Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!!!!

I have exactly zero of new year mood, but I will work on that

after all

I have 3 more hours:)

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The best mascara ever created

Dior Addict It-Lash Mascara

it won't give you extra length

it won't give you extra volume

it will take you couple of tries to understand how to apply it correctly

but it will stay on your lashes

I have that awful quality in my body, that beauty products won't stay on anything I have

eeeevery waterproof mascara gave me panda eyes

and I had pleeeeeenty of different ones (ask my niece, she had not bought her own mascara probably for years, since I always give her my own)

therefore I was not really expecting something from it

until I tried it:)

I have overhanging upper eyelids (as many of you too have them) and my girls with the same eyelid structure know, that it is almost impossible to apply mascara and have it stay on the same place and not reprinting lashes on the eyelid:)


with Dior Addict It-Lash Mascara you won't have that problem

it stays on the lashes seconds after you applied it

foooooor reeeeeeeal

I even got under the rain wearing it

it is not stated, that this mascara is waterproof, but it had not washed away with the rain

or with the snow

or even with the tears


stayed perfectly there where it needed to be

and you don't have to have waterproof makeup remover to remove it

nope, regular ones suit too

I love it

love it, love it, love it, love it:)

this is not a promo post

I am lazy ass and I do not do anything that takes a lot of action from me

or takes a lot of time

so for the girls who will write "but you need to apply extra lash foundation so the mascara will stay" or "you need to use some sort of powder or primer or whatever that thing is", well, in my lazy world everything must function without the need to improve the product

with this mascara you won't need aaaanything else

you do not even reapply it during the day

because it just stays on your lashes


as for the prices

they may vary a loooot

in Finland this mascara costs 43eur, in Estonia 33eur, but I found it where you can buy it for 25:) on the Tallink ships:)

but it is worth buying

even for 43eur:)

best mascara eeeveeeer

Some music videos make me cry like a baby

OneRepublic - I Lived is one of them

I cried

and not because of how sad the story is


on the contrary, because of how happy the story is

how strong that man is

how full his life is

I cried

People disappoint me

aaaaaaall the time

aaaaaaaaaaall the time

don't get me wrong

I don't think I'm the best person ever lived on planet Earth (well, okay, sometimes I do think so)

I am the biggest disappointment to myself

I can't tell you how many times did I say to myself: Expect nothing from people

Don't expect anything

Do not expect anything from anybody

but nevertheless

I do

I do expect something from everybody

and it is wrong

from a friend I am still expecting some sort of invitation to go out

I guess "expected", as everything has time limits

from the man I liked I expected a call that never came

I create situations in my head that I want to happen

I expect them, forgetting, that other people might not think the same

couple of days ago I read an advice in some book

it was very simple

Expect nothing from anybody

and you know what

even during those couple of days I realized how good this advice is

I am no longer expecting one man to talk to me

I am no longer expecting that call

I am no longer expecting compliments from anybody

I am no longer expecting pretty much anything from people

everything will be a good surprise now, not expected way of life

and I already got some good surprises:)

thank you for that

I have some previous expectations, but then again, everything has deadline, and it feels like that deadline will come soon

and after that, no more expectations


I have my own list of words, that I no longer believe in:
Love, trust, plans and expectations




you see, my family members have weird sense of humor

we all have

when you come into our family you either will love us all, or hate us all


from the latest news: Jana's double is a stork

you know all those talks, that everyone has a double

two people who are not related, but who look exactly the same


apparently my double is a stork:)

my niece told me, that she saw a stork in the zoo and she said it looked exactly like me

three hair on the head, bowed thin legs, inability to walk straight and poor vision

she even said, that when she was there a zoo lady came and told, that in addition to having poor eyesight that stork is also a little bit evil

eeeeverything matches my own description


my double is a stork

I am a stork


and for those of you who forgot what "stork" means, here is a picture:

for the good part

despite the fact that my double is evil stork
Stork is a symbol of new life, happiness and a happy marriage.

Calvin Harris and broken hearts

dear girls

I'm gonna break your hearts now

with the pictures of a man you will never have

not because you are not worth this man candy, but because there are just way too many girls:)

I don't like his music, but it would be wrong telling I'm not wooooowed by his appearance:)

because I am

he is hot


Sunday, December 28, 2014

I was sure one of them was dead

I'm not kidding

when I first saw this video I thought: waaaaaaaaait, was not the dark one dead already

I remember hearing something about that many years ago

I was sure it was the reason why Crazytown stopped making music


imagine my surprise when I saw him in the video

kinda creepy

like seeing a ghost:)

but it is awesome, that he is alive and they are back

this is not my kind of music

but I looooooooooooooooooooove this song

it gives that old school underground feeling

I can't remember when was the last time I was on some underground session in some tiny club

now I wanna go :)

Sudden change of attitude

and mood

mostly mood

I kinda feel...





I don't really know why

but yesterday I had some sort of magic moment, when you just understand that you are happy

nothing really changed

same places, same people

but you just feel

that you are happy

and although I am sure I will die young

right now I feel happy

for no reason


New Year magic, I guess

Thursday, December 25, 2014

This video will make you smile

I promise

I even cried happy tears when I saw it

that is so sweet and lovely, that I can't even find the right words to describe it


they have the perfect bear hug:)

and I looooove bear hugs:)

and they look so happy:)))

so so so happy

I think that is what people call true bromance:)

can somebody please bear hug me?

as for the girls. I'm pretty sure we all like the song, so, girls, here it is:


but with bear hugs it sounds better:)

Monday, December 22, 2014

The Pale Emperor

is back

I never was a big fan of Marilyn Manson

but must I say, his new album is one hell of a masterpiece

I especially love this line:
Sin is sincere
just think about

I'm talking about religious people now

we, atheists, don't have sins, we have common sense

but when religious people sin, then you may be sure, they did it sincerely

because they knew it was a sin, and yet they did it

you never know does somebody tells what he/she feels

you never know, are they sincere

but when they sin

you know they are sincere:)

it happens rarely, but when I was listening to Pale Emperor, I did not want to skip any song

it is that good

just listen to it



I'm updating my knowledge base with more specific details

what do you imagine, when you think about Tutankhamun?

obviously the mask

even if you don't know his name, you know this mask for sure

I always knew, that he died young

but remembering the mask, I always thought he was around 25 years old when he died (there are many versions of his death, including killing)

he was not 25

not even 20

he died being around 17-18 years old


and he did so much in his life, allegedly bringing piece in his lands and religion


I won't post any picture of 17 year old boy here (that may look inappropriate)

but we all have friends or family and we know how modern 17 old looks like

so if you want to remember how old Tutankhamun was, just create a picture of Tutankhamun standing next to a boy with headphones and skinny jeans

feel the difference?

