Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My little redneck in me

I'm pretty sure I have it in me:))) That little redneck person

Because I love country music. It is so simple and yet so powerful

I liked Darius Rucker some time ago

And now I like him again

Because of this song

Darius Rucker - This:


All the fights and the tears and the heartache
I thought I'd never get through
And the moment I almost gave up
All lead me here to you

The chorus part is so beautiful:

For every stoplight I didn't make
Every chance I did or I didn't take
All the nights I went too far
All the girls that broke my heart
All the doors that I had to close
All the things I knew but I didn't know
Thank God for all I missed
Cause it led me here to

No matter what you think about country music, it rocks:)

*He is such a cutie

Monday, September 26, 2011

I know my perfect man exists

Mainly because there is Rick Nash and he is almost perfect:

To sum up:

1. He lives in the middle of nowhere

2. In Canada

3. He has a really lovely house, and not that all made of class and bricks new age crap, but more like old school

4. He loves the water

5. And obviously ice

6. He is bit shy even being that sort of a big deal in hockey

7. He is calm

8. He is grateful for what he has

9. He is definitely not a party animal

10. He is a family man

11. He has a beautiful smile

12. And voice

13. And beard

14. And body

15. And brain

16. And everything

17. He is very friendly

18. He cares

19. He dreams

20. He is constantly improving himself

21. He is almost perfect

So, Dear Rick Nash, I hope you will stay that calm for ever and in the end will marry some good girl and not some model gold digger bitch :)

Thats how awesome our Captain is


Friday, September 23, 2011

The most handsome hockey player in the world (imho)

(Antero Niittymäki)

has some sort of lower body injure

he will not be playing for at least three months

We all gonna miss you, Antero!!!

Get well!

*he looks so sad on that picture

**and I know, I know, that it is not logical to name the most handsome player the man with dark hair (or most of the times no hair at all, which is even better) and brown eyes after constantly repeating how awesomely beautiful blue/gray eyed blond boys are, but I will remain true to myself: his face is in perfect symmetry

***for me

The best band ever

I just can't get enough of their songs

Rise Against - 1000 Good Intentions

Stare into your empty eyes and wonder...

"How could something so right turn out so wrong?"

You spent your time making excuses
For the ways of life that you are choosing

Wonder is a good word

I wonder will I ever stop being disappointed in people I used to love and like

I watch you burn out so fast
Now I can see just what you've become

And "How could something so right turn out so wrong?"

I don't have a backup plan
This is all that I am

It makes me angry how easily I'm getting attached to people

Must care less

I'm getting over you too slowly, but I will, I surely will

When you replace the ghost of your broken heart with hockey puck, it becomes cold, dark and black, but at the same time at least you have something in you except for that disappointment and when you add Rise Against and Angels and Airwaves, then it all turn out being pretty much of a good caring tiny ghost heart

Thank you, Rise Against

Thank you, Angels and Airwaves

Thank you, Hockey

Thank you, Columbus Blue Jackets

I'm engineer after all, I can create my own Universe:)

Wish I could erase my selected memories like in Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind movie

Thaaaat would be great

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My kitten

I have a new cat

so, meet my kitten:

he lives already for a week with us, but yet he has no name

or vice versa, he has a lot of names, but not a single one suits him well

so far we had: Norik, Tigra, Björik

If you are attentive enough, than you may notice, that Norik and Björik have to do something with Norway

Well, you are right, because his mom is Norwegian Forest Cat

but it seems to me, that his dad is someone like ordinary street cat

Btw, Norwegian Forest Cat looks like this:



but I doubt that my cat will look similar

on that picture, where he sleeps, he is like little angel

but in fact he is Evil, like pure Evil

I really think he has some sort of Energizer bunny in him

I have cat toys all over my room and he is constantly playing with them

Well, when he is not climbing on the walls or jumping on the curtains or biting my legs or chewing my clothes:) and sometimes he sleeps.

