Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mr. Popper's Penguins

I have a huge love to Jim Carrey

and not the old one, but the new one

with Number 23, Fun with Dick and Jane, Bruce Almighty

I love those movies

I have watched it I don't know how many times

Especially 23, that is one of my favorite movies EVER

In fact the only movie, that I had watched in the movie theater twice

This Saturday I went to see Mr. Popper's Penguins, because Carrey + Penguins = Epic Win

I'm not ashamed to admit I laughed like insane:)

But somehow most of the times...like...well...alone...in the screen


But I do that all the time, because I have my own interpretations of jokes:)))

May be because of that I have no problems to go to the cinema alone:)

I didn't like those hits-in-the-strategic-places kind of jokes

But apparently kids love it

About the movie: I love it, Jim is still amazing comedy actor, the plot is bit unrealistic, but with the good ending, the support cast is awesome and penguins are so cute:) I loved how from man in black suit he became man in hockey jersey:))) and how he was worried about the egg, aaawwwwwww

That movie is so adorable, that little frozen sun is shining in you all the time:)))


Watch it:)

It is definitely worth doing that


*now I want to read the book too

Norwegian shooter

I guess everybody were in shock after what happened in Norway

BBC News

Seventy-six people have died in twin terror attacks on Norway - the worst peacetime massacre in the country's modern history. A massive bomb blast shattered buildings in the capital Oslo, killing at least eight people. Then a gunman rampaged through an island youth camp run by the ruling Labour Party, killing at least 68 people. Suspect Anders Behring Breivik, 32, has admitted carrying out both attacks.

The worst part for me is that I get it, why he did this

I do not agree, though, with how he did it

It is like if you kill every one whom you meet on the street (*or in his case island)

But if you so carefully were planning this attack, why the hell wouldn't you take off those jobless jerks who have no intentions to work in your country and all they do is selling drugs and getting financial support from the government?and not the kids who apparently wanted to integrate into the society without all of those "hey, baby, give me your bag with all of your money and then i will rape you and kill you". They could have been good scientists... I had read his explanations about why he choose that island, but i find them, like, stupid. They were kids!!! And not in some Islamic "kill the unfaithful people" camp...

But I agree, that Finland, England, Sweden and Norway are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too good to Islamic people

I do not understand why he used the bomb to kill innocent people in that building (I get it, why he wanted to kill prime minister, but cooome ooooon, explosion? rly?)

I already told it once and I am willing to constantly repeat it : Religion is piece of crap

Either you are that Islamic zombie, or like Breivik Christian


But noooo, it is way better to live according to those books filled with extreme amount of mistakes

Written by some people

To be the master of puppets and manipulate the others

And stop letting the people of other cultures change your own culture

I'm not speaking about adding something new to your own culture, but like it is happening now: completely changing your culture

No, I will never build your churches in my country, if you want to believe in your God, then move back to your own country

No, I will never pay you 1000 eur only because you came from other country and year after year not managed to learn my country language and culture and find some job, if you don't want to be the part of my country, then move back to your own

No, I will not let you live in some communes, I will organize you to live as apart from each other as I only can. If you want to live in your sort of "China town/Islamic Town/African town" then move back to your country

No, I will not let you anything illegal in my country, if you steal even newspaper from my shop, I will send your whole (!!!) family (with grandpas, grandmas and cousins etc) back to your country, without spending my money to keep you in jail and giving you free food and I will make sure, you will never be able to live in any European country.

Thats all, problem solved

With no guns and explosion

Is it so hard to do that?

I doubt it

Then the smart people from those countries will be working and studying in my country, while that useless crap will be gone.

And northern girls, stop falling in love with south people. There are way too little recessive genes left in our countries.

I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, but I really don't want to see expansion of not my people in my country

I don't hate Muslims or African people, I just think, that if you want to change your country, then be ready to change yourself.

Be educated, not zombified by your religion

The world is way to beautiful to ruin it because of non existing persons.

World peace!


Monday, July 25, 2011

Columbus Blue Jackets

Are still updating


Thaaaaaaaaat is awesooooome

in addition to those two cuties, who plays hockey very well:

Carter and Wisniewski

*I think Columbus Blue Jackets know, that I love light-haired boys :)))

**they are bearded too

***Thank you, thank you, thank you

We now have Vinny Prospal!

Welcome to the family, Vinny!!!

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - The Columbus Blue Jackets have signed forward Vinny Prospal to a one-year contract.

General manager Scott Howson announced the move Saturday but did not disclose terms of the deal. The Blue Jackets were in need of a top-six forward because Kristian Huselius suffered a torn chest muscle and will miss the start of the season.

The 36-year-old Prospal has spent 13 seasons in the NHL and appeared nine times in the Stanley Cup playoffs. He has 227 goals and 453 assists in 978 career games, including 9 goals and 14 assists in 29 games last season with the New York Rangers and one goal in five playoff games.

