Sunday, December 29, 2013

Atheists celebrate winter holidays too

just not the Christmas :)

or Hanuka

or anything like that

New Year, we celebrate the beginning of New Year :)

here is my room

filled with light

I think it came out good this year:)

Happy holidays!!!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Joseph Wright

I don't like paintings and I believe, that arts are way overrated, mostly because I find it useless and not bringing any sort of meaning into the world

but I like some old paintings of nature, because it was in the time when no photography was yet invented and it was a good way to safe information

today while reading some smart ass book, I found a picture of Joseph Wright (which you can see one post below) and I somehow got connected with it

Therefore, dear John Constable, you are no longer alone in my brain in the section of favorite artists


Joseph Wright of Derby makes you a company now

If I were born in 1750's

I would definitely become an alchemist:)

Joseph Wright "The Alchemist in Search of the Philosopher's Stone"

I would probably be a bearded man wearing black coats:)

but I do think, that it is indeed possible to turn some regular metal into gold (I don't like gold, though, and I think it looks bad and it feels bad), nevertheless I would spent most of my life trying to find out how to change metals into something more expensive

I find it interesting

it is like being a wizard, and yes, I do believe in what is now called "magic", I am sure, it is some sort of physics, that we just forgot

maybe I should get some Basic Chemistry Lab Equipment Kit :) just to start:)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I'm sure you missed this song

if everything goes according to my evil plan, based on my calculations of the times this video was posted here you must already know the lyrics of the song and started somehow like it


I still love it and I'm pretty sure it will stay like that until the end of time:)

In Helsinki I once was in the metro with the same polar bear:)he was just casually sitting in the metro train, you know, trying to be like other people:) I love metro:) I love trains:) I love polar bears:)

and here is yet another brilliant song from Rise Against

I have one hell of a good imagination, so I paint pictures of the song lyrics in my head

try to paint it in your mind:
Take a breath and explode like bullets tearing through the wind
do you still wonder why I love them so much?:)

The amount of pictures of prince Harry on my desktop

is too damn high!!!

therefore I am going to share my treasure with you:)

and yes

I'm jealous of him