Thursday, July 30, 2015

Waiting in the line

that is such a weird thing

I have a new laptop and since it is new, I got free Windows 10 update

but it feels like a horror movie

because I am apparently in the waiting list, like many thousands of you:)

some of you already got it, most of you are having that little icon in tray saying Notify me when ready

it is like if we are standing in the line waiting for some product

virtual waiting line:)

and I believe there are maaaaany people here waiting and does not it scare the shit out of you of how easy you can be manipulated?

agree to download something without knowing what it actually is

I believe, that one day it may turn into something from Kingsman plot

and we will all turn into brainless zombies

oh, wait

we already are

Oomph is still singing

like waaaaaat

that is probably the only German band that I like

but I was sure they are no longer performing

it is like the season of comebacks of the bands I listened to when I was younger


I could not find any new song on youtube

and I won't admit how I got the album

but it is an okay album

nothing disastrous

nothing genius


and that is good sometimes

as for those people who, like I, still don't know German, here is one of the old songs you will be singing despite the absence of language skill


gott ist eeeeein popstaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar

if you happen to be religious person (first of all, what are you doing here???) I should mention, that I had read the English lyrics, and that song will not hurt your religious feelings, it is not devil worship song

on the contrary


but I still like it a lot

gott ist ein popstaaaaaaaaar

Tilting at windmills

no matter what I do

never gonna be enough


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sick Puppies

they really have a disturbing band name


this post is not about sick dogs

it is about a band, that have some great songs and one of them I want to share with you

In it for life

Helix and the Strain

are probably two most disappointing second seasons of the shows

Helix started great, but then it was the same thing all over again

I never watched it til the end

it is buried down in the depths of my SD card

the second season of the strain started, well, boring as hell:)

I am still watching the first episode

I could not watch it for longer than 10 minutes

the same crap oooover and ooooover again

I read the books and I know how it ends, so I am thinking is there any point of wasting my time, hoping it will get the beauty of the first season

did they change script writers of directors?

someday I will watch it

hopefully it won't happen the same like it was with Lost and Prison Break



I like those shows a looooooooooot, but on the last seasons of both shows it was like the writers tried too had and got too little

I probably need to watch them again:)

but knowing that Michael Scofield (aka Wentworth Miller, that man taught every girl how to spell his name - Wentworth) is gay will ruin the "OMG he is soooooo hooooooot, I want him" moment


what happened in Lost?

I lost it after they got back to the big land

you just need to know when to stop the series

not to make it too long (Lost) or too short (Backstrom)

was there even a real plane crush?

'gone looking for the Lost

and silently crying deep down inside "he is gaaaaaaaaay, men are so lucky to have that cutie pie in their team"

Monday, July 27, 2015

Ron Swanson is awesome human being


fictional human being :)

I tried watching Parks and Recreation years ago

watched couple of episodes, did not understand why people like it so much and stopped watching

a week ago I was looking for some series, that I can watch in the morning, before going to work

people still like Parks a looooot, so I read the comments and the most important one was "live through the first season and the second season will make you laugh a lot"

it is good that there is only six episodes in the first season

and after watching them I started the second one and must I say: I was tired of smiling and laughing aaaaaall the tiiiiiime


those people are like walking books of funny quotes :)

if you need a good laugh watch the first season using fast forward from time to time and enjoy watching the other seasons

it is a reeeeally good comedy show


and there is Chris Pratt


I want to live one day in Muslim family

just to know where is that breaking point, when from normal happy kids they become covered silent people

I see a lot of little Muslim kids and they look very happy, running and playing freely with other kids

but then at the age of 11-13 (I guess) they get inside that hijab and they don't interact with other kids so much

like if in one day they suddenly become old people

I want to see how do Islamic people raise their kids

what do they tell them, if kids agree to wear hijab even after turning 18

do they threaten them with death?

but how would you tell your daughter that you will kill her?

I am pretty sure they don't do that

but what arguments do they use, if kids give away their happy free childhood?

I have no idea

but at least they had their freedom when they were kids

no wonder there are so many Islamic terrorists

I suppose they just want to die to become free again

when I see a white Finnish women in hijab next to her Muslim husband I always remember Lilyhammer tv-show:
Hey, towelhead, listen, you might wrap your women like mummies back in Taliban country, but here we treat our broads with respect. Comprende?
but then again, it was her choice to change religion

I do not understand that

but I have to accept that

while making the same face Frankie boy did


Sunday, July 26, 2015

They are still singing

and they had not even made a break

started in 1994 they never made a long break

I guess they had not made anything great, if I had not heard from them in a while


and their new song Thank You

had you ever noticed, that you understand right away, when you hear somebody speaking, that that person is black?

they have something in their voice, that make them stand out

is it the way they pronounce words? is it the timbre of their voices?

I don't know

but when I first started listening to Sevendust I lived in the era of really slow internet:) so I had not had any picture of Sevendust

imagine my surprise, when I first saw on TV that the vocalist is black :)

he does not sound like a black person aaaaat aaaaaaall

my favourite song from them is Face to face

but like, come oooon, he sounds like an ordinary white man

mystery man

I love 9gag

a lot :)


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Charlie Hunnam

I am so glad he dumped Fifty shades of Grey movie


being King Arthur is much better :)

hot hot hot


Indian rock


how about that :)

I like that song a lot, but video for European person is way too funny

and I am sorry for that, I laughed way too loud when I first saw the video (it is good, that I found the song before I watched the video)

all those over the top emotions are just too fake for us, but I do understand it is a part of Indian culture and laughing was not a good behavior

the song is awesome, though


just don't laugh, I know it is hard, so just close your eyes and enjoy the song


here, better listen without video and sing along

I never learned Hindi, but thanks to that song I now know at least two words: Sadda haq

if some hindi speaking person visits my world, would you be so nice and tell me is it saadda or sadda, because in the video you see signs with saadda haq, but the song, taken from official channel, is named sadda haq

