Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Say yes to life!

I will try to

Sunday, May 29, 2011

My dream

Today I was reorganizing my old favorites folder

And found this North pole

This was my dream for I don't know how long

To visit the North Pole

and even work there

Sadly the prices are beyond my finances


Yet, beyond:)

Anyway, I am sure, I will visit North Pole sooner than I expected

I don't know why, I just know

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Week ago I was running (and pretending to be the greatest runner in the world in the marathon distance of 3 km (yeah, in my world I have my own definition of marathon distance)) and I saw the little girl not older that 5 years old falling from her little pink bicycle

She instantly started to cry and then her I guess mother started to yell at her. She was on her own bicycle riding bit behind her daughter and after the girl felt down the started screaming at her "I told you to ride straight ahead and not watching to the sides!!!!"

I guess I should mention that they were using the bicycle road and not the one for the cars and girl was wearing helmet but no hand and leg protections, so it must had been really painful for her to fall down.

So the mother came and with one hand put that girl up still yelling at her and then the rode away.

And I stood there motionless with the big eyes, because I didn't know what to do. Of course I wanted to talk to that mother, but then I realized that the first question she is going to ask will be: Do you have your own kids? No? Then shut up because you don't understand nothing about growing up kids.

My question is, what are the boundaries, when you should speak up for the kid? Once again, she didn't hit her or left her alone there. She just yelled at her and didn't do her mother hug with the words that it will all stop hurting in a second thing.

In my family I don't remember my parents screaming as madly at us. Of course I had those "If there is one single puddle in Tallinn you will find it and make your legs wet" loud talks, but it was more like "I'm so tired of washing your socks" not "You freaking irresponsible stupid child with no respect for the parents, I TOLD YOU NOT TO PLAY IN THE PUDDLES MILLION TIMES!!!!"

As for the little girl on the bicycle, her mom I'm afraid was screaming at her considering the second variant, full of hate.

I don't know what kind of mom I myself be in the future, may be I will be so tired that I will yell at my Benjamin Ryan too. But i really doubt it. Because in my family, parents are good people.

What are the boundaries?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Last night I had the first dream in a dream dream in my life

Yes, I used the word dream 3 times in one short sentence:)

But it wasn't like in Inception movie

I perfectly understood, that I'm dreaming

In my dream I was in Aland and there somehow were people from Tampere

I remember talking to some unknown girl and I told her, that I'm tired and went to sleep. Then I saw a dream about somebody, who was standing oh his/her arms and holding his head towards the wall, while left leg was reaching the ceiling, thaaaaaat was creepy, but I wasn't afraid, because even dreaming in a dream I was sure that i will survive like I always do. So I simply talked to that person. Then I woke up and went to tell about that dream to the unknown girl. After that was usual dream about usual things:)

Sometimes I think my brain works bit weird

And I remember almost every dream I had

Some time ago I had read one article, that explained that people usually see dreams in black and white and if you are constantly seeing colorful dreams, that may be the signal, that you are mentally ill or some sort of a gifted person. Well, I don't know about you, but all my life I see dreams in color and I really doubt that I'm mentally ill, but I don't think that I'm that specially gifted too:) I probably simply have some constantly working brain, that loves seeing colors in the dreams:)))

*I still love that Sognu song

Sunday, May 22, 2011


yeah, yeah

I'm talking about hockey again

So sorry

*not really

But how adorable My Captain is?

I love that type of people

Calm and organized *and bearded:))))


We will surely win next Stanley Cup (this one will get Vancouver, at least I hope)

And for those of you, who knows Russian: Filatov

It seems to me, that Nikita has his heart in Columbus now too

According to the interview he wants to stay and play in Columbus, and play really well, and currently he had no intentions to go back to CSKA

My team is awesome

My Captain is the best

My goalies are amazing

We will win


Friday, May 20, 2011

Eurovision 2011

My little dirty secret

Every year I say that I'm not gonna watch that freak show again

And every single year we all gather in my parent's room to watch it and make some jokes about how stupid those songs are

I thought that I will not gonna watch that this year, because what the hell, Canada-Russia hockey game and you instead of that show some semi finals for that crapvision, so BOOOOOO YOOOOOOU Yle2.