Holidays are coming

Hoooolidays are coming

hoooooolidays are coming

but we are gonna talk about wolverines now


unexpected turn


what are you thinking about, when somebody tells you "wolverine"?

X-men obviously, but now we are talking about actual animal

you know

not too big, not too small, just some animal

for some reasons (maybe because we don't have wolverines in Estonian woods) I always thought, it was something like forest cat with bigger claws

well, I was wrong

big times


that animal is one hell of a problem to be around

imagine you shrink a bear into a body of medium size dog with the fury of wild cat

it is baaaadass

wolverine is so badass, that it can kill animal much much bigger than him and even drag him to whatever place he needs to

and for you to completely understand how strong this animal is

imagine a wolverine (dog size) killing a bear by himself or a wolverine dragging a deer (A FREAKING SUPER HEAVY DEER)

because they can do that

I won't post any killing video here, because I personally don't want to look for it, but here is some blood free video of how fearless the wolverine can be



Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy New Winter!!!



my plan for winter is: not to have any plans:)

Sunday, November 30, 2014

I'm confused about Finnish people now

feels like if Finns don't really bother about being loyal anymore

calling tax office instead of reaching out to boss in person to solve the problem one on one

leaving partners by sending text message

going on strikes without thinking about other people needs

even switching hockey teams in the middle of the game because your team is losing (I saw that myself)

it confuses me a lot

because I used to think about Finns: polar bears (big calm people until you disturb them and then they will unleash their fury and bring you down)

now I think: windy people

not free

but windy

obviously not all

there are still lots of good old tough polar bears

but the tendency of them turning into wind scares me a bit

because thats how you lose national identity

by turning into another "multicultural" society of "free" people

thats not freedom

thats being selfish

and although being selfish sometimes is good, but when you are selfish all the time

then you no longer have a country

you have people who happen to live on the same territory

by themselves

with no national identity

because the only thing that unites you is the language

and that is sad

Interesting point of view you have

I said to my friend, when I told her that I don't know how to keep my emotions under the control

she said, that maybe it is because I don't have any feelings and you just trying to show emotions that are expected to be seen in specific situations

in other words, that I'm sociopath





to some extent I am, but definitely not completely sociopath

sometimes I do stand in the company of people trying to understand why they react so much to some situation

I never made a secret out of it, I feel cold dead inside

I do not understand why people in Ferguson defend that black guy so much

I do not understand that

and not because I'm kinda bit racist

but because it is not logical for me

he stole something from small shop

was rude to police officer

tried to attack him

aaaand, because he was shot, he somehow become a hero

something tells me

it is because he was black

I do not understand why so many people defend that guy and are extremely mad on the police man

I do not understand the reason for their feelings

I have cold heart and my logic tells me, that if you are not abiding laws, you may be punished

if I were that police man, I would shoot too

because when somebody attacks you

you defend yourself

it is sad, that the black guy was killed, but it was self defense

and he was killed not because he was black, but because he was not very law abiding citizen (and not some stupid law, that tells you not to read some specific book, nope, pretty normal ones: don't steal and don't attack people)

so I do look like a monster when I say it to somebody

looking sociopath like

maybe I mimic emotions

maybe when I see some situation, I react like my logics tell me other people must react

and maybe I don't know where to cut off the intensity of some feeling

and I continue going on

I don't know

I do not think I'm socio

but I do understand the reasons why some people may think so

I think I am just over reacting kind of person

who happens to be dead inside


I'm Gonna Be

don't you just wanna sing along?

I do:)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Another disappointment

oh, like, cooooome oooooon

you too, Rise Against???

what the hell is this???


November will go into my history as the month full of broken dreams, hopes and plans

today got to know that the biggest thing that I had planned on December will not be possible


that moment when I got that text message, oooohhhh, if to describe it in pictures, that would be, me, being all that happy on my work (which is not hard, since I have probably the most happiest man in Finland as a work partner) and after reading the message I could feel how my deeply dark red glass heart broke into billions of pieces, feels like if I was standing in the store, holding the phone in my hands and looking on the floor, where glass pieces of my weak heart were


not gonna glue it together with memories and hopes

let it be the last broken heart I had


gonna have a solid rock heart now

but today I have a right to cry to a song that aaaaaalways makes me cry

I am not completely sure why:)

but for many years I always have wet eyes when I hear it

it is all gonna be fine

one day

And the best game you can name

is the gooooood oooooooold hooooockeeeeeey gaaaaaaaame

intensity, drama, unexpected turns

it is like watching a live action movie


here is the thing

My Finnish team is Espoo Blues (now simply Blues), and for you to understand how bad things are with our team, we have an official slogan: Believe and never give up


that bad everything is

nevertheless, still my team:)

so, as for now, we are the third worst team in Liiga

couple of days ago were the second worst

and yesterday we played with the one that is always somewhere in the top

and you know what?

watch the video


the fun part starts at 3:30

for those who had not understand what happened, we were losing 0:1 (and I looooove how angry Laurikainen (our goaltender) was when Kärpät scored, because he could not really see the puck, because of our player laying in front of him, you can read his lips, when they score, and what he said was no some cutie stuff, and when goalie is into the game that much it is always good)

and I think people who left game early (there are a lot of those kind of people in Finland) would regret their decision for a long time



becaaaaaauseeeeee we woooooooooooon 2:1

the first one we scored 22 seconds til the end of the game

and the second one only threeeeeeeeee seconds until the end of the game

threeeeee seeeeeeconds

22 seconds that changed the game completely:)

oh, and should I mention, that the second one is from the super cutie pie Roope Talaja, who I believe is indeed the hottest player in Liiga (the rule of 5 B's - Big, Bearded, Brave, Blondie Bear)


it is the games like that, that stay in the memory for the loooong time:)

Blues! We believe and never give up!

There are no green stars

now that I think about it and mentally recreating all of the space pictures I had seen in my life I realize, that indeed, there are no green stars

read about this in Focus magazine and I never had thought about that

red, blue, orange, white you can easily find

but no green

why does it bother me so much now?

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

New biathlon season is almost here!!!

I had not forgot about biathlon


This Saturday, my biathlon friends, this Saturday the most interesting of winter sports is coming back! (don't get me wrong, the best sport in the world is indeed hockey, but since they start playing in Autumn and finish in Summer it is hard to name hockey a completely winter sport)

Ole Einar Bjørndalen

Super Svendsen

Bø Junior

Unlucky Berger

Doping whore Fourcade (I know he is not on doping, but that doesn't stop me from calling him that)

and that is just to name few:)

I love biathlon!


Congratulations with the new season!

