Friday, May 31, 2013


somehow felt in love with that song:

Everything that drowns me makes me wanna fly
wonderful song

and is it only me, or if you put Ryan from OneRepublic

with Dan from Imagine Dragons

and Macklemore

you would think that they are brothers?

they look and move way too similar, but hey, I don't mind, I love it:)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

What do people need

when they move to another country?

The only time I was not living at home was the last year, but I lived only 103 km away and with all of the stuff I need already being there

but what do people need when they move to another country?

I do not believe all those talks about: I moved from Russia to USA only with 20 dollars in my pocket and nothing else, for me that is really doubtful, like cooome oooon, 20 dollars I suppose is not enough even to get from the airport to any town and then, suddenly, two weeks later you become some model, oookaaaaay, teach me, masters, how to live in a foreign country with no language, no things, no money for 20 dollars (including way to any town) for two weeks

I do not believe in that thing


I got the new passport and although I do like Hobo King there, I am one step closer to moving away:)


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

No Comments

Edward and banana

Monday, May 27, 2013



that was whole conversation with my friend:)

because about what else are you going to text at 23:00

she is learning Finnish with me and ompelukone is my word (that is sewing machine in Finnish)  and eläkeläinen is her word (meaning retiree)

don't even try to understand why those two words:)

Sunday, May 26, 2013


I love pictures of space

Black Hole-Powered Jets Plow Into Galaxy
This composite image of a galaxy illustrates how the intense gravity of a supermassive black hole can be tapped to generate immense power. The image contains X-ray data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory (blue), optical light obtained with the Hubble Space Telescope (gold) and radio waves from the NSF’s Very Large Array (pink).
This multi-wavelength view shows 4C+29.30, a galaxy located some 850 million light years from Earth. The radio emission comes from two jets of particles that are speeding at millions of miles per hour away from a supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy. The estimated mass of the black hole is about 100 million times the mass of our Sun. The ends of the jets show larger areas of radio emission located outside the galaxy.
The X-ray data show a different aspect of this galaxy, tracing the location of hot gas. The bright X-rays in the center of the image mark a pool of million-degree gas around the black hole. Some of this material may eventually be consumed by the black hole, and the magnetized, whirlpool of gas near the black hole could in turn, trigger more output to the radio jet.
Most of the low-energy X-rays from the vicinity of the black hole are absorbed by dust and gas, probably in the shape of a giant doughnut around the black hole. This doughnut, or torus blocks all the optical light produced near the black hole, so astronomers refer to this type of source as a hidden or buried black hole. The optical light seen in the image is from the stars in the galaxy.
Image Credit: NASA
I think I finally should buy a telescope

from my first Finnish salary I will buy the cheapest one and will update it years after years

I will never be able to be in open space, but at least I will pretend that I am there

after all, we are all traveling in space right now, so I will pretend, that Earth is my big spaceship and telescope is my peephole

I'm doing pretty good

with not falling in love

to not care is somehow a good feeling

and just listen to that lovely song:

Saturday, May 25, 2013

I, Robot

after watching disastrous Die Hard 5, I was so disappointed in new movies, that I decided to watch old good I, Robot

and just to make you feel old, that movie came out nine years ago

niiiiine years:)

I still love it and I can't say how many times I watched that movie:)

it is a good thing, that I have DVD :)

and every time I think "will Sonny die, or will he not"

and those old good jokes

easy and funny:

Detective Del Spooner: [to Dr. Lanning's cat] Look, I understand you have experienced a loss, but this relationship just can't work. I mean, you're a cat. I'm black. I'm not going to be hurt again.
 do not watch Die Hard 5

I recommend watching I, Robot even though it is completely different movie:)

Friday, May 24, 2013

I give strange names to unobvious things

that must be some sort of sickness


starting with my cat whose name is Afanasii

then I gave name to a doormat

yes, you read it right, I gave name to doormat, because it has a mouse picture on it and my cat with weird name like sitting on that mat

and it looks like if he is speaking to that mat, I therefore decided to make it official: my cat's best friend is the image of mouse on the mat, whose name is Mitrofan