He previously played for Philadelphia, Ottawa, Florida, Tampa Bay and Anaheim.


My very best wishes to Kristian Huselius

Get well, Kristian!

*Daaaaamn, James Wisniewski is definitely my type of male beauty:)))

We Will Win!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My little geek in me

is not so little if speaking the truth

I goooooooot it


My little tiny set of little tiny screwdrivers



just like Stanley Cup:)

And made not in China, but in Taiwan

Which may be even worse that China, but I'm back to no China life:)

Already tried it on my dead external hard drive

and it looooooks aaaaweeesooooome inside:)))

Now I have to read some electronics book to understand how those small parts there work:)

And bring my dead drive back to life

and then construct my own Perpetuum Mobile

Because, why not to?


Big Dismal - Remember (IOU)

Enough washing your brains with my Rise Against

Meet Big Dismal:

*IOU - stands for I Owe You


When I was a young child
You watched over me
You kept me safe inside your arms
And then you set me free

So I flew away like a bird
Not knowing which way to go
The light you give me inside
It will always glow

And I want to remember
All the times we shared
And I won't ever forget your face
You know your hands were always there

And still you're strong when I'm weak
It never seems to fade
I can hear your voice here with me
Whenever I'm awake

And I know you'll be there 'til the end
Until the end of time
Because you sacrificed it all
Just to give me life

And I want to remember
All the times we shared
And I won't ever forget your face
You know your hands were always there
You made me the man I am
The man I am today
And for that I owe you everything

It's been so long, I can't go on
Without you by my side

I do think, this song is one of the most beautiful songs about parents ever

On the other hand, you can reapply this song to any person, who was and is very important in your life

I have great parents

But my mother always looks at me and says, that she doesn't understand, how can I be her daughter, because I have 100% character like my father + his eyes:)))and nose:)))

She says, that I'm as smart as he is and that I'm as stubborn as he is:))

I guess I am:)

The only thing I got from my mom is my X chromosome and her body type:))

Meet my parents:

Yes, my dad is thaaaaaaaaaat big:)))

And my mom looks like Asian on this picture, but she is not:)))Just not the best picture, but I have not got anymore, because they prefer to use their old-school camera rather than digital:)))

They never get in fights with each other

They never scream

They still care about each other

My mom still lays her head on my father's belly while watching TV

They still, like, you know, young couple in love:)))

I believe in true love mostly because of them:)))

I have the most awesome family in the world

Post for the girls only

or for the boys too, if you have long hair (and if you do, then GET A HAIRCUT!!!!!):)))

hair straightening obsession did its job and now I have really dry hair

Shampoos are not helping anymore, so I decided to try something more aggressive

Hair treatment masks

I have two now

The first one is The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture

Which is not actually a mask, but according to given information "hair butter"

Now I'm pretty sure this will be the last hair product that I will ever buy in The Body Shop


Somehow they suck in making shampoos and conditioners and now apparently hair butters too

I don't like honey and any fruit that is yellow (except for the lemons)

So even the ingredients are not for me

And the smell, oooohhhhhh, that smell, like little chemistry plant is working inside this little pack of butter

but oookaaaay, said Jana, the smell is not important if it is working

But the thing is, well, it is one hell of a useless thing


I woke up with the hair, that was covered in some eeeeewwwwwwwwwww thing

like oily hair:)

And I'm sure I washed that thing off my hair very carefully, but somehow it is still oily

It is not like it is moistures my hair so well, that they look like wet, noooooooooooooooo, the hair is still dry, but covered in oil:)))

Literally, I feel like my hair is in the fuel:)))

And it smells reeeeeeeeeally bad on the hair too

So definitely not worth buying if you have hair like me:)

I will give it to my sister, may be it will suit her better, but as long as I remember, those The body shop shampoos that I gave to her, were not good for her either

Dear The Body Shop, stop making hair products:)

*Their The Tea Tree series are really good for the skin, though

The second product is Louise Galvin - Natural Locks. Deep Conditioning treatment

Can you fall in love with the mask?

Yes you caaaaaan

If it is Deep Conditioning Treatment

I love it love it love it love it

The package is to die for, so stylish and beautiful and simple (yeah, yeah, I love black and white)

It always take some time for me to find anything in the shops, because I don't use products that were tested on animals (so no L'oreal, Pantene, Maybelline etc crap for me)

So, when you see Environmentally Friendly note with the words: No SLS, PEGS, Parabens, Silcone, Petrochemicals, Polymers or Synthetic Fragrance in addition to "without any testing on animals" note, you know, it is yours:)))

I really didn't want to open it, because I was afraid to be disappointed like it was with The Body Shop. Especially considering this mask is for colored hair


it is a good "buuuut"

It is almost close to perfect:)))

The smell is funny, but I love it

The structure is perfect for putting on the hair, it is not too water-ish and not too solid, so it stays on the hair and it is easy to apply

And the hair smell goooooooooooooood after it

Rinsing is easy

in the morning I was liiiiiitle bit shocked while combing my hair

The first thought was "whaaaaaaaaaat is wrooooong"

Only after few seconds I realized that was because it was so easy to do

You literally don't need a comb:)))The hair were like if I already did it while I was sleeping:)))

Even the fringe

That damned fringe, because of which I started to use hair straightener was on its place:)))

So know you understand why I love it:)

What about the treatment?