Anyway, as usually had free evening (I probably should get some 24h job, if my the one and i cant meet) so I decided to give that crapvision a chance

Aaaaaand I felt in loooooove with the very first song

Finland: Paradise Oskar - Da Da Dam

Of course I will like the song about the little boy, who wanted to save the world:)

Even if I will not gonna listen it twice:)

But the song, that I have already listened to I-dont-know-how-many-times is the France one did

France: Amaury Vassili - Songnu

*I know that is not the best version, cos it has some sound issues, but anyway

You can call me boring, but I do think that was the best song eveeeeer on Eurovision

Somehow it has something like a flower, that is growing in you, while you listen to that

The Finnish boy, who wanted to save the world, had that as his journey soundtrack probably:)

*but Amaury should think about visiting the hair stylist, cos he does look like yeti a bit:)))

**I still find it adorable, though

After listening to all of those 25 or i dont remember how much there was, I thought, that this year UK will win

UK: Blue - I Can

Obviously, thats the radio hit:

I dont really understan why they didn't win

Okay, I get it, that France song was too non crapvision

But UK one waaaas

Another year, another crap song won and once again I will say that I'm not gonna watch that next year:)

*France was aaaaweeeesoooooome

Congratulations, Finland!!!

I almost forgot to officially congratulate Finland hockey team for winning IIHF World Championship!!!


I could have been more happier, only if Canada had won:)

But my boys were awesome, such a young team, such a great game


And screw that Russia game, those devils had some luck that night

We still were the best

I have lost 2 euro to my dad that night by the way:)Because i said that my boys will win

On the other hand, I had won 5 euro back, cos he thought that Sweden will win and I just couldn't vote against Finland:)))

I only can imagine how happy people in Bulldog bar were that night:)

Wish I were there

Captain Mikko Koivu hoists the championship trophy after Finland's 6-1 gold medal win over Sweden. Photo: Matthew Manor / HHOF-IIHF Images

Miiiiiiiikkkkkkkooooooooooo Kooooooooivuuuuuuuuuu - the name I've learned to scream in Tampere :)

Congratulations, Finland!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nordplus 2011. Day 7


The last day in Finland

Got the train to Helsinki, I don’t remember even what time it was, probably something like 11.00

Anyway, I was sleeping almost all the way back to Helsinki, as I already told you, the trains they have out there are really comfortable:)

Our teachers made one really good thing, they told us, that they will stay in the railway station, so that we can walk in the city for 2 hours without our heavy baggage. Yaaay. Somehow that day left blurry in my mind, I remember almost nothing at all:) Anyway, I walked for two hours in the city and there was I guess some running competition, because I have met a lot of people with the numbers on their shirts. On the other hand, they were not running, but walking, and not in groups but individually. Maybe for the time we got there the running thing was already over. Helsinki mystery.

I don’t like that city, I simply don’t feel it, it happens sometimes, but it is not a bad city, just not mine.

Visited some shopping centers on the way back to railway station and it seems to me that clothes and shoes are even cheaper than in Estonia. But the prices on the food are insanely high.

Got to railway station, took our things and went to the harbor. Hello, Star and only 2 hours until motherland. That day I decided to have the trip back home on the window ledge. It is comfortable even to have a nap there:)which I did. Maybe soon I will be like those people, who freely sit on the floor:))) The only bad thing was that they had some Internet system fail and I couldn’t use my Visa card to buy something. So I had to find every single euro I had in my bags, so that I could buy some sweets for the kids.

It wasn’t boring to stare at the water all the way back home.

Tampere is awesome place, but Tallinn is much better:)

It is my home, and I love it.

To sum up all of those pages of memories I would say, that I had learned almost nothing new during this week and most of the information that we got from the power plants we could get from the Internet. Our task was useless too, because we hadn't had to come up with some new ideas and suggestions, we simply collected information from each country. For me that trip was amazing, because of my own little adventures, but if I were NordPlus member I would think that I had spent my money on nothing. As a recommendation I can say that you really should elongate working days and give to the students more specific problem you want to be solved. This year was a waste of time. But I liked it anyway.

