Monday, July 30, 2012

The world needs more music like this

Shinedown - Unity

So have you ever been caught in a sea of despair?

And your moment of truth

Is the day that you say “I’m not scared”

Put your hands in the air

If you hear me out there

I’ve been looking for you day and night

Shine a light in the dark

Let me see where you are

‘Cause I’m not gonna leave you behind

If I told you that you’re not alone

And I show you this is where you belong

Put your hands in the air

One more time
I love those kind of songs

make you feel like if somebody cares about something


Dammit cat!

You always make me smile!!!


Sunday, July 29, 2012

I know for sure

I am going to miss those Järvamaa fields

Dear Danny Boyle and black people

I am probably the biggest fan of your Sunshine movie

but seriously

stop pleasing people

first the black Elizabeth in Frankenstein

then old black gentlemen of old times in Olympic games opening ceremony

what have you done to black people, if you are trying so hard to rewrite the history (whether actual or literature) ?

I have a big problem with understanding that

okaaaaaay, black people were slaves not so long time ago

but what the hell, now I should continue the slave owner traditions and treat you differently because you have darker skin color or what?

I will not do that, I had not done anything bad to any black person, so why should I be responsible for the actions not mine, but some white people in America or Africa or smth like that?

I am sorry, but, no, thanks, I guess it some sort of a culture now, that white people own black people for life

and if any problem appears, the reason is only one, it is because of your skin color

for evolution's sake, grow up

for example, I love this song:

but just look at the video

well, well, what do we have here, black musicians, black athletes and partying black girls, on the other side white people doing hard and dirty jobs, like are you trying to put black people above the white? isn't it like, well, racist much? :)

now we will have to be service personnel for you only because you are black?

goooo to heeeell, then

or to the university to become some great man:

Arthur Bertram Cuthbert Walker, Jr. (Developed normal incidence multilayer XUV telescopes to photograph the solar corona)

or Hildrus Poindexter (Work on the epidemiology of tropical diseases including malaria)

or one of those master surgeons

or Mae Jemison (First African-American woman in space)

stop complaining, start acting like responsible adults!


today is the day of whining, so I warned you:)

I don't really like people with brown eyes

I don't really know why

besides that reason, that if some brown-eyed look at me he/she is sucking my life out of me:)

yesterday I read one research paper where it was stated, that blue eyed men prefer blue eyed women, so that their kids would have blue eyes too and it is some sort of a confirmation of their parenthood (you know, when you are blue eyed and your kid is brown eyed want it or not, you will think he is more of the other parent's gene heir

I find it true, and I think so too

I want my kids to have light eyes and knowing, that my family will continue being Caucasian (no, I don't mind mixed races couples, but I just not into that and I wrote about it some time ago)

anyway, in the same research I found out, that the gray eyes are somehow not so popular:))) we have blue eyes, brown eyes, hazel eyes and green eyes, and I don't know why, but my color was missing

dear American people, don't you have gray eyed people out there?:)

so I looked for another source and what I had found was this:

The most prevalent eye color in the world is brown. Brown eyes may be various shades, from honey brown to very dark brown. Some Asians, Africans and Native Americans may have eyes so dark that they appear to be black.

Hazel eyes are a combination of brown and green colors. Hazel eyes most often occur in individuals who have European ancestry.

Blue eyes are less common than hazel and brown eyes and are usually found in individuals with European ancestry. Some blue eyes may be so light that they appear gray.

Green eyes are even less common than blue eyes. Green eyes are usually found in individuals with German or Slavic ancestry.

Other possible eye colors are violet and red, which sometimes occur in those individuals who suffer from albinism.

apparently I have overly light blue eyes, so that they look like gray:)))


but hey, it is good to know, that my color is pretty rare in the world:) not in Northern countries though, here we have pretty much 70-80% of population with light eyes and I loooove it

We rock!