It works:)))

For real, my hair are not so dry after this mask

I'm thinking about completely switching to Louise Galvin products:)))

They are not so pricey like Paul Mitchell too

Not so cheap like all that Pantene crap too

this was about 10 euro

But it is supposed to be more expensive, because it is treatment product, so I hope the shampoo is about 5-7:)

Anyway, as long as it works, my hair heart belongs to Galvin:)))

*Sorry, Paul

** You can buy both Mitchell and Galvin in Kaubamaja

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rise Against

Tim and the boys should make some political party

I'm sure they will get plenty of votes:)


I really really really do:))

I always smile, even while listening to their sad songs


They are in my blood and brain and every cell somehow

Rise Against - Blood to bleed


This place rings with echoes of
Lives once lived but now are lost
Time spent wondering about tomorrow
I don't care if we lose it all tonight
Up in flames, burning bright
Warming the air of the world

"I don't love you anymore" is all I remember you telling me
Never have I felt so cold
But I've no more blood to bleed
'Cause my heart has been draining into the sea

Steps, I take in your footsteps
Aren't getting me closer to what is left
Of the dreams of what I once claimed to know
Within my bones this resonates
Boiling blood will circulate
Could you tell me again what you did this for?

"I don't love you anymore" is all I remember you telling me
Never have I felt so cold
But I've no more blood to bleed
'Cause my heart has been draining into the sea

Still I wait
With a hope inside of me (inside of me)
So still (so still) I wait (I wait)
Until again we meet
Until again we meet

Within my bones this resonates
Boiling blood will circulate
Could you tell me again what you did this for?

"I don't love you anymore" is all I remember you telling me
Never have I felt so cold
But I've no more blood to bleed
'Cause my heart has been draining into the sea

Still I wait
With a hope (so still) inside of me (I wait)
So still (a hope) I wait (inside of me)

Could you tell me again what you did this for?

Close your eyes and fly with Rise against


The green part of me is singing right now:

I still don't understand how a human can hurt somebody

and by somebody I mean The Nature too

I'm surely not a hippie one

or the angry vegan one (I'm vegetarian but I will never call meat eating people killers and make those angry faces, it was my choice, so why must I tell you what to eat, only because I'm eating it:)so, dear angry vegans, stop being so angry, you make them think we have some anger management issues:)))

I just can not hurt the nature as much as people do

It is simply too perfect

And yes, sometimes I dance in the rain

Joke for Russian reading people

Несмотря на детальный анализ текущей ситуации, я так и не смог составить четкое представление об обсуждаемой проблеме в силу возникшего конгитивного диссонанса.

I laughed like insane


You can send this picture every time you had not understood something


*the meaning of this picture is "wtf are you talking about" but written in reeeeally scientific Russian:)))

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Columbus Blue Jackets

I wanna show you something

My creation that was born in painful attempts to draw anything similar to their logo for my NHL book:)))

I know, that I messed up with the stars, but cooooome ooooon, I am the worst drawer in the world



Staind - Not Again

Even better than Eyes wide open

The first single from the new self-titled album

Staind - Not Again


Very creepy video, though

You can see faces out there

At least I see

Old good Staind:)

Wanna see the video on this song already:)

And I always wanted to hug them all

There is so much pain and disappointment in their songs, so that I wanna make tea for them and hug while saying It will all gonna be fine

You know, being that sort of lovely granny, only that I don't look like granny:)))

Denial isn't the way to forgiveness

Yes, I am

Little bit weird

I like cross stitching

and million other things

so if you will walk into my room at 02.00 AM during hockey season, then the chance that you will find me awake is pretty high

sitting on the couch

waiting for hockey

with the cross stitching

while listening to Rise Against

and thinking about getting a new tattoo

surrounded by books about everything


you can be sure, that would be me:)))

Those are my fairies:

Or legs of one fairy and only toes of the other one:)))

I never get bored:)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The IT crowd

I love that show:)))

I cry almost every time I watch it:)

But it has some weird humor

Or, well, not some, a looooooot

You can call me weirdo, but I loooove it:))

My favorite are Series 1 Episode 2 "Calamity Jen"

The one with the fire and the stress machine

Sadly I have not found any full episodes, but here are some parts, if you like it, you should watch the full series:))

Series jokes:

In Series 2 my favorite episodes are the first and the second one "The Work Outing" and "Return of the Golden Child"

Series jokes:

In series 3 the forth one "The Speech"

Series jokes:

In series 4 the forth one "Italian for Beginners"

An orphan whose parents had died in a fire... at a sea park, during a sea lion show.