Men free December


decided that enough of those complicated games when you want something from somebody and suddenly can't get it

I am making this an official statement

In December:

I am no longer looking for a man

I am no longer making any kind of first steps towards any man

I am no longer worrying what some men think about me

Men free December it is


time for christmas decorations, learning how to draw paintings and learning some programming language :)

oh, yes, I decided to become a painter now:)))

even though I don't know how to draw anything



Sunday, November 23, 2014

And then we lost it

should be the name of Angels and Airwaves new album


thaaat bad everything is

just look at this new video:



but, no


the chorus part is maybe meh, okay, but the song is like a super mega electro crap

and do you hear the magnificent drums?


me too

and it used to be the best part of the band

but then they started losing members and it seems like they put they soul to Love movie and left nothing to themselves

because it sounds bad

and if you listen to the songs from new album that they have on their YouTube channel then you most likely will agree with me

it is bad

because it does not bring any emotional side whatsoever


and I eat emotions and I need to feed on the emotions

I did not get it

but well, everything comes to an end (not according to my space-time theory, but thats debatable)

I am gonna miss you

thank you for Love

but we are done

lets have good memories


Epic Holiday:)

and lets not forget how it all started

I am surely gonna miss you

Thursday, November 20, 2014

My new favorite Finnish song

Haloo Helsinki! - Kiitos ei ole kirosana

the name of the song translates to English: Thank you is not a curse word

I especially love this part:
Miks on niin helvetin vaikeeta katsoo silmiin,
tai sanoa moi
Why the hell is it so hard to look in the eyes or to say hi

I noticed myself that I somehow turned into less polite person here in Finland, and I have no idea why

but I still smile to everybody


awesome song

Blind Owl

don't you just wanna drown in his eyes?

And then I wonder

Why do I even try


some friendships just not suppose to happen

pathetic me, trying to find something in this world

but the fact how easily I now can let go people I like, would had scare me if there were not the same reaction from another person

apparently, I am not worth trying to keep the friendship going

and apparently my brain finally worked the system out:) I liked three men in my life, all three of them made me cry like a freaking baby, after breaking my heart

it took me months and months after first time, then couple of months second time and several weeks the third time

my friend even asked me: but you like the third one so much, how could you switch so fast to another one?

I answered her, that there is no point in self pity, if man broke your heart, why should I cry longer than for one evening?

I don't have to

and there are just way too many beautiful blondies here:)

but as for now

hockey it is:)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The beauty of some songs you understand only when you get a little bit older

for me it is Nine Inch Nails - Capital G

and although it is extremely sad to admit, but I do find resemblance in that song

I somehow did turn into "don't really care" kind of person

I don't care about Africa, I don't care about Ukraine, I don't care about global warming anymore


I simply don't care anymore

with no reason whatsoever

I turned my green myself into black hearted Jana

and I'm perfectly fine with that

the only things I do stand for are: beauty products should not be tested on animals and if you can't kill the animal yourself, you should not have the right to eat the meat of it

the last one is updated version of my vegetarianism

I used to be against any sort of killing, because I thought it was not fair to animal, because they don't have guns or knives

but now I came to conclusion, why the hell not, if you had killed a cow in your life by yourself, took the meat off and cooked it, then I do find it fair, if you buy meat in shops

that must be some sort of test for people

I know, that I can kill a human being (won't eat his meat, though), but I also know that I can not kill even a chicken


I know for sure that I can not

therefore, if I can't kill it, how can I eat it?

I can't

that simple it is

excellent song, that made me feel like a complete loser and failure

well, I used to stand for something
but forgot what that could be
and we all know, who signed Capital G on the papers


gonna go now being all that depressed and pitiful

Nine Inch Nails, you are awesome!

Monday, November 10, 2014

How does he always look so attractive?

is it the magic of the coat?

I don't know

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The amount of divorces in Finland

is too damn high

in my head I always had that picture perfect about happy people getting old together and dying in one day

I somehow was sure, that family bonds are much stronger here


maybe it was before

because as for now, people are getting divorced in seconds

ignoring the fact, that you two had kids, that does not stop you for getting a divorce

it seems to me, that Finnish people are getting married so young because of the church and the fact, that by certain age you have to be married

sometimes I think they chose their husbands/wifes not based on some personal qualities and physical attraction, but more like: hey, girl, I'm single, you are single, lets play family together

and so they do

have kids

and after 3-10 years a divorce

but what I don't like the most, is how the divorce is completely normal here

I do not lie, you can read a looooot of interviews and articles about famous finnish people telling how proud they were to get a divorce and how happy they are now, when they don't need to deal with the problems of another person, without any negative outcome, everything is so fluffy puffy after you got a divorce

I don't understand that

for me it is basically like if you tattooed a huge words on your forehead: I failed in choosing the right person for me, had kids with him, wasted years on him and then I decided he is not worth it

Divorce is not okay, divorce is a tragedy

stop rushing into marriage, if you are not completely sure that you would wanna die in the same day in 75 years from now, don't get married

I like one cutie pie from my work, he is only 30 years old, has two kids and already divorced and all I can think about is: whyyyyyyyyy would you marry so early, I would hit on him right away, but knowing he has ex-wife with whom he has kids, well, thats an instant stop sign

you can never compete with the mother of his kids

you will always lose in that battle

and thats sad

because she is, indeed, super cool

but well

dear finnish people! Stop getting married so early!


Monday, November 3, 2014

Highly underrated tv show


I read a lot of reviews and almost all of them say how bad the show is and how people stop watching it after two episodes

well, dear people, you suck!

the show is aaaaaaaahhhhhhhmazing

what I think disappointed the people, is that from the trailer it looks some sort of another zombie drama like Walking Dead

and people were getting ready to sit in the chairs and be sad for people



you have Walking Dead for that

Z-Nation is an outstanding zombie masterpiece filled with irony, sarcasm and parody

I laugh a loooooooot, when I watch it

and they indeed have a good idea, that can be turned into some serious zombie drama blockbuster

but they decided to go on the fun road and I do think it was the right decision

actors are doing their jobs with such an enthusiasm, that they all deserve some sort of tv show awards, all of the cast is incredible

every single one of them can have their own zombie show and it still will be interesting to watch

Murphy, Doc, Addy, 10K, Citizen Z

I love it, I love it sooooo much, that I'm sad, when I see the ratings and I understand, that most likely there will be no second season (even though it is renewed for the second one, but something tells me it will be canceled)


as for the people who say: This is crap, because it contains so many mistakes, that I'm too smart to watch it and every one who loves this is some stupid person

well, I am stupid then:)

about the mistakes: first of all, every mistake, that you think is a mistake is subject to question, mostly because, well, how many zombies do you personally know?ten?two?at least one? exactly! zombie is just a theory and you can develop you own zombie world if you want to, and in your world they can react the way they react in the Z-nation:) the little mistakes like "but why did he go alone" "but where was his knife" "but ---- ----- ----" I see them, but for me they add that parody charm and I do think the writers did that on purpose

when you dig deeper, you will find a lot of interesting ideas and thoughts

it is sad, though, that people are only taking what lays on the surface

if you want to have a good laugh with some good aftertaste you should watch Z-nation and ignore all of the bad ratings and comments



and Murphy is aaaaaaaaaaweeeeeesoooooooome

bad guy:)

or is he a guy?:)

