Sunday, June 29, 2014

Can I have two hours of my life back?

Dear Steven Soderbergh I'm talking to you now

since I am lazy ass who rarely watches anything that lasts more than 50 minutes and does not have Shyamalan name in it I decided to change it and watch some movies

and because I had heard plenty of good reviews on Magic Mike which apparently will have sequel soon, I decided, why the hell not

I knew it was about male strippers

so at least I expected some good bodies

weeeell, now I know for sure, that gym steroid guys are definitely not my type of men

I even played some games while watching the movie, because after realizing it probably doesn't have aaaaany kind of story the male bodies did not catch my attention

not Russel Crow, girls, not Russel Crow

more like some brick faced emotionless piece of meat

therefore the only thing good about this movie was that I realized that good body is not enough for me and that good body in my mind is definitely something other than the bodies in the movie

I did watch the movie until the end, because I really wanted to see where do those almost two hours lead

expected some twisted end like my man Shyamalan can film


ended like it started - pointless

I mean were the plot writers too confused writing the dances that Mike and Co danced that they simply forgot to add aaaaaaany kind of storyline?

aaaaany kind

if you want a short summary of the movie, here it is, no spoilers needed, because there is nothing to spoiler about: the movie is about Mike, who works in the construction at days, while being a stripper at nights (don't ask when he sleeps), when he is not working he goes to parties and sleeps with anybody, secretly hoping for his friend's sister. The best part is that he wants to start a hand-made furniture business and he needs some heeeeeeell of a big loan from bank, that he can't get. Now think about it: he has brand new car, he lives in a big house ALONE (even if he does not own it, I'm pretty sure the rent is super high), goes to parties and spends a lot of money on it, how much do you need money to start a hand-made furniture business? just how much? what the hell do you need to buy soooooo expensive to start it that you need some 17 000 and more loan?you have a new car, you have a big house, but you are freaking stripper, because you need money


hoooow is it even possible


I don't like the movie

I don't think it should be classified as movie

if you are not into steroid boys, don't watch it

The movie that lasts 110 minutes longer than it should be

My girl crush

I just love her

Don't like the song, though

but she looks gooooooorgeous

I'm talking about Carrie

did I mention how she looks?


I want that black outfit and her bad ass attitude

and when I get tired of my beautiful golden locks I would definitely go blond

but not now:)

Girls have mustaches too

and you have to accept this fact



today I bought some russian magazine and I was reeeally surprised when I saw the cover of it


and it felt gooooooooood


and while looking on the cover girl, I saw that she has those really light mustaches and even being 20-something years old her skin looked really really old with tons of make up

and it felt gooooooooood

knowing that you look better than professional model is definitely an ego boost:)

I suppose it was some mistake and they forgot to put the right photoshopped photo (because usually they have waaaay overly photoshopped photos) and put the original filter free one

it was some "girls with mustaches day" today, the lovely girl, who works in fast food had the mustaches that may taken for the boy's one

I just don't understand it, okay, if you prefer "God created me that way" position I accept it, but the color in your hair somehow tells me, that you color it badly, thaaaaaat is apparently allowed to change

it is that little secret all girls have to some extent, we all have excessive hair where man have mustaches, but for most of us it is barely seen, but not for all

and although for white girls they are usually really light, but come on, if you can see it, if your camera sees it, if you can touch it then yo should do something with it, because it is not the game of "if I ignore it, it does not exist" it doooooooes and it looks baaaad

therefore, no matter how gorgeous you look, if you are girl having mustaches, do something with it, there are a lot of possibilities to get rid off it

as for the girls who are average looking like I am, here is the good news: this week we look better than professional Russian model!