He doesn't like people and it seems to me he has no intentions to change that

Basically, I'm his only friend, with others he is more like, if you touch me I will bite you and then run away

I guess, if you have small kids in your family or you prefer that always sleeping lazy cat, then Norwegian forest cat even half-blooded is not a right choice for you

But I love him, he is so smart, like he is learning something new every single day

My mom said, that "Finally two refrigerators met" :))) because he is sleeping on the windowsill, when I have my window open (it is already pretty cold at nights in Estonia)

My little evil cat

We are going to rule this world!


Bad news, guys

For several days I hadn't checked how our last hope Sizov is doing

Apparently not very well

Currently he is still in serious condition, but what is bad, is that he shows no signs of improvement:(

But I know, he is going to recover

We all know

Don't we?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Magic ships

And who needs Harry Potter (I do, I do!) when you have scientific magic like this? :


I guess that would be great to be the captain of such ship

You know, just hanging out in your working room on the ship, and yeah, I have multi-ton cargo on my ship too, which is even bigger than my ship itself

well, thaaaaaaaaaaaaaat would be great


+1 plan: to visit that ship

Saturday, September 17, 2011


For some reasons I love watching commercials

Hockey commercials


or those that are shown during the game


meet my favorite one:

Under Armour - Protect this house ft Rick Nash

I used to watch this ad, well, a looooooooooooooot

But not for the last 3 months, because in the depths of my broken heart there was no space for anything or anybody

Since the last week, I'm slowly starting to rebuild my trust in people and my love for them, so, Dear Rick Nash, I am proud to admit, that you are the first man back in my heart. I trust you, I believe in you and I love you in some way:) But don't get too comfortable there, you won't be alone for a long time:)

Someday I will understand why girls choose football over hockey and football gayish players over hockey bearish players:)

But not today:)))

Daaaamn, I probably should download that ad and copy it on memory card and put it on endless repeat on my tv:)))

Big, bearded and smart

Perfect combination:))

*except for the brown eyes :(

I wiiiill, I wiiiiill


The next two one are Boston Bruins Hockey rules with their bear

I love this one:

Never date within the division

I was laughing like I had never laughed before, when I've watched this commercial for the first time:)))

That's the golden rule for girls: Never date within the division


And this one with escalator:

That Boston Bear is simply amazing


learn the hockey rules with Boston Bruins

I can almost feel the new season start:)


And Rick will protect us all

Because he can

Such a lovely gesture

From Carolina Hurricanes (you know, the team, that probably have some casting based on appearance, because most part of it are very handsome men)

Jim Rutherford, President and General Manager of the National Hockey League’s Carolina Hurricanes, today announced that the team will honor the memory of former player Josef Vasicek with a patch on its sweaters throughout the 2011-12 season. Vasicek was one of 44 people to die in a Sept. 7 plane crash outside of Yaroslavl, Russia, including 28 players, two coaches and seven staff members of the Lokomotiv ice hockey club.

In addition to the patch, the team will pay tribute to Vasicek prior to its Oct. 7 regular-season home opener against the Tampa Bay Lightning at the RBC Center. The Hurricanes are also planning to create a display in the players’ lounge in the locker room, celebrating Vasicek’s life and contributions to the franchise.

- Terrell Williams

Here is the patch:

The more I read about hockey, the more I watch hockey games the more I fall in love with this game.

My first childish love was biathlon (which I'm still watching, because of those adorable Norwegian men) and my grown up sport love is definitely ice hockey

And do you know what?

We Will Win this season!

And learn this goal horn(if you for some reason hadn't done it yet), we are going to sing it out loud pretty often:

Weeeeeeeee saluuuuuuuuuute yooooooooou

20 days until the first Columbus game!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


At least one good news

According to the latest information, the only survivor, Sizov, is doing well, he had been in medical sleep since the plane crash, but today he woke up and currently is in consciousness

So, very best wishes to Aleksandr Sizov

I hope you will help us understand, what happened that day

Get well, man!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Galimov :(

6 days of fighting for life and today he died:(

The whole team is together now:(

Saturday, September 10, 2011


I don't know why, but I rarely feel sorry if somebody dies in some accident, so I don't cry in front of TV, when planes or trains crash

But somehow, the Lokomotiv crash got me, yes, I even cried, for some reasons I felt like I knew those guys, even without watching any of their games

I guess, it is like if you belong to some group of the people, you belong there completely. My group is hockey. And the loose of this team was like if part of me was on that plane and died

I made myself a little black ribbon to remind me, that I care about every single hockey player in the world and I mourn the dead ones, because, apparently, I really do

Guess who is the greatest bowler in the family?

