Saturday, June 29, 2013

Another reason to love 9gag

my friend still freezes like that from time to time to scare me :)))

oh, my genius M. Night Shyamalan


Friday, June 28, 2013


I had an urgent need to find some lovely song like Gone, gone, gone

and I found it

Frank Turner - The Way I Tend To Be

and if you don't love the way he sings Rememmmmmmmmmmmmmmbeeeeer, well, then I feel sorry for you


some songs make me smile, and that song is definitely one of those

Here's what I learned:
That love is about the changes you make and not just three small words.
but then I rememmmmmmmmmmmmber you

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Apparently I love post grunge rock

finally I can answer to the question "what is your favorite music genre"

Post Grunge Rock it is


found super mega awesome radio station: Big R Radio - Post Grunge Rock

and I was sitting and thinking all the time

hey, I know that song and I love that song:

and that:

and that:

I can copy-paste the entire playlist and 90% of it would be the songs that I love


therefore, from now, my favorite music genre is post grunge rock

but my favorite band is Rise Against:)

Not all emo music is bad

Taking Back Sunday - Faith (When I Let You Down)

Green is the color of my new card

not the American green card:)


they need it in every place where two or more companies are working at the same time

so basically on every construction site

I don't mind the idea of that card

I do not even mind that it costs 92 eur

but I do mind wasting 8 hours to listen to the same things over and over and over again in the company of slightly drunk men

seriously, without all of the breaks, you can learn those things in two hours easily

and what's with the slightly drunk men?

one of them even bought a bottle of gin right in there

like is it that hard not to drink one day?

and another one asked the teacher if Finnish companies have policies of testing employers on the drugs and when the teacher told him, that some companies do that, the man said, well then I definitely won't work there


while I am pretty sure he was dead serious

I just don't get it

those kind of workers just ruin the reputation of Estonian people

you should feel bad, dumb asses, that you ruined your life so bad that you need to drink and use drugs every day

anyway, after 8 hours of useless sitting in the room (or, to be correct, after a total of two hours of useful information and 6 wasted hours) we got the test

and I wrote it like I usually do, fast and first

yeap, the drunkies junkies were nervously laughing, when after 5 minutes I already gave my test back to get the result

obviously, I got the card:)


for now only temporary paper, but in three weeks I will get the permanent card (for five years)

and being good person as I am, I helped the boy sitting next to me to answers plenty of questions before I left, because he seemed like a normal human being, who just was too nervous to be focused on the questions

I hope he got the card as well

and I am one step closer :)

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Fall

I want to recommend you one tv drama

The Fall

the trailer is "meh, average", but the drama is one of the best that I had ever seen

it is definitely not a CSI Miami kind of thing, I suppose it is more close to real life kind of drama, where everything happens slow and every detail matters and you should plan a lot to get to the end

when I was watching the first episode I could not stop thinking, but..but...but you are very handsome man with a killer body, why would you kill women, when they are ready to sleep with you the moment you take your shirt off

but soon I understood that it is not about sex, it is way more deeper

I love Anderson and I think she is perfect for that role and actually everybody in the cast are in the right roles

like watching a good cop / bad guy dancing with each other, when you hope that the good one wins, but you will never know until the end

there will be Season 2, but not soon, so enjoy the short 5 episode drama

and girls, meet the killer (it is not spoiler, the killer is known already from the trailer):

Jamie Dornan

Dear Bobrovsky


are you seriously thinking about going back to SKA?



that is what I think, when I read the news where Bobrovsky is saying that his agent is talking to Columbus and SKA

like come on, do players depend so much on their agents, that they let them decide where to play?

Bob, we love you, but get your shit together and sign a contract already, so that we would know should we look for another goaltender or not

Saturday, June 22, 2013


is the exact amount of replies I got from Finnish surveying companies

not one reply letter

nothing at all

I understand you have plenty of mail, but is it really thaaaat hard to send auto-respond letter saying that "we are pleased that you are interested in working with us, but unfortunately we do not have vacancies"

or something like that


but that's okay, there are plenty of companies left

and as for those who ignored me



never gonna get tired of that song :)))

One of those days

when you feel bad and look like crap

I had it today while going out to buy some new clothes

do I need to say, that I had not bought anything?

