Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!!!!

I have exactly zero of new year mood, but I will work on that

after all

I have 3 more hours:)

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The best mascara ever created

Dior Addict It-Lash Mascara

it won't give you extra length

it won't give you extra volume

it will take you couple of tries to understand how to apply it correctly

but it will stay on your lashes

I have that awful quality in my body, that beauty products won't stay on anything I have

eeeevery waterproof mascara gave me panda eyes

and I had pleeeeeenty of different ones (ask my niece, she had not bought her own mascara probably for years, since I always give her my own)

therefore I was not really expecting something from it

until I tried it:)

I have overhanging upper eyelids (as many of you too have them) and my girls with the same eyelid structure know, that it is almost impossible to apply mascara and have it stay on the same place and not reprinting lashes on the eyelid:)


with Dior Addict It-Lash Mascara you won't have that problem

it stays on the lashes seconds after you applied it

foooooor reeeeeeeal

I even got under the rain wearing it

it is not stated, that this mascara is waterproof, but it had not washed away with the rain

or with the snow

or even with the tears


stayed perfectly there where it needed to be

and you don't have to have waterproof makeup remover to remove it

nope, regular ones suit too

I love it

love it, love it, love it, love it:)

this is not a promo post

I am lazy ass and I do not do anything that takes a lot of action from me

or takes a lot of time

so for the girls who will write "but you need to apply extra lash foundation so the mascara will stay" or "you need to use some sort of powder or primer or whatever that thing is", well, in my lazy world everything must function without the need to improve the product

with this mascara you won't need aaaanything else

you do not even reapply it during the day

because it just stays on your lashes


as for the prices

they may vary a loooot

in Finland this mascara costs 43eur, in Estonia 33eur, but I found it where you can buy it for 25:) on the Tallink ships:)

but it is worth buying

even for 43eur:)

best mascara eeeveeeer

Some music videos make me cry like a baby

OneRepublic - I Lived is one of them

I cried

and not because of how sad the story is


on the contrary, because of how happy the story is

how strong that man is

how full his life is

I cried

People disappoint me

aaaaaaall the time

aaaaaaaaaaall the time

don't get me wrong

I don't think I'm the best person ever lived on planet Earth (well, okay, sometimes I do think so)

I am the biggest disappointment to myself

I can't tell you how many times did I say to myself: Expect nothing from people

Don't expect anything

Do not expect anything from anybody

but nevertheless

I do

I do expect something from everybody

and it is wrong

from a friend I am still expecting some sort of invitation to go out

I guess "expected", as everything has time limits

from the man I liked I expected a call that never came

I create situations in my head that I want to happen

I expect them, forgetting, that other people might not think the same

couple of days ago I read an advice in some book

it was very simple

Expect nothing from anybody

and you know what

even during those couple of days I realized how good this advice is

I am no longer expecting one man to talk to me

I am no longer expecting that call

I am no longer expecting compliments from anybody

I am no longer expecting pretty much anything from people

everything will be a good surprise now, not expected way of life

and I already got some good surprises:)

thank you for that

I have some previous expectations, but then again, everything has deadline, and it feels like that deadline will come soon

and after that, no more expectations


I have my own list of words, that I no longer believe in:
Love, trust, plans and expectations




you see, my family members have weird sense of humor

we all have

when you come into our family you either will love us all, or hate us all


from the latest news: Jana's double is a stork

you know all those talks, that everyone has a double

two people who are not related, but who look exactly the same


apparently my double is a stork:)

my niece told me, that she saw a stork in the zoo and she said it looked exactly like me

three hair on the head, bowed thin legs, inability to walk straight and poor vision

she even said, that when she was there a zoo lady came and told, that in addition to having poor eyesight that stork is also a little bit evil

eeeeverything matches my own description


my double is a stork

I am a stork


and for those of you who forgot what "stork" means, here is a picture:

for the good part

despite the fact that my double is evil stork
Stork is a symbol of new life, happiness and a happy marriage.

