Thursday, February 27, 2014

Estonians won exactly 0 Olympic games medals

that's a lot

I may say that I have the same amount of Olympic game medals as any of the athletes that are currently in the national team

therefore I am the part of the team too



I did not like the attitude that they had while commenting on their progress

blame everybody for everything, but not just themselves

not cool, bros, not cool

you failed, apologize and try your best next time

I need money to get myself to the professional sports and I am working on it :)

meanwhile, here is eye candy for the girls

Super Svendsen in the suit:

photoshopped like every top model in the magazines, but still:)

I need a schedule

that will solve a lot of my time management problems

I need to create schedules for every single day with all of the actions I  need to do


Sometimes I feel like this


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Insulting religious feelings

Sometimes I get confused so much that my brain starts suggesting weird ideas


Russia has a law, that states Insulting religious feelings can cause you pretty bug fine or even jail time (up to 3 years) if you do insult some happy believer with your non-believer way of life (just to point that out, the law was written after Pussy Riot performance happened in the church, not before)

I like projecting situations on myself and I indeed can insult religious people, so I may end up in the Russian prison

I read the law and it is full of holes, or should I say it is one big hole of misunderstanding

therefore, if you happen to be in the court with that, I suggest you using my plan

declare your own religion in the court

in my world it would be Janism (you can use your name)

Janism states that there is only one God and God is Jana, who happened to come to Earth in this exact body of my own

Janism does not need churches or books, because my body is the church and religion book is written in my brain, I am the God, I don need to print my own thoughts

it does have history and heritage, my religion is already 27 years old and has physical prove of God existence (me, obviously)

and here comes the fun part: the main sin in my religion is that nobody can touch me if I am not allowing it and it is forbidden to restrict my freedom (that also includes putting me to prison and having my hands closed in cuffs), do you see the twist? if you do any of that, that may be taken as Insulting religious feelings and I will tell everybody in the court, that I am going to sue them for doing that and nobody can touch me, unless they want to share my prison cell with the same jail time

because stupid laws lead to stupid actions

oh, did my post insulted your religious feelings?

get over it

sometimes I regret not living in Russia:)

but not often

Monday, February 24, 2014

Dear snow,

the coordinates of Tallinn are 59° 26′ N, 24° 45′ E

would you be so kind and visit us


seriously, I do not remember such a snowless February, not a single day it was snowing in February, none



we had some not-sure-if-it-snow-or-rain-but-it-looks-more-like-rain days

I miss the white winter

Good jumping song

and he is handsome

Is February a month of disappointing videos on good pop songs?

seems like it

first Shakira

now Katy Perry

just look at this wannabe Cleopatra disastrous video on a good pop song:

after her performance on Grammy I thought, woooow, she can make one hell of an awesome video out of it, and here you go, some childish wish to be a queen of non existing kingdom

make a new video, Katy, please

and yes, sometimes I listen to old Katy Perry songs when she was not yet popular and had the opportunity to sing about anything she wanted not keeping in mind being tolerant and socially appropriate

Canada's win game did not make me happy

but Finland's bronze game did

I guess, I had chosen the favorite team

Finland it is:)

I even cried when they got their medals and I felt absolutely nothing when Canada won, like, okay, congratulations, I guess

it seems to me I had not forgiven big bear Nash for leaving my team, but at least I tried to

Congratulations, Finland!!!

oh, yeah, Canada too

Friday, February 21, 2014

Some people walk but get nowhere

I'm definitely one of  that type of people

saaaad faaaace

not really, since the song is aaaaawesome

Is the lie worth defending?