Afanasii and Mitrofan are best friends:)

but wait

here is more

last week our neighbors apparently had some sort of insect killing time and because we have same wall one of their old cockroaches got into our flat

I was home alone when I saw it on the wall in the kitchen, if you know me in person, you know that I am afraid of insects

every little bug I see turns me into screaming piece of meat:)

I have a pretty good artillery of poisons for insects and when I see something I use it

yes, I admit it, I did gas chamber for that one big old cockroach in the kitchen

the more chemicals the better I feel, I hope that cockroach either died or run back to from where it came

but I still have cockroach  traps, juuuust in caaaase it lived through that chemical hell I gave to it

because I felt a little bit guilty of treating it so bad I decided to give that cockroach a name


thats its name and the joke in the family now is: How you seen Vassily today?


to sum up

I have:
  • Cat - Afanasii
  • doormat - Mitrofan 
  • the ghost of a dead cockroach - Vassily
now my own name seems too boring



wanna know what I do every single time before falling asleep?

I play sudoku on the hardest level on my phone

yeap, I'm that desperate keeping my brain alive

sometimes I finish it in 7 minutes, but most of the times in 20

but now when I see a sudoku in newspapers I just look at it and think: well that is way too easy

does anybody know some games that you can play using the phone, but without storyline and shooting, the games like sudoku when you get angry thinking: this game has no solution! and 20 minutes later you find it and you feel like the smartest person on planet Earth:)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Slow Mo

I have a crush on videos with ice

here is Russian one, not bad, not super awesome, just good

I am not a big fan of Russian rap, but that song is okay and video is pretty good

people should use more ice in their videos

it looks so good and I still think, that 30 seconds to Mars have one of the most beautiful videos of all times

I'm talking about A Beautiful Lie of course

still watching it with excitement, even though it is basically just a band in the snowy ice

but I still watch like hypnotized :)

Look who is back!



I walk away and you can live your liiiiife

I don't really like his voice, but I somehow like almost all of their songs:)

glad to see that they are back and with such a lovely video

and they look so happy:)

I love videos like that one, the one that uses real emotions and that's why I love rock/punk/alternative and so on music, just look at them, look so real, so much emotions, they don't need millions to put up the show so that the people would come to see it

people who loves that type of music come to the concert to hear the music, not to watch the show

I wanna hug them all :)

my favorite song from them is old good Walk Astray


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

In the end

such a great song

cos it's the eeeend and I'm not afraid to diiie

I had a weird day today

remember about my feeling of close standing death?



it seems to me, I saw it:)

today while waiting for the green light I saw a shadow of a man standing behind me and I thought, like cooome oooon, there is plenty of space here, you don't need to stand so close to me

when the light turned green I started moving and looked backwards, do I need to say that I was the only person standing on that road?

I thought, like, okay, may be that was just some shadow from something I had not seen

but then a little bit later I was standing on another crossroad waiting and I saw the exact same shadow behind me but this time I turned at the same moment and saw only one boy passing by waaaaay too far, so it couldn't be his shadow

I am bit confused now

was it a ghost? was it my death? was it hallucination? was it the sign I need to check my eyesight?