Indian rock

there are so many rock cultures still unknown to me:)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

You drive me...


and don't lie that you don't know the lyrics of this song:)

I'm into old Spice Girls and Britney songs lately:)

Flowers do not like me

I have a scratch on my hand that is deeper than the scratches my not so friendly, but still super awesome, cat gives me

I got it from some flower


wild rose or something like that

we were measuring pipes and I showed it next to the house and there were some bushes and flowers and I had not really checked what was there, because, like come on, it is a big city, it is a civil house, what can possibly go wrong


I guess the house owner is an evil person, because when I was going through that green monster I felt something on my hand and that something was some sort of sting stuck in my hand after making a 3cm long cut :) and it is deep

and it hurt

so who would put that evil thing under their own windows on free will?

only super evil people most likely with no kids

I was even bleeeeeeeeding

which is not good, when you climb in dirt and dust:)

I suppose my cat will give me a questionable look tomorrow asking "and who gave you that scratch? that's not mine!"


eeeeevil flower

I should get one

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Emil Bulls

I usually don't listen to this kind of music

but I liked Emil Bulls when they were, lets say, nu-metal

and now I like then even more

the band, that grew better, when they became harder :)

it would be fun to be in that crowd :)

and most of the band members are pretty handsome men too

Are you Russian?

or do you just speak Russian

here is a little test for you

listen to this song:

now if you had not smiled at least once, then you are not Russian, you just speak Russian language


it does not matter how old you are, how rich you are, how educated you are, I can guarantee you will smile at least once, so adorably stupid that song is:)

I am always smiling when I am watching this video


no matter is it the first time or the 37th

bromance at its finest :)

the YouTube channel owner made the second part of The Hug

but the song is just not so catchy (sorry, Philip Phillips)

still the hugs are the best :)

how can you possibly not smile like an idiot when you watch those two?


that is soooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeet

I am a merciful god and a mass murderer

I hate summer

I hate it , hate it, hate it

everything that can crawl and fly, crawls and flies

today when I get back to the place I refuse to call home, I noticed, that there were plenty of those little harmless flies in my room

I don't know where did they come from, but the allowed number of drosophila in my room is three

if there are more than three the chemical war begins

I counted 9 flies


they are super tiny, but still

I guess I should not leave the kiwi, I had not eaten in the morning, in my room


since the flies are so super tiny, the regular poisons for insects are pretty much useless

so I went to the shop and got fly strips

I have a recommendation for you: DO NOT BUY FLY STRIPS

first of all, the smell baaaaaad, reeeeeeeeeally baaaaaaaaaad (that indicates, that I am not a fly, woooohooooo)

then they are obviously sticky

super sticky

so super sticky, that even opening the strip and trying to hang it somewhere will leave your hands, your clothes and all the nearby surfaces super sticky too

I do not have hangers to hang that long stripe, so I had to tape it on the duct tape


should I say, that I spend lovely 10 minutes in the bathroom desperately trying to wash that sticky crap off my hands

soap did not help with that

had to use Vanish :)

anyways, when I returned from killing the skin on my hands with liquid stain remover I saw all of the flies casually chilling everywhere

the fly strip was one of the few surfaces there were non if them


I got really angry, so I started phase two

which is Baygon

it is for flying insects, but if you use it alone, it is pretty much useless

but if you take the paper towels, the fun part of mass murder begins:)

that spray does not instantly kill drosophila, but it slows them down and they can barely fly or even move

being the impulsive russian who I am, I spend probably half of the bottle and if usually poisons smell bad, that thing actually smelled like some air freshener

while planning the murders, I played my I am a merciful god card and opened the window, trying to set them free, I do not know what the hell is wrong with me and why I am talking to the insects all the time, but I said to them "You have three seconds to leave the room and then the blood party begins"

you see, I do not hate drosophila, they look appropriately good, not too annoying, they don't make sounds and as much as I know, do not carry some deadly viruses

so killing them for me was kinda wrong thing to do

so I tried to save some of them

and some of them flew away

the rest got into Baygon hell in a paper towel coffin

I had one collateral damage victim which was one regular fly, but you can not survive in the blood bathe

aaaand, since I am talking to insects, I asked for a forgiveness from it, before killing it

as for now, after six hours, I had not seen anything flying

sometimes I think, that I have bad eyesight only because my brain just does not wanna see insects in high definition :)

I hate summers

and insects

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I wanna have his babies

that simple it is


obviously he is married :)

aaaaall gooooood maaaaaaaan aaaaaaaare married

but well

Dan for me, is like Kate Upton for you


but hey

prince Harry is still available :)

I am a reverse bear

bears sleep in winter time

Jana sleeps in summer time:)

I spend so much energy on not letting my body to overheat,that I am in the sloth mode the second my working day ends:)

I can't sleep at night because of the same "i'm too hot" problem, therefore my sleeping time is now at 6 PM :)

it is kinda sad to hear "there will be no summer in Finland this season", because the freaking summer IS here

especially, when you are in the pipe kingdom

there is no wind, no shadows and sometimes  even the sand is already too hot

not to mention working clothes and boots, thaaaaat is like built-in sauna on your body:)

therefore, stop complaining that there is no summer in Finland, I can show you the hell of summer if you ask me to

Monday, July 20, 2015

If you are a girl, you know the lyrics of this song


I am 100% sure

so sing along

I woke up with this song today

had not heard it in awhile

but somehow remembered:)

New roommate

I have new roomie

Estonian cutie pie

realized I have a problem with talking to him

mostly because I have to constantly think what language do I use now, is it Estonian or Finnish:)

ignoring the least important languages I have 4 languages in my head at the same time

and when I am talking to Estonian I think in Russian and English (still don't know why I am thinking in English, but probably because of the non stop music in my head), and talk in Estonian, carefully choosing words, because some Estonian words are already replaced with their Finnish analogues, just because I use Finnish more often than Estonian language