Zunami:))) freaking Zunami

Sometimes all you need to hear

is "everything will be okay"

aaaaand thats aaaaaall

weird, is not it?

you know it by yourself, but you just need to hear it from somebody else

it is essential need

so if somebody tells you how bad his/hers day was, just say that everything will be okay and that would be enough:)

I understand it now

I finally understood why poor people tend to have a lot of kids

I do!!!

living with male roomies helped me with understanding that

and I am not gonna tell you that secret:)

because most of you will be offended and start sending me angry letters

if you are a girl and want to know that too, so you wont waste your life choosing wrong kind of men, just contact me in Skype and I will gladly share with you my thoughts

it is so simple, that I feel kinda ashamed, that I had not solved that earlier

thank you, my roommates!

I really need this place

apparently I do:)

this blog helps me keeping my emotions under the control

it is like my mental dumpster:)

but I had not wrote anything here for a long time and yesterday I had another meltdown


I do believe, that not only PMS exists, but AMS as well


you know

A standing for "after", or you don't even have to change the abbreviation and use P for "post"

it does feel like you just can't keep your emotions

you need to give it away

to drop it off and see how people can react

and you know what?

my working partner is Mister Sunshine, I was still mad in the morning, but working with such a piece of happiness can surely erase all of the negative thoughts

he is like my personal Patrick Jane:)))

and for this I thank you!

since I realized I need this place like some sort of therapy, well, yet again, for the hundredth time:

I'm back:)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

"Do you believe that I'm wizard?"

"I had never even doubted it. What's up?"

you see, that's why I love my friends:)

they never doubt me:)

I love you all, my friends, because you are so awesome:)

if you are my close friend, then you probably already know, that I never stop talking and there is no awkward silence, because I can talk on every single theme



does anybody know when will be the next Medieval time reconstruction war?

because we are going to be a part of it:)

yes, that awesome we are:)

I love it when we talk about fight club and end up with planning to go to the medieval times war:)

that's what I call easy talk flow:)


it is not a joke

and we are planning to go:)

the sword in antique shop costs 360eur, that is waaaay too much

and here is another question: Where can I make my own?


Tragedy + Time

I don't understand why, but it seems like if official Tragedy lyric video sounds much more better than the version of this song on the actual CD

feels like it is less polished and Tim voice is much stronger

not like some emo kid, but rather like the awesome man who he is:)

Thank you!

The Internet society will understand this picture

it works!!!

he has the whole empty floor to sit on, but he decided to sit right in the ring:)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

1 092 404 people and a moment of happiness

there are about 1 092 404 urban population of Helsinki region (meaning all the commuter towns are included)

you can easily add at least 200 000 of non registered people

and you will get a chance of one to 1 292 404 to see somebody that you really wanna see

I had that chance today:)

while going home by bus I saw out of the window the person I really wanted to see for weeks, driving by in the car

and even though it was a really short moment, but in the moments like those you truly understand, that sometimes all you need is just a knowledge, that somebody you like is alive and well:)

and that thought makes you happier


for no reason at all:)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sick like me

I definitely have some girl crush on her:)

I don't know why people are complaining about her voice

her voice is perfect for this song

and I always loved not high pitched voices, but much deeper

also people complain about Maria being too aggressive and too hot (why do you complain over everything?)


first of all, I respect her for that, she loves her body, and although she is not 90-60-90, she is super hot

secondly, look at her closer

she is completely covered

I mean completely

yeah, her clothes are provocative, but she is, indeed, in clothes

the other thing, this is not the music that little kids would listen to

because kids just ignore this kind of music

kids don't know who In this moment are

the lyrics of the song contain no curse words, not even some super dirty meaning

and nevertheless you will read plenty of ugly comments under this video

well, let me show you another video

from a highly known role model

whose music you can hear from every radio station

who kids love and listen to

because she somehow is a role model


and let me remind you

there is no "you must be this old to watch this video"

kids love Lopez, I know it, because the kids I know almost all listen to her songs


and you wonder why little girls look like old hookers now

well, maybe because they listen to booty songs and repeat after their role model

to sum up: if you think that In this moment sends wrong message, go listen to your Lopez

while we, adult people, will have some good times listening to our "whore"


Monday, October 20, 2014

The little things that make me smile


with the size of SD card:)
impulsive buying

bought some Liiga "collect all teams" kind of thing and instantly got my team player:)

it is certain, that I will stay with Espoo Blues, even if we continue losing

like, cooome ooon, it is a sign to stay with them no matter what:)

and each time I look at that super tiny blues man, I smile


Sunday, October 19, 2014

The secret society of people who don't shower every single day

It is so secret, that I can't find it to join in

and I would like to

because I do not really understand how people take showers or even baths eeeeevery siiiiingle daaaay

sometimes not even once a day

but twice

I do think that it was some sort of planned mass manipulations, when suddenly showering once a week became not enough

I do think it is a marketing myth about all those awful things that you can get if you don't wash yourself every day

I was talking with my friend not so long ago and somehow we started talking about hygiene and I was really surprised when I got to know, that she, as me, take shower once a week

I thought I was the last one to do that, because from the recommendations that you hear it is stated, that you have to shower often


I'm living proof, that you don't have to

and it is not like if I smell bad or anything like that, no, my family is very harsh when it comes to such things:) the words "you smell like crap, go to the bathroom"or "you look like a clown, wash your face" is normal, and if anybody does not look good, you will be told about that

I had not had any complaints

remember that I do not work in the office all day, but on the construction sites and even a summer I do not shower often, despite the fact, that I work under the sun in the dust

I do think, that if you wash every day you just wash away the natural protection layer, that your body produces and then you can't restore it, because it becomes a habit to shower every day

I am not talking about every single person, because I know, that some people just smell bad, reeeeally bad, even by the end of the day

maybe they refuse to apply deodorants, I don't know

my personal record was....don't laugh....two months:) twoooooo moooooonths:) once I had not showered in two months and since I did not get response from my family "you smell like crap" I suppose I had not smelled like crap:)

my problem is, that once I tried to shower everyday (felt under those recommendations), that had not lasted for more than a month, but since then I can't wash my hair once a week, I have to wash them once in two days, because I suppose I ruined the restore system of my scull skin in such a short period of time

for couple of years I had to wash my hair every day

but slowly I progressed to two days

hopefully one day I will be able to go back to once a week

I do not shower more than once a week, because I wash my hair in the sink

but if I were you, I would think about taking less showers, because if you wash your clothes regularly and use intimate care product, you just wont be having the need to take showers so often

like come ooon

if you feel dirty every day, you should change something in your life

you know

change your food choice

or workplace

or boyfriend:)

I should establish my own society:)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The loudest thing on planet Earth

was not the explosion of Tunguska meteor


don't believe when scientists will tell you that:)

the loudest thing on planet Earth is actually a working electric toothbrush, when you brush your teeth in small bathroom in the middle of the night

I am not kidding

the sound of it working can wake up every neighbor in the area of 250m


and I took the most quite one that was in the shop (yeap, I listened to each one that they had)

here is the question: why would you buy an expensive electric toothbrush if it is so loud and at night you have to use the regular 2eur one?

