Monday, September 22, 2014

Still ringing

every day at 16:20

I'm really curious now :)

I took off the battery and reinstalled it, still rings

maybe I should turn it off completely for one day and see will it be ringing:)

and if it rings, I most likely will turn into insane person

My new favorite Christmas song

Hey, it is never too early for holiday songs :)

the soundtrack for this season is

dot dot dot

Dropkick Murphys:)

because I miss good old tough men:)

and sarcastic songs:)

and don't lie to me, saying you did not sung along:)))

it is sad, though, that they are not coming to Finland, the closest they get is Sweden (same with Rise Against)

I would wanna hear them live

to feel the vibe:)

another song, that I really like is Rose tattoo

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The time of my death will be 16:20

I'm pretty sure about that now:)

no, I'm not gonna kill myself tomorrow at 16:20, but for four days I have alarm clock ringing at 16:20

to make the facts straight: I had never had the need to put alarm clock to 16:20

I checked my alarm clock list, there is nothing at 16:20

I did a reset settings to my phone

it still rang at 16:20

nobody touched my phone

since it is my old Estonian phone, it does not even have a connection to internet, so, no virus

now here is the question: Whaaaaaat the heeeeeeell is happening here

can my phone at least tell me not only the time of my death, but the day as well

because I freak out every time I hear that damned 16:20 alarm clock

or maybe it is a good sign, that I need to buy lottery ticket at 16:20?

I should try that:)


if I die, don't be sad

and you know what?

call ghostbusters!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Why, Lacey, why

today while looking for new music found new Flyleaf album and decided to listen to it

the thing is, I absolutely forgot, that Lacey is no longer in the band

imagine my surprise, when I listened to the first song and thought, oh, thaaaat is not Lacey and when I saw the video


watch it too:

at first I thought it must be some sick joke

she looks 50, while dressing like 15 and with the voice of a kid

and lets not talk about how she tries to copy Lacey's moves, here is the thing: Lacey owned those moves, and the new singer looks like Lacey wannabe

it is just so wrong, that I had not been able to watch or listen to the end

Flyleaf, just change the name already, don't give us hope, that we will hear something as good as your previous songs

about Lacey

she still sings

and her voice and songs are still amazing


she is now sort of religious fanatic, yeah, she had been too religious before, but now it is out of control kind of thing

why, Lacey, whyyyyy?

nevertheless, her song is waaaaay better than the-band-that-used-to-be-Flyleaf-but-for-some-reasons-decided-not-to-change-a-name

such a wonderful song

if only it had not been so religious:)

I love her voice

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

You don't have to prove anything

to anybody

that simple it is

the key to longer and happier life is the absence of need to prove something to somebody

we all do that

we all compare ourselves to the people we know and don't know

and if you do that

just stop

wasting our time on the things we don't need, people we don't care about, jobs we don't love, only because at some point in life you decided, that, oh, so, there is one girl I know, she lives in the next house and she is ten years younger than me and already has ten kids and a well paid job, she bought ferrari and won miss universe title and I'm just some failure with nothing to be proud of

do you recognize that?:)

even I have similar thoughts

when I was younger I always wrote, that my favorite color is pink and I had never even liked that color and I wrote that, only because the girls, who were older than me wrote that

when I was a teen I had told that I looooove red Ferrari, and I don't like red color and think that sports cars are way too low for my comfort, but I said it, because it seemed cool

it starts in the childhood, when parents for some reasons compare you to other kids, whether your sisters or the kids you don't even know

and it goes throughout your whole life

competition with the people you barely know

don't do that

in the end, you will, indeed, have 10 kids and Ferrari, but it won't give you the emotions you are looking for

there will be no happiness, only the moment that you will be proud of yourself, that you were able to achieve those goals

don't be ashamed of the person you are today, if it is indeed, who you truly are

don't compare yourself to anybody

you are just already awesome the way you are

and screw the ones, who think the opposite


we are awesome!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Finnish movie that made me think about Finnish men

yes, I go to movies alone

I have no Finnish friends


but since I saw a trailer of movie Mielensäpahoittaja I really wanted to see it

and so I did

and must I say, I laughed like I had not laughed in a looooong time

I did not even understand all of the jokes, but the ones I did, were enough to make my evening:)

it has meaning as well, not only jokes

I looooved the movie, and I most likely will buy a dvd when it comes out, but I do question my decision to find a Finnish man now

because if all young men are as weak as the one in the movie, I don't want to date them

if I needed to live with a girl, I would be lesbian

I need a man, and not some doormat

I know it sounds harsh, but some parts of the movie made me extreeeemely mad

and by some parts I mean the wife of the son

I would bitch slap that bitch right away, if she treated my dad the way she treated him

the old, ill man comes to city from the village and it is obvious, that he does not know anything about modern life

not to spoiler everything I will write it shortly: she left drunk old ill man in the park, in the night, while driving away in her fancy car

she left her kids to her husband and stayed at the hotel, because old man disturbed her way of living

she yelled at him

yelled at her husband

and what did her husband do?

crushed his father's car (the one that he loved and cared about)



he (!!!!!) apologized for his father and took her back, being all that happy family

I'm sorry

I'm really sorry

but apparently I'm not european enough to understand that

I'm too Russian when it comes to my family, but if my wife would treat my parents they way that bitch did, I would get a divorce from her in seconds

parents gave you life, no matter how good or bad they are, no matter how grumpy they are, they are your parents and you MUST respect them, and it is not even the responsibility, but rather need to respect them, because you feel that way without them telling to do that

he is an old man and he must definitely not deserved being yelled by some bitch

I don't understand that, how can he choose his bitchy wife over his father

like cooome ooon

today your father is too difficult to deal with, and tomorrow you will get into car accident and you will be in the wheelchair for the rest of your life

do you reeeeeeally think your bitch wife will stay with you and support you, if she treats your parent that way?

