Thursday, January 30, 2014

I am not a fan of movies

I should be more specific:

I am not a fan of movies that people like

here are some facts about me
  • I had not watched any of James Bond movies 
not even the newest ones

not even half of any Bond movie

not even 15 minutes of it

and I do not intend to watch it

I read the stories, at least 4 of them, and I did not like neither the character, nor the attitude of the books

  • I still had not watched Hobbit, but I watched The Lord of the Rings trilogy at least three times and I love it
I do not know why, I just can find the right moment to watch it, but I truly believe, that it is, indeed, a good move (both parts)
  • I do not like Avatar
not even for I little tiny bit

not even for the visual effects

I do not understand why people love it so much

why do they watch it for more than one time

I do not like the plot

I do not like the actors

I just do not get it

  • I had not watched any of Rocky movies, but I like Cinderella man
should I say that I think Stallone is not attractive at aaaaaall, not when he was young, not when he got older?

  • try not to hate me for this, but I do not like Casablanca movie
I guess I can assume, that I am the worst person to watch movie with, because I can not predict would I like the movie or not

Unless it is Shyamalan's movie

then I will love it foooooooooor sure:)


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The song that makes me smile

Dierks Bentley - I Hold On

my redneck in me is super happy:)

it is that kind of song, that warms your soul, because it is so lovely

at least for me

I Hooooold Oooooon

it seems to me like if I fill this place only with music and some pictures:)

I don't like it, but I still do not know the boundaries in which I should keep this place, when too personal is way too personal?

I will think about that and I will decide should I secretly run to some other place or not

because the thoughts in my head that I can't put on imaginary paper are slowly disturbing my concentration:)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sometimes I listen to rap music too

You should beware,
of a woman with a broken heart

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


with a touch of photo editing programs :)

Zachariah Schnepf:

Prince Harry and the History of Facial Hair

Thats one of the reasons why I'm subscribed to Discovery News


most of the times the subject (or "title" if you prefer) of the letter is catchy:)

like with Prince Harry and the History of Facial Hair

here are some other ones:
  • Searching for Time Travelers -- a Waste of Time
  • We Saw It Coming: Dinky Asteroid Hits Earth, Burns Up
  • See Snowflakes Up Close and Personal
  • Top 10 Space Robot ‘Selfies’
  • Astronomically Astound Your Friends!
  • Skiing on Garbage Could Make Season Greener
here is the article: but it is not interesting or informative at all

and here is the picture:

I still think he looks handsome

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

This post was planned to be about Chris Pine

and his gooooourgeous eyes


what the hell

here is Samurai cat instead:

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Gay people

I do not understand lesbians

I just don't

I do not see any reason why would you wanna live with somebody same sex as you

like, liiiiike, usually in the pair of lesbians there is one such manly woman, who looks like man, acts like man, but who physically is a woman

lesbians usually say that they just are not attracted to men, so my question is why the hell would you date a girl, who looks like a man, acts like a man and uses special equipment to act like a man in the bed as well? would not it be more logical to date a man then?

apparently no

I do not have any lesbian friend, nor do I intend to have one, not because I think they are sick or anything like that, but because I am sure, that when 2 people are getting closer to each other, they initially may evolve that kind of relationship, that can be mistakingly takes as love, when it is simply adaptation to each other and finding some sort of comfort, I'm not gay and I do not wanna hurt any gay girl as well, thats why I will never have gay friend, I mean close friend, I do not mind having gay girl in the company of friends:)

I kinda understand gay men, though, but I don't like them

not because I hate the fact, that they are gay, no, but because deep down inside me I get jealous, when you see two boys kissing it simply makes you angrier, because you know, that you can't have that man even if you want to, it is that thing, that I definitely would not like to date a man who has some feminine attitude, but I just need to know, that I have an opportunity to date him if I want to, and if he is open gay, you will never get that chance, and that bugs you even if you do not realize it


now you see, that I'm not the biggest gay fan, but even for me it is some sort of mystery why gay people can not get married

I do not understand how can it be a problem, when two adult people wanna get married and that everybody knew about it, why it is such a big problem, when they are truly in love with each other and wanna get old together and may be die together at well

the main reason, that people, who are not accepting the fact that there are people who happen to love same sex people, refuse to accept gay marriages is that gay couples can't have kids



is not it the best thing in overly populated world to have happy couples, who can't have kids?


okay, lets take it to extreme and before any couple can get married they need to test their abilities to have kids, if you are not able for some reason, then you can be married

I often hear, that being gay is some sort of illness, and ill people can not be responsible for their action, that they have some broken genes or smth like that

okay, lets take it to extreme, lets forbid any not 100% healthy person to get married, because if they are not completely healthy, then they definitely can't have kids and if they can't have kids, they can't get married

sounds stupid, isn't it?

but it is what you need to do if you are against gay marriages

so draw new posters adding "No kids, no marriage!" and "Not healthy, no family!" slogans

and enjoy the show

as for me, I still am not a fan of gay people



it is better to have one happy family in the world, rather than two angry people who can't have that family

Russian song I really like

for no apparent reason

I don't like the way he sings at all, and when I listened to this song for the first time, I had not even listened to the very end, I just skipped to something else, but after 15 minutes I realized, that I'm singing that song in my head


here is the song

I still don't know why it happened, but for the past two hours I have been listening to that song non-stop

and it has nothing to do with the fact that I love bearded men in black coats:)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What are you texting about at 3:30 in the morning?