Life just got more interesting:) Dear death, it it was you, could you please kill me in the next two days, because I have big plans starting from May 23th

cos it is the end and I'm not afraid to die


Monday, May 20, 2013

Men are like pillows

and you are always looking for the best one

another great theory from me:)

I had changed three different pillows in one year

and none of it suited my needs

just like the men

you have one pillow (man), but you can't feel comfortable with it, your neck hurts, you have troubles with falling asleep, but you still try to stay with that pillow, because it is yours and you already got attached to it

sounds familiar? just like every girl in love who is too afraid to let him go even if he drags her to hell

I am still looking for the perfect pillow and while I'm looking, I'm sleeping on the thee pillows at the same time, because if you can't find the only one that makes you happy, then you have to combine several to get at least something good

may be this is the exact reason why I fall in love so often and so easily, thats because i still had not found what I am looking for

and that is why men are like pillows and you should not be afraid to change the pillow that is not good for you

Sunday, May 19, 2013

That song is too damn cute

and even without seeing his face you can say he is smiling when he sings


Bad joke eel

I just love 9gag :)

you can find a lot of good jokes there

and bad joke eel is one of my favorite memes:)

I laughed a little bit too loud:)))

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Thirty Seconds To Mars

What I love about Thirty Seconds To Mars is that they put plenty of songs on youtube

I listened to their new album, and I do not really understand why people hate it so much

I didn't love it, but I surely liked it a lot

way too little clear instruments and way too much auto tuned crap, but somehow all together it is pretty good CD

and while watching to their The Race lyric video:

I kept asking myself, when the hell did animals stop being animals and started being close to human intelligence creatures

they look so smart

it is good, that for years I'm already a vegetarian:)

but I do think Mars started to sound like Angels and Airwaves

I love Angels, so I don't mind:)

aaaand because I love raping your ears with the same music over and over again

here is old good Rise Against with Satellite

When we're gone we'll stay gone.
Out of sight, out of mind.
aaaand the line that still gives me chills every time I hear it:
It's not too late,
We have the rest of our lives.
never gonna get tired of Rise Against:)

Friday, May 17, 2013

Eurovision 2013

Yeah, my little crush on Eurovision

like probably every human being in Estonia has:)

I watched the semi-finals and must say, that was one of the most boring Eurovision contests out there

like more than half of songs included heartbroken girl singing about her love in the middle of the stage

I had only ONE song, that I truly liked


and I am very happy, that it got into the Final


such a lovely song, that makes you wanna smile all the time while you are listening to it:)

happy and sunny

but I doubt that it is going to be on my playlist

on the other hand, after a year two song from the previous Eurovision are still there

yup, that's a new record, I had never listened to that euro crap contest songs for such a long time:)

that's my favorite Italian girl Nina Zilli

I loooooooooooooooooove that song:)

and the second one is Slovenian girl Eva that didn't make it to the final, but was able to stay in my playlist for a year


Thursday, May 16, 2013

You wish you had Bobrovsky

don't you?

the little piece of evil in me right now is extremely happy

Russia - USA 3:8


you read it right


and you can say whatever you like about Bob being too young, but the result shows it all


congratulations to Russian coaches who managed to put such a great team of old reliable players

oh, wait a second, the old word was correct, but obviously not the reliable one


I don't like Russian sports, so I'm not angry, on the opposite, I'm very glad, that USA is in the semi finals

but I just hated, that they didn't ask Bob to play

you wish you had, don't you?


Tibetan Mastiff

my chain of animals who I think are actually humans continues

so for now I know that big apes are humans covered in fur:

bears are humans covered in fur:

and yetis who I want to believe do not exist, are some sort of mix between man, big ape and bear

I won't post a picture of yeti here, but I am sure you all know how it may look like:)

now I have a new animal: Tibetan Mastiff

I added pictured with people so that you know how big that dog really is (if you are on one of those photos, please let me know, and I will remove them)

I'm sorry, but who would even think about naming that super mega awesome animal "a dog"

that is what bears should look like

you know, bears that are animals, not bears who look like humans

I am not afraid of dogs, so if I see it I would be one of the most happiest persons on planet Earth

because that animal does not look like a human, it looks like an animal who can break your scull with one little tap on your head


I love it:)

and it brought back one of my old memories:  The NeverEnding Story

I need to see that movie again

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


because hockey is the best game on planet Earth, that's why!

diiiid yoooooou seeeeee thaaaaaaat mooooove?