I hate shopping

I hate shopping with all of my heart

and when you see me in the same clothes all the time it is just because I hate shopping

every time I try something new I feel like a the most ugliest girl on planet Earth with the shortest legs possible

I even ditched my friend with whom I was planning to meet up in the evening

because I feel like I'm monster

do they have some sort of ugly mirrors in the shops?

because when I look in my mirror I really do think, that I look good, but in the stores I feel like the world's fattest dwarf



I love going to thrift shops, because you don't have to try anything there

and I miss Paide, because they had plenty of very good thrift shops there, you just go, pick and buy

because even if it doesn't fit you, it is cheap and you can give it away

what is weird, I pick most of the time just what I need in those kind of stores

and it becomes almost impossible to buy anything from the normal stores with their ugly mirrors

today is a bad hair and zero self-confidence day

tomorrow it will be good

Calgary Flames and flood

I am always Switzerland when it comes to Calgary Flames

I neither like them, nor hate them

I hadn't ever seen any game with Calgary

but today I feel sorry for them

look at their home arena:

that is just creepy

imagine being there and knowing, that there, where it used to be beautiful ice, now is dirty water

and I am pretty sure it smell preeeeetttyyyyyy baaaaaaad

and all of those sounds

standing alone in the dark listening to how mighty water takes away your ice

I would not wish it even for my enemy

Calgary Flames, I wish you good luck!

Friday, June 21, 2013

I'm proud of me

I GOT B1!!!!

B - 1

the only one from my group:


from A0 to B1 in 75 academic hours:)

our group was actually A0-A2, but my teacher said, that I had been great in all of the tests and oral speeches, that she thinks, that it is more B1 than A2 and with a little bit of practice I can actually do the official keskitaso test

I guess it is somehow a destiny, being able to learn Finnish so quickly, wish I had done it earlier:)

bbbbbeeeeeeeee onnnnneeeeeeee

for my American friends: it was in the news several days ago, that Finnish language is second one among the most difficult languages to learn for Americans, the most difficult language was Japanese (or Chinese, I am not really sure) and Estonian was in the top 5 most difficult:) we do have killer grammar:))))


and another thing I'm super mega proud of, is when I got the paper I wrote the text to the man I loved, because I always texted him when something big happened in my life, I wrote the text, but I never sent it, because before hitting the "send" button I thought: wait, that has nothing to do with hockey, nothing at all, there is no need to tell him, that I got B1

and I deleted the message



may be I was right, I am, indeed, free from him now

and I am, indeed, good in Finnish:)

B1 good!



Thursday, June 20, 2013

My cat


crazy cat lady talk


I love my cat

here is how I see him:

such a cutie pie

but here is how other people see him:

just look at that evil cat:))) he is like a fight cat

you don't play games with an angry cat like that:)

that's why my nephews are afraid of him

they don't want to pet him at all:) they always run away when he comes into the room

may be that's why most of the times he looks like this:

be afraid, be very afraid:))) I'm awesome and I know it, now bring me food:)

what is strange about this cat is that he hates when people take him on their hands, he instantly starts biting

but he can't be alone in the room, when everybody in another room, he will wake up and come to that room, just to be around people

but people can't touch him:)

he loves us, but only from the distance

here is another photo:

he sat like this for almost ten minutes, looking at the door waiting my mom to come home

I still don't know, how he did that, because that night my mom was a little bit late from work and he just waited her at the exact time when she usually comes home, do cats have some sort of built in clocks?

probably thinking "where the hell is that woman, who gives me food"


my cat is not a fluffy puffy piece of friendly furry cat

and I like it:)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


but it is not Flyleaf

why would you keep the name, when like half of the band is no longer who started it

here is the new song

listen to that failure

I just don't know


first Paramore, now Flyleaf

would you be so kind and stop being so pop oriented?

disappointed, didn't like the voice at all as well


Lacey, we miss your beautiful voice

Monday, June 17, 2013

I finally did it!

I just sent my first Finnish CV

decided, that four years was quite a good amount of time to realize it will never happen


the country of cold summer, wait for my frozen heart:)


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Congratulations, Bobrovsky!!!

He got it!!!

NHL goaltender of the year!!!

and it was his first serious season in NHL

Congratulations, Sergei! the first Russian born goalie to get Vezina


Columbus Blue Jackets are proud of you and so are we!

For those about to rock




Lets spice it up a bit

I'm turning into some fluffy puffy piece of happy rainbow

and I'm definitely not that kind of a person


so here is a tough song for you:

IN THIS MOMENT - Adrenalize

I looooooooooooooooooove it, especially the part after 03:00

that's my new jumping song:)

*gone jumping and dancing in my Estonian hockey team jersey (used as sleepwear)

**and yes, I really do sleep sometimes in the jersey as in the short dress

***and yes, I indeed, jump and dance in my room now, because I'm home alone tonight and who cares, that it is 2 AM, I am light as a feather, so I won't wake up the neighbours:)

****that awesome song has an official video with super hot woman in it, but I won't post it here, because I don't like people wearing masks

It works both ways

I was surprised when I read in the newspaper, that eye color discrimination works both ways:)

I already told that I feel like brown eyes suck the soul out of me:

but apparently people with brown eyes may feel something similar towards people with blue eyes:)

that woman, who wrote to the newspaper, told, that she can't talk to people with blue/gray eyes, because she feels like if our eyes are frozen and show no emotions whatsoever

like robots


that's okay, while she sees nothing, I see endless Universe :)

but I feel a little better now, because I am not the only one who doesn't like people with different eye color:)

eye color based discrimination

can they sue me for that?


