that I am suuuuuuuuper sloooooooooow in the mornings :)

eating breakfast takes me at least an hour:)

well now waking up takes me another 15 minutes :)

it feels like if I just closed my eyes and the next second it is 5 AM already

for the past three days I am sleeping all the time

I come after work, eat, read newspapers and at 6PM going to bed and sleep for another 3 hours waking up at 9PM only because I need to eat again:)

in metro it is sleeping kingdom as well now

usually people read Metro newspaper and surfing the web, but this week it is mostly bunch of people with closed eyes trying to get a little bit more sleep

I have no idea, how all those refugees will survive our winter :)

do they even know how cold can it be here?

run away back to your country, you will freeze to death here, because you had no transition period and from your eternal summer (that you are always so proud of) you will come straight to our cold heartless weather that only northern people can truly appreciate and respect


you know

The winter is coming


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Numbers I will never dial

almost every day somebody wants to introduce himself to me

and that somebody is always black or brown

when he looks too aggressive or pushes too hard I say like it is: I'm sorry, I am racist (if I get killed, take dna samples from those men and make a huge tv show about it, like, YOU ARE NOT THE KILLER!!!:)))

I am kinda tired to explain time after time here that I do not consider myself being racist, but if it is easier for you to think that way, that is perfectly fine by me

when a man is being nice and polite I say to him: "I'm sorry, I'm not interested in dating right now", I don't add I'm not interested in dating black Muslim people, so I am trying to be nice, I do not think that kind of answer "I'm sorry, I'm not interested in dating" is rude, therefore I use it

when the other person does not accept that answer and says "Not a date, just a friendly meeting" and asks me out for a coffee and my number I am doing my best being nice and I usually say "I'm sorry, I can't give you my number" and I always have theirs. They are standing and watching me saving their numbers in my phone. I save it and I say "I will think about it, and maybe I will call you someday"

so now I have a bunch of numbers in my phone of the men I will never call

Mike and Rafael and Michel (I was always sure that is a female name, but apparently it is not) and so on

once a month I delete them

maybe I will regret it later


as for the Finnish men, they only smile

that is the maximum I can get from sober Finns

but when they are drunk, they start talking

today some drunk Finnish man made me a compliment : You look soooo gooood


it is nice to hear any time, even from a drunk man

but I am going to die alone here, since I don't drink alcohol and can't be a part of that drunk society

which is saaaad

but at least I look good


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My guilty pleasure

shows with DNA test results


I love how they sit there being not sure who the father is

those kind of shows bring the worst out of every girl

we are judging people we don't know only because there is a chance, that he is not the real father

and I love that feeling, not knowing too and being a little bit too excited, when dna test results are opened


sometimes I watch it with family and we are betting on who is the real father

it is definitely not a right thing to do

and it is definitely disrespectful to those poor girls trying to prove they were honest

even if they know they were cheating on husbands:)

that's like the vanity fair

or childish behaviour

"I will pretend it is not real and it will become not real"

they look so surprised when the result come in and the husband is not the real father


whyyyyyyy are you surprised after all, forgot how you cheated with your friend?

and indeed they may forget it, because they decide to forget it:)

like kids

or like I do hiding under the blanket when I see some oversized bug flying in my room thinking "if I don't see it, it may be gone"



I love those shows:))

Black opium

since the summer is finally over I am swimming not only in the rain, but in Black opium again

I'm sorry super lovely Lily of the valley, but your time is over

Black opium is back, biiiiatches


it is everywhere now

on my clothes, on my hair, on my bed, but mostly on my hands

I use it in the industrial scale

the smell of it probably appear before I enter the room

I missed it sooooooooo muuuuuuch

so if you know me in person, I am sincerely sorry, that I use it so much now, but just give me a little time to fully enjoy it :)

I need to buy new bottle:)

I have one here (almost finished it) and one in Estonia and my niece told me, that each time she smells it for her the scent changes everytime and she is still not sure whether she likes it or not, but she was always into sweet scents, while black opium is definitely not sweet:)

that is what every fragrance should do, be interesting:)

I am sleeping in black opium only

because why the hell not

I love it so much:)

still not a big fan of the bottle design, though

Happy New Autumn!!!


the evil season (aka summer) is oooooveeeeeeeeer

hello wonderful days of colored leaves and autumn rain

I looooooooooove when it is raining

what not to love?

it is like swimming for lazy people

you are technically in the water and you are moving (when you are walking under the rain)

it is like perfect solution, when you want to swim, but too lazy to go to the beach


if somebody asks you "what are your hobbies?" you can answer: "swimming....IN THE RAIN!!!!! because swimming in the water is too mainstream"


I can guarantee, they will instantly hate you:)

I still don't understand why people hide under umbrellas when it rains

you are swimming and having mother nature massage at the same time

never gonna understand that

and I am that person, who can walk out with straight hair and come back with curly, because humidity is not a good friend to my hair:) and even that can't change my mind: walking under the rain is aaaweeeesoooooome

and waking up when it is raining is amazing

especially when you don't need to go anywhere, just turn on the lights, grab a book, make a cup of tea and enjoy the sound of the rain

I feel sad for people who live in places with no season change

we have all 4 of them and we enjoy it!

Happy new autumn!!!!