Monday, October 31, 2011

Fly me to the Moon

For Those About To Rock

Weeeeeeeeee Saluuuuuuuute Yooooooooou

This can only mean, that we won


3:1, my friends, 3:1

no, not like that



over Anaheim Ducks

today I will skip the part when I say how awesome Nash is and how promising Ryan is

I guess the fear of losing Arniel made some impact on our game, but I still think we should get Hitchcock back without firing Arniel, but moving him down to coach assistant

We will win the Stanley Cup this season

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some songs make me sad

Thank you, The Vampire Diaries for putting such a lovely song in your plot

I know you have a little life in you yet.
I know you have a lot of strength left.
I know you have a little life in you yet.
I know you have a lot of strength left.

I should be crying, but I just can't let it show.
I should be hoping, but I can't stop thinking

Of all the things we should've said,
That were never said.
All the things we should've done,
That we never did.
All the things that you needed from me.
All the things that you wanted for me.
All the things that I should've given,
But I didn't.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Some songs make me smile

Chiddy Bang - Opposite Of Adults

I always wanted to learn skating

Can somebody teach me?

Let's test the strength of my bones:)


Let me tell you about my love

Rick Nash


bearded men

bald men

blond men

blue/gray eyed men



Rick Nash 2



I'm not gonna tell you about all of the objects that we had

All of the companies I worked in


I will tell you about my favorite object: Peterburi tee 92e

the last building object I've worked on

after it, there were only roads

So so so so so many good memories I took from there:)

It was cold, it was fun and it was unforgettable

My favorite memory is: it was probably in December, it was snowing for almost a week and everything was covered in the snow and it was snowing that day too. So huge white masses, but the construction site was as clean as it could be. It was dinner time, so all of the construction workers were off the site, and we were on the third floor of the building which obviously had no walls or roof:))only concrete floor and high columns, so we basically were only two people there, then my partner had to crawl back to the parking place, because he needed to take something from the car and this moment I will remember forever. It started to snow and now you can imagine the picture, me, being all that short, wearing the white helmet and standing there, on the top of the third floor, on the edge of the concrete floor, alone in white silence with dancing snowflakes looking at the sky and being happy:) that was such a wonderful moment of peace, when all the construction site sleep, not for a long time though, after some minutes my partner came back and the construction site woke up:) all of the drills, tractors, excavators, cranes started to make the noises and the moment of being alone in the white beautiful world was gone:)

It is moments like this, which remain in your memory, and you don't care about your frozen hands (so frozen that no triple insulation gloves will help you), or the mud, or wind so strong, that you may fall down from the floor to the ground, or climbing on the walls, or hanging out on the top of the columns using the crane basket, or anything else, nothing really matters, when you love what you do:)

Or the next day after huge snow storm

I was something like yeti, wandering around snow-piles to our markings, falling all the time, because I couldn't see which way to go, only where to move:))it was like I'm here, the next second I'm down (wishing: not only on steel reinforcement!) and the next "I'm okaaay" stand up and continue moving:)

Or when we go on the site on the early mornings and the builders starting to shout "Hello!!!" from everywhere and waving their hands:) and they were never waving to my partner, with him they shake hands, I guess it is only for the men staff:)))

Or when we were standing in really deep puddles with Lauri (he was the most handsome construction worker eveeeer), and they were so deep and it was already so dark, so he couldn't feel where to drill holes in the limestone surface, so I had to take off my gloves and put my hand in the water (the water was reaching my elbows), to replace my prism with his drill and you can be sure, it was extremely cold out there and when you add even more cold with that water, well, you have to love your job to do that:)))

and I really loved it:)

I know, this job is not for the girls, but girls are different, and after working so many hours on construction sites (whether buildings or roads) I can't imagine my life, sitting in the office, doing some paper work:)

I love construction geodesy:)

And I will build my own nuclear power plant:)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Stephen Hawking

Is my new hero

Well, not like new, but I re-felt in love with his brain:)

Yesterday I, being all that book-wormish, went to the bookstore just to look for something interesting

Found it

Ta da!