I haaave nooooo ideeeeeea

I would not say, that I see any difference between those two as well

yeah, because it moves so fast it must have been cleaner, but from the visual results, I do not think it does any better than usual one

they should sell earplugs with those electric toothbrushes

because it is, indeed, the loudest thing on planet Earth

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Update on the song

thank you

thank you

thank you

to the man who gave me the name of the song:)

jump with me

Mischa Book Chillak feat Esthero - Ready Or Not


Thank you, Columbus Blue Jackets

for such an amazing season start:)

Two wins, biiiiiiatches

and what is more important, one win was over Rangers

eat that, craptain

had you seen our super mega aaaaaawesome season open video already?

like a short movie filled with testosterone:)

and wise words

and we are going to win Stanley

see, we even stated that in our video:)

it is official now

we are going hunting for the cup

I loooove, love, loooove, how on the moment 01:49 Bob moves like a broken doll and lets state the obvious, the last part of the video (beginning from 01:53) is worth some award for that song, those videos, that music, those men, simply everything


and did you notice what they put in the last part of the video?

yeeeah, craptain, take that:) hit from our Jacket:)

and I'm pretty sure it was not some accident, that they put on just this fight, it is rather a message to our craptain, I used to think, that Nash left because the team had problems with his contract just because it was so heavy

but noooow it seems to me, that my team was not happy at all

and not only fans, but the team itself felt betrayed when he left in the worst season of our team

therefore, dear craptain nash, congrats on your wedding (like cooome ooon, typical bleached blond girl, I'm sure though, that she is a nice woman) and congrats for you having a son


you betrayed your hockey family

and we do not forgave you:)

and we will bring Rangers down each game




For those about to rock!




did you notice slogan in the hall?

Fear no opponent. Respect very opponent.

See, thats what I am talking about, we have class and you can't take that away from us:)

I would really appreciate if somebody could tell me whose remix of Ready or not did they use in the video, because that voice is hunting me now


Bobrovsky, you were the beginning of the rise of Columbus Blue Jackets

and now the team can play their A-game, because they know that one hell of an amazing goalie is protecting the net:)

Thank you for that!

Ready or not, here I come, you can't hide


Paranoid parrot

I am pretty sure, that if you look up in the dictionary "paranoid parrot"

you will find not this picture:

but rather my photo, because in some terms I'm paranoid:)

here is the thing

I am always looking on the camera surveillance directly, because I truly believe that if I suddenly get killed by some religious fanatic the police will find me using the camera materials:)

I doooo

I really do

therefore to make their job easier, I always directly look on it, most of the times even smiling:) you know, so that they wont be looking through videos desperately trying to understand was I there or was not


I told you, paranoid parrot:)

Friday, October 10, 2014

The beginning of everything

today my colleague asked me what I think about the starting point of everything

and it seems like if I had never really thought about it

I wrote plenty of post here about what I think Universe looks like

but I had never wrote about the start point of everything

I have plenty of theories about our Universe, but let me remind you my favorite one, that I had recently updated

I think, that there is no doubt, that there is infinite number of Universes

as for now, I believe, that we are like cells, and you know, that according to accepted theory, everything consist of atoms (and smaller parts), I think, that each Universe is as small as our cells

and cells divide

singe usual Universe theories are too simple and have lots of black holes (got the joke, got it, got it???:) in it I created my own

every universe is functioning like a cell and you (little person that you are in the world scale) is a part of it, each time you make a decision, your Universe divide (like regular cell division) and although you may think nothing changed, in fact you just created new Universe next to your own, just not on the same level

it may have sound weird, because every second billions and billions and billions decisions are made, but I had never had any troubles imagining how big the Universe actually is

therefore lets complicate this theory a little bit more

I always wrote how I think Universe is not a single plain space, but rather multi Universe, I also wrote that I believe not only in horizontal multiverse, but also in vertical one (meaning that not only that Universes exist at the same time on the different dimensions, but that those universes are forming bigger Super Universe, which is a part of Mega Universe and so on)

the cells that we have in our bodies most likely are Universes as well:) Do you follow me? We are the bigger Universe for our little Universes that we call cells and at the same time, our Universe is a small Universe for the bigger one:) and the dark matter is like a connection material

I am sure, that Universe is constantly expanding, but I do think, it is not as simple, as it is taken with balloon being expanded

I hope you got me

but I still have no ideas how it all started

you can't have everything from nothing

and I know big bang theory perfectly well, but still, it does not make sense (dear religious people, your explanation of beginning of the world is even more nonsense, from nothing the almighty God was created by nobody, who then created everything else, and suddenly disappeared)

I do think, that there is some sense in superstring theory

but I still can't imagine the start point of everything

it just doesn't make any sense

the law of conservation energy may be the only physics law I fully accept : Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but can change form

and you can divide your Universe as many times, as you have to and when you reach the point, when it is no longer possible, you "die", but in fact you just change form


I can't

I have lots and lots and lots of theories about everything, but I can't offer you at least one theory about the beginning

There is no starting point

There is no finish point

it is just endless dance of superstings that doesn't have neither beginning nor the end

where did those superstrings come from?

I have absolutely no idea

there is no starting point

like there is no present time:)

just deal with it

Thursday, October 9, 2014


my new favorite TV show:)

it is a little bit naive and you will find some reeeally hard to believe situations and actions, but I love it anyway

mostly because of the lead actor and his sidekick

you can drown in his voice:)

the show, that despite all of the deaths in one episode, you watch with a warm smile, because that how how it makes you feel


We are back!!!

Today is the first game!

