Monday, January 30, 2012


yeah, I'm quite lazy in terms of keeping this place alive:)

but I will do my best next month:)

I had visited that dead city named Tartu and I had watched the skinny people competition named skiing in Otepää

but my first love will always remain hockey:)


First of all, it seems to me, that Columbus Blue Jackets lost the last hope in themselves, but thats okaaaay, mine will be enough for all of us:)

Secondly, we are not planning to sell my Captain Rick Nash, yaaaaaay

Thirdly, as far as I know, we are planning NOT to keep Steve Mason with us:(

and now I will say something I maybe will be sorry later for, but, as rumors say in Russian hockey Internet, my super hottie cutie perfect symmetry man Antero Niittymäki will not have his contract prolonged, so, we need a goalie now, and my perfect symmetry man according to rumors will be free

do the math:)

Dear Columbus Blue Jackets, will you be so nice and hire Antero for me?:)



from the same Russian source, it seems to them, that Tim "fear the stache" Thomas will be free by the summer too

he is bit too old for our young team, but he can teach some good lessons to our Sanford:)

I don't like Boston Bruins, but I have nothing against Tim:)

And the big news: We will be hosting All Star Weekend next year!!!!!

Congratulations to us!!!

And I am really thinking about getting the ticket to Ohio to the land where my hockey heart belongs to see those games:)))

and I have to admit, this all star hockey weekend was greeeeeat

it is much easier simply to go to the NHL page and look all of those little videos than trying to describe it in the words:)

my face is still hurting because of those 2 non-stoping smiling nights:)))

if to sum up in 5 sentences:

1. Daniel Alfredsson - why hadn't I noticed him before? - such a lovely player:)))wanted to hug him every time I saw him:)

2. Carey Price is one hell of a funny goalie out there:)))I seriously cried over his jokes and moves during the breakaway challenge

3. Corey Perry scores with mini-stick in Breakaway Challenge

is it too bad if I hoped that he will take off his shirt?


whaaaaaat? I do think he is very handsome:)

4. Patrick Kane as Superman in the Breakaway Challenge

I almost had cuteness overdose:) he looks so adorable being superman:)

5. Zdeno Chara's record-breaking 108.8 MPH shot

well thaaaaats one hell of a tough guy out there:)))

that was greeeeat and funny hockey weekend:)))

Thank you!

So true

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Evans Blue

my favorite song to play air drums lately:)

Evans Blue - The Pursuit

Cos they're still in you too low
All the voices you don't know
And they're still in you too low
All the choices that you chose
Leave you nothing left to hold

When you're nothing it's a good time to remind you of one thing:
The pursuit begins when this portrayal of life ends

somehow, ignoring the fact, that all of those songs are kinda sad and depressive, for me they are energy boosting songs:)

well, yeeeah, I'm playing air drums, what else do you need:)))

so join my air playing band:)


Evanescence are definitely back:

basically, I like only one line of this song: My heart is broken (the music is great, though)

whaaaaat a strong voice does she have

is brooooo-oooo-ooooo-ooooooo-ooooooooooo-ken

I still can't imagine, what a hard life she had or may be still having

I still don't understand how can one person do so much, that she can't get over it

why do people hurt each other at all?

if I were the law maker I would add the new law: The death penalty for lying and that's all, problems solved

no more depressive people, no more broken hearted people, no more trust issues

just imagine: you know exactly that you will always get your salary, that you will always know, where your wife or husband is, that you can be sure in everything other people say to you

and yes, there will be cracked hearts when one person just don't feel anything towards the other, but at least you will always know it in the very beginning, so you can heal your heart

and no chicken running with the words "I can't say nothing to you":)))

just kidding

*not really

anyway, I begin a new project: No lies at all:)


it must be hard as hell, but well, when I get used to telling the truth it would become easier:)

so yeah, if you don't want to know the truth, don't ask me anything:)

and sing along:

btw, such a beautifully done video

my heeeeart is brooooo-oooo-ooooo-ooooooo-ooooooooooo-ken

after watching the official video all I wanted to do was to hug Amy and let her cry her pain out, then to wash her face from that black make up and make some tea:) yeah, the caring granny in me is back:)

my heeeeart is brooooo-oooo-ooooo-ooooooo-ooooooooooo-ken

Die Hard

this sign:

must be compulsory for all ventilation ducts


Monday, January 23, 2012

The girl with the dragon tattoo

first of all

you'd better watch that movie alone, because if a person who comes with you didn't read the books that movie would be too shocking for him/her


dear parents, when you read from the ticket that movie is not allowed for children under 14, that means it contains some things, children are not yet ready to see or hear (strong language, nudity and violence)