I always wanted to read his books, because from the interviews with him I understood he is one hell of a good man, but I couldn't even suggest, that his books are sold in our usual bookstores (not in the very rare scientific bookstores)

And now I have to admit, it was really hard not to laugh out loud, while reading that book on the lecture:)))

I love it, love it, love it:)

Filled with enormous quantity of information, but written in such a plain English, that even for me (the one, who has English as a third language) it was easy to read and understand it:)

I recommend that book for everybody, and it doesn't matter what scientific background do you have, that book will make you think more, ask more, understand more

*and laugh, if you have the same sense of humor like I and of course Hawking and Mlodinow have:)

"then a miracle occurs"

can I use that line in my homeworks? that can save me a looot of time:)

*but if you are very religious, then it is better for you not to read that book, it may hurt your feelings a bit

then a miracle occurs and I forget all of my unresponded and still hurtful sort-of-love crap

Hawking will help with that:)

*if you don't know how he looks like here is the picture

yeap, he is one of the fighters


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Where the f*ck will you hide?

My little ray of sunshine

Rise Against, of course:)

Just look at the title:)

"Rumors of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated"

The older I get, the more I understand, that I have a little anarchist in me, and he is getting bigger and stronger:)

We came in search of answers!
We left empty handed again!
Shots fired into the sky...
Are now returning!

Where the fuck will you hide?

Hiding from the laughter in the closets of our lives,
But the door hinges are squeaking letting in thin shards of light.
And now a hand's extending outward,
Quiet comfort they invite,

Do we dare take what they offer?
Do we step into the light?

And yes, I do think, that this line:
I'll hold your hand if you hold mine

is one of the sweetest in the world:)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011




The first win of the season!!!


and not over some Ottawa, but Detroit Red Wings!

and you can add here billions of !!!

Rick Nash #61 of the Columbus Blue Jackets warms up before a game against the Detroit Red Wings on October 25, 2011 at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. (Photo by Jamie Sabau/NHLI via Getty Images)

Dear Rick Nash, never shave your beard off

Ryan Johansen #19 of the Columbus Blue Jackets flips the puck in to the offensive zone against the Detroit Red Wings on October 25, 2011 at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. Johansen scored his first NHL goal and added an assist in the first period against Detroit.

I always knew Ryan is an amazing name:)

John Moore #4 of the Columbus Blue Jackets celebrates his first NHL goal against the Detroit Red Wings in the second period on October 25, 2011 at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. (Photo by Jamie Sabau/NHLI via Getty Images)

James Wisniewski, may be I was too tough on you, but really, getting a penalty on a pre-season game was not a good idea, anyway, I guess it is good to have you back

If our young players continue to play this way, then we will win the Stanley Cup 2011/2012:)

It is funny how only yesterday I told that-guy-who-broke-my-soul (yes, we send emails about hockey to each other(only about hockey), but I'm starting to think, it is not a good thing to do) that it is the breaking point for my team, that if we lose this game, we will lose the hopes to get the cup

And what do we have now?

4:1 win!!!

I love you, Columbus Blue Jackets!:)

always had and always will:)

We will win 2011/2012!

Richard Resnick

Sometimes I get jealous of people who study in American universities

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Alex Ovechkin wax figure at Madame Tussauds Washington DC

one word: creepy

Rise Against and the end of the world

On March 9th and 10th they will be performing in Helsinki

I'm thinking about going there

Alone, of course, but well, what to do, if non of my friends like them



In 2011 I was in Finland 3 times

From 1986 to 2010 - only once:)

May be in 2012 I should visit Finland 7 times?

Why not to?

After all, if the world end will happen, at least I will be surrounded by the very handsome people

About the end of the world, I missed it, October 21

Like whaaat, we had the doomsday and nobody told me:)

Anyway, the next one will come only in a year

the famous December 21-23 2012

Apparently they hadn't decided yet when exactly to die, either December 21 or 23:)

I vote for 23

two more days to live, but on the other hand, two more days of a useless life full of regrets and lies if you are that poor person, who is too afraid to live

That would be fun, if an alien ship will come and aliens start destroying us one by one

They will have a full list of people like:

Aaghetr, Jeremy - please follow to the killing room

and he will, because people are too scared of everything:) *if they don't have guns

But not all, by the time they will reach my letter "R", I already will have my own team of evil power people:)

And we will have our planet back

I guess no world end for me that way:(


Monday, October 24, 2011

Note to self

Go to Lasering and make a pre-order


double album

Finally I will be able to see the movie

and I understand that one of the actors there looks like that-guy-who-broke-my-soul, but I wanted to see that movie since, I don't know, forever, so I will get over it(after all, he is a great guy), because it is Angels and Airwaves:)

double album with plenty of amazing songs


What can I say

Well, at least we have great promo video (*insert sarcastic smile here)

To lose to Ottawa Senators...