I did not realize that I am that stupid

had sudden clarity moment when I was washing my hands

I put a hand creme hours ago and when I was washing my hands I could feel that creme layer washing off and then I realized, waaaaaaaait, why the hell do I use those kind of products, when the only function they have is covering your skin, so that it could feel soft

then I realized, that skin is indeed the largest organ in our body, but it is basically just a very important cover

and in no freaking way you can moisture it using cremes

because if it soaks into skin as it is promised, it does not stay in the same exact place and if you need to moisture some part of your body you literally need to be put laaaayers of lotion on your whole body, just to somehow make it less dry and if you do that only partially, you just create the illusion of it, when you wash it off, you wash away the illusion as well

I am thinking now that lotions are useless (I'm not talking about the medical ones that help in certain skin problem situations)

and if I need to have soft moisturized skin, I should stop using those products and find a way to pump my body up with needed substances

I guess I'm not spending money on lotions anymore

*unless they smell good or have shimmer in it, because I'm still a girl and we love those things, even when they are useless:)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ole Einar Bjoerndalen

13 Olympic medals, 8 of them are gold

no comments needed

The King of biathlon!

Well now you know where Latvia is

don't you, Canadian people?


learn a new name - Kristers Gudlevskis

I love this girl

so much, that I don't mind listening to the song titled Whore and enjoy it


What would you do if you have Vezina Trophy winner in your team?

answer is: not using him in very important game

Congratulations, Finland with going to semifinals!!!


I enjoyed their game, very clean and elegant, not hit and run kind of kind, but perfect team work

I really hope Finns will win the gold medals


as for the Russian team

well, I hope one day I will understand why would you have to wait for three goals to put Bob in the net

from one point of view I understand, that he played yesterday and may be tired, but from the Columbus fan point of view I just want to remind you, that NHL schedule is very tense and those boys know how to restore the strength in very small amount of time

why would you wait for so long, if you have such an outstanding goaltender?

nevertheless it was the perfect game for me, Finland won and Bobrovsky had 100 SV%

congratulations, Bob!

Oh no, he did not!

was my only thought when I watched biathlon mass start finish


I'm pretty sure, that for a second I had my heart stopped:)

I don't  like Martin Fourcade for no obvious reason, but if he would had crossed the finish line before super Svendsen I would had had a reason for hating him, like, maaaaan, you see that he already stopped fighting, why the hell would you try to finish first behind his back?

that is a good lesson for Svendsen, do not be happy before you crossed the line if you have bitchy Fourcade behind you

nevertheless, congratulations Emil Hegle Svendsen!!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I love them




even from the pictures you can feel the energy of those awesome men


I love them

And then I decided to become rich

I never really wanted to be rich, because I was into mental stuff and things about being a good person

but starting from today, I wanna be rich, and I'm going to become one

because being good person doesn't help you in life, I got used so many times, that it is painful to even think about it

what helped me to realize that I wanna be rich, is....

dot dot dot

Hugo Boss dresses :)

seriously, when I saw it in the shop with the price tag somewhere around 500 eur for a single dress I decided "screw being a good person, gonna aim for money now", because the seams of the dress were just perfect, the shape of the dress, the material of the dress, those are the dresses I wanna wear

I'm going to the dark side of money and material things now, maybe there I find happiness, and if not, well, I will always have my perfect dresses


and since I always think big

I will buy Tesla car

I will buy my perfect house

I will get my own hockey team

and I will build my lovely bookstore

I understand that I wont be making those money in geodesy, but geodesy is my passion, and I wont be leaving it

once a surveyor, always a surveyor

but I have plenty of time after working day, therefore, my original plan is to become the next J.K. Rowling


I'm gonna be rich!

The victim of ads

I usually don't buy products that are highly promoted, but I read about liquid D vitamin and decided to try that

oooonly becaaaause of the ad

which is weird, since the ad was boring as hell, I just liked the bottle

yeah, yeah, thats what girls do - we pick something based on the look:)))

but here is my new friend now:

I was not sure should I buy it, but when I saw "better you" on the package it was a deal breaker for me:) of course I wanna be better me:)

and it doesn't taste good, it tastes interesting which for me is better than good:) therefore it is like little pleasure for me, which hopefully is, indeed, full of vitamin D


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I had not cried in a while

but yesterday I almost started crying on the freaking bus stop station

last days were not so happy and full of sunshine

I'm not the best driver

I have bad hair days way too often

I am tired of headaches

I'm pretty much just tired of everything

I don't like that weak miserable part of me

so today I woke up and decided that I will bring my tough Jana back

and she is back:)

and I hope she killed the weak one, because being fabulous is awesome

no more crying on the bus stop station

I'm gonna own the bus stops now:)

oh, wait

I'm already doing that:)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

You regret your decision to trade Bobrovsky, don't you?