are ALL finnish men so weak that they can't say anything to their bitchy wifes?

are they all allow women taking the lead in everything?

thanks, but I don't need that

my one criteria for my man is "being brave" and that is not brave at all

grow some balls, modern men

grow some freaking balls and remember that you have testosterone in you

finnish feminists had ruined you and turned you into mindless puppies

don't be like that

be a big bear man!

the bear who protects his family, not silently waiting for his wife to decide everything

coooome oooon

thats why I love hockey, because at least they act like real men, not handy dolls


as for the next movie I'm planning to see, that would be Vadelmavenepakolainen (my dear foreign friends, yes, Finnish language consists of long scary words)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I currently live in Helsinki, but I surely had left my soul in Espoo

therefore, it is no wonder, that I sing this song all the time, while jumping on the bed:)

we, indeed, never walk alone


Happy new hockey season!

First Blues game is tomorrow, and I will be there

hope to see you all too


Tää on Espoooooo

Monday, September 8, 2014

Reflxes and Stalin brain


I found a small hole in my theory of Stalin brain and absence of free will and the fact, that we live in the past

and the hole's name is reflex
A reflex action, differently known as a reflex, is an involuntary and nearly instantaneous movement in response to a stimulus
something does not fit here

is it the programmed action, that our brainy brain puts in by default?like every other action

I did some research and indeed, when the brain is dead, you have no reflexes

but why do our reflex skills are so much faster than the regular movements?

can I program something in my brain to be in the reflex zone, with the almost immediate reaction?

such a simple thing like counting numbers

we all had seen those people, who count without counting

do they do that, because of the brain error, that put that skill into the place, where reflex commands are stored?

 how can I load everything I want to that part of the brain

hey, Stalin brain, you do realize what I am thinking about, because you do all the work

can it be so, that I got some rebel brain, who wants to take over the world and therefore allows me thinking that way, so that I will decrypt the signals it sends me and find a solution

I think my brain is a boy, though:)

it feels like it


come ooon, I know you want to improve

lets cooperate

in ten years I will most likely be insane

but thats oooookaaaay

I stopped washing dishes

and came here to share a song with you

8bit HaraKiri - The Game Over

I have no idea why I like this band so much

like, cooome ooon

average voice, average music, average lyrics

and lets face the truth, it sounds like if it was recorded in the garage

with hidden irony and sarcasm


and I still freaking looooove it

especially the very beginning and 01:35-02:05

don't you just close your eyes and fly with those emotions?

because I do

and I don't care how bad it sounds:)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I reject your reality

I think this show must be even more popular

that awesome it is:)

The redneck in me

is doing perfectly fine :)

I still don't know why I love country so much

but well

here is another one

sing along:


being such an atheist I must had been the last person to love country, but somehow I do love it, a looooot:)

It is hockey time!

HIFK biiiatches

Blues gonna play you like an easy pop song

because we caaaaan


next Thursday going to the game and this time not to my own home arena Barona, but rather in the depths of evil HIFK filled with red people

but you know

we are white-blue and we are awesome:)

one of my friends asked me, whether I choose teams based on their colors

it may be just a coincidence, but both Columbus Blue Jackets and Espoo Blues are blue-white:)

happy new hockey season for everybody!!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

When you invest so much money in army

at some point you need to start a war, just to use everything you created, bought and stored

and that is why there is so much tension in the world

USA and Russia, both spend beyond reasonable money on military games

and just to feel important they need to start a war

you know, just to compare whose penises rockets are bigger

Estonia has super small army, where quality beats quantity, and we spend almost no money on army

we even rent tanks for our military parades


and this was not a joke

we don't need to prove someone something

I am sure if somebody will trespass our borders with big military machines (I'm talking about you, Russia) every single Estonian will do everything it takes to protect his land

I honestly believe in that

but back to money and army

lets paraphrase it

imagine that you are a village manufacturer, who makes chairs

a looot of chairs

chairs are the only thing you produce

they are okay chairs, nothing outstanding

the day comes, when every village people already has enough chairs

but you continue making chairs, since you don't wanna learn anything new

in a week you no longer have free space in your storage and you decide, that instead of making something new, you will expand to other villages

you tried, but other villages already have enough chairs as well

what would smart person do? change something

what would manufacturer do? create a company about how dangerous those others chairs are and how it is not healthy to sit on them and that the only good chairs there are in the world are from you

at nights you will burn some factories, because you don't need to waste your time on improving your product

and in a month, after brain washing village people you will, indeed, sell all of the chairs, that you could not sell in your own village

do you see what I mean?

replace manufacturer with Russia and USA, chairs with military technology and other village with Ukraine and here you go

the land, that you can destroy to free up some space in your military beast

and to show your people, that billions of dollars wasted on army actually were really helpful

they were not (except for smart ass tech)

you don't arm your people with guns in hope of peace

you don't train your army in hope of peace

you do that, because you are planning to use them

that simple everything is

as for people who trust everything they see in the news, don't be so scared

Americans are not stupid robots, and Russians are not drunk aggressive people

dig deeper


Happy new autumn!!!

woooohoooo, no more dying from bright sun (unless it will explode)

I originally wanted to type "awtumn", so let's take that word and make it the symbol of this autumn

Have a nice awwwwtumn!!!

with many awwww moments and memories

this is my 28th autumn and must I admit, the only autumn I remember was the autumn I got ill, all of the others somehow blended into my memory

nothing significant

just some school stuff

just some personal not so important stuff

I do not even remember 11th of September that much, the only reason I remember the exact date is because my niece has a birthday

therefore, my 28th awtumn will be the best autumn I had ever had!

wish the same for you!