It may be a little nerdy humor, but I like it:)))

The hockey mystery

This video is...like...old


But I found it on some Russian Internet page just few days ago

Watch carefully:

Now the question from the viewer:

aspiredrotary 4 days ago 226

Yeap, where from?


The hockey mystery:)

Imagine how fast that game is:)

Rise Against


I love them:)

And every week I have new old favorite song

This week it is Rise Against - Generation Lost

I simply can't understand why most of people don't like them that much

Every song is brilliant

Now in the whirlwind of my life
Is where you presently reside

Can I pretend you don't exist
Maybe just for ten more minutes?

My hearts been broken into two
and rusted from years of disuse

So will you place upon it your hands
Will you help it beat again?

Love them

Monday, July 11, 2011


Guess who is 25 now?

Yes, I aaaaaaaaaam!!!

The day before my birthday I started to think, that it will all go wrong

Weeeeell, I was right

You can name my 25th Birthday "Epic Fail with Winning Endings Birthday"

It all started on 9th of July when I got the message saying that my ship will be arriving to Finland not at 14:30, but at 14:50


Then I decided to check the places where I can buy hockey tickets on Sunday. "Currently not available" Freaking "currently not available" was the sign next to "book a ticket". But ooookaaaaaay, I decided that may be for some technical issues they stopped selling it in the Internet, so I wrote down 4 places where I was planning to go to buy that Buffalo ticket

Being known as a person who has some serious timing problems next day, on my actual birthday (25!!!) I was in the small harbor. Literally small. Comparing to Tallink one it is like some summer house :)))

My cute red Linda Line ship

The harbor building is behind that little ship. Yeap, it is thaaat small

Anyway, while sitting and waiting for the check in I thought, that there must have been some beauty contest in Estonia the day before. "The most handsome blond man on planet Earth". I don't understand how, but there were a loooooooooooooot of handsome Finnish men:)))

Sadly, because of my dislike standing very close to unknown people I was among the last people to get on the ship, so yeah, all places next to windows were already occupied:(

Note to self: when you know you will be on the ship for 2 hours, you should really take something to do with you. But at least I had read all of the ads. And my Estonian-Finnish language for travelers book:)

I was afraid that I will get seasick, but the sea was so still, that I still do not understand why 1:50 and not 1:30

But you can't have bad trip on the ship filled with Nordic beauty, don't you?:)))

The Finnish harbor is much bigger, but I think only because they have some other lines there too.

The day promised to be amazing, because the first thing that I saw on the surface was this truck:

I know, that you probably think now WTF. The thing is, I used to be afraid of big trucks, and only after working on the construction sites I got over my fear. This truck with 2 smaller ones for me is so cute like some kitten:)))Like mother holding her children:)))And how can you be afraid of family of trucks?:)))They are now bit more human-like for me:)

The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the people were smiling, the trucks were happy:))

You probably already know, that I notice things, that have some importance for me

So I was walking using our old "follow the green traffic light" rule pretty fast, then suddenly I stopped and returned to the house I was already passed by.

Why? I guess my eyes were working faster than my brain:

Like what kind of sign do you need to be sure you would have an amazing day?:)))

It is interestig how many different timetables there are in the world, for me this one is understandable but not comfortable to watch:)

Got the one day card to public transport and started to think where must i go to find the places I had on my paper to get the ticket

I had some hellish map the free one that you can get everywhere, so i can say, you should probably buy the better one, because for some reasons I just can not understand where the hell is that street and where it will go. Small maps don't have the names of small streets.

After some minutes of desperately trying to find on the map where I am, I found it, but it didn't help me at all:)))

Green light rule again and you may not believe it, but after not more than 10 minutes I saw what I was looking for:


I didn't know whether it is my Stockmann or not or may be they have Stockmanns every 10m, but I decided to give it a try:))

And it was my Stockmann!!!

Btw, what the hell is with elevators? The one that goes only to parking place, the one that should be used only by families with the strollers I guess, where are the elevators for normal people?:)))

After all I had found the ticket selling office and asked for my little piece of happiness. My destiny had other plans. The kind woman told me, that it is unavailable, when I asked does that mean it is all sold out, she answered, that basically yes, but some part of the tickets was booked and not yet bought. When I was already ready to cry she smiled and told me "I'm very sorry, I hope you will get the ticket". The Finnish people are so damn polite and beautiful and kind:)))

When I left Stockmann I decided to go straight to Hartwall arena and try my luck there, because I thought that may be they have some tickets on their main office. Like for die hard fans

While sitting on the bus stop and trying to find the address of the arena (useless little maps) I was getting more and more upset, because I wanted that ticket so much. Then suddenly I heard the girl sitting next asked me "Do you need some help?":)))Oh, those amazing Finnish people. She explained me 3 different ways how to get there:)