I'm talking to you, phi bitches


I now will post a very old video of how Bob used to play, and I really couldn't stop laughing the way he screams Bobrovsky in so many variations:)

I especially love the moment when he whispers: Bobroooovsky


number one cop :)

nevertheless, who is laughing now, phi bitches?

we love you, Bobrovsky! :)

Insects are not big fans of red color

like whaaat

I told you I read a lot of books on every theme possible:)

so today I learned, that insects do not see well in the yellow, orange and red portion of the spectrum and that if the flower is red, then most likely most of the insects will ignore it

at night it becomes more interesting, insects do not see at all light in red bulbs

I think I need to change my wardrobe into red and color my room in solid yellow, may be they will ignore me then:)

but my goal for the summer will be to check whether wearing yellow, red or orange clothes can be helpful in decreasing the number of the bites I get:)

obviously it cant erase me from their world because I still smell like a human being, but maaay be, juuuust maaaaaay be, it will help a bit:)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

I understand now why girls wanna show their bodies

I always was against women who wear almost no clothes or who make naked pictures

but the older I get, the more I understand how awesome it is and why do they do that

the answer is very simple: they just like it :)

they feel so comfortable in their own bodies, that they just love showing it off and I applaud to that now

don't get me wrong, this approval is not for teenage girls trying to get a boy, porn stars on drugs trying to get some money or strippers trying to pay the bills, no, those kind of girls will never get my respect, but the girls who just enjoy doing what they do is completely different kind of people

and I love then now


you see, some Destiny in local strip bar, who looks like a cheap whore, acts like a cheap whore and dances like a cheap whore is most likely a cheap whore

but take for example Dita von Teese

she has a lot of money now, but she still continues to perform (and her shows are performance, indeed) just because she loves it, not because she was forced to

is she a classical beauty? no, but she act like a winner of Miss Universe :) and that is awesome

The Pretty Reckless girl has such a mighty voice, that you tend to forget, that she has a rocking body as well:)

but I never liked Marilyn Monroe, for me she is that one troubled girl fighting for attention in the only way she knows - through the bed, not talent

no wonders that she ended up like that

therefore, girls, if you are adult women, who do not use drugs and just love your body so much, that you do not feel uncomfortable of showing it to the people you don't know, I understand that and I respect that

after all, it is just a free will, you either wanna do it or not

it is like with smoking, you either smoke or not, and I do not judge the people anymore for smoking or drinking

you chose the way of life you lead, I chose the people I am friends with:)

why should I bother of alcoholics, if they let this happen to them, may be they just love this path to nowhere and it is their choice

unless you do something wrong with my family or friends, then I will turn your life into hell, no matter how drunk you were


and I'm not kidding

nevertheless, Go Girls!

Hope you are coming back soon

it is the text messages like that that make you smile:)

that somebody actually misses you and wants to see you again



I do not really like driving

shocking, right?

to fight for so long for something you don't really like that much

but like it or not, I have to get the license

and I will:)

I will be a good driver, my instructor said, that I'm really calm driver and I do not panic at roads at all (well, on my first driving lesson I drove in the city and in my second one in the center of the city on the biggest roads, still calm as a rock:))and I know how to apply brakes pretty good

I have problems with feeling the size of the car, so most of the times when there is no road markings I tend to drive either way too close to the edges or like a king in the middle of the road, where there are lines, it is not a problem, I link to the lines and drive according to them:)

the thing that does not make me happy and does not let me enjoy driving the car is other drivers

I stay calm, but deep down I always think, duuuuude, do you reeeeally need to change lines soooo often in suuuuch a limited space

I don't get it, you have the signs, they don't appear out of nowhere for limited amount of time, they are always there, so why the hell would you try to pass all the lines to get to that one that allows you turning left?