he wanted to help his team so much, that he had stolen the hockey stick from the other team member

just imagine you being that player, you had lost your stick and the "enemy" is next to the net, you have no time to pick up your own stick, so you just take it from another player:)))

and I knoooow, he most likely got 2min penalty for doing that, but just the fact that he was soooo into game should make the fans be proud of him, even if they lost the game

and that is why, hockey is the best game on planet Earth:)

Supermassive Black Holes

I'm reading now another book written by Mr Hawking and since he was writing about black holes it was completely predictable, that you will meet "supermassive black hole" word combination

and the moment I saw those words I understood how I was influenced by popular music

because, lets face it, you had read it the exact same way I read it

like this:

the 02:10 moment

and I don't even like that song and I hadn't really listened to it

but supermassive black hole in my head is always pronounced with his voice:)

and here is the artistic interpretation of supermassive black hole:

it is like The King of Black Holes:)

Is it over now?


the saga of my bad choice in falling in love continues:)

you know I realized that I had never been NOT in love with somebody

like, maybe for day or two

yeeeeah, I just had some sort of need to be in love and adore somebody:)

and not in the most healthy way :)

but it gets easier with time, I'm not a crazy stalker with zero self confidence

as you might remember, I'm The King Jana now :)))

but yesterday I had that lovely sudden clarity moment

I was looking for the photos that the man I loved sent me some time ago and do you know what was my first thought?

"But...but....but.....but you are not that attractive anymore"

should I take this as a complete win over my ill love? because it is doubtful, that a man can go from "the most hottest man in the world" to  "But...but....but.....but you are not that attractive anymore" in a couple of months, when nothing bad happened to his physical appearance

I think I finally got off my pink glasses and started seeing the way an ordinary person will look at him

and I dedicate this song to myself:

only that I don't wanna undo it, because I learned hell of a lot from that :)

now I have a new plan: I will not fall in love for some long time

I know it won't last long, especially, when the hockey game is coming on Thursday and I have plans to watch it not alone

but I will tryyyyy to stay calm minded and keep my heart closed:)

My biggest love for now is me alone:)

I'm in love with myself

and unless you play this song to me:

with the same voice and emotions, I have no intentions to fall in love with you

Consider this an official statement:)

Oh, you

I know at least two members of my family are reading this


would you be so nice and leave this place


you know

you have nothing to talk with me about



apparently my family truly thinks so

and that's okay, because I don't really talk with them that much

but not because I don't have anything to say, but because after each time we have some sort of family gathering whatsoever somebody is always getting mad at something I say

and I admit, I rarely apologize for my words, because if I think so, I think so

it is sad, though, that you prefer not to listen to the good things I talk about you, but then again, it is the matter of your preferences, to be mad at me, or to finally hear me saying good things and not in a sarcastic way

but, just, leave this place :)

it is my cave:)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Drowning Pool

I need to get my own motivational songs playlist :)

This song will definitely be there:

and the line : We are not afraid to die

must be the main line in every song:)

but I admit, I am a little bit jealous of people who afraid to die, because they apparently have something that keeps them here:)

I had a meeting with one of my old friends week ago

she has some problems in her family now and we just talked about it for hours sitting in our favorite coffee shop and when she asked me how was I doing, I just said, that I look like a hobo on my passport picture and that it is my biggest problem:)

when we were saying good byes she suddenly asked me how many times do I do insulin injections and how does it affect my life, yup, out of nowhere, I answered that question, 4 times and the hardest part is that you can't go anywhere without tracking the time and explaining to the men you like, your situation and not ever hearing from them after that:) she said, that she does not understand how do I live like that, when I am that ill and my biggest problem is my bad picture on the passport:)

and I probably had the most epic good bye line of all of the times, I said : well, at least I am not afraid to die, then I smiled and I left:)

it is just a matter of perspective

if you can't change it, you have to live with that no matter what

oh, self pity again


here is another motivational song for you

Bullet Method - Powertrip

the only video I found :

but you can listen to that song here

sing along: "so you'd better run run, little bitch, run run little bitch, run home"