Nordplus 2011. Day 6


Our last day in Tampere

Only one trip planned

Seitseminen National Park, where we had to have 6km nature path. But firstly we had some introduction lecture about the national parks in Finland and Seitseminen national park in specific. Watched some movie about the park and we were ready to go.

The nature path was, well, nature path, nothing outstanding, not like we have here with some twists like hanging bridges etc. Had pretty much amazing walk in the forest and our small group somehow ended to be the first group, may be because we were walking bit faster. Anyway, good nature, good company, good stories what else do you need? In the end it turned out, that our group didn’t take the 6km path, but the 12km one:))) I guess we hadn’t even noticed that we walked for that long. We still managed to be the first one, before even that 6km group came, so yaaaay to us.

Then we had dinner time, where we eat some food and grill stuff. For me it wasn’t necessary, because I don’t eat much being in the nature, I do drink hell of a lot of water though:) Had some talks, some jokes etc etc what people usually do. Then I once again escaped, because I really don’t like big companies for a long time, even with those amazingly perfect people. I guess I was not allowed to do that, but I took some short path near the centre and came back on time.

We had a group picture, here it is:

And rode back to Tampere, where we said good bye to the teachers and I run to be able to do my plan: visit the Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame museum.

Obviously I couldn’t go in my sportswear, so I had to go to the hostel to change the clothes. Did it as fast as I could and went to catch a bus (now I was the die hard Tampere bus user and knew where, how and what central busses go). Quick walk next to the river and here it is: Vapriikki museum. Looked on the watch and for the moment I was dead. Freaking 17:05… AGAIN. With no hope I came to the ticket seller and asked “Am I too late to buy the ticket again?” He smiled and told me, yes, we don’t sell tickets no more. But in a moment he added, but you can go for free now. Like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I didn’t believe that until he gave me the green sticker. I still had some time for visiting Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame. But the ticket seller was so sweet, that he turned on all of the showpieces, so that I could look at it. It would have been rude, if I went straight to the Hockey Hall. After spending about 10 minutes in general hall I decided that I’ve watched enough (even dinosaur, the paleontologist in me (yes, I have that one too) was extremely happy) and moved to the place that I wanted to see. They have a cup there smth like Stanley Cup but for Finnish league. With all of the names.

It is hard to describe the whole range of emotions being the only visitor in the Hockey Hall. I seriously wanted to fly and sing like some Disney cartoon bird :))) All of those pictures, medals, sticks, hockey skates, jerseys, videos, statistics, etc, etc OMG. I could live there.

And then I find this man:

Goooooaaaallliiiiieeeeee. I named him Bob (and not because of Bobrovsky, but because I use that name when I want to name something non-living)


If you know me a bit, then you probably know that I have a thing about goalies, they usually are my favorite players.

So I took the hockey stick and started to play:))) Well, I had to take junior stick, because all the rest were gigantic for my height:))) Junior hockey stick, daaaaaamn, I don’t see myself being thaaaat short, but apparently sometimes I am.

Here I am posing like if I were a hockey player:

Here I am doing the shot:

You may be wondering whats the difference? well, its in the eyes:)))

I am awesome :))) And I scored pretty well too

On the way back I found this iron man:

And now I love goalkeepers even more:)if it is possible.

Then I realized that I don’t have much time left and had some quick tour on the first floor, apparently they have some war theme there. Well, at least I was sitting in the old bus.

The last thing I did was visiting the souvenir shop where I bought some little things for the long memory and wanted to buy the coins holder, but decided to save some money and not to do that.

Got my coat and went outside, walked some steps and run back to the shop with the words, you know what, I decided that I have to buy that thing:

The woman smiled:)))

It was Canada game day so I went to the Bulldog bar again. Because why not to test your destiny once again?

The only thing I forgot was that it was Finland game day too, on the exact same time. I was getting late, because of that museum visit, so I got there on the half of the second period. I opened the door and stood for a while with no motions. The whole bar was full of hockey fans. Literally, whole, some of them were even standing. That’s when I realized that I will have a good evening. I wasn’t planning to stand the whole game, so I ordered my cola light, take the coat off and moved towards the most comfortable coach to watch the game, there were 2 men there sitting, so I asked them : Can I sit with you, and they gladly moved their bodies so that I could sit with them.