if I were the one who puts the age limits no person under 18 will be able to see that movie:)


the movie is greeeeeeeeat

the only thing that disappointed me was the quantity of nudity scenes, waaaay too much, somehow I thought that Swedish version will be the tough and rough one, but in fact the American one is at least twice dirtier

for real:)

but actors in the American version were fitted much closely to the book, that in the Swedish one (at least when I read the books they looked in my head much more like American picks)

and Fincher somehow got the plot linked so closely to the book, that it seemed impossible to put all those things in one movie, the Sweden version is more like "based on the story"

and just look at the American intro:

pure art

it was already enough for me to like that movie:)))

because of that fact, that actors were chosen according to the book, American version has less attractive Salander:

and I'm not saying, that Rooney Mara is ugly, in fact she is really beautiful:

it is because the Swedish Salander is hot hot hot hot hot:

to compare:

I like both movie versions very much (even though American is bit too distractive for my taste)

now I hope, that because the movie had such a success they will film the rest 2 parts too

want to see who will be all those investigators and bad guys and especially who will be playing giant Ronald Niedermann


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sherlock and heart shaped pupils

first of all



because I love him so much, I feel like I'm a monster:(

warning! if you are only planning to watch Sherlock, then stop reading this

Huge Spoiler Alert!

"The Reichenbach Fall" Episode three of 3

the ending part, where they were on a roof, I'm pretty sure my pupils changed their shape to hearts:)))

one for Sherlock one for Moriarty

I repeat, I do feel bad, that I like Jim so much, but how incredibly evil he is, pure and clean evil

he could have had everything

and he had

and yet he chose to play with Holmes

and daaaamn he was good

he made everybody doubt Sherlock's sanity

how incredible is that?

he even tricked Holmes with his code:)))

and for real, I wanted to scream NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO so baaaaaad when I saw him planning to kill himself to end the game

and I almost cried, like whyyyyyyyyyy

but after watching those series, I understood why I liked Moriarty so much, it is because he was The Creator, Sherlock is extremely good in solving the crimes, puzzles, but Moriarty was the one who created them so perfectly, that without his help I doubt that Sherlock would had solved it all

but then again, another reason to cry when I saw him falling from the roof to save their friends lives

for a minute I thought he was dead, but then again, sudden hit by a bicycle in the exact moment when your friend was falling? thaaaaats something to be questioned

therefore I like the very last moment on the graveyard


like my old friend came back home:)))

*can they resurrect Jim/James for meeee too? pleeease?:)

Justin Bieber and his fans

What? Justin Bieber?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of his music, I don't even like it

But I do think, that he is talented boy, so I do not understand why YouTube is filled with the words "kill Bieber" or something like that

Isn't it too harsh for a boy, who never insulted somebody (as far as I know, but I can be wrong)

he is just a boy who sings, so why do you hate him so much?

what I do like about hims are his fans

I admire how they stand for their Justin, and I suppose it is very hard to do, when majority of school kids hate him and make some rude jokes about him and his music and his fans

I do not like, though, that some of those kids are obsessed with him, but well, I'd rather put his early songs for some kid to listen, than some gangsta rap or depressive suicidal music or some pop crap about how it is awesome to dance in the club and not to do anything else

so, Justin Bieber fans, you have my respect for staying true to yourselves

*I have to make a confession: I like some of Greyson Chance songs:)))

yeah, yeah, shame on me

like this one:

such an "aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww" song

All That Remains - The Last Time


once again, I love that kind of music

I'm not sure whether I like that men suffer so much

either because of hurtful relationship or drug addiction or anything else

what I know for sure, is that when "for the last time" is used, it definitely means, that it was not the last time:)

the last time is that kind of time, when you forgive, forget and move on, not when you are sitting in your room, writing the song about the last time and then repeatedly sing it:)

but I do miss one certain person, I have almost nobody to talk about hoooockey

do you hear the voice of All That Remains lead singer?

imagining that he is some black long haired huge man?

you are soooo wrong

look at this handsome man:

oooohhhhh that evil look:))oh those strong arms:)

he is handsome being bald too:

so yeah, sometimes I can get the picture of a real man from the voice, I have to work more on it:)

I won't be there. I'm not that strong






it is even looking nice when you place it like that:)

anyway, thank you, All That Remains

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Edgar's church

looooved that joke:)

that is our new church, here in Tallinn, not so far from my home

and Edgar is not some Estonian prophet but mayor of Tallinn

and yes, he uses that church to get more votes from local Russians

you know, showing off, that he cares about their religion and other crap

that's why Edgar's church:)


I dunnnoooooo

We already got almost all of our exam marks

and I really, really don't understand, how the hell teachers don't see who was cheating on that exam and who wasn't

for god's sake, there are probably dozen of answers that are letter-to-letter identical

usually I don't care, when I get bit lower grade than the student who used her/his phone or papers or whatever to cheat, because I know sometimes my Estonian is hard to understand and I accept that lower grade

but not this time

and not because of me, but because of one of the smartest boy in our group

he failed the exam, while the girl who has absolutely no clue what was this subject about got one of the highest grades (and definitely, not because of a good knowledge)


injustice much?

