Thursday, May 28, 2015

Finnish song I like

noticed that I like pretty much every song, if there is a part sung by some unknown people on the background:)

like Thirty Seconds to Mars

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I miss the times when Linkin Park were awesome

they look so young

so fresh

so naive

and now they are like a money making machine:(

I am sure, that they are still good people, but somewhere along the way they had lost that pureness and become just another band with millions of video views and a significant amount of money and fame

I still listen to their old songs sometimes

this song especially:

loooooooooooooooooove it

Lovely people on Eckerö Line

I don't need to look for small adventures

they find me themselves


last time I was going back to Finland on Eckerö Line since for some reasons Tallink ships were fully booked on that day (and I wanted to buy ticket a week before the day, still don't understand why they were fully booked, THREE ships!)

and Viking Line bitches will now have my mental attack on them for charging 89€!!! for a SINGLE ticket, greedy bastards

so Eckerö Line it was

I like Eckerö, but I don't like that the same journey takes 30min longer on Eckerö in comparison with Tallink

on the ship I went to beauty shop to buy my new all time favourite lipstick: Lancome Rouge In Love

THE BEST lipstick evaaaaar

I already have 3 of them:)

the prices bite, though

in Finland it costs around 38€, while on the ship you can buy it for around 25€ (+/-3€, don't remember the price)

so when I was in the short line for paying for it I got into attack of shopping carts

for real:)

while swimming in my own reality I felt something hitting my leg and then worrying voices of the crew members

it was that regular black small cart on wheels, so it did not hurt much, so I smiled and told that everything is fine

and then I heard the screams telling me to move away

it is sad, though, that I am sometimes in a sloth mode:)

I had not been able to step aside in that second that I had and therefore had a smashing hit of a big heavy shopping cart filled with something

well, that did not went good, I fell down and hurt my leg for a bit

and when I was getting up I got another hit of another small black cart

and tell me now it was not The attack of shopping carts!!!


they were programmed to kill me fooooor sure

I don't really understood why the hit only me:) and why did they even move, because the sea was very calm

nevertheless for me it was kind of fun, while the crew members were very worried about me

after paying for my Rouge in love they gave me two free tickets on the ship, I guess as a compensation for that little accident :)

but it were not the tickets, but the real worry in their eyes that I see after shopping carts attempted to kill me, they really cared and that was very lovely of them to do


Lovely people work on Eckerö Line ship

you are awesome!

How do wives of actors deal with that?

I mean watching her husband kissing or even having sex with another woman on a big or small screen?

and even if she does not watch it

she will still know about that

how can this be "allowed cheating"?

and I know that there is that usual line "it is just a work, no feelings involved"



then every time your husband cheats on you with some girl he can play this card
"-I know about HER!!!!"
 "-Don't worry about it, honey, there is no feelings involved"
"-Oh, in that way sorry, darling, I overreacted! Love you!"'
is it like, normal?

Dear wives of actors, how do you deal with that?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Backstrom is cancelled

sad face :(

and another sad face :(

I love that last show with no political, racial, sexual tolerant crap

you know

say as it is, not like as your government want you to

but apparently American people are already too deep in being tolerant to every single thing and hearing the opinion which may hurt their feelings is making them sad and angry

well, boooo hooooo, for those of you who demanded cancelling that show

I found another one


it contains a loooooooooooooooot of cursing and a looooooooooooooooooot of jokes that may hurt your feelings:)

that's why I love it so much

because not being afraid to express your true feelings is a very rare thing on TV


I am pretty sure it will be cancelled too after evil jokes about religion and all the other delicate subjects

boooo hoooooo to you in advance

enjoy the show while you can for those of you who liked the trailer:)

Shyamalan is back!

and for those of you haters, who think Shyamalan movies are jokes, well, it is sad to be you

my love to M.Night Shyamalan is undeniable

but I'm not gonna write another post about how great his movies are and how sad it is, that most of you do not look deep enough to understand all the hidden messages

here is a trailer of his new movie

and I am 100% sure it is the same good old "I'm not gonna sleep tonight, tomorrow or ever" kind of thriller :)

I don't like horror movies

but I love Shyamalan movies, therefore I am gonna watch it in September

who needs to sleep anyways?