I am a little whining piece of anger

because I'm a polar bear, not some African lion

+30C for me is way too hot


I can't hardly push myself doing anything besides drinking cold Cola light

Iiiiiii doooooooont liiiiiiiiiiike iiiiiiittttt

but I find it logical, because, hey, you should let the rest of the country have some fun too, most of them do love hot weather

that would be me swimming:)))

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dear Rick Nash

you were our Captain

and you know what? Captains don't run from the sinking ship

so from now you are rick nash with small letters

good luck in New York Rangers!

good guy nash

thank you for your game with us!

we appreciate this

but I always thought you were the silent and tough guy, who will make his best to help the team to win Stanley

fly away, birdie

Columbus Blue Jackets, I'm with you as long as you exist!

We Will Win Stanley Cup this season

even without our scared old captain


Friday, July 20, 2012

Adam is awesome

another reason to love him:

and I do love him:)

from the very same second I had heard this line:

I reject your reality and substitute my own

I wanna have a T-shirt with those words:)))

and, dear Americans, congratulations to you, for slowly waking up from the religious dream you had been living for so long

Atheists welcome you to the family!


My Captain

talking about My Captain

Dear Rick Nash, just remember: once a jacket, always a jacket!


don't you even think about going somewhere else

Howson, please continue asking so much for one player and we will have our Captain with us for ever:)

and as I had been missing a lot here, let me remind you, that we have a new young goalie Bobrovsky! Welcome to the team, Bob!

and a new left wing Foligno! Welcome to the team, Nick!

We will win the Stanley Cup this season!



last year I escaped on my birthday to Finland

this year I was patrolling the woods:)))

but nevertheless I went to Finland on Saturday

and surprise, surprise, not alone

but with my Estonian friend

or should I write just friend?:)

anyway the trip was greeeeeeeeat

at first there was some tension (like d'oh, we speak different languages), but then it all felt into the right places

I had never in my life talked in Estonian so much in one day

and ooooohhhhhhh, Finland, the land of beautiful blond men and hockey:)

if speaking the truth, I don't want to write much about this trip, it was great and I want to have it in my memory

the ghost bus 55A (we had looked for it for an hour or so!), the beach right next to the grave yard (seriously, wtf, Finns?), the expensive food in sports bar (and that pepper like vegetable, that sets fire in your mouth), and that Subway sandwich (still the most delightful sandwich on planet Earth) and the amusement park with endless lines and those little talks with people you don't know and all of those jokes:)

I loved it, I really did

I had never thought that you can have so much fun with somebody (because I do prefer to explore anything new by myself)

the only thing I didn't like was the panic temper:))) but I guess it is what I need, to have somebody with a certain schedule, so I don't have to run to the ship the very last moment like I pretty much always did:)))

it was good not to worry about the time management so much (when you have somebody right next to you to do that:))

and, dear everyone, don't you ever tell me how beautiful dark haired girls with brown eyes are:) I don't care whether you are girl or boy, but that is the ultimate anger setter for me (I don't mind hearing compliments about passing by blond or red girls, though)

on the way back the friend asked me what would I do, if somebody tries to grab my hand and for example rob me, and I really reaaaaally has some difficult time with answering to that question. I found out, that even with the rich imagination that I have, I can't imagine that kind of a situation, when somebody grabs my hand

For real, the only picture I could get in my mind was "So, what do you want from me?" or "Excuse me, but you are standing too close to me" or "Duuuuude, really???" :))) and I'm not joking now:) even now I can't imagine that situation, for me it is just some sort of an absurd and I am pretty much confident in my abilities to somehow escape a robbery without screaming or fighting or smth like that

will have some sort of word war, that in the end the thief will turn himself into the jail by his own will:)))


it was a great trip, we are awesome team and probably we should have another one sometimes

to OHIO!!!!


*I'm still planning to go there

Thank you for the amazing birthday present: Rick Nash is on my wall now!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


my bank is Swedbank

and I pretty much am good with it

until I got the letter saying, that "Hey, you are no longer young!"

thank you, dear swedbank for mentioning that I'm 26 now :)

I do not agree with you

I am young one more year

*thank you for all of the congratulations!

