Friday, October 25, 2013

Ready set roll

I'm in a bad mood today, so I may sound a little bit depressive

so here is one warm song:

We are meaningless

the longer I live, the more I'm getting sure, that life is just a joke with no meaning

completely pointless

as for now my point of view on Universe is like this:

the Universe is multiverse with infinite number of the same Universes, but with different variations of the same event, no matter how small that event was

in addition to multiverse, there is one hyper sized universe, that consists of infinite number of  multiverse

therefore, we are pointless

we are just like leptons in terms of real size of the hyper sized universe

and our own universe is like an atom in terms of  real size of the hyper sized universe

everything is not important for anything

it just does not really matter

so whats the point of everything?

of waking up every single day?

of hoping for the better times?

life is just a joke of nature

and now I wanna find where the real important things begin

and I will find it

because I can


the song that makes me wanna cry

a lot

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I'm going to the hockey game!!!


November 1st :)

Espoo Blues vs HIFK

decided, that what the eff, I'm living here for three months and still had not been to any hockey game

yeah, yeah, same old story, was waiting until one certain man will ask me out

well, I'm too old to wait for anybody now:)


and I am pretty sure I will be going to the games much more often now:)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hart of Dixie is back!!!

my sweet lovely Hart of Dixie is back

so I can feel myself like if I'm living in Bluebell:)

with lots of handsome men, lots of beautiful women and lots of lovely stories:)

aaaand country music:)

did I already mentioned county music?


love it


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Why do people hate Shyamalan?

I do not understand that

they are not like "we don't like your movies", they literally are "we hate you" kind of people

and the worst part is that they really mean it

they post negative comments, negative reviews, they even make videos, where they discuss how much they hate M Night Shyamalan

so, if you ever doubt your talent

I write it one more time:

Dear M. Night Shyamalan, I love you and your work! I find your movies extremely intriguing and my brain that you for the way you make it work! Thank you!

I already posted multiply times the trailers of Signs, Village, The Happening and After Earth, so here is another movie from Shyamalan: Devil

I do not like horror movies, but Devil is definitely my favorite one:)

I should make Shyamalan's movie night when I come back home for holiday:)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

I'm not ashamed

I love tv-shows about school life

I just do

my most favorite one is british Some girls

it is just sooooo stupid and soooooo funny, that I can't stop singing their theme song:)

and you definitely may think, that I'm stupid or something like that

but then again

I have no desire to prove to you, that I'm smart ass:)

I just will continue singing this song in my head:

I really do try, I really do try, I really do tryyyyyy


Why do I always choose wrong kind of man?

it kinda irritates me

sometimes I think, that I do it on purpose, because I simply don't wanna be happy

but then again

I'm happy most of the times even when I am in love with the wrong kind of man

I kill it with me being too pushy

if I like somebody, I say it right away and that most likely scares the men to the death:)

I tried to be ignorant

I tried to be silent and cold

iiiit juuuust doooooes nooooot work with me

I always think, that life is way too short to spend it on the games people play

I suppose I got it from my mom and dad

when my mom met my dad, she was just divorced and had a daughter (not to mention she is 9 years older than my dad), and she told him right away all of that and that she likes him, so he had to decide whether he wants to continue the relationship


my dad is as awesome as my mom

and despite all the negative talks that they heard at the beginning, after all of these years they are still happily married:)

I'm awesome as well, so if a man can't accept the fact that I say what I feel and think, and it scares him, well, then he is just not my kind of man

but hey, they are all still good people, because there were good reasons why I liked them:)

I already have my wrong kind of man in Finland, so now I can look for "myyyyyy kind of tooooown, Chicaaaaago is"

this time with "blue eyes"


Becoming a man

on Thursday I caught myself sitting eating lunch on the street, while wearing my working clothes, having messy hair and reading hockey magazine


that was my breaking point

when did I become a man?

so on Friday, I curled my hair into girlie hair style and after work was reading girlie magazines


my  injection of girlie-ness helped, so yesterday I baked a bread

yup, I baked my own bread and I looooooved it


I will continue being super girlie for several days and then I will try to find an appropriate balance


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tragic Empire

I knew Ra band yeeeeeears ago

and like always, I thought that they are no longer making music

I was wrong again, because they just had preeeettttyyyyy good album

in case you find the album art very familiar, but can't remember where you seen it, I can help you

that is my favorite dontknowhowmanytimeswatched movie Sunshine:

I still wonder does Boyle know about the Ra band using his movie still picture


The next biathlon star

is baaaaack as well

I was 24 when I decided to be a biathlon athlete

I am 27 now and I still can't ski or shoot


thats not good:)

but I do have some more money now

so the plan is back

I'm gonna be the oldest new biathlon star:)

Guess what?

I'm back


I kinda hated this place, but today I read some of my old posts and decided that it is indeed a good place to keep my memories and thoughts

some of them were heart breaking

most of them were funny

and all of those plans I had, that never become real

but I'm still alive

and therefore I still have some time to make those plans real

after all, I'm working in geodesy again and living in Finland:) that was not my plan

but you can't plan everything

one thing I know for sure

I need to add more photos here

I should find my Leica