I don't like it

I don't mind dying, but I do not wanna see other people die right in front of me just because you somehow got the license while driving like that

but I will try my best to enjoy driving

Congratulations USA and poor Bobrovsky

that was a tense game


I don't like Russian athletes when they compete for country, but I truly love my Columbus Blue Jackets guys

Nikitin, Anisimov, Tyutin, and my favorite Bobrovsky

I had some sort of cognitive dissonance

I wanted USA to win, but I did not want Bobrovsky to lose

I have no idea, how I will handle the Canada-Finland game

seriously, I don't know


nevertheless, Congratulations to USA and to the brightest star of the game

Master of shootouts - T.J. Oshie

(Photo: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports)
that was some sort of art work:)

and dear Bobrovsky, you were great as always! don't be too sad

not to forget the goalie from USA (I have endless space for goalies in my heart, remember?)

Mister Jonathan Quick

I love hockey :)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Simplicity at its finest

I love this song:

I love simple things, because it is much harder to create


that fine line between not enough and way too much is hard to find

same with people

I lose interest when some man starts talking with quotes of Nietzsche or Freud, I always think: duuuuude, I don't wanna hear what other people think, I wanna know who you are, not what smart ass books you read and memorize without really thinking

and that is why I will never find my love

but I will always have I see fire song to be happy about:)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Taking headaches to the whole new level

sometimes I have strong headache

and pain killers prefer not to work for me for some reasons:)

therefore I usually lay in the bed, imagining that my brain is spaceship and I need to close the broken panels of it

you know, like in my favorite Sunshine movie

when I have the opportunity to lay down and feel what part of my brain suffers from pain, I imagine closing those panels and usually it helps, but it is time consuming actions, because sometimes you don't understand from what part of the brain the pain comes

but today I got the new kind of pain:)

and it is baaaad

it is much worse, when I got to know, from where it comes

it came right from the center of my brain, not on edges like usually, but from inside out

deep sown in the brain, and I can't really use my mental projection, because it is everywhere and nowhere at the same time

therefore I am really sorry for the meetings that I had to cancel today, but you would not want to see me angry, because of the pain, don't you?:)

I'm sorry

but eventually I will find another way to fight that pain, I promise

This world was created for couples only

well okay, not the world, but society

seriously, have you ever noticed, that everything you want to do suggests you are doing with somebody else

wanna stay at the hotel? room with double bed will cost you almost half less per person, than if you take the room for one

wanna eat at the restaurant? you will never get a table for one and you will have to sit at the table for two, trying to ignore those looks that couples give you "oh, look at that poor girl, she is alone"

wanna go to bowling? not gonna happen, if you are alone

wanna go to the party? prepare to answer to question: so, had you found somebody?

do I have to develop bipolar disorder in me to feel comfortable going out?:)

I should think about that

Sunday, February 9, 2014


I sometimes watch tv-shows that girls probably should not watch

but I loooooooooove Uncle, with all of those doubtful jokes:)

and I do think that how he describes what love is extremely realistic:)

I even love those weird songs that he sings:))) I find them funny

and I do find him attractive:))

I laugh way too loud when I hear those songs:) even though they have some meaning as well

I love his voice

Lip Balms

some girls are obsessed with shoes

some girls are obsessed with jewelry

I am obsessed with lip balms

because since I have diabetes I have an additional friend - very dry lips

for many many many years I'm looking for the perfect balm that can moisture lips for at least 6 hours, not like all of those that I have

to understand how bad is my obsession, here is the photo of the balms that I currently have and which best before is still allowing me to use it, just try not to imagine how much I had during those years:)

you see, I can write long opinionated post about how good or bad those balms are, but I don't wanna waste your time, so here it is: those lip balms are crap, some of them cost 2 euros, some 15, but the result is the same - all of them are crap

the less crappy ones are those two:

 I use them more than the rest of the balms, and the orange one is pretty good, but not good enough

some balms I gave to my niece, the ones that I could not use at aaall, who the hell uses chocolate with mint balm anyways, apparently a lot of girls:)

