Monday, March 23, 2015

My life is so predictable

that even the McDonald's man knows what I will order:)

I do buy the same thing once a week and that is so cute of him to remember

I just went to order things and he was just standing there giving me what I usually order, saying "I think I remember it right"

indeed he did

and although it may look like a scene from a movie, where depressed person do the same things every day I find it comforting

I do like doing the same things

I love having a certain routine

I vacuum every Monday

I am drinking juice before going to bed

I do a lot of little things every day

it gives me the illusion of having control of my life (since I can't have it in real being as ill as I am)

I like having control

so yeah, I will buy my junk food once a week in my local McDonald's

and I will buy veggie burger from Burger King every Tuesday :)

I have enough crazy stories in my life

I need some part of it to be predictable


Saturday, March 14, 2015

Believe and never give up!

yeeees, my dear Blues fans



and sucks to be you, red people, oooooohhhhhhhhh, hooooooow many bad words did we hear from you in the beginning of the season, when we were the forth worst team in Liiga

well, well, well

karma is a bitch


it is not the beautiful wonderful people from Espoo Blues who are now playing in the death matches hoping to pass to playoff


we are in without that :)

last time on our home game I saw some HIFK fans cheering the opponent team (Blues played with the team, who was not HIFK)

so, I guess red people were there just to make sure, that we lose and will not get ahead of them on the score board

well, sucks to be you again, because we won that game too:)

we believe and we never give up!


I'm doing it again

I'm watching russian version of The Bachelor


after last season, when the girl with no personality aaand with the childish voice won, aaand destroyed my belief in love, I'm still torturing myself with watching that show, where women are treated like pieces of meat and there are no such words as honesty, sincerity, loyalty and fidelity:)

I'm pretty sure there are at least three things that every single girl do:

1. Secretly loooooves at least one James Blunt song (if she says she is not, she is lying)

and I'm still smiling every time I hear this lovely warm heart touching song

2. Secretly looooooooooves Sex and the City

3. Secretly looooooooooves watching The Bachelor to discuss with girlfriends how stupid women are


we, girls, have a lot of secrets:)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I want to move to Espoo

soooooo baaaaaaad

sooooooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaaaaad

but still can't find an apartment

one bedroom apartment



at first I thought I would be able to pay not more than 550eur, then 600 and now I came to conclusion that I will buy less useless things and be able to pay 650-700

and you know what

still nothing


well, okay, there are some apartments, but owners want in addition to first month 650 a deposit for 1300-2000

I don't have those kind of money that I just can put aside on nothing

I just don't understand, you have whole information about me, where I work, whats my number, even my identity number, but noooo, thats not enough

do people lie a lot in Finland?

maybe thats a sign, that I should move back to Estonia

I hate Helsinki

not my city

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The little things that annoy me more than I would like to admit

this thing:

it turns me into monster

first when you open it

ohhh, that bloody cap

you need to squeeze it into certain sport to open it (sort of child protection)

buuuuut damned I be, hoooooooow sometimes it annoys me, when you just wanna wash your mouth as quickly as possible, and instead you are looking for those spots and you need to apply force to open it

I don't like forcing things, even if it is just opening the bottle

come oooon, Listerine guys and girls, not everybody have kids, just do a normal regular nerves-free caps for those who don't want to suffer with protected bottle

and then when you actually use it you can almost feel the fire burning in your mouth

it tastes sooooooo minty, that you just have to stand with your mouth open trying to get more air in


but that is okay, because I suppose it does kill some badass bacterias which are still left there after brushing

but thaaaaat bottle

one day I will throw it into the waste bin with the words "IS THAT WHAT YOU  WANT FROM ME??????"

or maybe I just need to calm down

but I turn into the monster only when I see that bottle:)

or Listerine people should add it in into advertisement "this bottle will bring all the bad out of you, but at least you will be mad at us, not your family"


like a therapy bottle

need to get rid off bad emotions? just go and scream at the Listerine bottle:)

Monday, March 9, 2015

This Russian song gives me chills

I'm not a fan of russian music and the amount of russian songs I like is somewhere near ten

but yesterday I was listening to the random songs and heard this masterpiece

heard it once, thought okay song, nothing special

and then for the whole night had one part of that song in my head:)

today on my way to work and back that was the only song I had in my playlist

the part of the song is 1:57 - 2:25

looooooove it

hypnotizing voice in that specific part of the song


and the name of the song is "Don't trust me"