you all know Magneto

today I am a superhero too

or super evil


say it with Italian accent: papErto


I was fixing my home reading glasses with super glue and we all know where it went

obviously on my hands:)

fixed the glasses and gained the ability to hold pieces of paper without using the force:)

had pieces of paper towel glued on my fingers and indeed it felt kind of heroish



need to find a way to remove the unremovable glue from my hands now

but I am superhero

I will find a way



Monday, May 25, 2015

Balancing my "after Eurovision" music taste

enough watching Eurovison


need to listen to something harder to balance my music taste

loooooooooooooove it


I still think there is no place for kids in this kind of environment

music is great

but not appropriate for children ears

and it seems like a lot of kids were in that video

Getting older on crosswalks and the absence of quality tights

In Estonia you can get a fine up to 200€ (soon it will be raised up to 500) for not letting the pedestrian crossing the crosswalk

and not letting a pedestrian cross the road is a definite driver license exam reason for failure

I am still getting angry on the roads of Finland, when you can almost feel how you are getting old waiting for the cars to stop

sometimes when I am especially irritated I am sending mental fines to drivers

something like: that would be 200€ fine for you and for you and for you

usually I reach somewhat 2000€ when I can finally cross the road:)

therefore, dear Finnish drivers, if you had not gave me a road, prepare to live with the mental fine of 200€ from me:)

another thing I do not understand, is why in the big shops there are only crap tights

the ones that get holes the second you put it on

I told my niece about that problem and she laughed saying, that she and her friends thought it is some sort of Finnish style to walk in the tights with holes

Estonian girls, stop making jokes about that! Finnish women just don't have proper tights in the regular shops, it is not a style, it is a problem

we have the same shop in Estonia and Finland, my favourite one:) Prisma

but even though it is the same shop, you will find a lot of quality tights in Estonia, and only some Finnish hole style in Finland

do I have to mention the price in Finland even for that crap is much much more higher than in Estonia?

Forget about Golden Lady and Pompea

you probably can find it only in the special shops

another mystery for me


or maybe Finnish people like living in stress

while I prefer no stress:)

I have a reading problem

I read a lot

much more than a normal person should read

I am reading when I am eating, chilling, doing make up and other girlie things

here is my pack of books:

I read every book every single day

sometimes only one page a day

sometimes one chapter

but every single one of them

on four languages

finnish books are filled with post-it notes with the words I translated and tried to learn

I have that irrational fear of not being able to read enough

one of my childish dreams was to read every book in the world:)

I understand that this kind of behaviour is not really good,  but I just can't stop reading

I do not have enough time

and I probably need help

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Eurovision 2015


it is that time of the year again, when whole Europe is divided into two groups of people: the ones who watch Eurovision and the ones who are not (and who are openly judging the first group)

I'm definitely the one who watches

and must I add - enjoys watching :)

I even went back home to watch it like we do: discussing and making evil jokes about contestants with my niece, while hearing that mother thinks: this is crap, that is crap, there is not a single normal song here

every year it is the same, but I love it:)

this year me and my niece have the same favourite, who for some unknown reason was not successful at all

when we were watching the results all we could think about was: but....but.....but.....WHERE IS SPAIN???

I love this song and I think it should had won the Eurovision this year

when you wake up the next morning and still remember Eurovision song after hearing it only once that is a certain sign that song is good

I remembered Spain

the second best song for me, obviously, is Estonia :) well, okay, I would gladly put it on the first place:)))we got 7th place in the end, much better than Spain

such a lovely song

the third place for me, for some hardly explained reasons, happens to be Belgium:) I have absolutely no idea why I like this song so much

maybe because it is a little bit creepy

I have some strange attraction to this song:)

on the fourth place I would had put Albania

got into my heart

and the fifth one would be Latvia, not the typical Latvian girl, but still:)

I was pretty disappointed when in the second semi-final Malta and Switzerland did not pass to final

did I already mention, that I love Eurovision?:)))

great performances :)

I did not like Russia as much as the whole Europe did, because for me it was just a pretty picture with average song

the winner this year was Sweden

don't really understand how did that happen, but people looooooved that song

I did not

after rewatching all the videos I am still singing Spain in my head


stop being Eurovision hater, just watch it in a good company!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How to say to somebody he has a bad breath smell?

I continue being asked out by men of non Finnish nationality

mostly by African men

but couple of days ago there was a Hungarian man, who lives in Finland and speaks Russian almost perfectly

he said that he liked my style (if you can call wearing a little bit too short dress -"style") and wanted to know more about me

I am pretty sure he has no problems with girls, because he was very tall man with dark hair and girls happen to like that, except for me, I am staying with my 5B - Big bearded brave blondie bear

all I can think about was: How to say to somebody he has a bad breath smell?