(it is not even a real hockey teeeeeeam)

I don't know

dot dot dot

What I know, that my boys will always be my boys no matter what

But here is the thing

Dear Jeff and James,

Columbus pays you hell of a lot of money, so it is either you start playing or get the hell out of our team.

For me Carter and Wisniewski are not in the team

may be they have some "I'm too awesome to play full strength here"

on the other hand:

Dear Prospal, welcome to the team:) You are already a significant part of Blue Jackets!

We love you, stay cool

and how good Nash is this season

we just need a little bit more luck and less "look at me I'm the star and you are nothing"

Friday, October 21, 2011

Estonian Ice Cream

And the award for the best Estonian Ice Cream goes to...

Kalev Mesikäpp Jäätis


*insert applauds here

I'm just kidding, I don't know whether we have such an award, but this ice cream stole my heart:)

Si if you are planning to visit Estonia any time soon, be sure to buy this one

The Best Ice-cream EVER

Hockey night!

Friday nights are my hockey nights

Or hockey early mornings:)

Because Columbus Blue Jackets games usually start at 2 AM (today at 2.30)

COLUMBUS, OH - OCTOBER 18: Rick Nash #61 of the Columbus Blue Jackets lies on the ice with Alex Goligoski #33 of the Dallas Stars during their game at Nationwide Arena on October 18, 2011 in Columbus, Ohio. The Stars defeated the Blue Jackets 3-2. (Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images)

And tonight we will definitely win!

For surest sure:)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My new cat

He had already taught me some important lessons:

1) never leave your clothes on the chair or sofa or anywhere else, because it will be on the floor and it will be chewed (for real, he doesn't care, whether you left it only for a minute he will grab it:)))

2) never leave your mobile phone charger on the shelf, because it will also end up being on the floor

3) if something can be eaten, it will be eaten (and no matter how much food he has in his bowl he will eat it(he actually has 4 of it, 1 for water, 1 for milk, 1 for food and 1 for another food)

and if he wants to play and got tired of playing with himself, then he will bite you so many times, until you start playing with him

I told you, my new cat is Evil

and yes, if he wants to sleep on your chair, it doesn't matter if you are sitting on it or not, he will sleep on it

But he still doesn't interact with people that much, with me, yes, I am like his pal:)))whom he can bite:) he is wild but he is smart, and I love it

People in Estonia

Are pretty much on their own

We don't interact that open hearted like southern people do

like no "Hello my friend" and thousands hugs (even if you saw him yesterday)

I love that Northern people are calm and cold

But sometimes I have to put my emotions even more deeper that they usually are

For example today

Today I saw a family of 6 people (dad + 5 kids, mom probably left home) and I really wanted to hug them all


Because it was so adorable: not so huge blond dad and his 5 little kids and all of them were as blond as him and they looked so happy together:) they didn't scream they were doing their own things but always staying close to each other

Like for real, I wanted to come and tell them "You are such a wonderful family!"

But I couldn't, because it is not acceptable here, you don't talk to strangers:(

Or when I see some woman on the street with gooooooorgeous hair, I want to make a compliment to her, but that would be weird, because I don't know her

Once I saw a woman in the bus, and I do usually look into window, but that time I was in shock, how beautiful she was. She wasn't young, may be in her mid 40-s, but she had that class and even in her 80s she will look beautiful

And I don't breath when I'm passing by the man I like:) No matter do I know him or not:)

Once I had bought a magazine, and there were some fluffy puffy pink crap for girls as a free gift

I don't have little girls in my family, so it was like a nightmare, to explain to some woman on the bus stop, who was with her little daughter, that I'm not a stalker and I don't sell anything, I just want to give them a little present:)))Well thaaaaat waaaas weeeeeeird:))) In the end, she finally took it and I had to run away, so that she would not try to pay me:)

Or when I see that people throw garbage on the streets, then I give them 5 seconds, if they don't pick it up, then I pick it and give it to them with the sentence "it seems to me that you've lost it":) they do look embarrassed, but take their trash and throw it into trash can:) Like I'm some master of puppets sometimes:)

sometimes I wish people here were bit more open hearted, but then again, I love calm and reliable people:)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Found their full discography

Discovered one song I've never heard before

Flyleaf - Penholder:

And even being that die-hard atheist, I have to admit, their songs are amazing (even if majority of them are about god in some way)