Ohhhh what a game it was. It was like the whole bar was on the same wave. We shouted, screamed, clapped hands, hugged, they used some bad Finnish words. When the second period ended we had some time to talk. They asked me where am I from and what am I doing here in Tampere. After that when they have heard that I’m from Estonia they told me: Estonia? do you even have a hockey team out there? :))) that was funny, usually I defend my country, but I’m sorry, but our hockey team really sucks. Then we talked about finnish players, he told me, that Niemi is, meh, average, not good, not bad:))) apparently someone is going to play in Minnesota next season, and that one is outstanding. Then they saw my Columbus scarf on my bag, and started to ask why the hell did I chose Columbus. I explained to them, but they still managed to make some jokes about the game they play :))) I loved that evening:))) We watched the third period and then overtime and then suddenly the whole bar started to scream the same word, when I asked what are they screaming it took some time for them to translate that word to English : bullets/bullits/shootout. And we wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!!! yaaaaaaaaaaaay! :)))

Sorry, I used the wrong picture, but well, my face hadn't change much in 3 days and I'm too lazy to find the right one:)))

I loved that evening, not for a second I didn’t feel threatened, because I know, that hockey fans are the best fans in the world:))) and being the only hockey watching girl out there doesn’t change anything. We rock:)))

I decided to move away after the game, so that it would not be possible to ruin that perfect evening with some rude jokes and drunken people, so I said good bye and left, my hockey neighbor man asked me to stay, but I left anyway, and now that evening will leave absolutely perfect in my mind.

It was getting dark outside but I did what I always did and took another bus to somewhere. Walked there in some forest like park, talked to the people again, saw another beautiful houses and after a long walk took a bus back to centre.

And then I saw the bus. The bus. number 25. I left my bus and decided to wait for another The bus.

The answer is simple:

Janka 25. You probably don’t get it, so I will explain it: in Russian language you have a loooooot of different forms of your name. Mine for example are: Janochka, Janchik, Jankel’, Janusik, Jani and I can go on for a while. Jana is my favorite form and then goes Janka, it is like bit rude variant of Jana:) so Janka 25 was like a shining sign for me, because I will be 25 this year:)Got it now? how not to take a ride to your own future:))) Apparently my future lays waaaay awaaaaay from the centre, I’ve waited not until the last person leaves but until the last bus stop with Janka name.

Here it is:

Kinda sad future I have, don’t I?

Empty and dark

I don’t like Janka version anymore:)))

From now on only Jana

Less rude, more promising

Anyway, another thing I found there was that there will not be any single bus to town. yaaaaaaaay:)))In the middle of nowhere, with no map (even that hellish Tampere map) and it is dark already. But after such a great evening I decided to take a long, long, long walk back to hostel and not to call a taxi. The plan was simple, stay close to the biggest road you see. And it worked, I even turned off my mp3 player so that I could hear how the Tampere breaths. After some time I reached the sign that told me that I had to go 5,5km more until the centre. And I gladly took that road. Why do people say that Finnish people don’t like people. One car even stopped and offered I guess something like, there will not be another bus today, do you need a ride to the city? I really doubt that he thought I was some sort of a whore, because I don’t look like one:))) I said, thanks for the offer, but no, have a good evening:))) There was something magical that evening, when you are walking and walking and walking and even after 12km that you took the same day, playing the hockey and emotionally watching the hockey, you don’t feel that you are tired. The only thing that was missing was my The One walking next to me and holding my hand, who probably got lost somewhere in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Norway or Canada:) I hope we will find each other and will be watching the next Championship already together:)))

When I reached the big road with some more bus lines it was obvious that I will continue walking, because standing 25 minutes before the bus comes is not for me:) On the way back to hostel I found one building that I liked. Here it is:

By the 00:00 I was back to hostel and was probably the most happiest person in the world.

That was my last, fifth day in Tampere

You need 5 days to completely fall in love with that city.

I already miss that city.

Nordplus 2011. Day 5


Naistenlahti power plant tour

We had to go there by ourselves, so we followed our white rabbit and got there on time.