I had Listerine bottle in my bag (bought the new one, still hate the bottle, but other mouthwashes are not strong enough for my taste) and thought would it be too inappropriate if I offer him that bottle:)

I do not know what he did or where he lives (during the short talk he mentioned, that he has a flat in Helsinki), but is it that hard to brush your teeth?

I did not give him my number, but he insisted to take his, so I saved it, but we all know how it will end: I'm not gonna call

I am for sure gonna die alone refusing to go out with men I don't find attractive so easily

but my heart wants 5B

there are just way too much black haired people in the world already:)

sorry, dark haired people (but that does not mean I do not fall in love with you, because sometimes I do, hair colour is just a hair colour)

I still think how to say to somebody about bad breath, if this situation repeats

or is it better not to say, after all we have different opinions about what smells good and what is not

and maybe my obsessive need to brush my teeth at least twice a day and to use Listerine and to use dental floss is only my problem:)

Did you see thaaaaaat?

another damn good reason to love hockey:)

how amazing is that?:)

it is still "no goal" goal, but that was pretty impressive:)

Fight song

she is so so so so so preeeeeeeeetttttyyyyyyyyy

love this song:)

Monday, May 18, 2015


this post does not need a name

or a comment

I will just post it here:


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Gin Wigmore is an amazing girl

sing along

I looooooooooooooooooooove her voice:)

and her look

and her dance:)

she seems to be aaaaweeeeeeeeesome:)

I am not a fan of her other songs, though


I am trying to be more healthy

bought one book about how to change your life in one year

the last chapter that I had read was about sleeping

how important it is

and what can you do to fall asleep faster

I have those kind of nights, when I just lay awake, thinking and overthinking and looking at the watch

so I tried to do what was written

there was one advice: drink "Bedtime tea by Yogi tea"

I even found the exact tea here in Finland

bought it

bought a kettle too


I have kettle in my room, I have cup in my room, I have tea in my room

but I'm too lazy to make a tea:)

all I can think about is "It will take 5-10 minutes for water to boil, it will take another 10-15 for me to drink one cup, would it not be more logical to spend that half an hour in a bed"

so far I'm losing the battle:)

the bed wins

the bed always wins:)

Do you know that you can have fat knees?

I did not know that

thanks to Allure magazine now I know

and now is the question: Dear girls, are you so insane that in addition to endless complexes like "I have small boobs" "I have small butt" "I have big nose" "I have thin lips" you had to create a new one?



like come on

cooooooooome oooooooooooooon

now there are even surgeries to remove the fat from your knees

google: knee liposuction

the pictures are too disturbing to post it here

but for real

there are almost no visible differences

but people pay for that


Saturday, May 16, 2015

If you are watching Battle Creek

then I'm pretty sure you already google who are The Heavy

don't you?


for those of you who have enough personal life not to spend it on watching this show (which was amazing first three-four episodes and now just another pointless drama crap) :

I present you super catchy The Heavy

what makes a gooooood maaaaaaaaaaaaan gooooooood maaaaaan

don't you just wanna dance to it?

don't be shy, nobody sees you, dance now


and when you wanna feel like an animal listen to this one:

unleash your inner big bad wolf:)


sadly howling is not socially acceptable:)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

I gave him a chance

he did not use it

I killed him



nay, I'm talking about insects of course

another reason why I hate summers so much

eeeeverything starts crawling and flying and biting

I always have my room window opened

and I can say now, that today was the first day of summer

first there was a bee in my room

on my window

doing his bee things

then there was jumping out of bed and silently screaming IT IS A BEE!!!!! A BEEEEEEEE!!!!! IN MY ROOOOOOOOOM!!!!!! I'm moving out now!!!