Tonight, if you live in Estonia

For those about to rock




need to get a new Blue Jackets scarf, mine is now does not look good enough:)

ooohhhh, both of the leagues are now officially on

Liiga and NHL

double hockey joy:)))

I'm pretty sure I will stop watching hockey the day I will understand how goaltenders see and react so fast and well

but something tells me, it is never gonna happen:)

talking about goalies

remember when we learned new name Kristers Gudlevskis (that amazing Latvian goalie from Olympic games)?

well he got signed with Tampa Bay Lightning and even played in april:)

right now he is playing in AHL, but still is signed with Tampa Bay

and lets face it, Bishop and Nabokov are not the brightest stars on goaltenders sky:)I'm pretty sure Kristers will get a permanent spot in the team pretty soon


another good news: Phi-bitches lost, yaaaaaaay:)

as you may already figured out, I still for no apparent reason hate phi-bitches (also known as Philadelphia flyers)


as for the hottest player in Finnish league, let me present you my Blues man: Roope Talaja:

girls, why don't you watch hockey, if men like that are playing there?:)

Happy new hockey season to everybody!!!

We Will Win!!!

Give this song a chance

I did not like it at all when I first heard it, but after my phone was constantly pushing it into my ears from my playlist I accidentally felt in love with it

and now I whisper My heroooooo when I walk on the street:)

some songs just make you happy

even if at first you ignored them:)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My last big secret

I did not want to write about this

and in the whole world only two people know about this

but I am kinda tired of keeping it inside me and this story will explain, why I am still single and why I sabotage every relationship that I have

if you belong to my family, please don't tell about that to my parents and never talk about this with me, because I will pretend, that I have no idea what are you talking about

when I was a little girl (somewhat around 7-9 years old) I was abused by a man I knew (and if I was 100% sure of the things he did, he would had been dead by now, and I am not just saying that, but meaning that)

because I was so little, my mind decided to erase those memories and leave only certain parts of it, to remember not to trust anybody

I could had gone to psychologist, but I do not wanna remember what exactly happened that night, because it will destroy me and turn me into the beast

but what I remember is enough for me to wish that man was dead

I did not do or say anything before, because I can't be 100% sure of what exactly he did, since I buried it deep down inside me, if I had said it before, I am sure, that my dad would had killed him, no jokes, he would had killed him, and I knew that even being as young as I were, my dad is like a big lion, who protects his family, he just was not there to protect me when I needed it

I'm 28 years old and I had never slept with a man

I'm not sure, whether I'm still technically a virgin, because I prefer not to remember anything about that night, but mentally I'm a virgin

at some point of my life, I decided that may be I'm lesbian, so I tried sleeping with a girl

well, I'm definitely not a lesbian

which is kinda sad

but I love male bodies and male minds

I had never even hugged a Russian man, because that man was russian and subconsciously I expect only bad things from them, I can't do nothing with that, but it is what it is, and if you know me personally, you may be noticed that already

I had no problems with Estonian men, but I just had not found the right one, because of that love-hate relationship between our nations

I feel completely free here, in Finland, because I am surrounded by men, who are not blocked in my mind

I love hugging them

I love feeling the warmth of their bodies

I feel safe here

and although you may be thinking "oh, she went to Finland only to find some naive Finnish guy" reality is "oh, she went to Finland only to find a man, who she actually can physically touch and enjoy it, without hitting his face to the wall"

little simple things, girls

little simple things like holding hands I can do here

and can't do with russian men

I hope I can find somebody, who will someday read this post without feeling bad for me and without thinking "nay, thanks, she is just mentally challenged crap"

I won't delete this post

like I did with several similar posts here

this one is here to stay

I hope this will help you understand me a little bit better

and as a soundtrack to this post

here you go


Monday, October 6, 2014

Vadelmavenepakolainen, Finnish women and Finnish-Swedish men


sometimes I wonder do Finns even know, that you can separate one long word into several short ones


apparently I like Finnish movies:)

in total I had watched somewhat only 10 of them, but out of 10, nine I liked

it is cool, though, that last month I understood about 50% of Mielensäpahoittaja movie and this time it was around 80%, woooohoooo, but I think it is because of the subtitles:) it is easier to understand the language when you read it, not when you hear it, nevertheless, laughed my heart out:) such a lovely movie

what I realized, is that I will never find Finnish man if they are so attracted to Finnish women

I am in no way even close to Finnish women

I sincerely apologize, if those words may hurt you, but what I had seen from the movies and from the girls I see on the streets - Finnish women are.....feminist bitches

so so so so so sorry

but I came to this conclusion based on everything I see and hear. Evey single woman in the movies I see is always not happy with her man (ALWAYS), she always tells him what to do, she puts herself way higher than her husband, she talks to men like if they own her something and damned you be, if you are men and you show any sign of gentleman behavior, because you will be called somewhat sexist pig

whyyyyy would finnish women wanna be so much like men?

sometimes I think, that they use men only to get pregnant, have kids, and then divorce the man

I am still mad on that woman from Mielensäpahoittaja movie, who treated the father of her husband like piece of crap

apparently it is not like in Russia, where : FAMILY COMES FIRST

not your own wealth and needs, but family

and family is not only you and your kid, but your husband and both of your parents

but that is okay, it is finnish way of life and who am I to tell you, that in 20 years there will be no strong male figures, only passive boys and lots of superwomen

therefore, no Finnish man for me since I do not fit into the standard of typical Finnish woman

now I need the Finnish-Swed one:)

how I had not thought about it before I have no idea

I come from the family of Estonian Russians, Estonia and Russia always had tense relationship and me being kid of mixed family shows, that you can have love-hate relationship, where hate comes from traditions and love comes from the family:)

Finns have same tense relationship with Swedes, it is like they are not fighting, but they don't like each other, therefore, I need to find the result of same love-hate relationship, because being with the blood of two nations who hate each other, he will understand, that there is no place for mean jokes about nationalities

and just imagine what kids can we have:)

whity white Estonian-Finnish-Russian-Swedish boy or girl:)))

since my man will be already with mixed blood, I wont ruin any pure blood with my mixed blood as well:)

let the pure blood be pure


and we will have four times more awesome kids:)who will speak five languages:)

to sum up: the girl with cold Estonian mind and hot Russian heart is looking for brave man with cold Finnish mind and hot Swedish heart:)

and go to the movie, if you wanna have a good laugh:)

I still don't have Facebook account

probably the last person on planet Earth from my generation who does not have it:)

and when somebody asks me: can I have your facebook? well, I am always failing to explain, why you can't do that:)


in the very beginning it was because of my stalking attitude and I knew, that it would tear my heart out when I see pictures of men I used to like with their girlfriends

then it was because I knew I would be jealous when I see pictures of people my age with happy families and kids, while I am still looking for the brave one

after that it was because I knew too many people and I understood, that it would take hell of a lot of time to keep in contact with all of them

and in the end it was because I don't care about anything anymore:)

looks like if I had lived through all of the facebook stages without actually having a facebook:)

but hey

I always say: google me

the only place you can find me is here

and after reading couple of posts you can already understand what kind of person I am and what to expect from me:)

better than facebook

old school blogger:)

google me:)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My new ringtone

I may not be here, but at least you have music

it is like when you call some company, and they have that automatic response "your call is very important to us"

here is mine:

