Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Back to work

On monday I will be working again

in Finland

so now I'm franticly looking for a place to live and thinking about getting second job

you know

the job after your main job just to make some money



waking up so early again


that I did not miss at all

may be I will find some room closer to my work:)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The devil everybody love

I'm talking about people who watch Supernatural

and the devil is Crowley

I do not know who created that personage, but he or she definitely deserves some sort of award for saving that show

without Crowley Supernatural could had been the saddest show ever

I'm watching Supernatural with my niece and she made a comment about Sam: walking piece of sadness

but Crowley stole the show

you understand that he is "the bad guy", but you love him anyway, because of his personality:)


Good people should move to Estonia

almost all of the things described in that video never happened in Estonia

because we are the country of good people!


our government should use this line to attract more tourists here: Estonia - the land of good people


shooting here is rare

usually it is some bad guys things

we don't kill elephants (obviously, because we don't have them), but we don't kill our beautiful animals as well, on the contrary, their population always grows (I'm talking about deers, bears, lynxes and others)

we don't have religious fanatics and I am pretty sure we will never have them, because Estonians are a little bit wild, when it comes to taking their home away an we just don't let that happen, dear Finnish friends should had been a little bit more self oriented  then they would not have that big problem that they have now with thousands of muslim people demanding respect for their religion

it is not common for Estonian people to even have guns in their homes, unless they are hunters

it is not common for Estonian people to let somebody dictate what they need to believe in

our police does amazing job

our army may be super small, but it is that case, when quality outstands quantity

we are poor, but not Africa like poor

we are cold, but you can rely on us

we are all a little bit self oriented, but there is only about 1mln of actual Estonians in the whole world and excuse them, but they will be fighting if somebody decides to take their land away

oh, and we are smart:)

I'm obviously not talking about every single one of us, because bad people happen to be born everywhere

yes, Estonians drink a lot

yes, Estonians have problems with drugs

and dumbie druggies steal a lot

but there are less than 100 killings in the whole Estonia in a year

and most of them happen in the kitchen, when one drunkie kills another drunkie for some crazy reason

I don't wanna be here anymore is definitely not written about my country

unless you want to become famous

you won't became famous if you are from Estonia

and this might be the only reason why you would not wanna be here anymore:)

as for the rest of us:

Welcome to Estonia! The land of good people!

I do not remember half of my life

I am not kidding

I do not have amnesia, but today when I tried to remember something from my life I realized I do not remember at least half of my life

and not only old things, but recent as well

I do not remember living in one room with my dying grandma

I do not remember living with my dad, who broke his leg at that time

I do not remember living in one room with my two sisters and my niece when she was new born and cried all the time

I do not remember most of the school days

I do not remember how I first got to the hospital

I do not remember all of the bad things that happened in my life

I remember, that those specific things happened, but they are like one liners in my memory

I can describe precisely what happened with me if that made me happy

I knew, that brain has that ability to close some memories, if they cause bad feelings

but I never realized how powerful that ability is

and it is freaking me out a little bit

but then again

I could have been insane, if I remembered everything that my beautiful mind decided to shut down in the depths of my brain

Thank you!

I love you!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I'm a driver now

Today I finally passed the exam for driving license

barely passed

like, baaaaarely

but passed

I'm an official driver now, even though I don't enjoy driving:)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cold hearts and faded glory

I can almost feel their screams

From being needed and powerful to being left over and forgotten

that is the perfect description of human nature: if I can't sell it, I will dump it

or if you prefer associations with significant others: if it is not healthy (new, beautiful etc) anymore, I will leave it

I really don't understand it, how can you just leave a ship like that

I understand why they put ships on shelves to save something and somebody

but I do not understand why after all of the works that needed to be done, you just leave it there for years and years and years

I am from city with beautiful cold sea

and I respect ships no matter how old and ugly they are

it is completely normal to feel some sort of respect for artificial things if they are so mighty and useful

and think about all of the things that once happened on those ships

all of people that worked there

and you just leave it

you know

casually hanging out on the shore

I do not really understand why owners of the ships can trash the sea like that with no significant consequences

it is probably something like "if I can't see the problem, that problem does not exist"

I feel bad, really really bad for those forgotten ships

I hope they will find a peace someday

as for the people who let that happen and did nothing to solve the problem: I hope you feel miserable for what you do

and I hope you are now afraid of the seas and the oceans


you know

anything can happen there :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

One word

wanna play a mental game?

the one, where you have to answer as quickly as possible

think about somebody you know and say the very first word that comes to your mind

without thinking

that may be unexpected

but most of the people I know are super cool

and here is the twist

after thinking about at least 5 people say your own name and see what your brain thinks about you

my word could have been much worse:)


that I knew long ago already and finally learned how to deal with it

could have been something nice like "smart" or "awesome"

but well

obsessive it is:)))

Sunday, July 20, 2014

If I were British

I would not leave my home for months

because there are just waaaay too many good tv shows

or, as apparently it is called in UK, tv series:)

I looove looove loooove how realistic they are

US shows are good, but they tend to be either very sugar coated or on the contrary very dirty

UK however is just like the real life

with lots of fun and drama at the same time, but with no exaggeration

my latest find is Stella

I'm melting down when I watch it, it is like if I live in that town and see everything about their life

and oh how I was happy, when Stella finally went on a date with Sean and all of the things she was worried about

that is soooooo sweeeeeet

the trailer is not so great, because somehow they probably took all the scenes where they talk about sex and put it together:) or maybe the series is so great, that it doesn't even bother you, when they talk about sex since it is natural and not like in american shows when you think: really? are you talking about it, agaaaaain?