I guess the headaches are coming from that:)

when your brain is not on one language wave it may tear apart the wholeness of its sanity

new roomie is cute, but you don't eat, where you shit, don't ya?



whyyyyyyyyyyyy would you do that


if you had not understand from the car, that is the new Ghostbusters




I expected much more and I do think the female cast was a bad idea

some things should not change under influence

and maybe it is a way to show women emancipation, but like, coooooome ooooooon, when I call the ghostbusters I wanna see men, not women, no matter how strong they are (and based on that picture, they are not in very good physical condition)

Who you gonna call??????


one of my favourite movies, both parts


this scene always makes me laugh


We Came, We Saw, We Kicked Its Ass!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

They hypnotize me

I do not like eating

the only things I can eat all the time in all of their varieties are potato and cucumbers

I am a simple girl:)

when they invent a pill, that you can take in the morning and forget about eating for the rest of the day, I will be the first one to test that:)

I do not like the process of eating

I just don't

but I kinda like cooking

sometimes I cook, even though I know, that I will have to throw 80% of it away, because I just don't want to eat so much

can you cook in smaller sizes?

of course you caaaaaan



try making a cup of soup for one person (I am spoiled little brat, I rarely eat something that was cooked yesterday)

since I am a winter person, I decided to cook something with the winter mood

here it is:

The Evil Snowman


it tastes sooooooo goooooooooood

but I barely ate one of the snowballs

here is a recipe:

boiled rice - mayonnaise - some fish (I obviously skipped that layer) - mayonnaise - pickles (the salty ones, not the sweet shit, that the sell, and cut them into tiny cubes) - mayonnaise - grated boiled carrots - mayonnaise - grated cheese - guess, what? mayonnaise! and the top layer is grated egg whites

it may sound too heavy, but if you take light mayonnaise and will not put tons of it on each layer, then the salad is nooooot such a fat bomb :)

I won't give you the exact amount of products, because I used as much as it was in the original recipe and that snowman turned out HUGE, so do it according your desires

I do not like eating cold rice, but combined with all of those layers it tasted good

I would like to cook more, but I feel deep guilt, when I throw out the food

but I just can't eat that much

I need somebody to cook for


4 weeks

I will be working with Pure Evil for foooooour whole weeks

without the protection of my guardian Mr Sunshine

that is 20 working days


I hope that after vacation he will be little bit more calm and relaxed

but something tells me there will be tension in the office

and not in a good way


My language wall

I forgot that I bought a new shitty phone, with camera that is still bad, but better than the previous one

here is the picture of my language learning wall that my Russian hockey friend was so surprised about

with all high technology such as post it notes and scotch tape:)

the words have no connection whatsoever

they were taken out of the random books, magazines and newspapers

I update them all the time:)

the orange ones are Finnish

the pink ones are Norwegian (struggle with the pronunciation, that is why even simple words are still on the wall, like Nei - always forget is nai or nei or something else )

the bright yellow ones are Swedish

and the lonely dark yellow is Icelandic:) I have limited amount of study books in Icelandic

there are green ones from time to time, but I have some unexplained hate towards Danish language, therefore I sometimes take them off and throw it away :) sorry, Danish people!

the centre of the wall is reserved for the pipe picture

I had not used any of the words of that picture, because we use slightly different terms and pipe constructions, but I decided to leave it there just to fill the space

should had put some hockey player picture:)

but my "omg, he is soooo hooooot" player choice changes much faster than the words on my wall:)

I had put Finnish words on the right side, because there is a door on that side and when I close it, or open it, I always look at the wall and repeat some words and obviously Finnish language is my priority right now and other ones are just for brain fun


Being grown up

means not being ashamed of the things you like

I bought the book I wanted to buy for a long time

this one

I accidentally saw it in a book store in Estonia

I even froze for a moment and thought "nooooooooooooooo waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay"

I bought it right away

it was translated in Estonian and maybe because of that part of the text missed its cuteness

but it is still such a lovely book

suuuuuuuuuuuuuuch a loooooooovely boooooooooooooook

the illustrations are beyond amazing

I don't know how many times I already read (or looked at the pictures) it

if you feel angry, just open that book and read it

you will feel bad for being mad :)

bad mood eraser

and yes, I am already 29 years old (thanks to everybody who remembered and congratulated, yes, even you, who after many years still thinks my birthday is on July 13th, just because 13 suits my personality better than 10:))))

and I consider myself being grown up, because I am not ashamed to buy children's books for myself, because I like the book

I recommend you buying this Nicholas Oldland "Big Bear Hug" book, because it will lighten up your day

just look at the illustrations more carefully


while I was looking for pictures of the book I found out that there are more books about that bear and his friends

and you know now what I am looking for


like cooomne oooon

don't we all have that kind of friend?

I want all of those books:)

where can I get them?

Saturday, July 18, 2015

I am gonna die alone, but will you dance with me?

since I no longer looking for a man I no longer feel bad wearing short dresses

I used to think that: what will my man think if he sees me in this short dress? that would send wrong message to him


I am no longer looking for a man, because I gave up in finding the brave one who is still single

but that allows me wearing the hell I want

and I like my dresses being short and tight:)

even though my legs are covered in bruises


for the past few weeks I have a strong desire to dance

which is one of the things I still can't do alone

dancing in the room, holding phone with the music in one hand is good

but some dances require man

daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaance with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


need to find a place in Helsinki, when they play this kind of soft jazz music

looking for a newbie, who doesn't know how to  dance, but want to go with the music

The Bee Whisperer

remember I told you, that I am thinking about getting my own bee army?


obviously, I did not do that

but today changed my attitude and I am planning to get one again:)

in the morning the bee fled into my room

I looked at it and thought in English "Get out of here"

and it instantly left the room


I think not!