Yes I aaaammmm

I maybe suck at billiards, but I'm pretty much of a good bowler, keeping in mind, that was my first bowling game in probably 2 years:)

And for those of you who don't know Russian, the line at the bottom of the picture shows my game nickname and it is translated as "Emperor of the Universe". I knooow, how awesome is that? btw, I was not the one, who suggested it, it was my niece, who entered the names and since I was late, they started the game without me, so the nickname came out without me:))) My niece knows me well:) other names were:

P.I stands for Emperor's Assistant, my niece, of course

S. for the Soldier

second S. for the Sausage

and V for Vladimir

so yeah, we had some fun there

I won!!! I won!!! I won!!! :)

Since it was birthdays for both my 16 years old niece and my 6 years old nephew the kids were playing too, but on the second line with the parents

After watching how my nephew throw the ball (I used the verb "throw" because he actually did throw the balls) i decided to give him a lesson:

On that moment I probably showed him how to hold the ball using the holes in it

At first he didn't listen to me and kept repeating "I can't do that, I can't do that, I can't do that, it is too heavy". But you knooow me, there is no such line as "I can't do that", for me it is always "I can't do that, yet. But I will learn and then do it" :) so after some time, I had taught him how to hold a ball, and in the end we even had some good results:

Not a bad result for a kid, isn't it?

So, yeah

Happy Birthday!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

I don't understand how do I do this

Sometimes it seems to me, that the more I hate this rotten world, the more the world tries to prove it is not that bad

Today I went shopping for the presents for the kids birthdays

Well, when I was going to Ülemiste keskus, there was a man, like, ookaaay, I'm gonna type it - peeing in the bushes, right on the side of a road, there were plenty of people passing him by, but when I came bit closer, he stopped doing what he did and started to repeat: I'm so so so sorry, please forgive me for doing that, please, I'm so sorry, for gods sake, forgive me. Like whaaaaat? Was I looking so damn angry, that he was so scared of me, that decided to ask me for an apology? I don't think so, I probably looked tired. So I prefer to think, that he saw me and decided, that I'm a very good person and what he did was not supposed to be seen by me. He was Russian, btw

But it gets more complicated, on my way back, on the same road, some man started to follow me and walking so closely behind my back, that he was in my comfort zone and because it was already dark, I instantly started to look for a stone or a branch or anything that I can use to defend myself (because my skinny arms can not help me with that). But imagine my surprise, when he reached me and told me, that "Oh, I know that team (I have my Columbus Blue Jackets scarf on my bag), they are not so great now, but soon they will be, I wish you the very best in your life and have a nice evening" and then he left, like whaaaat, I was so in shock, that I hadn't answered anything to that. I literally stopped for a second thinking what the hell was that? SOMEBODY ELSE KNOWS COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS IN MY CITY!!! And he was Estonian:)

And lets add something more. When I finally reached my close to the home Prisma store (because I run out of Coca Cola Light and it is my fuel) I bought it and went through security gates. Guess what happened next? Oooooof cooooourse it is started to blink and make that awful sound. After that incident in Juku store, I already knew, nothing good can happen next and when the security guy came up, I already had all of the things I had bought in another stores out, he only asked "Do you have a receipt?" and I already was showing all of those to him, but he didn't even looked at it, he looked at me and told me : "That's okay, I believe you, sometimes it just happens when you have something from the other shop" he didn't even look what was in my bag :))) You see, that's what I call good client service:))) Prisma always had been my favorite store, and I think it will always remain so:) And the security guy was Estonian

Favorite band - Rise Against, favorite hockey team - Columbus Blue Jackets, favorite store - Prisma

To sum up, if all of those people from my life, about whom I had cared a lot, never cared about me, then that it is their choice to be such persons and you can even make jokes about stupid Jana, but in fact I never regret about what I had said and done. If you can not handle me, then someday I will get over you all.