my answer is : hockey

to be more specific: Canadian Olympic hockey team:)

Goaltenders (3):
  • Roberto Luongo Vancouver (NHL)
  • Carey Price Montreal (NHL)
  • Mike Smith Phoenix (NHL)

Defencemen (8):
  • Jay Bouwmeester St. Louis (NHL)
  • Drew Doughty Los Angeles (NHL)
  • Duncan Keith Chicago (NHL)
  • Dan Hamhuis Vancouver (NHL)
  • Alex Pietrangelo St. Louis (NHL)
  • P.K. Subban Montreal (NHL)
  • Marc-Édouard Vlasic San Jose (NHL)
  • Shea Weber Nashville (NHL)

Forwards (14):
  • Jamie Benn Dallas (NHL)
  • Patrice Bergeron Boston (NHL)
  • Jeff Carter Los Angeles (NHL)
  • Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh (NHL)
  • Matt Duchene Colorado (NHL)
  • Ryan Getzlaf Anaheim (NHL)
  • Chris Kunitz Pittsburgh (NHL)
  • Patrick Marleau San Jose (NHL)
  • Rick Nash N.Y. Rangers (NHL)
  • Corey Perry Anaheim (NHL)
  • Patrick Sharp Chicago (NHL)
  • Steven Stamkos Tampa Bay (NHL)
  • John Tavares N.Y. Islanders (NHL)
  • Jonathan Toews Chicago (NHL)
and to be more specific: where are the Staal brothers?

those red headed gods

aaaaaany one of them

and yes, all four of them play hockey on a professional level:)

apparently they were just not good enough for the Olympics


even Eric Staal

I'm still debating the fact that my craptain is in the team

I do not know how he is playing now, nor do I know if he is in good shape, but I do remember how 4 years ago he made me fall in love with the hockey

so maaaay be, juuust maaaaay be, for that short period of time while Olympic games last, I will be your fan again, as a member of Canadian team, not as previous captain of my men now

aaahhhh, I miss having big bearded bear as My Captain in my life

and to confuse you

I hope that Finland wins gold medals:)

Monday, January 6, 2014

NHL 14 music

I'm not gonna write anything about the game yet (oh, yeah, I own PS3 now), because I'm still trying to understand all the possibilities of the game and it seems like there are waaaay too much of it :)

but just so you would know, sometimes I turn the game on just to listen to the music that they have:)))

they even have my lovely Buckcherry - Gluttony song, but it is hard to understand all beauty of it, because every not age appropriate word in that song is simply missing, so it kinda sounds like a stuttering song in NHL 14:))) so enjoy it in its full glory:

my favorite song from the game is Dropkick Murphys - The Boys Are Back, I'm extremely sorry, but after listening to it, you will be singing the booooys are back for hours


and you know, it is the right game for you





in soundtrack:)

Rise Against and hockey, like what else do I need?:)))

Saturday, January 4, 2014



The final part of letting go

is when you do it in your dreams

I had some strange two nights in the row


on the first night I had a dream about my brain love, that I met in Finland, and who also forgot to tell me that he has a girlfriend :)

so in my dream we were in the winter forest, apparently talking about something important, and the longer we talked, the more I understood, that I don't really care, so I just turned from him and walked away, not like crying or anything, no, I decided, even his brilliant brain is not worth my suffering, it was bit surreal to see that picture, me, walking away

and right on the next night I saw the man I loved, we were in my city, talking and then we decided to go to the old city, and when we were reaching the crossroad suddenly one girl with dark hair appeared and took his hand and we were walking together, but when were crossing the road another black haired woman appeared and I just stood there looking at him, and he was telling me to go with him, but I realized, that it will always be the same, there will always be another woman, who he will love more and I turned away and walked away, I cried in the dream when I was walking away, because I understood, that we will never be together, but I woke up smiling, because I knew, it is now officially over

if I am letting somebody go in my dreams, that means I don't need that person


and I used to be scared of the possibility of seeing him with somebody on the street, but now I don't really care if they get married and will have hundred kids, I just don't care anymore

they will always be my friends, but nothing more

My big victory!!!

remember that hell I've been for years being not able to get driving license permission from my doctor?

after years wasted on trying to explain to my doctor, that I'm not dead and I'm able to drive and even showing her Estonian laws, where there is written, that I can drive, I gave up on her

I already lost three jobs, because I did not have license, and I did not want to lose the Finnish one

well, I lost it, because it was planned for me to return in two months, but since she did not wrote me the paper, thanks Bitch Doctor for being so coward..I lost whole month waiting to get any new doctor at all

and I got her

I went to her on New Years Eve, at 9:40 December 31st

and here it is:

it is not like if she is writing it down to everybody, no, she asked me specific questions about my illness and after it she said that she does not see any reasons why she could deny my request (and I told her right away that my previous doctor refused to do that, so I was not hiding anything from her)

and it was my best gift for New Year:)

I'm going to be a driver:)

a good driver!


The things you probably did not know

the word Eskimo in some languages mean "eaters of raw meat" and that is why in our extremely tolerant society it is not so widely used now, because people living in circumpolar region find it offensive

like seeeeeriously?

it means "eaters of raw meat" in languages, that are barely spoken

in Russian (and Estonian), for example, eskimo means one specific kind of ice-cream, and somehow those people don't get mad at Russians

nevertheless, I'm sorry


how did I miss that song?

the beginning is divine

thanks, Big R Radio Post Grunge Rock