Calvin Harris and broken hearts

dear girls

I'm gonna break your hearts now

with the pictures of a man you will never have

not because you are not worth this man candy, but because there are just way too many girls:)

I don't like his music, but it would be wrong telling I'm not wooooowed by his appearance:)

because I am

he is hot


Sunday, December 28, 2014

I was sure one of them was dead

I'm not kidding

when I first saw this video I thought: waaaaaaaaait, was not the dark one dead already

I remember hearing something about that many years ago

I was sure it was the reason why Crazytown stopped making music


imagine my surprise when I saw him in the video

kinda creepy

like seeing a ghost:)

but it is awesome, that he is alive and they are back

this is not my kind of music

but I looooooooooooooooooooove this song

it gives that old school underground feeling

I can't remember when was the last time I was on some underground session in some tiny club

now I wanna go :)

Sudden change of attitude

and mood

mostly mood

I kinda feel...





I don't really know why

but yesterday I had some sort of magic moment, when you just understand that you are happy

nothing really changed

same places, same people

but you just feel

that you are happy

and although I am sure I will die young

right now I feel happy

for no reason


New Year magic, I guess

Thursday, December 25, 2014

This video will make you smile

I promise

I even cried happy tears when I saw it

that is so sweet and lovely, that I can't even find the right words to describe it


they have the perfect bear hug:)

and I looooove bear hugs:)

and they look so happy:)))

so so so happy

I think that is what people call true bromance:)

can somebody please bear hug me?

as for the girls. I'm pretty sure we all like the song, so, girls, here it is:


but with bear hugs it sounds better:)

Monday, December 22, 2014

The Pale Emperor

is back

I never was a big fan of Marilyn Manson

but must I say, his new album is one hell of a masterpiece

I especially love this line:
Sin is sincere
just think about

I'm talking about religious people now

we, atheists, don't have sins, we have common sense

but when religious people sin, then you may be sure, they did it sincerely

because they knew it was a sin, and yet they did it

you never know does somebody tells what he/she feels

you never know, are they sincere

but when they sin

you know they are sincere:)

it happens rarely, but when I was listening to Pale Emperor, I did not want to skip any song

it is that good

just listen to it



I'm updating my knowledge base with more specific details

what do you imagine, when you think about Tutankhamun?

obviously the mask

even if you don't know his name, you know this mask for sure

I always knew, that he died young

but remembering the mask, I always thought he was around 25 years old when he died (there are many versions of his death, including killing)

he was not 25

not even 20

he died being around 17-18 years old


and he did so much in his life, allegedly bringing piece in his lands and religion


I won't post any picture of 17 year old boy here (that may look inappropriate)

but we all have friends or family and we know how modern 17 old looks like

so if you want to remember how old Tutankhamun was, just create a picture of Tutankhamun standing next to a boy with headphones and skinny jeans

feel the difference?

Holidays are coming

Hoooolidays are coming

hoooooolidays are coming

but we are gonna talk about wolverines now


unexpected turn


what are you thinking about, when somebody tells you "wolverine"?

X-men obviously, but now we are talking about actual animal

you know

not too big, not too small, just some animal

for some reasons (maybe because we don't have wolverines in Estonian woods) I always thought, it was something like forest cat with bigger claws

well, I was wrong

big times


that animal is one hell of a problem to be around

imagine you shrink a bear into a body of medium size dog with the fury of wild cat

it is baaaadass

wolverine is so badass, that it can kill animal much much bigger than him and even drag him to whatever place he needs to

and for you to completely understand how strong this animal is

imagine a wolverine (dog size) killing a bear by himself or a wolverine dragging a deer (A FREAKING SUPER HEAVY DEER)

because they can do that

I won't post any killing video here, because I personally don't want to look for it, but here is some blood free video of how fearless the wolverine can be



Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy New Winter!!!



my plan for winter is: not to have any plans:)