I feel sad for that boy and I hope he will beat all of those cheaters asses during the second try

May the force be with you!:)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Middle Class Rut

Middle Class Rut "Busy Bein' Born"

there are too many talented musicians in this world:)

and of course I love it

(the video is bit too creepy though)

the music makes you wanna put the gloves on and hit somebody's face

sometimes you discover a song, that suits your life 100% for certain time

This song is mine for this month:)

simple lyrics but yet so deep:

this line:

The days keep dragging on
those rats keep pushing on, woah

or this line:
and when the hope's gone the weight falls on me
yeah, when I'm gone the weight falls on me

or even this line:
No sense in signing up, you're names already in
go ahead, yeah fuck it up, the next guy pays for it.

but this is my favorite:
Cause what I get ain't half of what I give
and half don't suit me anyway

so true:) yes, I'm a giver and I don't expect anything material back, but I am extremely sensitive towards getting respectful attitude:) but I guess it is too hard to tell good bye or not to use curse words or anything like that

so "what I get ain't half of what I give" :)

and yes, half don't suit me anyway, I want it all:)

and this line freaked me out for a bit:

Maybe I sacrifice to feel like I'm alive
penniless, it's all the same
at least I'll die with a name.

I ain't dead yet

Give it back
or I'll take it

I guess not only I feel like if he/she is going to die soon

at least I'll die with a name:)))

I will just make my name bit louder for the next 6 months:)

and you can put a line "at least I died with a name" on my funeral urn


but for now, I'm Busy Bein' Born

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Friend zone

Somehow lately I started to notice, that friend zone theme became very popular

like this video:

or those pictures:

and in comments there are billions of "true story", "omg, I have been in love with that girl for years, but I don't know how to tell that", "recently friendzoned" etc etc etc

so my question is: what the hell?

no, not like that

like this: WHAT THE HELL?

I never really understood that

wanna know what I think, about why do girls put boys in the friend zone?

because at some moment she liked you a lot, while you were too scared to talk with her or simply didn't notice her, so she was suffering while you was playing your "I'm not too good for her games". and what do we girls do? of course we start growing insecurities: I guess, I'm not beautiful for him or I guess I'm boring, I guess I'm not smart enough, or I guess my weight is 5 kg less than he prefers" and billions and billions other reasons. and then we move on, and leave that boy in the friend zone, because, well, you can still be friends with him, but you will never fall in love with a man who made you doubt yourself. and yes, it is easier for us to change the straight boy status to gay boy, because therefore, we don't look at you as on an attractive man, but like on a girl with different physical characteristics, and I don't want to ruin our friendship basically means: I don't wanna be hurt by you again

and what is that thing about "I'm not too good for her"? if you think so, then you are definitely not good for her

or another situation: you met her while she was dating a long term boyfriend but you still spend a lot of time with her. even if she break up with that guy, for her, you will always be only her buddy, and it is hard to explain why

or in case you were friends for forever but you didn't have courage to tell her that you like her and you were watching her dating all those wrong guys. You will remain in the friend zone forever. Why? Lets use imagination: imagine, that one day you were walking with that girl in the park, then suddenly a big bad guy appears and starts beating that girl. What do you do? You just move bit aside and watch how every bone in her body breaks, while you do nothing. Only when that guy leaves, you help that girl and stay with her until she will heal completely (you visit her every day, make gifts, laugh with her etc). Do you really think she will be dating that boy, who watched her falling and never had caught her ?who had never been brave enough to stand for her? For us the mental pain are almost as strong as physical (it is because you can know for sure what bone hurts and cure it, while you will never be able to stop that mental pain)

or may be she simply doesn't like you, and while saying You are my best friend and I don't wanna ruin that, may be she means you are my temporary friend and I'm doing my very best to replace you

so yeah, keep whining about "true story" while being coward rat and even with all of those good qualities you have, you will remain in the friend zone, because girls don't date kids, girls date men.

obviously, there is a friend zone for the girls too. I hadn't just been there. I lived there:) but I can't say nothing about it, because I never got answers for my questions, so I don't understand why the hell was I there and apparently there are another rules for the girl's friend zone, but well, that was my last time being there:)

to sum up: stop complaining about being friend zoned and start acting, you will not only save your time, but what is more important your pride and confidence.

and yes, from the picture of relationships, I'm the quite girl with a cat (see, she even has the same hair color as me), I want to be with a nice guy, but nice guys prefer sweet girls:)

*maybe I should reverse the image and go after the rich man now?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Scott Arniel

The Columbus Blue Jackets announced Monday morning that they have relieved Scott Arniel of his duties as coach.

