Thursday, June 28, 2012

Songs that make me smile

we all have some stupid songs that we secretly love

this is mine:)

I don't know why, but the way he sings "I am awesome" always makes me smile:)

and you just start singing like him in your head:)

nobody will ever know, that while going to some place you sing that song in your head "I'm aweeeeeesomeeeeeee" :)))

if you for some reason feel bad, just listen to that song and constantly repeat "I'm AWESOME" :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dear Rick Nash

We love you

We need you

You are our Captain

Stay with us!

Monday, June 18, 2012


I am a big fan of dinosaurs

if there is anything about dinos on TV, I will watch that

and yes, Jurassic Park is one, two, three hell of a good movies out there:)

(original Jurassic Park was written by Crichton, and you all know how much I love him)

wanna know how old that movie is?


yes, 19

and still it looks pretty much amazing:)

I remember when we were kids on a rainy days we gathered in our local library and read about dinosaurs

then we draw it:)

and we asked each other questions about them

and we played:)

I miss those times:)

basically dinosaurs were the only thing I had been able to draw well:)

Diplodocus was my favorite one:)

and pretty easy to draw, isn't it?

anyway, I somehow started to miss dinosaurs, so I decided to update my mental information about dinosaurs with the latest facts known:)

and yes, you can be jealous, that is how my pen holder looks like:

yes, it is my actual pen holder, standing right next to my netbook:)

I love this world:)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Join me

The force is strong in this koala

that picture made my day :)

Dear koala, where are you? I definitely wanna join you to rule the galaxy :)))

Monday, June 11, 2012


well, well, well

after watching Devils vs Kings game, I was happy that Devils won and went to have my 3 hours of sleep

I wish I hadn't done that, because I saw the scariest nightmare in my life last night

about yeti, of cooourse

I don't know myself why the hell am I so afraid of non-existent specie, but I am

I woke up extremely frightened, my whole body was sweaty and I guess I even had cried in the sleep, it took me some long 5 seconds to realize it was just a nightmare

and it was not that bad of a dream, but somehow it scared the eff out of me

so, there was a huuuuuuge yeti lying on the ground with a hole in his head (shotgun), it was my father who shoot it down and he was still there holding the gun and telling me, that I have to come closer to yeti and pull it into the woods, and I remember screaming that I don't want to do that, but nevertheless I came closer to the yeti and saw his fur and his face, it was like if it had been made out of rubber, he had huge angry eyes and apparently was still alive, he died soon with a furious look on his rubber face, that I will never forget. Next to him there were two bags, in one there were human bones and in other there were human body parts, I remember constantly screaming and crying and I tried to grab yeti and I touched it, but I couldn't move it a bit, I asked my father who was still standing far away for a help, but he told me, that I have to do that on my own, the last one I remember, that the scene changed and there were yeti, bags and me on the road and the city lights were far away and then I woke up

and I was terrified

I had never in my life had such a bad dream

with the sinking ships it was not that bad, it was sort of disturbing but yet somehow interesting

this nightmare was different, I felt like if there were no light in the world left, like everything was bad

and in my life everything is perfectly fine, I have no big stresses, no drama or something like that

I remember I was going to sleep smiling, because I saw good dreams for the past two weeks

and here you go, here is your yeti, think whatever you like

dream dictionary tells me that

To see a yeti in your dream suggests that you need to learn to find balance between your reasonable, rational side and your emotional, instinctual nature.

okaaaay, soooo, I really am all that rational now, feelings aside, love doesn't exist, friendship doesn't last etc and if speaking the truth I don't want to go back to those emotional breakdowns, I feel perfectly fine now, and here you have, dead yeti


freaking yeti

Friday, June 8, 2012

Ohio Nuclear Plant

FirstEnergy Corp. is repairing a leak discovered June 6 as it restarted Davis-Besse nuclear station in Ohio following a refueling outage, a company spokeswoman said.


just keep my boys healthy.

I still support nuclear power plants (but not those old ones that are everywhere and whose licenses somehow get extended, only the new ones, which are not yet built, but can be in the future)

The biggest lake in Järva

is Väinjärv

we already had checked it 3 times on a boat

the last time was this Thursday and my working day begun at 03:45 :)

yeah, we had some hell of an early inspection

got on old man with the net, btw

so, here is the lake in all of its beauty at early morning:


nay, relax, it is just a morning fog:)

here is even more fog:

imagine how it is, to ride on a boat through the fog on a lake:)

I kinda love that job, even at 4 A.M.


here is our awesome car, our awesome motor boat and our awesome inspector:)

we are all made of awesomeness out there:) but not for the bad guys!

I dunno why, but I got attached to that lake and despite the fact that it is preeeeeeeetttyyyyyyyy far away from the place I live, I will surely go there for the swin some day:) if I can't have the sea, at least I will have the biggest lake here:)


the lake is not deep, but you can swim there normally, ignoring the fact that there are a lot of fish

but what I know for sure, is that I want one of those green beauties:)

even without a motor

may be preferrably without a motor:)

so come to the Väinjärm, it is an amazing place to have a vacation:)

Monday, June 4, 2012

What kind of magic is it?


imagine a lake

just an average lake, one of 1000 same lakes

you just walk there, minding your own business and


I knoooow

mirror like surface of the lake, and here you go, huge hole in the lake soaking down the water

I was so impressed, that my mentors hadn't understood, why I was standing there staring at that thing like I saw some miracle :))) as far as I understood it is made to keep the lake at the same depth, so it won't drown the near by woods and roads

and that how it looks closer:

wanna know a fun fact?

people actually jump into that hell and swim under the ground to reach the other side of the pipe or whatever thing there is inside

I thought they were joking, but they were not, people actually do that


but now I wanna try that too:)

it is so damn hard not to have here anybody to cover your back

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Probably the most handsome man on planet Earth

is Kenneth Mitchell


ooooh those eyes

oooooh that body

aaaaand thaaaaaaat beeeeeard

aaaaaand thaaaaat haaaaaair

once again

probably the most handsome man on planet Earth