Jana - The Bee Whisperer!


apparently bees read minds and understand English :)

they look badass

The days like that

make you wanna sleep all day

what I pretty much did yesterday:)

left the work with my old good friend headache

when I entered the room only thing I could do was to fall in bed and never leave it

I woke up only to eat (that is like a programmed thing in me, wake up to eat or you will slip into coma)

I woke up twice

and both of the times the headache was hammering in my head

I had bloody eyes

and looked pale as zombie


I guess 18 hour sleep did its job, because today I feel good

I just want to take out my brain and wash it in the cold water

Thursday, July 16, 2015

I wanna do bad things with you

I wanna do real bad things with you


how can you not like this song?

Jace Everett - Bad Things



here is a new word for you: phantosmia

you can google the scary meaning of that word with the explanation you can barely understand or you can use simple language: phantosmia is a state of mind, when you feel the smells that are not real

my brain continues playing games with me

today I asked the new girl does she feel the strong smell of gasoline from our car

she said Noooooo, do you?


I did

and it hit my nose pretty hard, so I was surprised when she said, that she did not



but on the way home I (being advanced metro user who I am) was reading an article about Olavi Virta and there were pictures of his things and papers and old the old stuff people carry through the life


when I was looking at the picture I felt the smell of old papers

you know, that not so pleasant smell of paper that had been wet and then dried out but the smell of fungi stayed

whaaaat the heeeeeeell

and it was so strong, like if I had carried those papers in my hands

I will continue ignoring the fact, that my brain probably needs some special attention and I will not continue reading scary list of symptoms of brain tumour

I will stay to "I just need to sleep a little bit more"


because I do need to sleep a little bit more

my brain is just a little bit tired :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

There should be age limit in music industry

I sincerely don't understand why the world of alternative music are so excited about Breaking Benjamin come back with the new album

and they loooooove it

and they write supporting comments

and I am just sitting here thinking: weeeeeell, I am a bad person

I think there must be an age limit in music

here is the new Breaking Benjamin that everybody is so excited about:

it is an Okay song...

...for a young depressed boy

but you are already thirty seven (37!!!!!!!) years old and you still (!!!) sing how bad your life is and the whole world in general

I loved this song a lot and I still remember all the words

I agree with "age is just a number" statement

but when you sing about how bad life is in your twenties and then continue singing about how bad it is ten years later what does that show?

that you are a complete failure

that after 10 years you still have the same problems and still had not been able to solve them

and I do not have respect for those kind of people

I just don't

and therefore I do not take them seriously

in addition to that, I truly believe, that punk rock musicians can not be old

for the same reason

when you are 15 and can't play guitar, but you want to be heard, it is supermegaawesome when you make some punk music and sing about teen problems

when you are in your 20-30's you should had learned at least how to play guitar and update your teen problems to a new level

when you are in your 40's-80's and you still sing the same songs about the problems that bothered you when you were young


is not it the sign, that you had spent your complete life singing the same songs without really solving the problems you sung about?

just look at those dead eyes

no emotions whatsoever

just desire to make a little bit more money

which is super weird, since you are a punk rocker

you have to evolve as the time goes by

I love Pennywise

I really do

but I do think, that they got stuck in their teen years

You want me to change but it’s always something
Not gonna live my life your way
You want me to change
You tell me every single day
But I don’t hear a word you say
I'm so sorry, but think for a second

he is...49 years old

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that was the lyrics from their last album made in 2014



I understand that "age is just a number", but when you sing about "not gonna live my life your way" when you are 49 years old



your life is behind the middle point and you still had not figured out how to deal with it?

for me it is no longer free spirit punk music, but rather, "oh, we made a good amount of money from it, maybe we should make some more"

and they look half dead on the stage now as well

like watching a bad art house movie

old men wearing skaters clothes singing about how world does not understand them

for me there is only one bad with super old people who still deserves to be on stage

AC/DC obviously:)

do you feel the energy?

and they don't sing about how government sucks

they sing songs that they can sing for another hundred years without looking miserable and pathetic

because they are not failures and they know what to sing:)

they solve their problems:)

the musical love of my life Rise Against started as punk band

and they still sing old songs (they are not that old yet not to sing them), but they are no longer taken as punk rock, because they have that charming ability that is named "growing up" :)

and in another ten years they will probably be far away from punk

and that is how it should be

you grow up

I love them

They sell berries in liters

some little things are too weird for me in Finland
each time I see people selling berries on the street I still wonder "Whaaaaaat the eeeeeeeeff"

when I first saw it, I did not understand what that meant, because in my Estonian world we sell berries in grams and kilograms

you know

like every normal people would do


for me litre means something liquid

and from the school we know, that only water weights approximately 1kg in 1l (and still there are so many needed criteria, so that probably nobody use it anymore)

all the other substances need to be calculated using their physical properties

when you buy 1kg of strawberries you know exactly how much you will get

you can link one kilogram of strawberries in your head with certain picture in mind

how do they sell it in Finland?

you go to the seller and say "1 litre of strawberries, please"

and they take a measuring cup (similar to the ones you use in your kitchen to know how much flour do you need) and they just fill it with berries

it is pure lottery how much would you get

some sellers put it barely to the top

some way over the top

and nobody asks you what size of berries do you want

they just put it there without looking

it may happen so, that in the beginning you will have one oversized strawberry, that will take all free space and on the top of it you will have a couple more small berries

and that will count as "here is your one litre of strawberries"

that's like nonsense for me

you will never get 1kg in one litre, but they sell it so that you will have a illusion of buying 1 kilogram

therefore I'm buying berries in the shops

where I can actually get them in grams:)

Finnish people are a little bit weird

oh, and I can't find my favorite berry - wild strawberry

do they sell it in Finland?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Pretty Reckless

I love that girl


You need to split them and new identity theory

it feels like a horror movie tactics

when the murderer kills everybody, because they decided to split in order to stay alive

but apparently it works if you are looking for good environment at work:)

today we worked with the bitch team and it went amazing

because there were only two of them and they worked on different sides of the pipe and there were no construction workers near by

and they both were the nicest people ever

I do not understand how is it so

do they, like, feel the need to be mean to us in front of other men to show how macho men they are?

because today the bitch in the bitch team even explained me something I asked from him without rolling his eyes

and was all that polite and lovely

now I am confused, what is the real personality of that man?

is it that nice man who he was today, or is it the man who is the bitch in the bitch team?

and those are complete opposites

but the person is the same

I, myself, noticed multiply times how somebody changes in front of specific crowd

is it the need to impress people?

some social need?