** booooo yooooou, for those of you who forgot, that my birthday is July 10th


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Probably the most tasteful plant on planet Earth

is common wood sorrel

when we were patrolling the woods we sometimes gather some berries too, and last week my mentors showed me this plant and told me, that it is very tasteful
and it is very tasteful indeed :)))
it is not sweet, it tastes more like something pleasantly sour
and I loooooooooooved it
here in Estonia we have a different name for this plant and it is more logical : the rabbit's cabbage :)
if you will see this plant in the forest, you should definitely try it 

If you don't want to update Windows live messenger

I'm not a big fan of Windows live updates

but I'm strongly irritated, when I have no choice of whether I would like to update something or not


if messenger forces you to update it and doesn't let you log in without it, there here I found one easy solution from the user bargaj in some forum dated 2009 and it is still working perfectly fine:

1. Log on as Administrator.

 2. Right-click the "Windows Live Messenger" shortcut, and then click Properties.

3. Click the Compatibility tab.

 4. Click to select the "Run this program in compatibility mode for" check box to turn on compatibility-mode support for the program.

5. Click "Windows XP" compatibility mode in the drop-down box.

6. Click OK to save the changes.

7. Double-click the shortcut to run the program.

I hope it will help you

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Growing up

growing up and learning language can make you feel this way:

I got that feeling today, when I heard one song, that we all used to like, when we were teenagers

like, yaaay, catchy cool song

here it is:

today my only reaction was WTF, how was it allowed to be played on the radio, with the meaning like that

how can you even talk to your mother, after she had seen you singing that song?

I dunno

there must be some boundaries

so yeah, I deleted that song and probably should listen to the rest of the songs left from my "I prefer rap music" period :)))

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The picture that makes me smile

Do you think this is a motherf**king game?

made my day :)

Last night I was ready to die


now I am definitely back :)

sorry for being long gone friend :)

but yes, last night I was ready to die, because I was so freaking tired of the pain

you probably remember, when I told you about that creepy feeling of close standing death

weeeeell, I guess two weeks ago she decided to move into my body :)

I had never in my life felt so bad for so long

and it was not like last summer, when I got a huge hole in my soul after knowing certain things about the man I used to love


it was like if I had a billion shaks in my body, biting me all the time

it first started with a heart pains, like I couldn't breath normally, because it hurted soooooooooo much

then the most part of the pain left the heart and moved to my head

I ate like 3 pills of pain killer every freaking day (and for me it is a looooot) and it still couldn't help

and then it reached my abdomen and hello my fellas abdominal pains!

I actually thought I am going to die soon, but I was too afraid to visit the doctor, because our doctors suck and I don't want to have my scull being cut into pieces and then my stomach just to know, that I have some sort of cancer which later will transform in some sort of genetic disease and a little bit after that into something "we can't identify yet"



heeeeeeelllll nooooooooo


so my life on a daily basis was not to throw up in the bus and don't let the others notice that I'm in constant pain

and I was great at that:)

except for yesterday, when going home I passed out for a few seconds and then came back feeling like if it was +40C inside of me (I was sweating like if I had been working out for hours), which changed into -20C 5 minutes later (then I was shaking out of cold)


I do not recommend that feeling :)

I guess you can imagine in what condition I was for those two weeks

I looked awful, I felt double worse than I looked like

and for some reasons my family decided to call me all the time

and I had to put on my happy voice and tell them that "nay, I'm not doing anything, just reading a book" forgetting to mention that for 3/4 of the day I was sleeping, because then I couldn't felt that pain :)

last night, while trying to get some sleep, the pains somehow became even more worse, so I was sooooooo angry, that I told my body, that "okay, lets end it, bring it on death, I'm ready to die" yeap, in the same dramatic words :)

and then I felt asleep and saw a dream in which I hadn't knew not a single person

there were no sinking ships, no dying people

just a normal relaxing dream

and when I woke up, I hadn't felt any sort of pain


I guess it is just who I am, the little angry girl :) and anger is my only true motivation

even for getting rid off the pain

and if I am going to die soon, then at least I know I am ready :) even though I hadn't done some things, but hey, you can't  force some man to like you :)

Happy pain free life to you all!!!

I'm back