We sit in the conference room and listened to the presentation, which were quite informative, getting to know the principles of working boilers, we were shown the control room with all of those interesting blinking graphs, which show every possible information from the station, and we even saw boilers from behind the window. Unfortunately that was all our tour, the guide man told us, that usually the show way more, but because there were too many people in our group, they could not provide enough special boots for us, so we could not see it all. Note to NordPlus people: maybe you should think about splitting the group in 2 and rearrange timetable so that 2 groups could be in 2 different plants at the same time and then switching the places.

I think most of the information we got there can be found on Internet too.

I really liked the picture they had shown us: the power plant in the night time:

Looks like not some power plant, but more like some Tivoli amusement park :)))

The next stop was Tamfelt Juka Mettälä company, where they produce different types of fabrics, textiles etc, and of course I’m not talking about usual fabrics, but the ones that are in use in some serious machines, constructions etc, etc.

The man, who made the introduction presentation and the tour, could answer to every possible question you wanted to ask. At first we got visitors cards and papers with safety instructions, where everything was written in plain English. After that he gave us introduction about company and what it was producing. This company is the part of Metso Company. Sometimes it seemed to me, that almost everything in Tampere was to some extent part of Metso. Anyway in introduction part we got to know, that they take the water from one lake and the total amount of it equals about 90cm of lake’s depth each year. Quite a lot, so I asked him does the lake have enough time to recover its level and he even showed us some graphs, where the lake levels were given. Apparently there is some law that provides lake safety and if the water level drops beyond specific level it is forbidden to take more water from it. It is up to you, whether to trust those data or not, but I guess locals would had noticed if something was wrong with their lake. After the introduction part we had the tour, which was really interesting. Saw different kind of machines and textiles, for our surprise some part of the work was done using the handwork, in other way: people (mostly women) checked the quality of fabrics, so there will be no holes and some impurities etc. After the week in Tampere I can surely admit, that this company was the most informative one and the most interesting to visit.

The last stop we had that day was Metso House Lehtokentänkatu 11. I’m not sure what is the short version of that, but anyway we had some coffee/tea/water there with donuts before the lectures. After the short break we had once again interesting lectures on bio-fuels, oils, chemical reaction, gas things etc. I got to know, that there is such a thing like demo plants, they really build smaller operating plants, so that the costumers could see how it works and whether it is worth buying that technology. I never thought about that, in my world you do all the researches and then you build the normal size working on full capacity plant. Now I know it is not how they do this. Demo plants are the answer.

Our way back to hostel and it was 16.00. I had plans to visit Vapriikki museum centre and Moominvalley, but Vaprikki works until 18.00 and Moominvalley until 17.00. Why, why would they do that? I didn’t know how to get there so I asked hostel girl what bus should I take but she answered that none of the buses go directly there and it will be easier for me to walk there, she draw the line and I pretty soon got to the railway station main entrance, where I needed to decide which way to turn: right or left. Ohhh, that impossible Tampere map reading skill, of course I had to choose the wrong way, but this time I checked with every single street name I could find on my map, so it didn’t take much time to turn back to the right. I started practically to run, because the time run out so fast and I knew that usually the hour before closing the museum they stop selling tickets, after my little fail, I didn’t do any mistakes and soon went to the river where I saw the bus stop with practically every single bus line that they have in Tampere. From that bus stop you must go basically 500 m with the river and you are there where you needed to be. No little streets running. I run into the museum and it was already 17.05 and when I asked is it already too late to buy the ticket, they told me that yes, it is. I was disappointed because I really wanted to visit Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame. It is in the same building. So no Vapriikki and no Momminvalley for Jana. Note to the NordPlus people: probably you can organize one day so that the work started after the noon, so there will be some free time to visit the local museums.

After picking the pieces of my broken heart from the floor of Vapriikki museum I decided to try to return back the next day, now that I knew how to get there I must have done it faster.

But well, at least I can watch some hockey game, said Jana and went where hostel people told me was the best place to watch hockey. O’hara pub. Awful place. I’m bit picky if it is about spending some money and time in some place. Not comfortable place. Not clean at all too. I wanted to run out of the toilet room and buy some cleaning products and clean the whole place, like what the hell, you have high prices on everything and yet not even bothering to do some cleaning? Ewwwww. Food there was not tasty at all too. And they didn’t show any hockey game that evening.