Your presence is very important to me, even when I'm not here

so here is a song

that you would wanna put as your ringtone

I know it, because I already did:)

just put it on and you will notice how incredibly well the beginning of this song fits into ringtone

you should know that when you call me, I will be smiling:)


here we gooooooooo

here we gooooooooo


I'm still here

but being in lazy ass mode


I need to schedule a certain plan to write something here, because all the things I wanna say are buzzing in my mind and one day I will go insane, if I don't drop it here

need to find that time

and I will


laaaazy aaaass


Monday, September 22, 2014

Still ringing

every day at 16:20

I'm really curious now :)

I took off the battery and reinstalled it, still rings

maybe I should turn it off completely for one day and see will it be ringing:)

and if it rings, I most likely will turn into insane person

My new favorite Christmas song

Hey, it is never too early for holiday songs :)

the soundtrack for this season is

dot dot dot

Dropkick Murphys:)

because I miss good old tough men:)

and sarcastic songs:)

and don't lie to me, saying you did not sung along:)))

it is sad, though, that they are not coming to Finland, the closest they get is Sweden (same with Rise Against)

I would wanna hear them live

to feel the vibe:)

another song, that I really like is Rose tattoo

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The time of my death will be 16:20

I'm pretty sure about that now:)

no, I'm not gonna kill myself tomorrow at 16:20, but for four days I have alarm clock ringing at 16:20

to make the facts straight: I had never had the need to put alarm clock to 16:20

I checked my alarm clock list, there is nothing at 16:20

I did a reset settings to my phone

it still rang at 16:20

nobody touched my phone

since it is my old Estonian phone, it does not even have a connection to internet, so, no virus

now here is the question: Whaaaaaat the heeeeeeell is happening here

can my phone at least tell me not only the time of my death, but the day as well

because I freak out every time I hear that damned 16:20 alarm clock

or maybe it is a good sign, that I need to buy lottery ticket at 16:20?

I should try that:)


if I die, don't be sad

and you know what?

call ghostbusters!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Why, Lacey, why

today while looking for new music found new Flyleaf album and decided to listen to it

the thing is, I absolutely forgot, that Lacey is no longer in the band

imagine my surprise, when I listened to the first song and thought, oh, thaaaat is not Lacey and when I saw the video


watch it too:

at first I thought it must be some sick joke

she looks 50, while dressing like 15 and with the voice of a kid

and lets not talk about how she tries to copy Lacey's moves, here is the thing: Lacey owned those moves, and the new singer looks like Lacey wannabe

it is just so wrong, that I had not been able to watch or listen to the end

Flyleaf, just change the name already, don't give us hope, that we will hear something as good as your previous songs

about Lacey

she still sings

and her voice and songs are still amazing


she is now sort of religious fanatic, yeah, she had been too religious before, but now it is out of control kind of thing

why, Lacey, whyyyyy?

nevertheless, her song is waaaaay better than the-band-that-used-to-be-Flyleaf-but-for-some-reasons-decided-not-to-change-a-name

such a wonderful song

if only it had not been so religious:)

I love her voice

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

You don't have to prove anything

to anybody

that simple it is

the key to longer and happier life is the absence of need to prove something to somebody

we all do that

we all compare ourselves to the people we know and don't know

and if you do that

just stop

wasting our time on the things we don't need, people we don't care about, jobs we don't love, only because at some point in life you decided, that, oh, so, there is one girl I know, she lives in the next house and she is ten years younger than me and already has ten kids and a well paid job, she bought ferrari and won miss universe title and I'm just some failure with nothing to be proud of

do you recognize that?:)

even I have similar thoughts

when I was younger I always wrote, that my favorite color is pink and I had never even liked that color and I wrote that, only because the girls, who were older than me wrote that

when I was a teen I had told that I looooove red Ferrari, and I don't like red color and think that sports cars are way too low for my comfort, but I said it, because it seemed cool

it starts in the childhood, when parents for some reasons compare you to other kids, whether your sisters or the kids you don't even know

and it goes throughout your whole life

competition with the people you barely know

don't do that

in the end, you will, indeed, have 10 kids and Ferrari, but it won't give you the emotions you are looking for

there will be no happiness, only the moment that you will be proud of yourself, that you were able to achieve those goals

don't be ashamed of the person you are today, if it is indeed, who you truly are

don't compare yourself to anybody

you are just already awesome the way you are

and screw the ones, who think the opposite


we are awesome!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Finnish movie that made me think about Finnish men

yes, I go to movies alone

I have no Finnish friends


but since I saw a trailer of movie Mielensäpahoittaja I really wanted to see it

and so I did

and must I say, I laughed like I had not laughed in a looooong time

I did not even understand all of the jokes, but the ones I did, were enough to make my evening:)

it has meaning as well, not only jokes

I looooved the movie, and I most likely will buy a dvd when it comes out, but I do question my decision to find a Finnish man now

because if all young men are as weak as the one in the movie, I don't want to date them

if I needed to live with a girl, I would be lesbian

I need a man, and not some doormat

I know it sounds harsh, but some parts of the movie made me extreeeemely mad

and by some parts I mean the wife of the son

I would bitch slap that bitch right away, if she treated my dad the way she treated him

the old, ill man comes to city from the village and it is obvious, that he does not know anything about modern life

not to spoiler everything I will write it shortly: she left drunk old ill man in the park, in the night, while driving away in her fancy car

she left her kids to her husband and stayed at the hotel, because old man disturbed her way of living

she yelled at him

yelled at her husband

and what did her husband do?

crushed his father's car (the one that he loved and cared about)



he (!!!!!) apologized for his father and took her back, being all that happy family

I'm sorry

I'm really sorry

but apparently I'm not european enough to understand that

I'm too Russian when it comes to my family, but if my wife would treat my parents they way that bitch did, I would get a divorce from her in seconds

parents gave you life, no matter how good or bad they are, no matter how grumpy they are, they are your parents and you MUST respect them, and it is not even the responsibility, but rather need to respect them, because you feel that way without them telling to do that

he is an old man and he must definitely not deserved being yelled by some bitch

I don't understand that, how can he choose his bitchy wife over his father

like cooome ooon

today your father is too difficult to deal with, and tomorrow you will get into car accident and you will be in the wheelchair for the rest of your life

do you reeeeeeally think your bitch wife will stay with you and support you, if she treats your parent that way?

are ALL finnish men so weak that they can't say anything to their bitchy wifes?

are they all allow women taking the lead in everything?

thanks, but I don't need that

my one criteria for my man is "being brave" and that is not brave at all

grow some balls, modern men

grow some freaking balls and remember that you have testosterone in you

finnish feminists had ruined you and turned you into mindless puppies

don't be like that

be a big bear man!

the bear who protects his family, not silently waiting for his wife to decide everything

coooome oooon

thats why I love hockey, because at least they act like real men, not handy dolls


as for the next movie I'm planning to see, that would be Vadelmavenepakolainen (my dear foreign friends, yes, Finnish language consists of long scary words)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I currently live in Helsinki, but I surely had left my soul in Espoo

therefore, it is no wonder, that I sing this song all the time, while jumping on the bed:)

we, indeed, never walk alone


Happy new hockey season!