I love it

Monday, May 13, 2013

Hart of Dixie

I just love that tv show

I always take a cup of cola and some chips to watch it

and it feeeeels sooooooooo gooooooood

I know, I have no relatives in the "dixie" and I have no redneck blood in me whatsoever, but that feels so natural:)

and lots of fun:)

and I still love Taylor Swift:

even Jana needs some time to be girlie girlie:)

perfect TV for me would be "Elementary" (or Grimm, or Psych) then hockey and then Hart of Dixie :) that would be the perfect date with TV:)))

I have big enough heart to fit it all in and big enough brain to understand something interesting without saying "eeewww, that's just too boyish!" or "eeewwwww, that's just too girlie'ish"

yeeeeah, I suppose I don't need a perfect man, I'm perfect enough in both ways:) I need somebody who just can make me a little bit better:) and who won't judge my endless love for hockey, Rise against, Hart of Dixie and country:))

I'm awesome


Sunday, May 12, 2013


I have a little obsession with movies about space

and now I have a movie, that I reeeeally wanna watch (apparently in October)

I can almost feel that endless space

that eats you alive

I am intrigued and I will definitely see that movie

another mind blowing movie

another broken hopes of not being able to become an astronaut

but hey, at least I'm alive:)

Saturday, May 11, 2013


I love this song but at the same time this song makes me mad

mainly because of the line:
Can you save me from myself?
liiiike, ooookaaaaay, another weak man who blame everybody for what is happening with him and needs somebody to save him not from some life threatening situation, but because he can't even made up his own mind?

sometimes I understand why people need religion

if you can't do anything by yourself, you need somebody to do that for you

I love the song, but I hate the message it is sending

I'm more like this song:

Don't save me cos I don't care
thats my kind of philosophy: honesty


and speaking about Saviors, I just couldn't not to post my favorite song of all times even though it would be probably hundredth post with this song:

perfect song:)
That's when she said I don't hate you boy
I just want to save you while there's still something left to save
That's when I told her I love you girl
But I'm not the answer for the questions that you still have
see, he gets it:) it is not the person who needs help, that you should worry about, it is the person who is trying to save somebody, who has some issues

Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about  life threatening, when somebody needs to be saved in order to stay physically alive

nay, I'm talking about how the girls tries to "save" the boy from whatever she doesn't like, while boy politely says, that he is not the one needing help, it is he girl:)

I love Rise Against with all of my big caring heart

The more I see bears

the more I think they are humans covered in fur





okay, may be not humans, but definitely yetis

Yetis are bears who prefer to walk on two paws

thats my new theory

and I know, that their skeleton is not allowing to do that, but there are always exceptions in every rule

that teddy bear loooooks liiiiiiike huuuuuuuuman beeeeing


is the number I am proud of

that is the new record in Finnish language course

I got 36 out of 45 in the listening test and teacher told me, that it is the best result that any of her student ever had

the previous record was 33

I actually got 37, but i decided not to count half answers for 0,5 that I had in two questions

yup, I'm getting pretty good in learning that beautiful language with killer grammar:)

and apparently I am good in listening in every language:)

because I listen to what people say

I love Estonia with all of my heart, but it is kinda sad, when your own country doesn't want you, so may be I should go closer to the North

Friday, May 10, 2013

I miss old Paramore

yeah, yeah, I'm one of those whining people saying "I miss old....." whatever that old is


but today on 9gag was a video of Paramore girl singing on the street their super mega awesome song: Ignorance

You treat me just like another stranger
Well it's nice to meet you sir
I guess I'll go
I best be on my way out