In addition to music redneck in me, I probably have some tiny brit who loves sitting at home watching the television:)))

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Camels who can tolerate cold

like whaaaat

I knooooow

today I learned that some camels can even eat snow

I somehow always thought, that camels only live in the deserts that always have above average temperature

I was wrong and let me enlighten you

Bactrian camels can live in the deserts where cold temperatures are not rare

Gobi, for example

and that makes me questioning my level of knowledge

how little do I know, if I did not know that some camels can tolerate snow

now you know it too:)

Lies rich people sell

I'm still looking for the ways to get rich

read plenty of books about rich people

checked the Forbes lists

and came to not such a great conclusion

of 100 rich people, somewhat 90 are the simple sellers

I mean liars

I mean sellers


what I'm trying to say, is that people get rich by selling products to other people for the prices higher than they bought it

in simple words: you bought an apple for 1 euro and sell the same apple for 2.99 euros


and you did not even grew it yourself

you just bought it from some nice farmer and resold it for much higher price

I'm not kidding, resellers are the majority of rich people, whether they sell fruits or houses

How the hell do they live knowing, that their fortune is a result of stealing money from not so rich people

How the hell do we agree to pay the price they ask for the products we need?

I absolutely have no idea

but since I already decided I won't be doing reselling crap the chances of getting rich are not so great now


but there are 10 more percent of rich people who got rich by actually creating something new and useful (Bill Gates, you are for sure one of them)

the easiest way is obviously being a writer or singer or actor

it may be considered as creation especially when we are talking about good book

I think I indeed need to start writing some mind blowing book, since I have no problems with my imagination

aaaaand with the little money I will get from doing that I will invest it into one of the crazy ideas I have, to improve my life (I'm talking about shoes now, the shoes that won't tear your leg apart each time you put them on)

that can make millions of women happy


You may continue lying to people, but I will take the hard road to keep my soul clean

oh, yeah

I'm back:)

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Black Market

made myself a present for my birthday:)


Rise against made me a present for my birthday by creating new masterpiece


I like that feeling, when you place pre-order and finally get a call from the music store

I got mine today:)

I like it a loooooot




I don't love it

I am the huuuuuuuge fan of Rise Against and by the number of posts containing Rise Against music here you may agree with me on that

I had listened to every album that they have and I could listen to it many many many more times non stop without skipping songs

but with this one I could not say that

I already have songs that I always skip: The Black market and Sudden life

the lyrics of every song is outstanding and give you a lot to think about

the music is perfectly played

the voice is perfectly staged

and that is the problem

it is just too overdone, the Tim's vocals are missing his beautiful raucousness and now he sounds so clean, that you can almost forget who is singing now

the music of every song is well played, but it is put together in such combinations that you start wondering: did they forget to edit it and decided to put every single part that they recorded during all these years?

it is just too much

it is not cacophony, but it doesn't sound clean enough

too many different sounds in one song

I don't really understand how after all of the albums that they had they ended up with such a poorly put together one

did they hire somebody new?

did they forgot to tell him: look, man, we recorded a lot of versions and you can chose what you think will sound better on CD, but don't put it all in one song

it is slight disappointment, but some songs are already in my playlist:)

The Eco-Terrorist In Me:

only Tim can sing: "Will you say you did everything you could" so fast and so understandable :)


probably my favorite song of Black Market

and Zero Visibility:

we are not brave

we are not wise

these are my favorite songs of CD and even with that shitty quality that I found on youtube you can still hear the overdone music and overly clean voice

I heard a lot of opinions that Rise Against are always the same, but for me if you tell me the song, I can easily name the album, because the punk vibe on every CD is different and if you thought Saviour was not punk enough, then you will think Saviour is the most punk song in comparison with the new album

Overdone is the right word to describe it

needs serious editing

but I do think all of the songs would sound amazing live or even acoustic

to sum up: Dear Rise Against, you should fire the one who put it together

The Black Market is good, but it is far from great

but I don't regret buying the CD, because maybe in twenty years I will be telling my kids: and here is the worst Rise Against album, after that they created the best album and continued writing good songs years after years after years, and today we are going to hear them live

every band has bad albums, lets hope that The Black Market would be the only black album for Rise Against

We love you!

I don't wanna sound sarcastic, buuuuut

The Good Left Undone should be the real name of The Black Market CD, because it describes it well:)

here is Rise Against in all of its glory:

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cutie pie

sunshine :)