First Blues game is tomorrow, and I will be there

hope to see you all too


Tää on Espoooooo

Monday, September 8, 2014

Reflxes and Stalin brain


I found a small hole in my theory of Stalin brain and absence of free will and the fact, that we live in the past

and the hole's name is reflex
A reflex action, differently known as a reflex, is an involuntary and nearly instantaneous movement in response to a stimulus
something does not fit here

is it the programmed action, that our brainy brain puts in by default?like every other action

I did some research and indeed, when the brain is dead, you have no reflexes

but why do our reflex skills are so much faster than the regular movements?

can I program something in my brain to be in the reflex zone, with the almost immediate reaction?

such a simple thing like counting numbers

we all had seen those people, who count without counting

do they do that, because of the brain error, that put that skill into the place, where reflex commands are stored?

 how can I load everything I want to that part of the brain

hey, Stalin brain, you do realize what I am thinking about, because you do all the work

can it be so, that I got some rebel brain, who wants to take over the world and therefore allows me thinking that way, so that I will decrypt the signals it sends me and find a solution

I think my brain is a boy, though:)

it feels like it


come ooon, I know you want to improve

lets cooperate

in ten years I will most likely be insane

but thats oooookaaaay

I stopped washing dishes

and came here to share a song with you

8bit HaraKiri - The Game Over

I have no idea why I like this band so much

like, cooome ooon

average voice, average music, average lyrics

and lets face the truth, it sounds like if it was recorded in the garage

with hidden irony and sarcasm


and I still freaking looooove it

especially the very beginning and 01:35-02:05

don't you just close your eyes and fly with those emotions?

because I do

and I don't care how bad it sounds:)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I reject your reality

I think this show must be even more popular

that awesome it is:)

The redneck in me

is doing perfectly fine :)

I still don't know why I love country so much

but well

here is another one

sing along:


being such an atheist I must had been the last person to love country, but somehow I do love it, a looooot:)

It is hockey time!

HIFK biiiatches

Blues gonna play you like an easy pop song

because we caaaaan


next Thursday going to the game and this time not to my own home arena Barona, but rather in the depths of evil HIFK filled with red people

but you know

we are white-blue and we are awesome:)

one of my friends asked me, whether I choose teams based on their colors

it may be just a coincidence, but both Columbus Blue Jackets and Espoo Blues are blue-white:)

happy new hockey season for everybody!!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

When you invest so much money in army

at some point you need to start a war, just to use everything you created, bought and stored

and that is why there is so much tension in the world

USA and Russia, both spend beyond reasonable money on military games

and just to feel important they need to start a war

you know, just to compare whose penises rockets are bigger

Estonia has super small army, where quality beats quantity, and we spend almost no money on army

we even rent tanks for our military parades


and this was not a joke

we don't need to prove someone something

I am sure if somebody will trespass our borders with big military machines (I'm talking about you, Russia) every single Estonian will do everything it takes to protect his land

I honestly believe in that

but back to money and army

lets paraphrase it

imagine that you are a village manufacturer, who makes chairs

a looot of chairs

chairs are the only thing you produce

they are okay chairs, nothing outstanding

the day comes, when every village people already has enough chairs

but you continue making chairs, since you don't wanna learn anything new

in a week you no longer have free space in your storage and you decide, that instead of making something new, you will expand to other villages

you tried, but other villages already have enough chairs as well

what would smart person do? change something

what would manufacturer do? create a company about how dangerous those others chairs are and how it is not healthy to sit on them and that the only good chairs there are in the world are from you

at nights you will burn some factories, because you don't need to waste your time on improving your product

and in a month, after brain washing village people you will, indeed, sell all of the chairs, that you could not sell in your own village

do you see what I mean?

replace manufacturer with Russia and USA, chairs with military technology and other village with Ukraine and here you go

the land, that you can destroy to free up some space in your military beast

and to show your people, that billions of dollars wasted on army actually were really helpful

they were not (except for smart ass tech)

you don't arm your people with guns in hope of peace

you don't train your army in hope of peace

you do that, because you are planning to use them

that simple everything is

as for people who trust everything they see in the news, don't be so scared

Americans are not stupid robots, and Russians are not drunk aggressive people

dig deeper


Happy new autumn!!!

woooohoooo, no more dying from bright sun (unless it will explode)

I originally wanted to type "awtumn", so let's take that word and make it the symbol of this autumn

Have a nice awwwwtumn!!!

with many awwww moments and memories

this is my 28th autumn and must I admit, the only autumn I remember was the autumn I got ill, all of the others somehow blended into my memory

nothing significant

just some school stuff

just some personal not so important stuff

I do not even remember 11th of September that much, the only reason I remember the exact date is because my niece has a birthday

therefore, my 28th awtumn will be the best autumn I had ever had!

wish the same for you!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Today I got to know, that some popular sport network organized web poll to know who is the most valuable player of the history of each NHL club


maybe that is because I did not now about it and had no opportunity to vote, but our craptain Nash won that title for Columbus

he may had won it

but for me he will always be a traitor

not cool, Nash, not cool

still mad at you

craptain, to leave a team when we had problems, not cool, bro, not cool

anyways, the second most valuable player is no mystery if you had read the title of this post:)

Sergei, even though he had been in the team for not such a long time, is, indeed, valuable:)

remember what I said about phi-bitches collecting our players? well, Bob had been phi-bitch as well

and let me remind you this magnificent video from what you can learn how to scream Seeeergeeeei Bobrooooovsky on the game:)


For those about to rock




Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Things every girl needs

or should I write Tools?


yeah, my weak hands can work with that:) because assembling things require some skills:)

the cheapest I could find, had no problems with them, work as fine as the expensive ones that we have at home

and since a girl can't stop being a girl, in addition to those useful ones, I got....

the green ones:) juuuust because they are green:)

and a little advice to the girls, even though they are lovely green, try to buy screwdrivers with rubber handle and magnetic tip, because while looking boring that black screwdriver from the top picture is a pleasure to work with, the green ones, on the other hand, look nice, but you can't stop repeating: oh, cooooome oooooon


do not tell boys, that we can work with hands too:)