But one day, I will set this world on fire

And you'd better be good

Aleksandr Galimov

Is the only hockey player who is still alive after plane crash

He has approximately 90% of the body covered with burnes

The second person is Aleksandr Sizov, he is from the plane crew

He has higher possibilities to stay alive (only 10% of burns)

Lets send them all of our good thoughts and hopes, so that they will recover

Both Aleksandres are in critical conditions, but, hey, Galimov, You are hockey player, hockey players never give up!

We believe in you!

Big post of anger and disappointment

Yesterday I was sad after hearing about Lokomotiv plane crash

But today when I woke up it hit me hard

All of those negative thoughts came back and started to regain power really fast

And the world is not bright and shiny anymore, it is black and rotten to the core

There are plenty of versions why the plane crashed, but as far as I know, the main non official reason is that because the plane started to gain the heights not from beginning of runway, but from the center or even further, and it simply didn't have enough time to start forking properly and therefore it touched some antenna

Why so far from the start? Well, according to information in Russian Internet there is some important "we-are-so-cool-and-awesome-and-your-life-depends-on-us people" meeting and it was simply occupied by their planes

I'm pretty sure, that would not be an official version, but I realized, that this situation can be possible

And then all Hell broke loose

Why would you send people on a plane, that is so old? Why would you send people from the airport, that is not even deserves to be called airport?


To save money.

Yes, the players had a pretty much hard to imagine how high salaries and yet bosses tried to save money

Like it was with Bulgaria. Who cares about people, when you can earn money?

The answer is: NOBODY

Nobody cares. People are rotten, people will do anything to get money, even billionaires will do anything to earn some more thousands.

Nobody cares.

Nobody cares about anything but themselves. And sometimes about their families

I'm pretty sure, that you can buy anything in this world

and leave that crap about love and health to yourselves

I guess only few of my friends know about it, but I don't care no more about what people will think. So, listen kids and learn from my experience, may be that will teach you, that stealing is not good. When I was about 10 years old, one slightly more older girl moved to our house, and he was that bad girl, who steals from shops and uses bad words and dates older guys. Of course we all liked her, because when you are little, you think it is soooo coooool. So one day, she offered us to go to our local shop and steal something. And we did so. I stole a single pear. Freaking pear. I was so disappointed in me, that I didn't even eat it, I gave it to my sister. After 15 years from that incident, I still remember that pear. I don't eat pears now. I used to liked it a lot, but after that stealing I couldn't eat it. And I was trying to return money to that seller, so that she wouldn't notice and tell me: you forgot your money here! One time I had put 5 krones on a box with some fruits but I didn't know, was it enough for that single pear or not. So even now I don't eat pears and even now I think, I hadn't done everything I could to give those money to the seller. So I don't understand why people can sell their kids, their families almost everything to get some money or to get some thing they want to get. You can be sure, I had not stole anything since that freaking pear and I will never steal anything or do anything that may hurt somebody.

What about the money on the street? I have another story too. My mom and I (when I was a kid again) were going back from the market, when she bought me some things for school, and right ahead there were a couple of old and drunk Finnish people, and I hadn't seen it, but my mom suddenly stopped and took from the road Finnish money which were worth 300 Estonian krones, she told me, that that money probably felt from the pocket of that old drunk guy and she told me, that he is so drunk, so he probably will spend those money on more beers, so we returned to the market and my mom bought me sneakers. I felt bit confused, but oookay, she made a point and I didn't want that guy to drink even more and may be it wasn't his money after all. One day. Only one day I had my shiny white sneakers, and on the second my friend accidentally messed it, and I got a huge black hole on those sneakers. Lesson leaned. You can't take anything, which is not yours. Karma. Since then I never take anything not mine, even if the street is empty and nobody there to identify him as the thing owner

So for me, that money obsession is not understandable, I stole a pear, and still almost cry, when I think of it. HOW CAN YOU DO ANYTHING TO GET MONEY? HOW CAN YOU KILL PEOPLE? HOW CAN YOU KILL THE WHOLE HOCKEY TEAM?