Saturday, June 28, 2014

You said we die alone

in this case you were riiiight

oooooh, I'm putting up my road songs playlist and damn if I lie, bur I'm gonna sing in the car with my whole chest while standing in traffic to every single song in that playlist:)

this week is "songs for the tough guys"

sing along even if you are not in the car

because it is pretty much pub song:

and here is another great song from the same band (Dropkick Murphys if you ask for the name of the band)

and even though it has the same pub vibe it is about some preettttyyy serious problem

I don't predict the future, I don't caaare about the paaaaast

I don't drink, but after listening to those songs I just wanna go to some Irish pub and sing those songs with drunk men while drinking beer and talking about what is happening in English football


don't you all wanna do that?

I probably should do that

except for the beer, it tastes bad, but can I cheat on everybody pretending drinking beer, when it is just an apple juice?

as for my funeral song, there is a light chance that I would wanna hear chorus of this song:

You may bury me with an enemy in mount calvary
You can stack me on a pyre and soak me down with whiskey
Roast me to a blackened crisp and throw me in a pile
I could really give a shit - I'm going out in style
You can take my urn to fenway spread my ashes all about
Or you can bring me down to wolly beach and dump the sucker out
Burn me to a rotten crisp and toast me for a while
I could really give a shit - I'm going out in style
I probably would write something about this in my last will:) I could really give a shiiit I'm going out in styyyyyle


and the last song I wanna share with you is much more darker

Johnny Cash - God's Gonna Cut You Down

I am still an atheist, but I just have to admit that songs with religious background can be very badass :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I should reconsider things I like

I have old PC and it contains tonnes of useless files and pictures

sometimes I arrange clean up days for erasing something I don't need and today I found folder with the pictures that I took while I was working in Finland

and my favorite one is this one:
it was the day when I was packing my things to move back to Tallinn and while I was running with things to pack I noticed that I had not yet cleaned my wardrobe hangers

so those three things are actual things, that I used during last week of me being in Finland :)

yeeeah, I have my working jacket (I'm construction surveyor), I have my little black dress (went to Ólafur Arnalds concert) and my Espoo Blues scarf (obviously went to the hockey game)

sometimes I think I have way too many things I love and way too complicated personality, but it seems to me, it is just who I am, the girl, who can go after manly working clothes changing to little black dress to listen to Icelandic music and after go to hockey game, while feeling awesome:)

and I still do think, that my ass looks amazing in my working pants:)

with the black dress it happened so that I was being late, oooof coooourse, to the concert, but I somehow was sure, that there would be some local band playing for an hour or so, I was wrong and I was 15min late, so when I entered the theater the lights were already off and I could not find my seat, what would Jana do? I took off my nice shoes and gracefully sat in my little black dress on the staircase:)yes, I was sitting in the floor while enjoying Icelandic musician:) I can do that, don't I?:) what I loved about that evening besides sitting on the floor, is that I felt like I'm sort of master of puppets:) when I listened to couple of songs and realized that apparently Finns don't use long pauses between songs to support musicians with clapping I started clapping. Starter clapper:) and it worked perfectly, when I started clapping, everyone started clapping after me and it was good:) don't get me wrong, I did not do that after every song, but when there would be a pause, why not use it

it was an outstanding performance, and I am glad, that I was able to go there

even though that sometimes I wish I would had been more simple person, it is nevertheless amazing, that I am interested in so many different things

*wait until you will hear my road music :)

Friday, June 13, 2014

My thought exactly

I'm too much of a hockey fan to watch football:)

and you should watch IT Crowd, where you can find appropriate description for football:


I liked "and apparently that deserves a round of applause" the most


but one of my favorite episodes is about the fire at sea parks)))

Why do celebrities never come to live in Estonia?

we are small country with everything that you will ever need

and without paparazzi

yeah, we have some photographers who are more into our local stars, but you will never see anybody running in front of you shooting you from every angle

you can even meet our president in some food store without security guard and everybody pretending, that they don't know who he is

personal space is important issue here

yeah, on parties you can get tonnes of pictures of our stars, but not when they are leaving their homes on a daily basis

therefore, if you are famous and got tired of everybody following you, come to Estonia!

we have all the tech, clean nature and ecological food

we have 1,4mln people in the whole country and those people will forget you the day after you come here


property here is cheap and well build

Estonia can be your hiding place!