Assistant coach Todd Richards will be Arniel's replacement, on an interim basis, for the rest of the 2011-12 season.


Jackets fire Arniel:(

but I love him

on some level I understand that it was necessary, but for god's sake, it was our Arniel:(

I wish you the very best, Scott, don't be mad on Columbus bosses, and remember, that at least one girl from Estonia respects you


I guess Mason now is scared too

Monster You Made

That sort of songs must be forbidden:)

but they will always remain, because they are awesome:)

so yeah

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Still can't

get rid of the feeling that I will die soon

I have no reason to worry about my health, but still, it is like a black shadow behind me:)

on the other hand, when one of my friends told me that I laugh a lot I answered, that I always laugh a lot, but when on the next day another friend told me, that I smile more and look much happier, well, that surprised me, was I that pathetic before because of that love failure?

it is good to feel this way, though:)

confident and happy

if only that unexplained "I am going to die soon" feeling can go away

that would be great:)

nevertheless, I still have time for some of my plans:)

it is snowing in Estonia for the past two days, so, Dear Northug, be ready to visit Estonia:)

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Two days ago one of my friends called and offered me to go shooting

She said, that when she got that present from her friends, the first person who came to her mind after she asked herself "who is crazy enough to come with me?" was me


well, thats what I call a good compliment


anyhow, for the first time in my life I held a gun in my hands

I am not yet sure whether I liked it or nor

of course, the process of shooting is awesome (and I'm sincerely sorry, for screaming so loud when I fired for the first time, apparently it was too loud for my ears to hear), but I couldn't stop imagine all of those dying people on the war and on the streets, I wish I had not been able to see all of those pictures in my mind so brightly

but well

there is always some sort of compromise

so I decided, that I (in fact, not I, but we, I thought my friend will die there because of happiness attack, she looooooooved it) will continue to visit that place, because it is better to know how to do something, rather than not to, but I will not buy a gun for myself


so yeah, you can call me Shooting Star today (not really, I sucked in shooting, but I will improve my skills, it is simply because I just love the word game "shooting (like falling) star" and "shooting (like using guns)star" :)


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Monday, January 2, 2012

Sherlock pt2

The geniuses are definitely back:)

Sherlock is still specific and straight to the point man


awwwwwwww, he has feelings too:)

it is funny, though, how much time you could have saved, if you were not playing those being all nice and polite games: I like you, I want you to be mine and done. I find you the most stupid person in the world and it would have been nice not to see you ever again and done. I think you are wrong and I don't care if you are my boss and done. I hate your hair color and done, but noooooo, you have to put a smile on your face and pretend that everything is good, because it is what is called being a part of social life. It is hard for me to play those games and I really try, but one day I will buy a very long black coat and start to say what I really want to say and not in a censored version, as I do now:)

Moriarty is back as well:)

still evil, same straight to the point as Sherlock, but somehow bit messy, lost his clean style

*I just realized, that for the past two years I had worn first a short jacket, then a short coat and now middle length coat:) it seems to me, subconsciously I am moving towards long coat, the older I get, the more I start to express my real feelings:)

Sherlock Holmes

is baaaack



I know what I am doing tonight:)

oh, my little evil genius

and the big genius Moriarty too

I am not yet sure, but I think I liked Moriarty in the end of first season better

not because he is more handsome (because he is not), but because I liked his style of being evil and logical:)

lets see how he is doing in the second:)

Sherlock is baaaaack!!!


such a beautiful song


Words of wisdom from House M.D

House: "No, there is not a thin line between love and hate. There is, in fact, a Great Wall of China with armed sentries posted every twenty feet between love and hate."

I always thought so too


Sunday, January 1, 2012

How was your New Year celebration?

Mine was awesome

like always

and in Tallinn we had our own little miracle

30 December was pretty much spring day:) +5 +8

and 31 was the first normal winter day:)

with no wind or hurricanes (Hello, Patrick, we kinda miss you!and your close hurricane friends)

with -5

and dancing huge snowflakes, falling slowly and quietly


it is like you see it in the movies, how kids run to the window, to see the first snow on Christmas

well, in our the least religious country in the word, we had Christmas miracle on New Year Eve:))

perfect weather