I may understand that, when some young girl tries to impress the man she likes, but what about the male company?

why the hell would you try to prove something to them?

but now I understand why there are so many stories about "he was such a nice man, but after we got married he started beating me, I don't understand what happened"

reality happened


here is my new theory: everybody has multiply identities and it is up to the people you are close to, to chose the one you use today

lets take a theoretical example

Bobby and Kate

Bobby and Kate met at university, he was the kind and caring man, she was the beautiful and happy woman

everything went well and they were happy together and decided to get married

they were oh so happy, until he started getting irritated, that Kate does not clean the house well, Kate started being jealous and was screaming all the time

and then he hit her for the first time

and she decided it was one time thing, nothing serious

it was not

after a year on a university reunion their classmates did not recognize them, because Bobby was an angry man, and Kate was scared and depressed

for their classmates they were completely different people and they were wondering, was Bobby always an abuser and was Kate always such a weak person

the answer is: yes they were

as well as they were happy people before

they just changed their identities, because of the circumstances

it is like with the bitch in the bitch team

when there are plenty of men, he just feels the need to be mean, because it is how his brain reacts

when he is tete-a-tete with me, I bring the other identity out of him

he is the exact same person and both identities are part of him

people never change, it is up to you, whether you will bring the good out of him, or bad

same with the marriage, if you will be able to change slow enough for your partner to stay in touch with it, you will have a good marriage with no big problems

but if you start doing something, that your partner hates to the very depths of his brain (no matter how big or small that thing is), do not be surprised, when you see his other identity

we are all awesome people

but we all have billions of personalities

be strong enough to surround yourself with people, who bring out the good ones of you:)

and run away from the people who turn you into monster, no matter how much you think you love them

and the mentally ill people are the ones, whose identities differ too much not only in emotions, but also in age, gender and so on

Two months!

I love how Finnish people love hockey:)

KHL starts in about 1,5 months and whole city is already in KHL advertisements


I do not watch KHL games, therefore my hockey season starts bit later

in two months:)

only two months!

first game is in September

and you know where you will find me 11.09 :)

Love-hate relationship with fragrance

how can you not buy a fragrance with a comment "it smells like snowflakes and winter"

like what else do I need to buy anything?


mention winter and I'm yours

Salvador DalĂ­ : Eau de Rubylips

I did not like the smell, but I thought maybe it is because I am in the shop and other scents block that winter feeling

so I bought the smallest bottle and it just waits patiently on a shelf

because it smells absolutely nothing like winter

and definitely there is nothing snowflake about it

but being on the ship I decided to try another fragrances from Salvador Dali ignoring the hideous bottles that they have

tried all they have there, did not like anything, went looking for "smells like winter" perfumes from the other companies

had not found anything, but then my wrist started sending me "smell meeee, smeeeeell meeeee, I smell soooo gooooood" signals

I tried to remember what I applied on that wrist and realized it was Salvador Dali

I went back to those horrifying bottles and found the one I was looking for

it was on sale:)

Salvador Dali Sea & Sun in Cadaques

it looks as ugly on the picture as in reality


only the bottle is transparent white

anyway, bought it and started using it and now I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaate it and loooooooooooooooooove it at the same time

when you first apply it, it smells like rotten chemical compound

but after somewhat 20 minutes it smells like sea and sand

then, after some time it starts smelling like dead whale dying on a dirty beach

but that period of time when it smells like breeze and waves are worth the suffering from disgusting smell:)

I read that girls say, it does not stay long on the skin, but for me it stays even longer than Black Opium

it gets stuck on the skin and changes so many times, that you just don't know whether you should love it or hate it:)

I am still debating:)

do I love it enough to wear it, or do I hate it so much I need to throw it away?

nevertheless, I am looking for "smells like winter" kind of fragrance

so far only thing I found on the internet was

Demeter "Snow"

I had not been able to find it in Estonia and Finland, so I guess I need to keep looking on the internet

I want it

want it

want it


Monday, July 13, 2015

Even bad videos can't ruin good songs

I'm talking to you, Marilyn Manson!

it may sound weird, but for me Marilyn Manson's songs are the best for dancing

how can you just sit while listening to that?


my kind of clubbing music:)))

dance with me, my friend!

sensual music

as you may already figured out, I love his last album a lot:)

even though videos are a little bit too disturbing

sad, that he is not coming to Finland or Estonia this year

but I will always have my room to dance to his music


Finnish people eat weird food

and by weird I mean "WHY WOULD YOU EAT THAT???????" kind of food

and they call it "candy"

Salty liquorice

like if regular liquorice was not bad enough:)

don't get me wrong, I love everything salty




I always hated liquorice, but if I accidentally ate that candy I would had eaten it

but not with that evil salty liquorice thing

I tried

and then tried again

and again


Finnish people are weird:)

I tried different kinds of that evil candy and had not been able to finish even one


I always spit it out and then suffer from aftertaste

I got the most finnish chocolate you can ever get as a gift

with liquorice

this chocolate was sent from the very depths of hell

one bite

I took only one bite and tried to eat that and I failed:)

had to spit it out and I drunk whole glass of water to wash that aftertaste away, but that was not enough and I had to take a gum as well:)

it is baaaaaaaaaaaaaad

it is soooooooooooooooooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

but Finns love it:)

now I am confused, it is a gift, that would be too rude to throw it into the bin, but I can guarantee, that never in my life would I ever eat that thing again



those videos people make about eating finnish candies are 100% true

this candy will bring the tears out of your eyes

which is good, if you have dry eyes

here is a cure for you: don't but expensive eye drops, buy one salmiakki candy and you will have natural moisture in your eyes:)