Songs that make me smile

every single time I hear this song:

I smile:)

every single time


Four years


I had never been good with time and my time management skills are far from being good

but two days ago it hit me

Four freaking years

I was in love with the wrong person


that's longer than some marriages last

and I had nothing from that

except for some hockey knowledge

I'm sorta devastated now, I never would had thought it lasted for so long

wasted four years on a person who doesn't even sure how he feels about me


at least now I know how not to waste your time on the wrong person


it is the right time to use old good Rise Against again, isn't it?

It's not too late,
We have the rest of our lives.
I indeed have the rest of my life to start over again, with the good ending this time:)

aaahhhhh, Rise Against

I'm gonna solve this one my own
*gone playing on the air drums

Monday, June 10, 2013


Three days ago I finally got that feeling

the feeling of freedom

I am now completely ready to move away

I am no longer afraid that I have way too little knowledge of Finnish language

*check this out, the result of a test, that they actually take in Finland:

because, well, if Arabic people with no language knowledge or cultural knowledge can live there, then why can't I work there?

I am no longer afraid of leaving the people I love behind

as for the family members, Helsinki is just two hours away (I wanna work in Tampere or Turku, so thats a bit longer trip)

as for the people I loved and liked, well, I am glad I won't see you again, you caused me way too much pain :)

as for the friends, you all have my contacts

I still, for some reason, hadn't started sending my CV

I am trying to find that unsolved business that keeps me away from doing that, but I had not find it yet

therefore, if you know any reason why I am still here, plese, let me know, so that I can solve that problem


The best Estonian ice cream 2013


is this one:

lemon with lime


you should try it:)

After Earth

you all know well, that I have a crush on blondies and baldies

but I wanna have kids from M. Night Shyamalan, if they are as genius as he is

went to the cinema yesterday to watch After Earth


there were times when I was laughing completely alone

it is just what I do:) I get his jokes:)

I liked the movie, but I did not really like Will Smith's son, that boy is just not as good as his dad

I liked the movie, but I didn't like it as much as his previous movies

until this morning

I guess you have to sleep with this movie to completely understand its beauty



he did it with my brain again, all of those splashes of hidden messages, all of those little things, that have great meaning

all of that is still there:)

I love you, M Night Shyamalan!

thank you far the great movie!

and it makes my heart grow fonder, knowing, that I'm not alone who misses the bravery and honesty in people

I know that you may think, that movie has some comical scenes

like those white sheets and cartoon'ish killing of his sister

but I get otherwise

white sheets may be super mega awesome material with super mega awesome properties, also it is showing that people don't live completely blocked in cement and at least your family is close to you

the cartoon'ish scene when the boy sees his sister being killed, well, it is just what kid's imagination does, reconstructing the memory

and I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove that monologue, where he explained why he is fearless

I loved how he told his son, that you have a fear of future that may or may not happen

I never thought about it that way, but we truly are afraid only of our future

one of the last fears that I have is insects, and I really do fear only the possibility of what that specific insect can do to me (like crawl into my ear), I do not fear the fact that it exists or the fact that it did something bad before, no, I am afraid of what it can do to me

I'm afraid of future

but I already mentioned several times, that I believe in multi universe existence

so why should I fear what MAY or MAY NOT happen

one of the choices will eventually happen whether I fear it or not


I love you M. Night Shyamalan!!!

with all of my heart!

please, don't give up writing and directing the movies!!!

I love After Earth movie!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Finnish song

my first Finnish song, that I really like

Poju - Poika (Saunoo)

meidän poika on tullut koootiiiiiiiin

and I stated watching Finnish TV and it is really hard to find that online :)

but I found Poliisit  and it was reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally hard to focus on the words they say

reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally hard


just look at them:

the blondie and the baldie

perfect combination for me, and you may for some reason do not understand why I find them so attractive, but well, somebody thinks Ronaldo is the hottest man in the world, while I think he is ugly

those two cops are my type of beauty:

thats like Kimi (Janne Rauma) and Vin Diesel (Kari Palonen) in one car :)

what else can you wish for?

may be I should move to Tampere:)))

do they need construction surveyors there?