I am afraid of insects

only regular ants (normal size and with no wings) and regular flies and colourful butterflies (the grey ones are not) are acceptable in my comfort zone

so every crawling/flying thing in my room is a emergency situation

when I got my nerves under control I politely asked (yes, with my voice) the bee to fly away

The bee refused so I offered him a ride on the curtain

The bee accepted it and crawled on the curtain

then I moved curtain to the open window and asked him once again to leave, he accepted it and we said farewells being almost friends

I have a bee friend, deal with it

Bees are smart

crawling-flying crap are not

in the evening while enjoying reading "Linda, as in the Linda murder" I saw something black on my floor

I thought "well, maybe some pine needle flew to the window" and continued reading thinking I will clean it after I read this chapter

but then it started moving








I am not lying, I jumped out of bed and run to the other side of the room (not like if this road was long, but still)

since it was dark and it was moving all I can think about was "not a cockroach, not a cockroach, pleeeeeease don't be a cockroach"

then it flew a bit

I raised my hands being all that excited and thinking "IT IS NOT A COCKROACH!!!!!YAAAAAAAAAAY"

but then put them down after I realized "that crap can fly.....IT FLIES!!!!! IIIIIIITTTTTTTT FLIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES"

I don't have my regular collection of insect poisons here in Finland

I don't even have a hair spray to glue it to the floor

I thought I was doomed

after silently watching how that crap moves I realized it does not fly very well and most likely it is injured

so I took the longest paper I had on my table and politely ask that crap bag to crawl on the paper so I can throw it away out of my window

It crawled on it

I tried to take it to the window

it did not want to stay on the paper

I tried several times

once I finally threw it away

but apparently the wind was strong and in flew back to my window

at first I did not noticed it and was reading again

but they I saw that ugly little black crap on the floor


I am sure it was the exact same one, because of the specific moves that crap did

so now I was pissed off and thought I am going to kill it now, since it refused to stay away from me

I took tons of papers and was ready to kill it when suddenly it switched on some super powers and run as fast as Flash does to the other side of the room

should I say, that I jumped on my bed and the only words I had in my head were reeeeeeally bad sailor language words?

since it moved so fast, I could not see where it went

you now probably understand how much I don't like insects

so the possibility of spending the night in the same room with unidentified insect seemed not really good to me

thought again "I should get a man who can kill the insects for me"


after finishing practising my bad language in my head I finally left the bed and started hunting

I had not seen it anywhere

I was close to hysterical crying and then I saw it

I took my home made weapon (which was paper towels and a tube of some make up product) and killed it

I put a pack of towels to not to hear its cracking sound and rolled it with that tube

not once

not twice

but at least ten times

when I put it up I saw it is dead

and threw it into garbage bin

I gave him a chance

I really did

he refused to take it

now it is dead

and I should get some poisons

because living with closed window is not an option

maybe I should train some bees to guard my window:)

The man with three knees

according to Ice Hockey World Championship referees

is Leo Komarov

5+20 for kneeing!!!



do you see what I see

the third knee, that Komarov has?

you know, the imaginary one that referees saw hitting Medvedev?

Finland won that game (bullits), but it was good for Russia, since they won't play next game with Canada

I don't  think Russians played to lose, but I do think they used somewhat 75% of what they have


IIHF world championship is an emotional time of the year for every European hockey fan:) as much as I know, in Canada and America it is not that popular

mascots of this one are super cute

meet Bob and Bobek

sooooo cuuuuuuuute :)

Monday, May 11, 2015

Life is too short to listen to one music genre only

that is my official excuse for posting next song

Stylus Robb, Dama Latina Feat.Black King,Papito,Pascal,Ruben - Bye Bye Bye

one of those songs that you accidentally find, listen, then skip and an hour later discover, that you are actually singing that song in your head:)

that is how it got to my playlist

I just felt in love with 02.07 - 2.23 part:)

I really wanna hope that this song is about something lovely and not how the macho man take drunk girls in the clubs


because sometimes I sing my favorite part out loud, without even knowing what those words mean:)

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Reboot went good!

or was it rebooting?

not sure about the right word, but sentence: Reboot went good sounds much better than rebooting went good


I am fully charged

dumped old energy, was empty, filled with the new one and now I feel great:)

was such a mess

sssssuuuuuuuuuuuuch a meeeeeeeeeeeess


what I had said and done I stand by it, at that moment my world was all black, but I meant it

well, no

black is such a wonderful color to use it in a bad way


my world was all filled with misery


I really hope my recharged battery will function for at least half a year

now, while creating new universe in my multiverse world I have one important question: What should I do with my life?

when I talk to somebody I can see billions of ways that her/his life can go

when I think about my own future I still see absolutely nothing

I can even see my tomorrow

I am sure I must had been dead by now (still think 27 should had been my last birthday)

but since my immortal body (I could had died so many times already) refuses to decay I need to come out with some sort of life plan

because when you can't answer to such a typical question as "Where do you see yourself in 5 years", then something must had gone wrong

and knowing that something is wrong is the right way to understanding how to fix it