Lacey really has a strong voice

If only she could sing with the same passion not about god, but something else

And that guy on the right side

Hypnotic face, I was staring at him all the time while the song played:)

Flyleaf rocks:)

Nuclear Power Plant

Being all that green and Eco-friendly I have some unexplained obsession with nuclear power

In three words: It Is Awesome

And I know, about the risks, I know about the waste and I know about mining, but still

I wanna build a nuclear power plant

But not those crappy ones, that we have now, no-no, not even the third generation reactor, but the next one, Gen IV reactor

Come on, bring it on

I am willing to live right next to it:)

My main demands are: no Russian workers during the construction and my house must have some sort of double shield walls and I'm ready to move there:)

I have no fear of radiation I guess

Okay, I can get cancer, but who doesn't

Someday I will build my own 4th generation reactor

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


you feel yourself so tired, that you stop expecting something good from people

because why bother

today I got an invitation to GIS Day in National Library (GIS stands for Geoinformatics Society) and I'm thinking about going to it, because, well, if I allowed one surveyor break my soul, then why not to meet another surveyor and have a happy honest relationship with him

At least I will know something new about what is happening in gis world:)

Dear people, would you be so nice and stop lying to me, please?

Saturday, October 15, 2011


May be I should choose the music for my mp3 player more carefully

Adema - Planets:

like mister Chester Bennington from Linkin Park once sung: The pain it comes in waves

It seems to me, I've got on that pain wave this week

everyone I trusted deceived me

I'm holding on too tight, I can't let go,
I'm hiding I'm needy,
on the inside I'm bleeding
I'm searching for something but it can't seem to find me
On the surface is someone who pretends to focus
I'm waiting and wanting to cut this and go on,
trying to live, when the pain can all be gone
We've only seen the future the voice in my head is leaving me here back home

Weeeelll, the only thing that is good, I hadn't got much people to trust:) May be that's the reason I felt so broken. "Everyone I trusted deceived me" what's the point of trusting now?

But you know, I don't like being all that pathetic and lost for a long time, so meet my antidote

Wake up
Time to die

We all have lost control
Lost control

I'm not really sure, that it is Disturbed, but in my mp3 it is written Disturbed, but it doesn't sound like them

Anyway anger is my motivation:)

We all have lost control Lost control Lost control

Man Up, Jana, man up

I guess my sister was right

I do have something in common with that Mentalist guy

My question is: Am I such a polite evil too?

That was kinda weeeeeeeird and creeeeeppyyy to watch that tv-show

It is like we are not the same person, but we have that something special, that can't be seen and at the same time you can feel it without complete understanding what is that something special


I will call him now: my evil friend


Friday, October 14, 2011

The Mentalist

My sister told me, that I remind her the main character in The Mentalist TV-series

I haven't watched it yet, but I'm intrigued, who is he?

As far from the trailers that I've seen I understood that he is sort of serious Shawn Spencer from Psych

And I have to admit, I loooooooooooooove Psych:)))

And The Mentalist:

Like Psych for older people, I guess:)

But how freaking awesome his eyes are?

*Gone watching The Mentalist

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dear Columbus Blue Jackets

I'm writing to you with the hope, that you will finally stop testing our loyalty and start winning the games.

I will love you until the end of the world and even longer, but



It is like we are almost there and every time we don't get there:)

So, Boys, pick up your hockey skills where you left them and lets rock Western Conference stats with the longest winning games series ever

Because we all know, you can do that

Does Prospal always look so happy?

I like him a lot now:)

Things I don't understand

Why do people brush their teeth before they eat?

I had noticed, that people wake up, go to the bathroom, do they washing routines, apply make up and only then go and have a breakfast

Like why would you do that?

I mean, okay, if you are obsessed with dental hygiene I understand, because you will brush your teeth after the breakfast too

But that's what confuses me, they never do that

Does anybody do that? Explain me why, please:)))

I dunno, maybe I missed the lesson in my school where dentists explained that this way is better, for me it is far more logical: first you eat, then you do your washing things and before going out you are all clean, so you don't need to look for a chewing gum :)

I had never understood the mystery of "bad morning breath"

Like what the hell is that?