How do you live like that?

my friend asked me, when we met week ago

you see, I'm no longer hiding what I think

and I say what I think at the time

when she listened to some of my theories and answered to some of my weird questions she seriously asked me: how do you live like that?

with the brain, that generates idea after idea after idea

when I find someone to help me, we will surely take over the world with my ideas and his/her planning and support

I told my friend, that she can write some thesis on my brain, since she will be starting studying psychology:)

and I told her my concerns of going insane, she promised to tell me, when I turn into something crazy:)

and we walked, talked for half a day, even though she is happily married and has two kids, I guess the fact, that sometimes I say strange things does not scare good people away:)

not to mention that we turned into medieval time archers:)in the old town we have like an entertainment, where you get arrows and bows from girls dressed in medieval times dresses and imagining you are actually in the Old town

I'm a bad archer, but still not as bad as I thought I would be:)

since we were so engaged in the actions, we even forgot taking any pictures, but let me mentally paint it for you

she is much taller than me, has long brown hair and green eyes, she somehow was wearing long green dress, which can be easily taken as old times dress, therefore she was a princess with the bow

I'm shorter than her, with wavy golden hair and gray eyes, wearing short faux leather dress, high faux leather boots and I was obviously not the princess, but "the One who escaped from the dungeon"


and damn if I'm lying, but when two such different slim girls are staying with bows, leather protection gloves and armlet and imagining that they are fighting for the cow (the best archer in our story would win the cow) that is something you should see:)

that was an amazing day, and even though, I talk a lot now, somebody find it interesting and not weird:)

I won the imaginary cow, by the way:)

even with the brain I developed I can live like that:)

Dear Keanu Reeves

I'm just letting you know that my brain thinks you are my destiny


saw a dream couple of days ago where my friend told me with the exact words: Keanu Reeves is your destiny

and I am not a really big fan of him and it is highly unpopular opinion, but I think that Matrix is way overrated

to be completely honest, I do not even find him attractive, because obviously, with so many posts here, my type is blond men:)

nevertheless, dear Keanu Reeves, if you have problems with finding anything significant in your life, then you should come to Estonia, maybe I can help you and you can help me

no feelings involved:)

besides the desire to set the world on fire and watch it rise from the ashes



they are back


new Rise Against:

I just can't stop imagining jumping to this song on their show


soooooo much energy

they sound not like Endgame, but more like earlier more punk'ish version, smth like The Sufferer & the Witness

and and and and and


July 15th :)

I'm not lying, Rise Against is the only band left, whose CDs I actually buy

to listen to it with my old walkman:)

and I loooooove that they did not turn to electro crap and stayed the same good Rise Against with amazing music, deep meanings and Tim's voice, that is capable of killing

just listen how he sings I don't wanna be here anymore, with that magical "rrr-voice"

"and something has to die to be reborn" :)

I love Rise against

thank you for your music!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Mike is back!!!

back rapping


oh, how I missed good old Linkin Park:

I got so tired of their electro crap, that I don't even know how many albums do they have now

but it is always good to hear Mike Shinoda rapping again:)

and Chester kinda screaming

aggressive songs that I like:)

bringing back good memories


this picture sums up what I think about getting flowers:


when I look at flowers in the vase I always think that they are dying

and yeah, getting flowers shows you that somebody cared enough to buy them

but for me it is more like: and what am I supposed to do with those dying things?just get me chocolate next time you want to make me happier

or balloons

I always say how much I love that dressed air, but NEVER in my life did I get one

nobody ever gave me a balloon

dead flowers? here you go

balloons? nope, not gonna get it


my birthday is July 10th, please, don't buy dead flowers, congratulate me with happy air (even though, it is not clean air, but gas)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

There can never be too much Prince Harry


Prince Charming he is:)