As usual when it was already evening I took some bus to the direction where I hadn’t been yet and went again with my system of the last person. I had a plan to find some hockey pub, because it was Canada game next day and I didn’t really want to go back to that Bulldog bar with weird people in it. I saw hockey arena, I saw kids playing football, I saw kids playing baseball (yeap, baseball, apparently they play baseball in Finland). Yes, Tampere is some sort of sport city:) I loooooooove it. Walked there for some time, again beautiful houses and people, found some hockey shops, but those were local team shops. I forgot the name, but they have a lot of orange color in their team jerseys. Wanted to buy some candy, went to a shop, where some drunken Finnish guy asked me something I as usually told that I don’t speak Finnish and he being all that drunk switched to English asked me where some specific shelf is and wished me “have a nice evening”. Had I already told you that almost everyone is polite there?:)))

Then I went back to centre and took another bus, this time to went to the Prisma. Because you know, how not to visit Prisma if it is its motherland? :)))

That shop, btw, was located almost outside the city. Huuuuuuuuuge Konsum and huuuuuuuuuuge Prisma, got some finnish ice hockey journals there, some cosmetics and food of course. Huge pack of my favorite Taffel Hearts, that somehow are not possible to find in Estonia no more.

Lovely evening it was, some chatting with strangers on the streets, on the bus and on the bus stops. It was something strange, because in Estonia I’m something like the ugly one, and in Finland and Sweden I’m sort of beautiful. And it is strange for me, that Finnish people are considered to be ugly, when they are extremely attractive. At least for my taste.

That was my fourth day in Tampere.

Nordplus 2011. Day 4


The day that I have waited for a while. Nuclear power plant visit.



I don’t know why, but being such a green person as I am I still think that nuclear power is one of the best sources of energy, even with all of that radioactive waste problems. So you can imagine how happy I was to have a possibility for visiting the plant. Basically that was the only reason why I signed up for that project.

Oikiluoto nuclear plant is about 160 km from Tampere, so we had to start the trip early, bit too early for my understanding, but still. Sadly it all happened as usually: hope for the best, expect the worst.

The start was promising: documents check, getting the pass cards and surprise-surprise they had organized a food break for us. I don’t like drinking tea or coffee not in the coffee house or at home, so I decided to take cola from that weird machine they have there. After reading all of the instructions on Finnish language I realized that I had absolutely no idea how does this thing work, so I asked for some help from the woman who was our power plant guide, when I told her, could you please show me how does it work, she looked at me with her big eyes, and asked why do I need that if the tea is already on the table, I answered that I wanted to have coke, so she told me to put my money away and brought the coke can from the kitchen:)))how lovely is that? drinking cola in power plant visitors centre. With the most tasty buns that I have ever eaten in my life.

After that we had a short introduction lectures and I was surprised of how little questions students asked. But we got to know what, where and why is and that the water that they give back to the sea is always much hotter that the water in the sea, so even in the coldest winter the water there is never covered with ice. The most disappointing thing was, that there is no that beautiful white thing what you usually imagine when thinking about nuclear power plants. The reactors in Olkiluoto are more or less the same that were in now famous Fukushima. Boring square buildings. And then my nuclear heart stopped, when they told us, that the only thing that we are going to visit is final repository for operating waste. No control centre, no waste containers, no nothing, only that operating waste place. :(((

When we got there at least it was pretty cool place to watch. The cave is going down, down, down

Here you can see the scheme:

Here how it looks like in real life:

Here is that place for the waste:

yeap, nothing special can be seen

Everything interesting in covered.

At least we had radiation check, everyone had 0. I asked what will they do if someone will not be clean, the woman answered that they will have to take a shower or simply wash the hands (the shower and the sink are right in front of the radiation check point) and that will be enough, because the risk of getting the real radiation dose there is close to impossible.

Here is our The Green Team:

After having that pretty much useless tour we went back to visitors centre. It is bit sad to admit, but the exhibition that they had there was the most interesting part of the tour. You could even watch the real time camera videos there, with all of those things I wanted to see in person. Loooooots of interesting showpieces. And they gave us little things for the long memory. Even the water in their bottles. Yes, now I have water from the nuclear plant (of course not the waste water:))) Nothing with radiation at all:))) Sad face.