Because the world is rotten

Because nobody cares

Because nobody loves

When I look back at people that I met, with whom I had worked, it was all good, but now I think, what if I imagined it all in my brain? What if I created all that good relationships only in my mind? One time in autumn I was watching TV and I saw on a crime program "have you seen that man" announcement. And there was a picture of a man, who worked with me that summer. And I always had good laughs with him and good relationship (he was not a surveyor, but a road construction worker). The police was looking for him, because apparently he raped young girls. I was shocked. Was I so blind, living in my perfect happy world, that I hadn't noticed anything strange about him?

What if nobody in my life never cared?

What if he never came to Tallinn, not because of the work or the money problem, but simply he had no reason to come here, because he never cared?

What if he didn't show up to the football game, not because he had work in another city that day, but simply because he didn't want to go with me, because he never cared?

What if we had so much good laughs together with my co workers not because they wanted to cheer me up, but simply because they had nobody else to talk with?

What if nobody never cared?

What if now every single person about whom I cared were sitting in a bar telling stories about me to their friends with the beginning "Oh, I used to had a girl, who loved/liked/worked with me, and did some things that were so funny, and she was so stupid, that she never noticed, that I don't care about her at all"

What if I made up all those good memories from nothing but my own imagination?

This world is rotten to the core, and I want to set it all on fire

I think I should move to politics and if this planet is doomed, then I am going to rule it.

I need to be that boy who plays:

We’re all ok, until the day we’re not
The surface shines, while the inside rots
We raced the sunset and we almost won
We slammed the brakes, but the wheels went on

But sadly, that person in me is still stronger:

Don't you remember when you were young?
And you wanted to set the world on fire?
Somewhere deep down, I know you do

And don't you remember when we were young
How we wanted to set the world on fire
Because I still am and I still do

I still think, this world is worth living in. Just not the way it is today.


On the bet we made

Let's decide to be the architects, the masters of our fate

Yeah, we still believe in all the things that we stood by before
(We stood by before)

And now to everything we've seen here maybe even more

And I know we're not the only ones we were not the first
(We were not the first)

Unapologetically we'll stand behind these words

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


A Russian jet carrying KHL hockey team - Lokomotiv crashed while taking off Wednesday in western Russia, killing at least 36 people and leaving one critically injured, officials said.

Lokomotiv official tells Sovetsky Sport 'everyone from the main roster was on the plane plus four players from the youth team.

The ministry said the plane was carrying the Lokomotiv ice hockey team, whose top names include former Islanders center Josef Vasicek, ex-Devils defenseman Karel Rachunek and other players familiar to NHL fans: Pavol Demitra, Karlis Skrastins and Ruslan Salei.

Whole hockey team is dead

Hard to understand, even harder to accept

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Buffalo Sabres game

for one whole day I had my hope to get to Buffalo Sabres vs Anaheim Ducks game in Helsinki back

I found one travel agency, that sells tickets to music and sport events outside the Estonia and there Buffalo tickets were available

I instantly wrote them a letter with my question if those tickets are still available, because on the Finnish it is not

Well, got a response, that, "Sorry, we forgot to update our page, we don't have the tickets, but you can buy the ticket for Stockholm game instead"

Yeah, got my sad face back

I permanently search on e-bay, but nobody there sells them:(

So, Dear Finnish people, if anyone of you decides not to go to the game, even if it would be the exact day when the game is (I just need 2 hours to get to Helsinki), then I'm more than exited to buy your ticket on a reasonable price of course (lets not forget, that currently I'm only a student)

my e-mail is , please, contact me, and I will buy your for-some-reason unwanted ticket (but not the VIP one, I sadly don't have money for that yet), so you don't need to stand in front of Hartwall Arena with the sign, that your friend refused to go and you have an extra ticket, like i did in Sweden:)))

I still have hope to see my genius Ryan Miller:)

*But my heart will always belong to Columbus Blue Jackets

Juku no more

Here in Estonia we have toy store Juku Mänguasjakeskus, which is probably the biggest in Estonia

I never liked that store, but I loved the variety of toys, that they have there and it is located so close to my home, that it would have been stupid, not to buy toys for kids there

I went there this Sunday with my nephew, to look for that creepy bakugan toy, so that he can choose himself what color and what character does he want

