Thursday, September 26, 2013

They want me to do what???

pay 500 eur

aaand 500 more


1000 EUR

for what?

to became DNA mobile phone service user


you read it right

they want 1000 to be reserved for them on my bank account TO BECAME THEIR CLIENT AND PAY THEM EVERY MONTH

I just don't get services there

I want to be your client

you have to give me presents and stuff so that I would stay with you, use your services and pay you every month

instead they want me to pay instantly some beyond logic sum of money, so that they agree to take me as their client

how the hell is that even possible

yeah, I don't have a permanent residence here, but we are in the EU and I have a working contract in Finland, what do you think I will escape to Africa, so that I won't pay you those 20 eur a month for your services???

I was shocked when I read the letter

I am now looking for mobile service operator who will take me with my DNA prepaid number and won't ask for 1000 euros

I hope to save my current number

I wish I had done it earlier

but now it is my work number and it would cause a lot of troubles to change it

but, dear DNA, do you hear me? I WILL CHANGE IT if I won't find any other option

I am just shocked

client services here are "super mega awesome"

first the bank (I'm still waiting for Internet banking approval), then buses (I'm still waiting for them to drive according to schedule), and now mobile service provider with some out of space requirements

I don't get it

Sunday, September 22, 2013

My new love

Anneke van Giersbergen

and I can't write her name without using copy-paste


my favorite song so far is "She"

love her

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Just saying

For those about to rock




two wins in two preseason games:)


get ready for the new season

We Will Win it:)

My lower body double

that is strange, when you get attached to somebody just because you have something similar

for me it is Lady Gaga

because I really think that my lower part of body is pretty much exactly the same as hers

the waistline and down to the ancles

we have the same hardly manageable belly and slightly bigger legs and wonderful waistline

but I do have completely different upper body

nevertheless, now I feel strangely connected to Lady Gaga and I get defensive when somebody says something bad about her

I do not like her songs

but I always say something good about her


you know

she is my lower body double:)

The Frozen Ground

as you know I'm not a big fan of movies

but I somehow like John Cusack even though he has plenty of bad movies

I noticed Cusack in Identity:

if you like movies with a mystery and a twist I strongly recommend watching that movie

and I felt in love with John after 1408

basically the whole movie is Cusack character and while watching it in the theater I never wanted to leave for buying Cola light and that means a lot

but then I watched some of his movies and was so disappointed in his choice of roles, that I stopped following the upcoming movies

yesterday I saw The frozen ground

yeah, with my another love Nicolas Cage

who has the same history for acting in really bad movies

reeeeeally bad movies

so Nicolas and John have that in common

I would not say, that The frozen ground is disastrous

it is more "meh, okay movie"

but I do think, that plot has some big holes, that operators work could have been so much better with the nature that Alaska has and I do think, that they could have add 20 more minutes to play it more personally

it is like my blogging

cropped sentences after cropped sentences

the movie is like cropped scene after cropped scene put together with a bad glue

Cusack is barely seen, Cage is barely seen, the main focus is on the whore and her hardly explainable actions

and I do not like when there are movies based on real events about criminals

it is like if you wanna add some glory to the killer by filming his actions

I find it disturbing

he killed them, put him into jail (or I would rather recommend death penalty) and forget him, do not make documentaries about him and definitely do not make movies about him keeping his life in history

I won't post his name here

but when I was watching the movie, in the final episode there was victims list and one name really stood out for me

P. Goulding and now I wonder, did she had some relatives with Ellie Goulding, or is this surname as popular as Miller?

and yes

I love Ellie

I want it

I want it

where can I get it?






what? I may be working in men industry, but I'm still a girl:)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I finally found one driver I like

after weeks of getting angry at the bus stops since buses here arrive when they want to, not when they need to

and weeks of driving home in the busses, whose drivers doesn't care about driving carefully

after weeks of hating the public transport here in Helsinki I had finally found the driver I like!!!