Ignorance is your new best friend
Ignorance is your new best friend

I especially love the "Well it's nice to meet you, sir" line:)

but I do not understand the new Paramore

the music went straight to  hell

and that song is one of the best ones in their new album

I dunno

I don't get it

I will stay with my  "Well it's nice to meet you, sir"


Aaaantttttiiiii Raaaaannnnntttaaaaaaaaaa

Raanta for Finnish team is like Bobrovsky for Columbus:)

Congratulations to Finns!

win over Russia in hockey tournament is pretty much of a big deal

especially when you don't have any NHL stars in your team:)

3:2, bitches

Will Koivu join the team, now when he is out of the race for Stanley?

and three new names, that I will remember from the championship that I didn't even wanted to watch at the first place are:

  • Raanta
  • Kontiola
  • Aaltonen

I like this picture a lot:

although Kontiola looks like he has no teeth whatsoever, he still manages to look preeeetty good :)

Congratulations, Finland!!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I am not gay

but I would definitely marry her:

Gorgeous Olivia Wilde

Monday, May 6, 2013

NHL teams and how I see them

I am not good at following all the statistics for every team in NHL

I'm good with my team only:)

but my team plays with other boys, so I know something about every team, and do not take this post very seriously and just try not to get upset, if I say something inappropriate about your team

but let me show you, how I see other teams in very short sentences

New Jersey Devils - "Kovi's Kingdom" or if I am angry, then it changes into "The kingdom of one overpriced man "

New York Islanders - "Our bros at the bottom of NHL standings" and who knew both Islanders and Columbus will perform so good this season, so we are not at the bottom anymore, but the name stayed:)

New York Rangers - "The team our coward captain escaped to" I used to like Rangers a lot, but not since nash started playing there

Philadelphia Flyers - "Phi-bitches" that's my favorite one:) I had called them phi-bitches for so long, that it took me some time to realize who the hell are "flyers" and I'm guilty, but one of my friends started to call them phi-bitches too. Sorry Phi-bitches fans!

Pittsburgh Penguins - nothing new here "Pens" as they are for many years

Boston Bruins - "Bears" and when Tim played there, it was definitely "Fear the Stache team"

Buffalo Sabres - "Miller"

Montreal Canadiens - "The one that is not Toronto"

Ottawa Senators - "Alfie, Anderson and Co" :) I love Ottawa! :)

Toronto Maple Leafs - "Komarov is in that team" and "The man I hugged" :) I know it is long and Komarov is for sure not the brightest player in that team, but he is the only NHL player I had hugged and had photo with, so that will remain so:)

Carolina Hurricanes - "Top Models"

Florida Panthers - "The invisible team"

Tampa Bay Lightning - "The Sand"

Washington Capitals - same old "caps"

Winnipeg Jets - "The team where Byfuglien plays"

Chicago Blackhawks - simpy "Chi"

Columbus Blue Jackets - "THE BEST TEAM EVER!!!" :)

Detroit Red Wings - "grandpas team" for some unexplained reason I can't stand Detroit

Nashville Predators - "Wolves" I don't know why wolves, but that image got attached with that team

St. Louis Blues - "Notes" and "The team almost every Russian loves" :) I am exaggerating about "every Russian", but I still remember how on one Russian internet site the most commented news about hockey was something about Blues and how people there were telling, that they love them:)

Calgary Flames - "The boy in the bus" it was like florida "the invisible team" for me, but one day I saw a boy in Flames hat in the bus, and that was the only live evidence of their existence :)

Colorado Avalanche - "it is not even a real team"

Edmonton Oilers - "Dirty"

Minnesota Wild - "Koivu's men"

Vancouver Canucks - "Lu"

Anaheim Ducks - "Follow the ducky" and "The old Finn team"

Dallas Stars - "Disney Team"

Los Angeles Kings - "L.A princesses"