Thursday, July 9, 2015


we will jump until our legs will hurt

and then we will jump a little bit more


did you let it faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall

we give it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall


and lets not forget about the song I listened to gazillion times:)

and still desperately love it:)

I am pretty sure you all know the lyrics already:)

and I am not sorry for posting it so often


and I will post it again and again and again

that song makes me happy:)

Hitler was older than I thought

if one picture can describe my brain perfectly, it would be this one:


today I learned that Hitler was much older than I thought

I never was a big fan of history, because I always knew one situation can be described from many points of view and trusting one statement would be foolish

so I kinda slid on the history in school, I passed the tests based on the information given in school books, but that was it (besides my love for ancient times)

I watched some Discovery channel doc movies about Hitler and was kinda scared about how bad of a person I am for thinking this way

and I saw plenty of Hitler pictures

but I was somehow sure, he died being around 35 years old


today in a non historical book I read, that he was born in 1889



liiiiiiike, not even in 1900

he was born the same year Eiffel Tower was erected

and it feels like Eiffel was in Paris foooooooreeeeeveeeeer already:)

he was born, when this car was the masterpiece of motor cars (built in 1886)

and in 1915 we already had first tank

from that barely a car to pretty solid tank in just somewhat 25 years

another point for conspiracy theory



for your information, Hitler was born in 1889 (nooooooot eeeeeeeveeeeeeen in 1900) and he died (or should I say, supposedly killed himself)  being already 56 years old

and definitely not 35:)


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

System down!

sometimes I feel like if my body is a machine, that constantly needs to be checked

few days ago I forgot how to walk


I already wrote once, that there was one morning, when I forgot how to use light switch or hold spoon

couple of days ago I had a bit trouble time with remembering how to walk

today I started coughing like a person who smokes three packs a day and it huuuuuuuurted a lot

then my favourite headache joined the chest pain

lovely company I have here:)

I don't know what was that all about, but as for now I feel great

only that I have a new problem

a problem nobody should have, because it is just hard to accept the irony of situation

it seems like if I have.... hypervitaminosis

got the irony?

I wanted to add vitamins to feel better, but it seems like if I got way over board :)



something like poisoning from excess amount of vitamins:)

so much for feeling healthy:)))

bought Multi-vitamins and I even read all the labels and it seemed like okay option

but apparently I eat enough healthy food, that my body reacted to extra vitamins with insane itching in the arms

like if you have an allergy for vitamin:)

I obviously stopped taking it, but my hands still itch a loooooooooooooooooot

like a thousand little spiders are running under my skin

I just don't know which of the vitamins are causing this

looking at the symptoms I'm betting on vitamin A and D

I need to look for some antidote

and drink a lot


hypervitaminosis ...

like coooome ooooooooon


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hey, Mr.Sunshine!

if you are reading this, I have an answer for you!

after months of observing women I have three possible answers for your question: why do girls cross their legs, when they are standing?

1: they want to look good for somebody who stands on opposite side

you see, when you cross your legs, it gives an illusion, that you have a perfect hour glass figure and from the countless women magazines that we have, we now are completely sure, that's the most attractive body shape for men

I even found an article on Daily Mail (it is about how to look good on vacation photos)

most likely we do this automatically without thinking when we see somebody who we find attractive:)

at least I caught myself doing that couple of times:)

2: She does not like her legs, may be she decided that her legs are too thin or too fat or too something-only-that-girl-notices

crossing the legs is her way to deal with that, she just does the best she can, not to see her legs the way they are

when you cross them, you don't see them

3: She brings all her weight to one leg, because the other one is too tired or injured. That's the reason of 90% of the time I, myself, cross the legs. We all heave the leading hand and the leading leg, the hand that holds the things and the leg that holds the weight

not all, obviously, but more, than the other one:)

when I feel that one of my legs is getting tired (and that happens a lot for some reason) I am standing on my leading leg:)

or when the shoes are too uncomfortable, I am changing the weight carrying leg, so that the other one can rest for a bit and then change back

or maybe she just desperately needs to go to the bathroom:)

that can happen too:)

I feel bad for liking this series so much

but it always makes me laaaaaaaugh

Bad Education


How do you treat people with special needs?

I always feel bad, because I don't know how to react

you see, I sincerely think that if you don't have leg, or legs, or arms, or use a wheelchair it does not mean that you are disabled

you have special needs and that is obvious, but you are still a normal human being

and if I see somebody stuck on the pedestrian road in a wheelchair how do I offer my help? would that not be taken as "I'm not disabled, I don't need your help, and offering help is rude" and so on and so on

I know, that people with special needs are sometimes too sensitive, when somebody offers help

but how do you know, when it is appropriate and when it is not

I don't take you as a disabled person

like I don't do that with the blind people

but I understand, that sometimes they need extra help

like I do, if my glucose level drops so low, that I can't wake up:)

if here are some people with special needs, would you be so nice and send me a letter explaining when too much help is too much?

I still think he is super hot:)

I'm jealous of people who had not seen Broen yet

they started showing an ad for second season of Broen on Finnish television and each time I hear its music I remember hooooooooow gooooooooooooooooood that show was and how lucky are people, who will watch it for the first time

thinking about watching it again


it is that good


and while Finnish people will enjoy watching the second season

I will be patiently waiting for the third one:)

in September!!!