I decided to go by tram, but I needed to go on the other stop, so I took the first one tram to get to somewhere where number 7 stop:)))In the tram one Japanese guy asked me how to get to the place I don't know where:)))Thaaat was weird, considering, that I was holding map in my hands:))

When I found the stop I needed I was confused, because I had no idea which way should i go:)))So I asked some girl was I on the right direction, she told me yes, I was and explained me another 3 ways how to get there. So my question is: do they have some special subject in school: how to explain tourist which way should she/he go?:))))I absolutely love Finnish people:)

In the tram there were a lot of Muslim people, that was kinda sad to see, because that way soon it will be something like Stockholm, where Nordic type people are already rare:(

Then our tram passed some building that looked like ice-hockey arena, so I instantly asked near standing boys, whether it was my destination.

*Almost everyone speaks English there

They told me that it was old arena and the one that I need was bit further, then one of them offered me his help:)))I LOVE FINNISH PEOPLE:)he told me when the stop came and asked me where I am from and when I told him that from Estonia I instantly got that "ah, Estonia...." look. So, dear Estonian/Russian girls, stop ruining my country reputation. But when he got to know that I was planning to buy hockey ticket his face softened again:)))then he walked me to the road from where it would be impossible to miss the arena:)Then like always, have a nice day and he left:)))aaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

But because I had my Epic fail day, the ticket office was closed. And not like for 2 hours already, but only 30 minutes... Yaaaay

Disappointed as never before I was walking away from my broken dream to the tram or bus stop. Then I saw it. Big ferris wheel.

You must know now where I went:))

Linnanmäki amusement park

I love the sea, so the first place I went was Sea Life Park

Btw the prices there are insanely high.

I don't know what to say, you just have to see it live:)

So here are some pictures


Evil fishes Piranhas:

Nemo Clown fish:


Sea creatures:


Monster crab:

Monster crab is watching you...Creeeeeeeeppppyyyyy:

After Sea Life it was time to do some screaming things, but the start must be slow, so I took the ride on Ferris Wheel. While waiting I met some Russian girls, so we talked a bit

View from the wheel:

Then I took a picture with one of my biggest fear: the clown

This one was not as scary as the usual ones, but you can read from my body language, that I'm not comfortable at all

I was watching the time all the time, so I would not be missing my ship, but somehow it all ended with me running to taxi parking place to get on time:))) I didn't even get cotton candy:(

Got there at 20:15, on the ticket there is a note, that you must be in the harbor not later that 30min

So I decided to quickly find a food store, where I can at least buy my Taffel Hearts

But I forgot, that it is not Estonia, where food shops are opened at least until 9 all the time...And the clock was ticking

So after running on the streets with my new bag full of presents for the kids, I run into the place where I bought my almost useless public transport card. The girl there told me that Taffel never had those Hearts, which is kinda weird, cause I buy them all the time being away:)))So bought at least the other one and run to harbor, on the half way I decided to look how much time do I have, so when I wanted to take my phone out I realized, that I don't have it. Like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat:)Yeap, I forgot it in the place where people don't know about Hearts:)))

Remember, I didn't have much time left

So I run back, and she gave my my phone...and...my wallet...:)))For the first time in my life I forgot my phone in addition to my wallet!!!I have never in my life was not so wind headed

Then I run again, with all of my things and when I run to harbor I saw that there was no ship at all...


I started to think, that I was somehow late (it was 20.45 btw) and instantly started to think off how to get to Tallink harbor to look whether they have some late ship.

But, the woman in check in told me, that the ship was late, and look, it is just coming:)))When I turned back I say the ship slowly arriving:)))

Like a huge stone from my shoulders:)))

I was already so tired:)

So when I got to the ship I left my little bag on the seat, because I really wanted to seat next to the window and left to put my big bag with presents to the baggage place. When I got back. Guess what? Some man was sitting on my place, I thought, oookaaaay, may be it wasn't my seat at all, so I asked him anyway "have you seen my brown bag with the scarf on it" He said no, and suggested to turn to crew people

So did I. Do you know what the answer was?

"But we thought somebody forgot that bag from the previous trip and gave it to the harbor storage place"


How the hell is that possible? There were already new people everywhere on that ship, hadn't you examine the place BEFORE letting new tourists in???

Apparently no.

I told her, that in that bag there are my documents and medicine. All of my documents! (I usually take my passport and identification card and put it in different places, so that if I lose one I will have the other, but this time I was going only for a day, so I took only my ID with me)

And then there was it...The ship started to move...Away from my bag. After a little time and after the crew girls run a lot they decided to go back to harbor and take my bag:)))

Have you ever stopped the ship?

I had:)))

Because of my bag we were moving back and passengers had those wtf looks, like something is wrong with the ship:))

They gave my my bag back and that was all. No "We are very sorry it happened". And those Russian women on the ship was looking at me like I forgot that bag myself and not like it was thrown away from the ship. You know that look: pfff

When I finally got back to my new seat, the man that took mine asked me, where my bag was, I told him and he answered: "Linda line..." thats all:)))I guess they have not such a great reputation after all.