And they do have a huge range of those toys there, so he picked one, I told him, that I will buy it later and give it to him on his exact Birthday day

But it would have been too evil to go to the toy store and not to buy anything for the kid, so I offered to him to pick any model car he wanted and I bought it

On the way home it turned out that he forgot his bubble gum pack in the store, so we had to return to it and look for it

We had not find it, but when we were leaving the shop a security guard came up to me and showed on my nephew's car (which he was holding all the time, because, you know how kids react to new toys) and in a rude way asked me "Have you paid for this car?" I answered that "Yes" and he said that "I am SURE, that you have not", yeap, with SURE being said so confident and rude, that if me and my nephew were thieves. Then I showed him receipt and he silently said "sorry" and went away while I was feeling so embarrassed.

In some way I get it, that we returned to the same shop with the car, that I already bought and he may be hadn't noticed it when we were there for the first time. But it is not the fact that I was checked, it is the fact that I've noticed, that when we were in the store, he was flirting all the time with the seller girl and of course he hadn't noticed anything, but what was the most awful, is that he acted himself being all that "Oh, I'm such a Superman, you should be afraid of me" in front of my nephew, the little kid, who was of course scared after the guard came and started to imagine he is the crime fighter. Was it that hard for him to ask me to step a bit aside so that the kid would not hear anything? I really don't think so

So, Juku Mänguasjakeskus, I make it official, if you don't bother to train your security jerks, so that they would respect at least the kids, then I don't bother buying toys in your shops, therefore you've lost your loyal client as well as all of my family, and there are plenty of kids in it. Kaubamaja Lastemaailm, I'm all yours now

*I wish we had the same system, like USA has, so that I could sue him and that store

**Just to make it more evil, he was speaking Russian all the time and I doubt that he even knows Estonian

Monday, September 5, 2011



at first their concert was postponed to October

and now it is officially canceled

so no P.O.D for Estonia this year

*you can return tickets until the 3rd of November and get a full refund

**if speaking the truth, I already wanted to return my ticket, when they told us that the concert is postponed, because I somehow lost interest in that concert, so yeah, it is destiny:)))

***what is supposed to be happening is going to happen

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Like whaaaaat?

Soon it will be my nephew 6th birthday

When I asked him: what do you want for your birthday? He answered pakugan

My first reaction was: like whaaaat? there is no such word, may be you wanted to say papugai (parrot in Russian) or papagoi (parrot in Estonian)?

But he told me, no, I want pakugan

Like what the hell could that be

Google is my best friend, so as multi-million Russia population, and apparently moms there have the same requests, that "I want pakugan". after a short research I got to know, that there is no such word as pakugan:))) so i was right, yaaaaay

Buuuuuut, there is bakugan

Bakugan is a range of toys and a trading card game based on the Cartoon Network animated show "Bakugan." On the show, six friends fight to save the Earth from evil forces who attempted to destroy the Bakugan world Vestroia and have now turned their sights on Earth. The Bakugan, who appear on Earth in the form of marbles, aid the humans in defending Earth and restoring order to both their worlds.

Basically it is a toy, that looks like a ball (say hello to Pokemon), but transforms into something more like a robot or smth like that:

So if your son, daughter or any nephew/niece asks you pakugan for birthday, you should know, that he/she is talking about bakugan toys or cards:)))

*I have never in my life watched any full episode of Pokemon, but I somehow love Squirtle character, simply because it (I don't know whether it is she or he) produces that noise:



The first week

I really think the most part of theory lessons is the waste of time

In my perfect world the lessons would be more like: you have an accident on the water, the oil leak and you have 3 hours to get rid off it. And you will be given some sort of small water tank with the oil in it and a lot of books and different appliances that you can use

And not sitting in the class and learning some theory all the time

Yeah, you have to work in the extreme conditions to understand whether it is your thing or not:)

Anyway, about the subjects:

Logistics of Waste Treatment

For me, it is promising subject, it can be either very good or very boring, depends on the teacher I guess

Environmental Regulations in Enterprises

First of all, OM(NE)G (oh my non existing god, if you are wondering) how incredibly beautiful his eyes are, and I'm not ashamed to admit, that for the first ten minutes or so, I wasn't even listening to what he says:)))

Secondly, I probably will attend his every lecture, because I liked how he talked about the subject and I'm pretty much was exiting to get to know, about the things like EMS, BAT and BREF, so it seems to me, that my printer will print a lot of those papers

Treatment of Hazardous Wastes

This week we hadn't had this subject, but according to the name, that is surely my thing (I still wanna work in orange suit with the hazardous waste) and because the teacher's name is not Metslang, I hope it will be interesting to listen to.