Phoenix Coyotes -  "IT IS NOT EVEN A REAL TEAM!!!" with the capital letters

San Jose Sharks - "The shark with a broken hockey stick..." with the dot dot dot, because, cooooome oooone, you put a shark from the ocean on the ground and give it a hockey stick that she bites in two parts. How the hell will the shark who is not even living in the cold water, help you on the frozen water playing hockey with a broken stick, and even if that shark is biting the other team stick, it still doesn't make any sense:)

those are my associations with NHL teams:)

Invisible crown

I know I promised not to talk about me being The King, but my friend sent me this picture, and I just couldn't not to repost it here:


such a good advice

Sunday, May 5, 2013

My hobo hair is not so hobo after all

today I even managed to style it well:)

well, not like the best way possible, but good enough to look at it without silently hating your haircut


I knoooow

I can talk about hockey in the previous post and about hair in this one:)

so here are my newest photos:

*The Master of black background painting is baack

**but lets leave my personal space (my room) to my personal use

***but nevertheless, I'm sorry and you can make some mean jokes about my skills, but not too much:)

yeap, still reflecting sunlight like a normal person:)

the color of my hair in that photo is the most true to life color, when there is no direct sunlight

but here is the photo that I looooooooooooooooooooooove

it was taken at the same day, in the same place and even in the same time, but it just happened so, that the sun came out of the cloud and I say it one more time, there is no flashlight used in this photo:

I knooooow, I look like some sort of blond shining princess:)

that's why I love myself, I can change my appearance like a chameleon:) one minute ago I was kinda brown, here is your sun and the next moment I am blond:)

who the hell needs coloring your hair, when you have your natural one:)

but that took me toooooooons of hair styling products and just when I went out, my hobo hair was back into the hobo style:)

that hairspray (I used three different ones at the same time) and styling gel just evaporate from my hair the moment I go outside

I don't really know how that happens, but it is either "like a helmet" hair or "hobo" hair

that was my moment of being girlie and tomorrow I will write something about hockey:)

you know

Anttttiiiiiiiii Raaaaaaaantttttaaaaaa


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Lets learn a new name

Antti Raanta

A-n-t-t-i        R-a-a-n-t-a

Antti Raanta


who is he?

the best goalie on the hockey championship so far :)

especially today

whaaaaaat a gaaaame

if you had not understood from the name, he is Finnish:)

of course he is Finnish

does Finland have some sort of Hogwarts for young goaltenders?

does every little kid in Finland who has some goaltending abilities gets a letter inviting him to some Goaliewarts?

because I think so:)

why am I talking about wizards, well because I watched the game on Russian channel with Russian commentators

and I loooooooooooved them:) They made so much jokes that sometimes it was reeeally hard to focus on the game:)

one joke that I especially loved was :"Antti Raanta! do you hear it? Even his name sounds like some magic spell deflecting the pucks! I am sure, that he is using his "Antti Raanta" spell to scare the Slovakian players"


I was bit skeptical for this championship, but, hey, Finland, you won my love back! despite the fact, that Canadian team is full of NHL stars I am with you


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Suddenly it is Hockey Championship Time

yeah, because of NHL I almost forgot that there will be a world championship in two days

but looking through the team members, I am not really sure I will be following it very precisely

The Finnish one especially

it is good that they are testing their own SM-liiga players, but they could had been more active in offering places to NHL players who are not in playoffs now

or the fact, that Russian team had not called for Bobrovsky

I wonder had they ever seen him playing this year?

Because I have absolutely no explanation, why would you use an old goalie, who is good, but already aging, instead of Bob, who is almost as good but have way too little experience playing in the tournaments

you do remember, that Olympic games is next winter? Don't you?

USA team is somehow full of unknown players too and none of my Columbus men

I had not been able to find Canadian roster, and I really hope that they will take that championship more seriously

I heard, that Swedes has pretty good team, but I hadn't found their roster as well

so far it looks like some youth championship

but it doesn't mean necessarily bad thing

it is just a little bit different

they probably should do championship not every year, but once in 2-3 years