It is not like you eat during your night dreams:))) And obviously you brush your teeth before going to sleep

So what the hell is that and how can you get it?:)))

I have a suggestion: Change your freaking Colgate paste to something bit more expensive but better

*and not tested on animals too

My favorite for I don't know how long is this one:

Sold in every store like Prisma or Rimi

And if speaking about dental hygiene here is my little green victory:

And yes, it makes my little green person in me more greener every time I change the head of it, without throwing the whole toothbrush away:)))

My toothbrushes are no longer degrading in the wasteland:)

So yeah, explain me, why do you brush your teeth before eating?

My Favorite Russian Song

I don't like Russian music

at all

except for this song

Градусы - Запишу свое сердце на секцию плавания

"I'm going to enroll my heart for the swimming courses" that's the name of this song in English


Pretty awesome, isn't it?

It may sound bit too weird, but the next line there is: because it is weak

See, not only I prefer to swim if I have some issues with feelings:)))

da da tam da taram tam

catchy song

"I'm not a snow-bank, I'm not gonna melt down"

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Estonian football team

Is sorta improving:)


Estonia now has the 2nd place in its sub-group C

What does it mean?

We are going to European Championship play-offs, for the first time in our football history!!!

which could give us access to the final tournament

How awesome is that?

I still think, that football sucks in comparison to ice hockey

but well, if our hockey team is so weak, then you have to be proud, that you have at least a football one:)))

Welcome to European Championship play-off, Estonia

Monday, October 10, 2011

Aasa street

For some time I put the plan to walk on every single street of my city aside

But I'm back

The second street is Aasa street

Basically twice as short as The first street Aarde

Interesting, is it coincidence, that the A-letter streets are short or not?

And yes, it is autumn in Estonia:)

Somehow, almost all of the houses there are big

For example the first house on the street Aasa 1:

or this one (I loooove the color combination of it):

So, yeah, now I know where the first two streets of my city are located:)

Tomorrow I will visit the third one and according to the map it is just as small


To the Mars!

The nerd in me is happy

During the three-year trek of NASA's Mars Rover Opportunity from Victoria crater to Endeavour crater, rover planners captured a horizon photograph at the end of each drive. 309 images taken during the 13-mile journey appear in this video

link to Mars

Do they have oceans there?


Joke for Russian reading people

I guess I love weird jokes

Ultimate shower hit

Do you have a shower song?

Mine is this one

Rise Against - Broken Mirrors

Always sing it in the shower


not out loud of course, because you can't ruin the perfect Tim voice in your head with your own:)

This part is my favorite to sing while holding the shower-head as a mic:)))

Hey, man, you got the time?
Hey, can I trouble you for a light?
Who, me? no, I'm not the old town crier
I'm the one who sets it all on fire

It is good to have shower song, because when you listen to it in your mp3 player, then you somehow feel like you become more clear, as if you just had the shower:)))

you can call it mental shower:)

It's been years
Since our luck ran out and left us here
Like broken mirrors
Ten million shards of glass and tears
But now we are
Awake enough to shatter what we hate

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Today the girl with whom we were in Sweden (I know, it would have been so much easier to type her real name Helen, but I just like this version much more "the girl with whom we were in Sweden") sent me this picture:

I guess I'm slowly recovering, because after reading the text I thought: nope, it is not always like this

I like the part with glass

May be, after all, all broken-hearted do feel the same, first an immediate mind pain then an endless black emptiness and in the end disappointment

like "You were so perfect, how could you turn into this person, without me even noticing"


sometimes it just happens, the person you felt in love with is simply not for you, not brave enough

so, broken girls and boys, I still recommend you my version of letting go: GO SWIMMING

in the sea if it is warm enough or in the pool if it is not

to feel that emptiness with water weight

I used to think that broken-hearted meant that you have some pain in your close to heart located areas

It is not

It is that darkness that covers you from the inside out and you feel nothing but the desire to cry and cry and cry maybe hoping, that you can cry out that darkness

nope, you are simply wasting your tears:)

Surprisingly the hate that I was expecting every single day, never came

You can't hate the person you once loved

It was quite unexpected for me, like how can you not hate the person, who threw you into that endless darkness?

About the swimming, remember I told you that story about mermaid and the prince who never cared?