Nikola Tesla is not getting older

but I am


there must be a reason for us to have the same birth day

I'm turning 29, but I still feel like 31

I think I am gonna ditch this time and won't celebrate

which is weird, remembering that somewhat 5 years for couple of years I was going to Finland to celebrate my birthday and now I'm going to Estonia:))

I know what I would get

because I approved it

if you know me in person, you know I'm picky bitch when it comes to accepting gifts

I need a story behind a gift

aaaaaany kind of

I will remember getting flowers in the middle of nowhere from construction workers for years, but I will forget the perfume no matter how expensive it is in the next few weeks

it is never the price

it is always the story

this time from my family I will get a bunch of make up products from China:) a box of weird stuff you have to order in the Internet, because they don't sell it here

and like my niece already told me: I have no idea what it is for and there is nothing in English, but it looked weird, so we ordered it

and she already told me, that if I lose my hair. it is not their fault:)

how exciting is that? :)

I wanna see everything, I wanna try everything, it is like a magic box for girls:)

need to google basic words to at least know what is for hands and what is for feet


next year on my big 30 I will organize something big

like only Russians do:)

you are all invited!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Mr. Robot

is definitely my new favourite

the second episode was not as good as the first one, but then I caught myself not following the plot, because my thoughts flew away in the land of my massive conspiracy theory land

and that is a supermegaawesome sign of a good show

when some thought got stuck in your head so deeply, that you need to rewatch the rest of the episode, because you could not focus anymore

How do we know if we are in control? It's the illusion of choice.

remember the day I took your free will and present time away? I am still supporting my theory

I took it too personal, being the egoist who I am

but after watching Mr.Robot I realized, that my own brain is not the most mighty one

you see

I was focusing on my illusion of choices, ignoring the providers of choices

the same coke or pepsi kind of choice

every single time I read how computer works I understand the basics, but I still can not understand how unreal simple things can make such a complicated world

every single time I look at some construction machine I can not understand who could had put it together

or create plastics

or aluminium can

or everything besides the wood products

don't get me wrong, I'm not stupid, I know the basics of those things, I just am having a really hard time imagining how so many people created so many different things from the materials that are not natural in such a small amount of time

take 18th century and compare it to ours

how the hell did we evolved so fast?

you can make glass

it is not technically complicated

but how can you create so many different machines  so fast

in every aspect of life

look at your home

car, digital locks, computers, phones, refrigerators, washing machines, chemically made food and many other things

now lets do the math

how many people do you personally know, who created something new

not updated existing thing, but created something absolutely new?

new food maybe

new super tiny chip

you got my point

how many?

almost all of my friends have degrees

NONE of them including me, created something absolutely new

think about the people you personally know

your family members

your facebook friends

how many?

my own answer is still NONE

someone wrote programs for existing technology

and we are living in a good country with free higher education

but we create things from the parts that somebody gave us before

now supporting the theory of illusion of choice

why can't there be someone who controls how much and what exactly should you create

there are not enough smart people in the world to create all the complicated things that we have today without help

I used to think that this world is some sort of wicked version of Sims game, where we all are just personages of somebody who plays with us, creating new things, adding new conflicts and so on

but what if they are living right next to us

that 1% of 1%

and by adding new technology they are sitting in their chairs making bet on how the population will react

or manipulating people to start the wars

just to watch how we, little weak people, will react

like a huge playground for them

with their rules

I want to be in that 1% of 1%

enough playing with me

lets play together!


sometimes I miss my lip piercing


Feeling like a princess

we are a great team with the new girl

I should give her some nickname, but I had not been able to find one yet

which is weird since I give a nickname in the first couple of minutes after meeting someone

new girl she is for now

after two weeks people of the pipe nation accepted the fact, that there is a girls team in the company now and most of the times we work fine

I personally have unresolved problems with only one team, who I call The Bitch Team, one man of that team is okay with us being girls, but the other one always rolls his eyes like a little bitch each team we come to the construction site

and he always talks to me, like if I am some mentally challenged person

but I love telling myself for every bitch man in pipe nation there are 10 awesome ones

most of the times I feel like a princess

on friday I felt like a Queen:)

we were on the small construction site and there was one of my favourite pairs with couple of construction workers

the hole was deep and to get out of it I needed to come back somewhat 15m which is perfectly fine, but when I finished doing my pipe stuff the pipe nation man offered me his hands to take me out of the hole

I said that it would be nice, so he started moving to the other side where there was some young construction worker who also offered me his hand

so there they were:) two very handsome men offering me help, at first the pipe nation man wanted to go away, when he saw, that the other man offered me help

but what the heck, pipe nation men are my friends, they are always my first choice:)

but I have two hands

so I had epic coming out of the hole


you know those pictures, when one girl is coming down the stairs with men on the sides of her hands

like a diva


I was The Queen with two men lifting me out of the hole

and no

I am not that fat, that I needed help of two men:)

but like a said: always take help from a man, if he is offering it:)

and being the girls in boys world we do need some extra attention not to become boys ourselves:)

I like when they offer help in opening wells

I love it:)

once we worked on a site, where there were no pipe nation men, only some construction men and I had troubles opening the well, so I asked the new girl to help me and she opened it

while none of those men offered help

and they were biiiiiig and strong men

but decided to sit on the road and enjoy the view of our asses:)

which is okay, because it is indeed our job to do that, but you know, being the gentlemen like our pipe men never hurt no one:)

therefore, dear pipe nation men (I don't know is there any point of not using the name of the company, since there are probably the only one in town, but since I did not use the real names of people and companies, I will leave it being the pipe nation), thank you for being so careful and understanding

if you work for the pipe nation, I consider you being my friend:)

except for the bitch in the bitch team

he is definitely not my friend:)))

and I will continue feeling like a princess all the time and like Queen some of the times:)

Maps on my knees

are made of bruises:))

I have a job, that demands climbing a lot

since I don't have strong arms I prefer using the strength of my legs

which is okay

until you change your work clothes into dress

sometimes I notice how people (women in general) are looking on my legs and then on my face with...sympathy


I guess they think my man hits the shit out of me


since I'm apparently married to my job, you can say that is true:)

I should change my surname to Pipes

Jana Pipes


last week we had a job at night and being lazy ass that I am, I went to buy food without changing my work clothes and oh, you should had seen the eyes of the men, who usually make "nice ass!" compliments to me:) and my ass

I am usually wearing short dresses after work, so they kinda got used to my dresses, like I got used to their remarks

but thaaaaat loooook in their eyes, when they saw we in the work pants

I guess they were not ready to accept me for another construction worker who I am

hopefully I broke some stereotypes for them:)

but I need to solve the bruise problem or somebody will send me to police to write the explanation who hit me so hard:)

It was Mr Pipes!