After having my breath back I decided, that it was my birthday after all and I have to have a cake:

View from my window:

What I loved about those ships, is that they have life-jackets under each seat, so you don't have to run to the other place to take it

Even after my crazy runnings and losing my phone and losing my bag, I still smile:


*I know how to turn video image, I just like it this way:)

It is always windy if you go so fast:


Me and my hair trying to eat my brain:

This was my second ship:

btw, this picture i took after arriving at night to Tallinn. Yeap, it is 23.00 :) We still have white nights here

To sum up:

Epic fail with the good endings:) I had spent all of the money for my ticket on some crap, but i think I have to buy 2 tickets instead of one, and that was the way my destiny showed me that "No, no, you will not go there alone"


So, I have to do that i guess without the money from my parents, but on my own, like with Stockholm game:)

I had the craziest birthday ever!!!


Friday, July 8, 2011


Huuuuuuge disappointment

Limitless Trailer

I thought woooow, what an interesting idea


After watching it I can say: wooooooooow, how can you ruin such an interesting idea so bad?


Everything in that movie is bad

At least for me

May be I didn't get the idea right


What would you do if you were able to keep and use a huge amount of every possible information in your mind?

Would you read all of physics books and solve the problem of reaching and overcoming light speed so that you can travel in the space?


Would you search every possible variations for creating perpetuum mobile?


Would you find the cure for the every possible decease in the world?


Would you try to make this world a better place?


Would you start using your power in trading operations?


Thats the right answer!

And who needs all that scientific crap, when all you need are pills and money

Maaaaay be, juuuust maaaaaay be, I can get it why he wanted to have a lot of money for such a short time

But okay, why he ended still being there after he got all the money?

Why the hell would you possible use some help of a suspicious man with the money, when you can wait for a bit and have your own, it is not like you are going to die in this minute.

Why the hell you don't have any alarm system in your oh-so-expensive flat, which was fully equipped with all of those security crap. I guess even in basic set you have the door alarms:))And surely if someone is crushing your cameras and doors and windows and everything possible some signal must have been sent to your security company. And what about the panic button? Where was that? I may assume, that his flat wasn't connected to any company, but then again, why the hell would you do that if you know, that something may go wrong. And I guess people on the street had not seen him standing and waiting to jump and neighbors are all deaf, cause, yeah, it is so usual, when somebody is trying to cut out the door with instruments and shooting people is such a usual thing there (I'm saying it, because one neighbor was shot, so it showed that people lived there, it was not some new building with absolutely no people in it. add here also those men, who were carrying all those big bags with guns. Suuuuuuuuure, nobody checked them

And that crap you can find almost in every scene:)

I took only one for example:)

So yeah, huge disappointment for me

Ruining such a brilliant idea

Aftertaste was: You are nothing without pills.

They should use that line for ads

I'm scared that not confident people after watching that movie will always say that: but I don't have magic pills, I can't do anything.

Aaaaaaaa maaaaaaan uuuuup

Useless movie

Even beautiful eyes of a lead actor can save anything in that disaster movie

Recommended for watching only as a comedy movie

*I understood that I'm not gonna like that movie after the scene where he was cleaning his apartment and took a fresh bread and threw it into trash can. I don't know why I noticed it, it was simply a little part of a scene, but I do have notice little things that are not logical for me. That bread was so soft:)))

Can anybody reassure me and prove that movie is good?

It is official

I'm going to Finland!!!

On my 25th Birthdaaaaay


I was thinking about canceling my plans, because there were no free seats on the first ship

Buuuuut, I decided, that if my destiny wants me to be on the ship that comes at 13.00, so let it be

That significantly makes my trip there shorter, but that's okaaaaay

Back on 21.00 ship

Do you believe in destiny? Two days ago I was buying my Cola light in Rimi, and do you know what?

There was a company, when you can buy cheap tickets:)))

To Helsinki!!!

23 euro


23 for 2 tickets


I guess I wrote it in my destiny, so that now I can save hell of a lot of money:))

This time I will not be going on those beautiful Tallink ships

On the other hand i always wanted to try those little but fast ones:

May be I should start my old plan with "I have never ..... but today I did or tried it"

So that would be my first one:)

I've never in my life had a trip on Linda Line ships, but today I did it:)

add "had my birthday in the other country, with no friends"


I am almost 25!!!