Well, you just have to kill that mermaid in you

I did it while swimming

drown that mermaid in me

dissolved her in the water:)

after that I promoted myself to being The Sea


and the seas don't need the princes, The Sea needs The Ocean, not less:)

Big, Brave and Beautiful:)

Calm and protecting, but yet dangerous and powerful

With the stable inner core and constantly improving surface

Never boring, always interesting

That's what Ocean is

And because I'm the sea, we complete each other:)

See, let your prince go, and swim towards the Ocean:)

and as a soundtrack to this post, I offer you this song:

Billy Talent - Perfect World

I don't like the song, but I love the chorus part

So, My dear broken friends, pick up the pieces of your broken soul and lets create it again

The water will help you:)

I still don't know why he wrote me that letter knowing that it would hurt me so much, but may be it was his way of saying that he never cared, to make it 100% clear that never gonna happen

dot dot dot


That would be my "unfinished business" and if for some reason I will die in some car accident, I will come back as a ghost:)

Niiiiice, now I can be sure I will return as a ghost:)

see, always look on the bright side:)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Columbus Blue Jackets

first game was awesooooooome

I missed that feeling

you know, sitting with your legs on the table, drinking Pepsi max in aluminum while wearing 3 sizes bigger NHL hoodie, shaking, because it is cold outside and you have to crawl into that hoodie so that only your head with headphones is open and knowing that 90% of your country sleep now:)))

yeah, that exact feeling mixed with desire to sleep and whole range of emotions during the game


I love hockey

and Columbus Blue Jackets

and I love the style of their game

clean, strategic and respectful

the only thing that bothers me, is that they are sometimes somehow clumsy:)juuuust a bit:)

Have you watched the first game?

That moment when Brassard caught the puck and threw it away?:)))Oh that look on his face: whaaaat had I just done? And I know, that right after that moment Nashville scored powerplay goal, but I think I would have done the same:) so, Brassard, I'm not mad at you at all:)

I have a suggestion now: what if we erase the second period and leave the first and the third one?

We were the shining stars in the first one, but after the break we somehow got lost and woke up only in the second half of the third one

So, lets erase the second period for our team?

That would be great

We can use this photo as an illustration to "For those about to rock, We Salute You!":

COLUMBUS, OH - OCTOBER 7: Vaclav Prospal #22 of the Columbus Blue Jackets celebrates his second period goal against the Nashville Predators during the game at Nationwide Arena on October 7, 2011 in Columbus, Ohio. (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)

Prospal is so happy:)

This one as "I'm Nash and I know it":

COLUMBUS, OH - OCTOBER 7: Rick Nash #61 of the Columbus Blue Jackets and Vinny Prospal #22 of the Columbus Blue Jackets celebrate after Nash scored against the Nashville Predators on October 7, 2011 at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. Nashville defeated Columbus 3-2. (Photo by Jamie Sabau/NHLI via Getty Images)

This one we can call "The circle of awesomeness"

COLUMBUS, OH - OCTOBER 7: Jeff Carter #7, Rick Nash #61and Vinny Prospal #22 of the Columbus Blue Jackets celebrate Prospal's goal in the second period as Sergei Kostitsyn #74 of the Nashville Predators skates by on October 7, 2011 at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. Nashville defeated Columbus 3-2. (Photo by Jamie Sabau/NHLI via Getty Images)

And this one to show the respect for Predators (not really, only if showing the respect to Predators now means "Look how handsome Ryan is (and how much I love his name, Ryan), aaahhhhh" but, hey, I'm a girl, I can say that:)))

COLUMBUS, OH - OCTOBER 7: R.J. Umberger #18 of the Columbus Blue Jackets clears the puck out of the Nashville zone as Ryan Suter #20 of the Nashville Predators gives chase on October 7, 2011 at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. (Photo by Jamie Sabau/NHLI via Getty Images)

We lost the game but we will win the war:)

Because our team is the best:)

*if only we were not so clumsy sometimes

Friday, October 7, 2011


Happy new NHL season to us!!!






and many many many many !!! more


Yesterday I was talking to the girl with whom last year we were in Sweden for Columbus Blue Jackets game, and somehow we made up new curse word: "finnõ4ertovõljubitelihokkeja"

It sounds like some long Icelandic word, but it is not, it is the line meaning: "Finnish people are damned hockey lovers" wrote in Russian using the Latin letters combined in one word:)

so now when you for example fall down on the street you can use it like "Vot zhezh finnõ4ertovõljubitelihokkeja"


don't get me wrong, I love Finnish people, it's just because I was mad about not getting that ticket to Buffalo game

My Pepsi max can is in the fridge waiting for 2 AM tonight, because it is our Columbus Blue Jackets first game of the season!!!

of the Stanley Cup winning season, of course:)

Happy New Season to us!

