Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Men in black coats

is my weakness:)

bald men is my weakness

bearded men is my weakness

men that look like homeless is my weakness

brave men is my weakness

thats why this is perfect music video:


they both are soooooo handsome

soooooooooooo handsome

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

And I dance with your ghost

I love the lyrics of this song soooooooooooooooooo much

I wanna write something happy

but I can't :)

I now don't wanna leave this place

I feel comfortable here

I don't feel weirdo here, I feel normal

I love watching hockey at evenings

I love working in AIP-Mittaus

I definitely like gorgeous Finnish men

I like me being here

being free

what I won't miss is obviously the public transport

and food

and Muslim people


I prefer snowy white Estonia:)

I am going to miss this place

but maybe I will come back

who knows:)

Sunday, November 24, 2013


I'm going to hear this beautiful music live:


Thursday, November 14, 2013

The headache is back


I did not miss that at all

but today I even had not gone to work, because I woke up with the old good die hard headache

the one that you can't kill even using multiply 1000mg paracetamol pills


that is the strongest ones that you can get without prescription

my friend, who is doctor, said to me, that 800 is more than enough to kill even the strong toothache

well apparently my brain is a tricky bitch


don't know what to do

hope that by tomorrow it will stop

Monday, November 11, 2013

Ólafur Arnalds

Icelandic people have some magnificent music

lots of it

silent melancholy

exactly what I need right now

Harry Potter no more


helloooooo cutie pie

Sunday, November 10, 2013

There is a reason for using yellow lights

you know

those ones:
but apparently drivers here in Finland prefer to ignore it

especially public transport drivers

like coooome oooon, tram number 9, you are going from the harbor and you have looooots of people with heavy baggage balancing on that little tiny space that they have

why the hell would you hit the brakes so suddenly and unexpected all the time next to traffic lights? Do you or do you not know the meaning of yellow light?

once again, I admit: I hate public transport here, most of the drivers need to take extra courses which could teach him how to operate a big vehicle with lots of passengers

but not all of the public transport

I still have a huge crush on trains:)

and one time there was super mega awesome driver in the tram number 9 as well

while riding he talked which tram stop do passengers need to use if they want to go to Kamppi or to bus station or to railroad station, that was the example of a good driver for the tram line that comes from the harbor!

but as for the rest of the drivers:

learn what yellow light means!!!!!

Saturday, November 9, 2013


you can take this picture:

and it will describe me perfectly


you just sit and think: "well, what now"

and you have no answer

and you don't really need that answer

because deep down you know what you need to do

even if people think it is wrong

Friday, November 8, 2013

Icon for hire

my new music crush

I love those lines:
Are you scared you might open your mouth
And feel the horror if nothing comes out?
Do you think you're safe, frozen in place?
Run for cover just in case

I am not afraid to fall
You can watch me lose it all
I'll get it wrong, 'til I get it right
At least I'm making scenes in the meantime
aaaaand these, especially these:
No time left to play it safe, no time to bend
The worst mistake you'll ever make is trying to blend 
they also have slow songs, which you may classify as sad songs:

Try as I might to keep it together
Why is recovery taking forever
Fool the whole world, just until I get better
I'm terrified I'll be faking forever 

Every scar one day will heal
Every tear one day will dry 

If you're obsessed with your yesterday then you're destined to repeat it 
yes, the last line is in bold, so much I love it

it rarely happens, but I really do like the whole album

I have only two songs, that I'm not a big fan of, but the album is greeeeeeat

I need to find it in the music store to buy it

I'm going back home in less than a month


since it is slow time here now with not so much work I decided to go back home earlier, because my boss told me, that they like me, but I need to get driver's license if I want to stay with them

so I'm taking two months off to start my battle with the doctors again

this time it will be different, because I now know, that sugar blood people actually get licenses here in Estonia, and it is because my family doctor is such a coward, that she is too afraid to write me that damned health paper

therefore I will go to her one more time and if she will reject my request again I will change my doctor and i will continue changing my doctors until I find the one, who actually understands that numbers in the book may differ from numbers in reality and it doesn't mean, that I'm dying

I hope I will be able to do that in two months, because I really love my job and I kinda excited to finally work alone

so, my dear Estonian friends

I will be back in December!


I miss you all!!!

It is hockey night tonight

well not tonight

a week ago I was most happiest girl on planet Earth

oh that time when I was happy and believed that love exists

stupid naive jerk I was


went to the hockey game

and we won 3:0

over HIFK or as I understood, Finns use short version of the whole name and it is IFK

yeah, bitches

Espoo blues rocks

I was so excited that I had not took any photos

I was so exited, that I went sleeping with the smile and I woke up with even bigger smile

it was happy Friday


and there will be more happy Fridays because I am planning to visit as many games as I can



what I didn't like is that people there eat....popcorn! they eat popcorn like if it is some sort of show


not hockey show, for evolution's sake

and they really, really, really need to watch old good Boston Bruins hockey rules videos

especially this one:

and I literally was sitting with a brochure with the team players' names trying to remember everyone


I have my favorite player now

guess who is he?

yes, you are right:) of coooourse it is our goalie

there is a special place in my heart for goaltenders

meet Espoo Blues' goaltender: Jani Nieminen

Espoo Blues!


but to make it clear

my team is still Columbus Blue Jackets

and it will always remain so


I will always pick Columbus over Blues



I do not believe in love anymore.

the title of the post says it all

I'm done

there is no love