Culture, Ethics and Heritage Protection

That was a little shock for me. Why? Well, because I understood probably half of what she was talking about, and not because she used some scientific language, but simply because I don't have enough words in my vocabulary about those themes. So the first thing i did after the lecture, was going to library I taking the books about that specific vocabulary to add some words to my brain. What I didn't like about the subject, was that she hadn't shown any of Asian culture heritage pictures, while showing a lot of churches in Europe.

Water and Waste Water Treatment and Plumbing

Interesting subject given in the interesting place, but I don't like the idea of running to the city to be on time on English lecture. But my doctor still don't want to give me permission to my driver's license, but at least she told me, that may be in a month I will get it, so, yaaaay

English A III

I love English lessons:))) John Rodriquez is simply one of my favorite teachers. I know, that sometimes he speaks too quietly, but I really love the way he gives lectures, like you can say anything you want to, you can defend every point of view, and one more reason, why I love English lessons is because it puts me on the same position where Estonians are (well, yeah, English is my third language and for Estonians it is the second one, but still it is foreign for all of us) And I really hope, that the guy who worked in pair with me, remains my pair buddy until the end of the course:)Because, well, writing with brown pen is already enough for me to like you:)

Land and Environmental Law

Dot dot dot

I can tell you a lot about subject, that I don't like

But one picture can say it all:

And I have plenty of those in my notebook

4 hours of brain rape

I do think, that the teacher is awesome, it is just not my subject at all, so I'm sorry for that

Environmental Monitoring

Sadly, I hadn't been able to go to that lecture, after 4 hours of tortures, but I hope it is an OK subject

Environmental Ethics

awesome teacher:) Ethics as you may already noticed, is not my strongest thing, but if I can defend my point of view, then it is all good for him:)So yeah, I guess i will write some bit anarchy like essay. I didn't like, though, that if you want to get an A you have to work in pairs, I don't like working in pairs with the person I don't like, I like working with me:)

Sustainable and Ecological Technologies

Thaaaaaaat is the most difficult subject for me


Well, because of the teacher, of course:)))

Blond hair - check

Blue/gray eyes - check

appropriate age - check

green lifestyle - check

good job for the real men (not the gayish one) - check

not too tall, not too short - check

rrr-voice - check

stubble or beard - check (in his case stubble)

knowledge of Russian language, while being Estonian - check

he is even vegetarian - check


If he also listens to Rise against, loves movies about space and watches hockey, then I will have a serious problem of falling in love:)))

It would be easier to concentrate on the subject if there would be girls sitting on the right and left side from my desk, but noooooo, there is our handsome bald boy (and you know, I have a thing for the bald boys too)


So yeah, I almost met my perfect man:)))

yaaaaay, that can mean that very soon I will meet my The Only One guy:)))

Quality Science

I hadn't been able to sit until the end of this lecture, I hope, that it was thaaaat boring only for the first introduction lecture and it will be much more interesting next time:) But at least I met the girl with whom we were in Aland, so I have a great company on that boring lecture:)

It seems to me, that this year will be great:)

Autumn started as I wanted it to start


Friday, September 2, 2011

Eyes Set To Kill

I'm not really thaaaaaat much into such music, but I love this song

Eyes Set To Kill - Falling Fast:

So was it worth it?

That girl has an amazing voice


In the perfect way, in the perfect way

Thursday, September 1, 2011


I always thought that all icebergs are white or white-ish

You know, like the regular ones:

But apparently it can be blue:


And even black, yes, black iceberg:

It can be even striped:

Also it can be pink too, but somehow Google shows only some flowers instead of the ice to me:)))

So now you know too, icebergs are not only white