We Will Win!

Norwegian language

One week ago I went to Norwegian language courses

You know, to learn the language of the country I was planning to live in

Why "was"?

Here you can listen it:

at about 3:27 he starts reading

it is official now I'm no more planning to study and work in Norway

oh that language and I thought German was square-ish language

Seriously, while reading and pronouncing lines in Norwegian on that course all I was thinking about was that: in no freaking way I'm going to listen to this language for my whole life

Therefore, dear Norwegian people, I'm not yours, after wavy Estonian and Finnish languages your language is too hammer-hits-my-brain like thing

I have Sweden, Finland, Canada and Estonia to live in:)))

I'm thinking about going to practice to Finland

According to my stats I have plenty of visitors from USA and Canada, so, for you especially, here how Estonian language sounds:

And some specific information about how awesome our small country is:

we are all awesome

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Best band EVER pt2

Rise Against - Six Ways 'Til Sunday


The years unfold in one moment
Voices that we heard so loud
Are now suddenly silenced
Inside this crowd
You're surrounded by the lives
Of those who found something to hold
So bringing everybody down
Is all you know

You've been hiding so long
You can't find yourself
In this sheltered life you live
When everything that you want is at your fingertips
You'll never know what need is

You're claiming to be something different
So wanting to believe
That you're better than the rest
To make up for your self-esteem
You talk to hear your own voice and
You've left me no choice but to choose
I miss the person that you were
But I don't miss you

You've been hiding so long
You can't find yourself
In this sheltered life you live
When everything that you want is at your fingertips
You'll never know what need is

You're the new revolution
The angst-filled adolescent
You fit the stereotype well

1, 2, 3, go

You're the new revolution
The angst-filled adolescent
You fit the stereotype well

To do:

burn these lines to my brain:

I miss the person that you were
But I don't miss you


today I saw Tim-like man on the street

like whaaaaaat?

I knoooooow, it is like some part of my wish came true:) We do have our own Tim in Estonia

Concentrate on the bright side, Jana

It will all gonna be fine, because as my Darius Rucker said:

All the fights and the tears and the heartache
I thought I'd never get through
And the moment I almost gave up
All lead me here to you

the only question left: Who are you?

Monday, October 3, 2011


I'm still in desperate need of a ticket to NHL Helsinki game

So I'm repeating my message:

Dear Finnish people, if anyone of you decides not to go to the game, even if it would be the exact day when the game is (I just need 2 hours to get to Helsinki), then I'm more than exited to buy your ticket on a reasonable price of course (lets not forget, that currently I'm only a student)

only 4 days left

I want to see Buffalo Sabres!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Words of Wisdom

Native American Indian's Words of Wisdom

Lose your temper and you lose a friend; lie and you lose yourself

Only after the last tree has been cut down, Only after the last river has been poisoned, Only after the last fish has been caught, Only then will you find money cannot be eaten.

When we show our respect for other living things, they respond with respect for us.

Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.

Smart people they were and are

Estonia: Europe's Slimmest Women

Oh those Estonian people


According to this information link the women here are the slimmest in Europe

And it seems to me, that the information provided there is true

I have not a single female friend, whom I could call much bigger than average woman

In my university group there is only one girl who is slightly bigger that the majority of us

After 35-40th birthdays of course women here gain here some extra weight, but not that much, I haven't seen extremely fat (you know, like it is shown in The Biggest Loser show type of people) women on the streets here. They are not all skinny of course, they are just the right type:) Some are bigger, some are smaller, but not the fat giants and bone bitches:) Men? Yes, huge men are not so rare here:)

So, my dear Estonian people, congrats for being slim!

We are awesome


Today I was cleaning my PC (you know, deleting all of those things that remind me of people I want to finally let go)

And I found an old photo of me having my sort of dreadlocks

Ohhh, those happy times when you didn't need a comb:)


for the three, sometimes four months


And of course the fact that you can wash your head only several times a month makes it even easier to live


So now I'm thinking agaaain about getting the fourth tattoo and maybe having that sort of dreadlocks back

But I'm not really sure about it, because now I love my crappy hair:)

Even if I have to wash it every freaking single day

I think you should do something extreme with your hair at least once in a lifetime:)

I used to had an obsession with braids too

And according to this picture, I had some troubles with playing bowling and standing on both feet:

One thing I know for sure is that people never change:)

They may look like they had changed, but in the end, we are all the same old weirdos that we used to were:)