25 is good:)

My birthday will be good

My life is good

Everything is good:)


I miss him

I really do

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Yeah, yeah, shame on me

I'm watching The Vampire Diaries

Thaaaaanks to my sister


But I'm not into vampires at all

I don't even like Ian that much

or the other whats-his-name one

I read the book and was surprised, that the only thing in common TV-series and book have are characters

not even characters, but names

so I don't really understand why they left the same Vampire diaries title name

So, I don't like vampires, I don't like actors who play them, I don't really like the story

Why am i still watching it?


thats why:

Meet Michael Trevino

The animal:))

I knoooow, he is not even blond, but I like him:)))

And it is not about his look (I do think, he has gayish lips, yeap, in my world I have category for gay-people-like lips)

It is about his eyes:)He has that look, when you can't say nothing, just: aaaaahhhhh

something strong and reliable

So I'm basically looking only his upper part of the face, because his gayish lower part confuses me

And I loooooove how he and the blond vampire girl have that sort of relationship, when they help each other in extremely hard situations without saying, ou, you have a problem?solve it yourself:)

At least for now, I haven't watched til the end yet

But you knoooow, Jana can't be Jana, if there is no blond guy

Keeping in mind that he has variation of one of my favorite name, Alaric (his real name is Matthew Davis, though), there was no chance he will be as invisible as those vampires for me:)

So to sum up: plot is average (and sometimes extremely boring), actors are average (esp, the double girl one, like come one, man up, stop being all that depressive), filming is awesome, Michael is awesome, Matthew is awesome

Enough for me


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Oh those Estonian people

I think dancing and singing is in their blood

I wrote "their", because I'm mixed-blooded so I have no rights to call myself Estonian:)

Even kids here have their celebration

11th Youth Song and Dance Celebration

I loved the tag line, though: The wide world begins in a small land.

Beautiful, isn't it?

77 000 were there watching how kids can sing and dance:)

I'm saying once again, that the population of Tallinn is bit over 400 000

You can count yourself


add 22 239 singers too:)))

I told you, Estonian people are awesome:)

Btw, I have never in my life been in that sort of event, neither for kids, nor for grown up people

I guess, I have to promise to myself, that the next time I will be there

But Estonian people not only dance and sing, we are pretty much die-hard IT people:)))

So you can imagine, that you were there by using this link

As far as Estonian people will have such kind of events and so much people visiting it, they may not worry, that they can lose their identity in constantly changing world

Life is good

I'm pretty sure of it:)

So, no more

Alone in a world
With millions of souls
Walking in Circles
Trapped in their dreams
Unhealthy, unclean
Walking in Circles, now
Do not disturb
Scream in silence
Everyone's sleeping

Dead By Sunrise - Walking In Circles

There are already almost 7 billion people in the world

I have trouble with imagining that, cause here, in the capital of Estonia, we have only 400 000:)))And in total 1,34 million, so yeah, 7 billion is way too crowded for me

But, now I have a new theory of world order:

As long, as you yourself are honest to everybody, do not steal, hurt, kill etc, you have the right to believe in the better world, in the world where there is no such thing as unresponded love and all live happily til the end of the world. The world where you can trust your friends completely, without waiting for the knife stubbed in your back.

But the day you will do anything bad, you will lose that privilege. Because if you broke down, why must other people be good?

You can surely call me Evil, I do have some evil plans and thoughts, but those plans never included doing anything bad to good people. Reasonable people:)

I'm not the kindest human being in the world, so the chance that I will find my type of a person in a 7 billion people world is pretty good:)))

And although I was thinking about turning into a heartless bitch, who uses people for her own needs, I decided to give the good me a chance, cause I don't feel right, when I'm emotionless

Tom: What happens if you fall in love?
Summer: Well, you don't believe that, do you?
Tom: It's love. It's not Santa Claus.

(500) Days of Summer

You can call me Tom now:)

Life is good, when you are good

It is karma


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Guess who is baaaaack?



Staind is baaaaack

and not that endlessly sad and lonely Staind

but the old good aggressive one

Staind - Eyes Wide Open

Aaaaahhh, that voice:)

And the beginning of the song is amazing

simple, but amazing


*Aaron is still hoooooooot

Welcome back, boys!


I'm done with it

Have no more reasons to do that against my will

I never really liked it

And I am still thinking about trying some sort of boxing:)))

Standing no chance to win but,
We're not running, we're not running.

Rise against "Behind closed doors"

Words of wisdom from Harry Potter

I'm not ashamed to admit, that I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove Harry Potter books

But not Harry himself, though

Here are my favorite quotes from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone (or US version Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone):

After all, to the well-organised mind, death is but the next great adventure.

The trouble is, humans do have a knack of choosing precisely those things which are worst for them.

Always use the proper name for things. Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself.

The truth. It is a beautiful and terrible thing, and should therefore be treated with great caution.

He didn't realise that love as powerful as your mother's for you leaves its own mark. Not a scar, no visible sign ... to have been loved so deeply, even though the person who loved us is gone, will give us some protection for ever.

My brain surprises even me sometimes...

All words are from Dumbledore

And I don't get when people make jokes about books for children

For me, die hard Larsson, Wells, Crichton, Asimov lover, books for children are still the best

There are no hard violence and there are a lot of simple things about what you forget all the time

So, once again, I love Harry Potter books:)

My birthday plans

Yeah, yeah, I'm getting old

No, not like that

I'm getting wiser!