I kinda run out of the balms that I had not used before (I repeat, the ones on the picture are just the last ones that I had, the total from all of those years is beyond appropriate)

some days ago I saw one post about lip balm that has such a good rating, that I wanna get it

unfortunately, I could not find it

so if you have troubles thinking what to get me for my birthday, here is the hint:
  • my birthday is on July 10th
  • I want this:
I hope that I will find it somewhere before my birthday, though

I don't trust ebay when it comes to cosmetics, but maybe I will find it somewhere else



Moon is actually big

it never occurred to me, that there is a huge rock rotating so close to my home

I'm talking about Moon obviously

that distance is not big enough for me not to worry about

and yes, I do think, that Moon used to be part of our Earth

somehow I always thought it was much much further away and much smaller in sizes


I should not read about Mars so much:) distances in space now associated with the distance from Earth to Mars only


that rock is huge and way too close

so if you ever feel lonely, remember, THERE IS A HUGE ROCK ABOVE YOU THAT CAN KILL YOU ANY MOMENT!!!!


just kidding :)

but we are not great with laws of nature, so the fact, that Moon can't fall down to Earth, can be questioned any day from now:)

eeeeverything can happen:)

enjoy your life and don't forget to look at Moon and remember how close it is:)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

If you are a fan of sci-fi

I strongly recommend you watching Helix

I enjoy watching it, even though I can't sleep after watching it:)


is the amount of page views I have

who are you people?


I need more motivation

I lose interest so fast that it bothers me

I need to play this song on repeat in my head:

I'm only 27 and I don't feel exited about life already for many years

not cool, Jana, not cool

I need help with reminding me that life is interesting and I need help from someone who will constantly push me further, when I lose interest

And I wonder why would I wait till I die to come alive?

And the award for the most disappointing video of February goes tooooo

Shakira and Rihanna!

Can't Remember to Forget You is such an amazing example of super mega awesome pop song, with the lyrics, that allows you the most interesting video with the most hottest singers and even more hot boys and the most interesting storyline based on lyrics

but noooooooooo


you have super hot Shakira with eyes so dead, that you just feel uncomfortable looking at her and dance moves so wooden, that you completely forget what an amazing dancer she used to be

seriously, you have such an amazing song and can't create something passionate and instead you end up with two girls pretending to be lesbians






Things all 40 years old people should do


I always loved him

Congratulations to the greatest biathlon athlete of all times

Mr. Ole Einar Bjoerndalen

it is his seventh (7th!!!!) gold Olympic medal and 12th of all Olympic medals

and he is 40(!!!) years old

The Biathlon King in all his mighty:)

Little things that make me smile

I'm the owner of super mighty tablet

meet new way of charging:

here is the slogan:

Jana's tablet - when 100% is not enough

347% is


I did not like the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games

do not get me wrong, I liked all those lights and special effects, but it was alllllll soooooooooo looooooong and some moments were repeating so many times, that you get tired while watching it

big bosses spoke too much

waaaaaaay toooooooooo muuuuuuch

and I was surprised when I saw the picture of translation

usually Russians have the best TV picture (just look at their Eurovision when they hosted it), but this time it felt like if some student was responsible for doing that

cropped scenes, cropped people, bad focus, it was just hard to watch

and the last moments of lighting The Olympic Cauldron was just way too simple, waaaaay too boring, waaaay too expected

and you definitely should not let old people run for that long

it is just when you hear about the cost of the games, about the plans, you expect some extreme over the top performance

you know

like Russians always do

when we like something, we like it big


and when you get, meh, average, kind of thing, you are disappointed

nevertheless, congratulations to us with the beginning of wonderful Olympic Games

we will have lots of fun watching it!