Sunday, July 5, 2015

Skype disaster and why you should not throw your phone into the wall

a week ago I decided that I am too annoyed that every single time I open my outlook (aka hotmail) box I automatically sign in into skype

so I had found the "unlink skype from outlook account" options in skype settings and was so happy:)

until I tried to log in into skype

aaaaaand I could not

because apparently "unlink" means not that annoying skype in the outlook mailbox, but the whole account in general

long story short

had to link my outlook again with skype, but lost the people who were only in skype and not in my outlook

I found several of my skype friends, but most of them I had lost

therefore, if you are in Skype and I had not wrote you my desperate message to add me again, would you be so nice and add me again?

the address is still the same: the my first name and surname written like in this blog name

aaaaaaand I kinda broke my finnish phone


lets not get into details how the hell did that happen:) but had to get the new one, same shitty windows phone, because it was the cheapest one:)

I think I transferred all my contacts, but yet again, you never know:)

the more problems I have with electronics, the more I want to write paper letters

wanna join?

Saturday, July 4, 2015

You owe me two hours of my life back


8,5 out of 10!!!

that is the rating of Mad Max: Fury Road


one of my friends recommended it for me, saying "I have seen this movie already twice and it is the best movie of the year"


he was so excited about this movie, that I decided to give it a try

it was definitely 8,5

but not 8,5 out of 10

8,5 out of 100

I have absolutely no idea why people like that movie soooooooooooo much

wanna read the plot?

I can make a summary for you: desert, epic battle, trucks, epic battle, one big truck with pack of girls drives away in the search of better land, epic battle, epic battle, close to the end of the 2 hour long movie the girls and oh-so-mysterious max decide to come back, so they drive back the same way with more epic battles and more epic battles and one last THE GREAT EPIC BATTLE and here is the water

aaaaand that's pretty much it


I have not found absolutely nothing interesting about it

nothing at all

not to mention that Hardy looks like a big kid

it was like watching Magic Mike

absolutely no logical story whatsoever


I think the writers wrote a good story, but then decided to burn it in the desert to leave more screen time for epic truck battles

I read the reviews and people really like that movie, I do not understand why, because I'm not lying, out of every 20 minutes, you can watch only three and still don't miss anything besides explosions and deaths

I felt bad and decided that maybe I am spoiled little bitch and just do not understand how good that movie is, so I went to Russian reviews page and found my people

people who think that new Mad Max is baaaaaaad

there must be something in the Russian blood, that we do not understand the beauty of that movie

it is as empty as the pointless desert in it

I can not even say, that there are a lot of holes in the plot, because there is no plot, just a ghost of it, to be able to show moooore eeeeepic explosions:)

I would rather watch Jurassic World ten times in one day, than I would watch Mad Max once again

the movie just does not make any sense

PMS should be enough reason to take a day off work

foooor real

most likely every girl will agree that this meme describes it perfectly


you know

when even hearing how someone breathes irritates the shit out of you



it is good to be a boy sometimes

Some bands are so much better live and sometimes cover is better than the original

I'm talking about Nine Inch Nails now

heard their live performance of Head like a hole and felt in love with it

I used to listen to NIN, but then kinda lost interest

mainly because even though I like their lyrics a lot, I haaaaated the music

compare the same song and maybe you will agree with me, that some bands are much better live:)

my eeeeeeeeears were bleeeeeeeeeding when I heard that music

like come on

cooooome ooooooooooon

80's electro crap in all of its glory :)

now here is the same song live:

now that's what I call a good song:)

and I rarely like covers, but the same NIN band, their pretty famous song Hurt sounds much stronger when sung by Johnny Cash

again, the music kills the song and his voice is kinda blank

compare with Cash

I always liked clean music much more than some synthetic electro crap

Johnny Cash was a nice man

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Welcome to the team, Saad!

The man has pretty impressive stats

hopefully he will fit into our team

and we will hear this horn much more often

For those about to rock






Wednesday, July 1, 2015

New Exilia



average song

average video

average music

and average everything is bad

they used to be awesoooome

she was one of the reasons why I did dreadlocks when I was younger:)

the second time I did them, because I just liked them:)

even the previous album was good:

waiting for the album

maybe it is just a bad choice of first single and the rest will be amazing


When you still remember the music video you saw 8 years ago

that must be a very good video I say


somehow got back to my mind today

since the song was never very popular, the only video I found was with this really bad quality

I do not really like the song, but that video is soooooooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

and creepy

sweet and creepy - what else do you need?


another old creepy song!

Gabriel Mann - My little box

I'm not lying, I'm sitting here typing this post listening to that song and I have goosebumps

I always have them, when I listen to that song

I guess I have strange connection to that song

and I loved the movie a lot too:)


I guess I am having the night of old songs that scare the shit out of me:)

who needs to sleep anyways

I will see zombies today

I always do, when I listen to this masterpiece

John Murphy - In The House, In A Heartbeat

Look me in the eyes!

apparently that is something hard for Finnish people to do

at first I thought, that maybe they are mad for me for some reason and don't want to look me in the eyes, when they talk to me

but it feels like it is a common behaviour here

I need to keep eye contact to know whether the person understands what I'm talking about

but working with different men I already know, that some of them will look at the ground, at the pipes, at the car, at pretty much everything which is not my eyes


and not because they are annoyed with me

but because for them it is uncomfortable

I suspect my previous work partner (aka Mr Sunshine) is not pure Finn, because he is always happy, talks a lot, looks me in the eyes and has emotions besides "poker face"

I sometimes feel like a puppy talking with the pipe men, desperately looking for an eye contact:)

but well, need to deal with it:)