That's better


This year I decided not to plan any birthday parties with friends

I'm going to run away for a day to Finland

All alone

To Finland on the first ship, back to Estonia on the last

With no plans, just me and a map

Or may be with one plan

Buying a ticket to Buffalo Sabres game


I asked it as a birthday gift from my parents


1 (!!!) ticket this year, I'm learning from my mistakes

Anyway, no computers, no Internet, no phones

Yeah, I will leave my Estonian sim card at home and use my Finnish one

The number of what nobody knows except for my parents

You can call it my secret phone number


So yeah, you can not to congratulate me on Sunday:)

It will be easier for me too, not to wait whether he will congratulate me or not (apparently I can't block any phone number in my Sony Ericsson)

I'm pretty sure I will have great time in Finland:)))

I always had and I will always have plenty of my little adventures in unknown city:)Who knows where I will be going. May be i will take a bus to some little city, may be I will stay in Helsinki, may be I will be killed in metro. Who knoooooows. Nobody:)

So, Finland, wait for me!


*and bearded blond Finnish guys too

**or not bearded


Monday, July 4, 2011

Healing sea

It is amazing how a huge amount of water can help you

After reading his e-mail about all of those lies I literally wanted to jump off the window

But of course you know, I will never do that cause (yeah, I've noticed, that the "cos" version I use is not that allowed so from now it will be cause, I guess) I have far too good plans for my life

Anyway, I needed to calm down, so what is the best way to do that?

Swimming in the cold sea at evening!

Note so self: Never cry in the bus again

There still were plenty of people on the beach, but as fas as I could see only 5 in the water:)5 including me

Took my clothes off, and walked into the sea

Like always the first thought was "cold, cold, cold, daaaaaamn, cold" and then swim, swim, swim, swim far far far away from here

And then was the swimming, I swum like it was my last time in the sea, til I couldn't breathe at all, then I did was I always do when I'm tired in the water, I lay on the water

You know, holding your body on the water surface without touching the sea bottom

Ooooooh, what a wonderful feeling that was (only then I had noticed, that I was swimming with my glasses on:)))yeah, I wanted to be in the sea so bad, that I completely forgot I was wearing it. And what was strange, they don't disturb me at all, considering that I'm swimming with my open eyes

So when you lay on the water, your head is in the water and you can't hear any noises from the shore. It is only water, sky, your breathing and your heart. You should try doing that. When you are looking in the skies and feeling how the water touches and moves you away from the beach and you simply don't care where you can end up being. Then you close your eyes, and it is only you and the sea. Have you heard your breathing from the inside? It is so scary, when you are so tired of everything, like a sound from a dying man. And then you hear your heart: boom, boom, boom. So loud, that you are afraid it can hurt your ears. Then you realize that, do you hear, Jana, you are not some robot, you have pretty good heart, it is not broken, it is just mentally wounded. And suddenly you feel everything inside you, every single cell of your body is talking to you. Then You smile. You start breathing normally and your beating heart is not so scary anymore. Moment of complete peace. Incredible.

When I swum back to the beach, in the end, when I was already walking in the water I probably looked like some drunk person, cause my legs were so tired, that i couldn't walk normally

But it was worth it


I still don't understand why he wrote me that letter, I still don't understand why he wanted to hurt me so bad

But I know, what was done, is already done, you can't change anything in the past, but you can reconstruct your future

I had waited for several days 'til that "I hate you so much, I want you to be miserable" feeling would come

It never did

I guess, when you love somebody, you can't hate him. Even after all he wrote and said.

You simply can't

And if speaking the truth, I don't want to. After all we had a looooot of great time talking to each other. All of those crazy theories, crazy slogans, crazy plans we had. It will all remain in my brain as a sweet memory. It still hurts so bad you want to scream, but I'm slowly letting it go. I'm grateful to him for all of the good times we had.

I still have no regrets saying about my feelings, because it is better to try and to fail, than not to try and continue living in your imaginary world

But now I do have some trust issues, I thought I will never ever trust anyone, but then i decided I will ruin my whole life if I let myself doing that. For now I'm back to my "I trust you for 100% until you lie to me about anything"

See, trust issues, but I think it is understandable

After living in an one big lie for so long:)

So, my friends, know it, once you lie to me, I will forgive you, but I will never forget it and will be constructing future communications with a label "She/He can lie to you" on your body.

Yet again, it is good to know, that you can love someone, without hating him

I'm sure, if we were meant to be together, we would have been together. And may be we someday will be, cause I still can see him in my future

And if not, well, in the end, I will give my whole world to my real The one:)my front wheels:) Somehow, the girls in my family never cheat and always help, when their help is needed. You can call it our family pride:)

And I'm proud to be the part of our family.

On some level I will always love him (after all he was the one who helped me realize I can love somebody)


The sea always heals.