today while getting back from the work (we finished the railroad, therefore for now I'm in Helsinki) some woman in expensive luxury car drive right in front of our bus not caring, that she can actually have her car wrecked and switching line right in front of buses is not very polite as well

our bus had to stop completely in order for her to fit her car in that little space

and our bus driver was furious, and I think he deserves some sort of award for what he did next

when the traffic started moving, he switched the lines and showed with the lights, that he wants to go back to the line that he just switched, right in front of that woman

she had no choice but to do that, and then our driver on the slowest speed possible started to drive back to that line

and it was reeeeeally slow and the woman had to wait, because she had no space to do anything

I hope that little trick will teach her a good lesson

do not disrespect other drivers and do not think that just because you have expensive car you have the right to drive where you want


I love Mars, but I don't like Bruno

I'm talking about Bruno Mars obviously

when he just came out I was kinda into his sad songs and thought that it is very lovely man who loved some woman very much

especially I liked The way you are song:

but then his hit single appeared on the radio

at the beginning I liked this song, but the more I listened to it, the more I realized that is a song of a very weak man


extremely weak man

as weak as I once was

holding for the love, who hadn't even needed me

so the more I listened the more I hated that song, like, thats some sort of a hymn for weak people looking for excuses for not letting go

boiling in their misery of past

while somebody close could had been your future

stop doing that

but then it got worse

the new songs, I still don't get it, how the eff are they so popular

sooooooo popular

I'm not gonna post it here, but turn on the radio and you will surely hear one of those in minutes

I don't know

now he sings about the love that he had not cherished and what mistakes he made

I can use word "karma" here, used to love a girl, who had not loved him back, now he had not loved another girl and she was apparently perfect for him

and here you go, another hymn for the past love
does he, like, collects them to write bad songs about?

dear people in toxic love, please, be reasonable and understand that drowning yourself in bad love just makes you miss the opportunity to be loved

stop wasting your time on somebody who doesn't want it

invest it in somebody who actually cares

My redneck in me and I dedicate this lovely song to all of my friends in need:

Darius Rucker - This

For every stoplight I didn't make
Every chance I did or I didn't take
All the nights I went too far
All the girls that broke my heart
All the doors that I had to close
All the things I knew but I didn't know
Thank God for all I missed
Cause it led me here to

Russian song I really like

I do not wanna post the official video to this song, because it is circus themed and I really think circus is some wicked place to be

and the version of the song in that video differs a bit from the version that I love

here is the song:

lovely song with lovely voice and sad meaning

but I love it

Saturday, September 14, 2013

I feel homeless

I literally have three homes now:
  • Tallinn
  • Espoo
  • countless hotels
it tears me apart a bit

I feel, that my home is in Tallinn, my sleeping apartment is in Espoo and my working apartments are hotels

I feel homeless, because I do no know where I wanna be or where I am gonna be next week

we work way too fast, even though we try not to

I do not know how I will explain to my boss when I return next week, that we already finished another railroad

I just don't

and I still have no friends, because I do not have any permanent place to stay

I'm always on the go

and I would lie if I say that I hate it, I don't looooove it, but I like it

it helps me learning new things about Finland, see new places

so far I had been in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Tuusula, Kouvola, Mikkeli, Pieksämäki, Kuusankoski and Lahti

in Mikkeli I had tourist days as well, went to museums, saw things and churches

I have no idea where I am going to be next week

I just know I will try my best to find some hockey game, since SM-Liiga started this week

and I will try not to feel so lonely

because, hey! some people doesn't have even one home, while I have three!

Show me how to lie

you know that feeling when after yeeeears of not listening to some certain song you rediscover it

This week I have two those kind of songs

the first one is The Offspring - You're Gonna Go Far Kid

from the very first line lyrics are brilliant

I especially love "dance, fucker, dance" part:) it just creates a fine picture of people who lied to me in weird costumes, dancing like mad people

I love how my brain never fails to amaze me:)

and another song is Eagle Eye Cherry - Save Tonight

the song that makes me smile:)

just try not to think how old you are, if you had seen that video on television when it just came out

we are noooot oooooold

we are just a lil older than some of the people:)

Once again

I'm not dead:)

I just somehow lost the connection to this place

and I promise I will try to establish it back

starting today:)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

If you are wondering

I'm not dead:)

I just forgot my computer charger and since stores here didn't have my kind of charger, I had not been able to be present here:)

but today I got it

and I am baaaaaack

and I'm pretty much alive:)