Friday, June 7, 2013

Why, Dallas, why

whyyyyyyyy would you restyle your beautiful logo?

into this failure:

wanna know what I see when I look at it?



look at primary mark, for me it looks like this moment:

where star symbolize lying person and black hole (being letter D) is the alien crawling out of a person

that is just waaaay too weird

and the secondary mark, oh that secondary mark

look at this logo:

even the colors are the same

like coooome ooooon, is škoda your owner or what?

the alternate mark is like an alien crawling our of man in front of some old non working plant

you know, the alien, that loves industrial buildings


I don't know, Dallas, you somehow lost your Disney charm and turned into horror movie

I do not understand it and I do not like it

but hey, I still think that my team has the most powerful logo in NHL:)

Thursday, June 6, 2013


I have no idea what is he singing about (except for some words, that sound like Russian), bur I love the song and the video

I like the video much more:)

it seems like if I already posted it here, but I am not sure, so you can watch it once again:)

I'm sorry, but I just love his beard:)

do not like his hair, though, that was always a mystery for me, why would a man grow his hair long and then use tonnes of gel to put it back, like come on, cut it off:)

and I somehow think, that the man in the video is not even a singer:)))

which does not make his beard any less attractive:)))

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


song of the day:

and album cover of the month:

Beautiful ad

Antti Raanta

remember when we were learning a new name in hockey world?



well, you may use his name more often now


because Chicago Blackhawks signed him for a year!!!

Congratulations, Antti!!!

and you may say whatever you like about Hockey World Championship, but I'm somehow pretty sure he got noticed just right there:)

Congratulations, Raanta!!!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Battle of Goaltenders

last summer went under "there is no way our captain Nash will leave the team"

and then he left

this summer is The Battle of Goaltenders

I will not say this time that "there is no way Bob will leave the team"

but he will indeed be turning into restricted free agent this summer

and I reeeeally hope that he is like Datsyk, who said he only wanna play in one team all his career

Bob, you were Phi-bitch once, and you were sitting on a bench, and here in Columbus we discovered you and now you are nominee for Vezina Trophy

let Columbus Blue Jackets be that only one team for you

but he is not the only goaltender who may change the team

Tuukka Rask will be RFA as well

he is a good purchase for any team

*sorry for using that "purchase" word

but wait

there is more

in addition to young Bobrovsky and Rask there are two older ones

Lu (Roberto Luongo) and The Stache (Tim Thomas)

apparently Lu is so sick of his team (Vancouver) that he is willing to change it into any team who offers him a place

and The Stache, according to the news, is willing to go back to the game, or should I say, to the net, after a year of vacation

and you all know, Tim hadn't got "Fear The Stache" line only because of his mustache


therefore at least four goalies will be free to some extent

it would be interesting to see how it all ends

it would be super mega awesome, if we keep Bob as the first goaltender and The Stache as a back up, because after all, he had not played in a year and although he has lots of Trophies, lets face it, he is not that young, but he still can teach Bob some very good lessons and be a solid second goalie

I want Bob and Tim in my team!


Old good nu metal

I still wonder how this kind of music has "metal" word in it

it clearly has nothing to do with it, but I looooooove nu metal

Are we gonna die?

of course we are one day

but sometimes it hits me, how fragile our existence is

I am alive right now but who knows, may be I won't be able to finish this post, because I will die next second, meteorite may be will be the cause of it

some days I doubt my existence simply because of all of the right conditions we have

just think of it, our star is just the right temperature, our neighbor planets are just in the right distance from Earth, the amount of oxygen on our planet is just the right for having life forms as we are

sometimes it confuses me, for what do we have it all

it confuses me, why are we still alive

why some passing by asteroid still had not killed us

if we have perfect conditions for existence, why the hell do we always complicate our lives

with love, religion, wars, envy

self destructing species

why could not we just enjoy the simple life?

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Counting days

to this:

and you can say whatever you like about my genius M. Night Shyamalan, but I will always love his movies

full of hidden messages and jokes

it is sad, though, that most of the people don't understand him, I read some comments about the movie, and lots of it were "I left the cinema after 20 minutes"

consider this my official statement:
Dear M. Night Shyamalan, you are the best movie director and writer ever. Please, do not take that harsh criticism from little kids, who can't even write their own name properly, too close to your heart. Do not stop making movies. Your movies are my main brain food. Thank you for all of that excitement that I get from watching your movies. I had never thought that movies can make your brain explode with finding the "between the lines" meaning. Thank you!
yeah, all for those kids, who leave the movie after 20 minutes, well, you know what kind of joke was back in the days in Russian Internet?

How to test your potential girl's intelligence:
- "Did you like District 9?"
- "No, I left after 10 minutes"
And he never saw her again

I should use that trick :)

"Do you know who M. Night Shyamalan is? Do you understand his movies?"

you don't have to necessarily like them, but you have to have solid arguments about why you don't like them, I will understand that

I had not been in movie theaters for quuuuite a looooooong time:) but this week I'm definitely going to:)