I hope I hope I hope

I love powerful songs


Techno cat and falling in love with my own arm

I finally got to look through our new year photos and found some weird ones

will it be too weird, if I say that I loooooooove my arms?:)

the shape of that long arm makes me happy:)

I know it is weird, but I am happy because I often say, that Yeah, yeah, I have short arms and legs, but on that picture it looks endless:) but it does look little bit thin

oh, and I'm wearing only dresses for the past two months:)

aaaand, the picture of techno cat:

I am pretty sure, that he is not reflecting light, he is producing it:)))

my lovely evil cat


unfortunately, I can not show you the normal happy pictures, because on those pictures there are people, and I do not know whether they want those photos to be in the internet, because, you know, personal space and stuff


but since I'm staying here and since I'm being all that awesome, I already put charging my camera, so you may expect more pictures with bad quality here:)

this place is mine again:)

Change of attitude

for the last month I am using new attitude

it is little bit harsh and maybe rude, but it is what it is

If some person does not make me happier and creates more problems than good memories, I stop talking with that person

well, more like, I stop caring and thinking about that person

I have awesome girls, and somehow those girls do make me happier, even though every one of them have some problems (like we all do), but it is the amount of good memories that we create, that keeps me interested in them

but when I think about somebody and the first reaction I have is negative, it is a clear sign, that you should stop bothering about that person

I thought I would feel bad for doing that, but I feel relieved

it is like if I took those heavy stones from my soul and just exploded them into nothing

and nothing is better than bad memories:)

same with the thing

if that thing does not make me happier and does not bring any good memory, I throw it away without even thinking how how it cost me

I love doing that with the books, I have plenty of books, that I did not like and that I won't recommend to any of my friends, those kind of books I do not want to sell or give it to charity, because from my point of view, they are bad, therefore I simply put it into the recycle bin, hopefully something better comes out of it

I have one thing in my closet, that I want to throw away, but I can't


look at it:

it is huuuuge, the size of two hands put together

I don't need it, but I have not one, but two of them

bought them maaaaaany years ago, but could not give them to anybody or throw it away, like I do now


thats why:

how can you throw something away with the smile like that?

it would be like if you kill a little princess

look at that happy face

it will haunt me in my dreams if I throw it away

can somebody take them from me?


Seeing world in HD

I am still feeling uncomfortable

I got new glasses and it gives me like 95% out of 100% perfect eyesight

for many many many years I had glasses that were about 80%

so now I'm a little bit in shock

everything is so clear now, everything is so ugly now

having 80% is like having built-in photoshop, you don't see everything clearly, you have slightly softer looks

but now every face I see is more like, duuuuuuuuude, you have wrinkles

yes, especially men, since when did my friends start having wrinkles?

every little dirty spot is visible

every little makeup mistake is clearly seen

I do not feel comfortable in HD world

I think I will use my glasses only for driving, because I prefer thinking, that world is beautiful

and with 80% it is:)

Friday, February 7, 2014

The flames and the ashes

just to remind you, I'm into harder music as well


James Blunt and his voice make women fall in love with him

that should be a test for women

do you love James Blunt?

if not, you are not girlie enough

I think all of us understand, that James Blunt can not be called OMG HOW HOT THAT MAN IS!!!!, nevertheless every girl loves him


because of the songs like this:

because, dear men, we don't want hot hot hot men, we want caring ones:) (in my case - the caring brave one)

who can actually help you, when you are feeling down and say "You shine even on a rainy day" even when you look like a piece of crap:)

Why do I keep forgetting

that being ill made me almost fearless


it had put me in the cage, from what I can't get out, being fully depended on medicine, but on the other hand, it had put that cage in the endless world of bravery

which is awesome, and since I am not afraid to die, I'm not afraid to live

it gives more freedom, that it had taken away

so I find it compromising, being introduced to death to be able to live without fear

everything is okay now

suck it up and move on:)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Why do I even try

It is that time of the year, when I feel completely broken and useless

when I hate being ill

when I hate not being able to do the things I want to

when I hate myself for being weak

for not being motivated enough

hate pretty much everything

all of the headaches

all of the doctors appointments

for many years I am saying, that I'm tired of living

and I am

I really am

but the stupid thing in my head (aka brain) is not letting me to die peacefully

so I suck it up and try to be happy

but, just know, I always want to be dead

tomorrow I will be fine

why should not I be?

with the songs like that:

still a moooooountaaaaaaaaain