What I wanted to add is that why the hell are you drinking so much the night before, when you know, that it will be long trip day? Imagine almost the whole bus of non-stop complaining students. Also I find it extremely rude to make jokes about someone’s abilities to speak some language. Yes, her English wasn’t perfect, but that doesn’t give you permission to make hurting jokes. Grow up. It is funny how the people make jokes with mentioning someone’s mistakes, without even getting to know, that they do exactly the same.

You can think I’m antisocial. But for my every action, I have a reason.

After the power plant we had a smoke sauna thing. I wasn’t participating, well, for some girlie issues, so after having the dinner there (potatoes!!!!!! I have missed the normal potatoes with normal vegetables), which by the way was really tasteful and they had the most amazing homemade beer (it was alcohol free if you are wondering) and it was really lovely, that they had special food for vegetarians. It’s funny though how the people think that we eat something completely different, for me that would be already enough if you had simple potatoes out there:)))

While the others were having sauna stuff, I decided to take a walk and look if there is anything interesting near that place. I have found the forest. I wrote the forest, because it wasn’t some a forest, but the real the forest. Where you shut down your mp3 player and start to listen to the forest music, how the trees are talking, how the birds are singing, how the flowers are growing. It is like you have been covered with the forest magic, you simply sit there on some stone and your soul flies. After what you think was an hour in the forest and you are completely rested you realize, that you’ve spent there only 20 minutes.

Anyway, I gained my energy back after that long trip with constant complaints and was feeling myself ready to save the whole world again.

Around 19.00 we were back to Tampere and after changing clothes I once again went exploring the city. That evening I took the bus number 13 and went as far as I could. My system was that I will stay in the bus as long as someone else will be sitting in front of me. Note to Tampere local people: why you don’t have bus maps in the tourist centre, because your traffic is really close to insane. When my system person was planning to leave the bus, I left with him and even standing behind him he turned to me and said probably that you should go first. Are all of the people in Finland polite? :))) Because I really love when men open the door for me and hold it. I hadn’t walked for a while, but what I saw was the private houses that were in beautiful vicinity with beautiful people. Then I made a mistake, busses 13 were going almost every 15 minutes and that was the only bus line there, so when I reached the opposite bus stop I started to wait and when I saw that the bus is coming I stood up and went to the border, I was alone there. For my surprise the bus went without stopping, it was the next day, when I got it, that you have to wave your arm if you want the bus to stop. Some mystery for me. It is not like I’m waiting for the tram on the bus stop:) or other bus. You were the only line there. :))) I took some walk to another bus stop, because I had pretty much 15 minutes and I don’t like sitting that long. For my luck the next bus stopped and I finally got in.

In the centre I got off and went to get some food in the store, after that I decided to take the bus number 10 to get back to the hostel. I took it, the only mistake was that bus was going on the opposite direction:))) I told you they have some insane traffic out there. But I decided why not to take another ride and went someplace where there were extremely long staircases. I was standing on the top and the people there were running on those staircases. Some of them may be were future hockey players :)))

After wandering for some time there, I took another 10 bus and now went back to hostel:)

That was my third day in Tampere.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Nordplus 2011. Day 3


I can name that day “My fail day”

When everything goes wrong right from the early morning.

How hard can that be: be t 09.15 on the Tulli square right there, where we yesterday were passing by.

The answer is: really hard, if you are Jana and you have a bad day.


I got lost, like really completely lost, I even asked some builders to explain me where that place is. The told me and sent me to another place, pretty far away from where I needed to be. I was basically running in circles, right in front of that place where I needed to go. Where the big bus was staying. May be that place had some magic:))) Cos I really cant explain how the hell was that possible, I even run into railway station tourist info centre for some help but they didn’t understand where I wanted to go. Anyway I was late for 10 minutes, so our teacher had to call me and ask me where the hell I was. It was really good, that they had waited for me.

We had an ordinary sightseeing tour, where you can see some of important places in Tampere. I don’t like that thing, because I prefer to decide what I want to see by myself, but anyway the tour was informative and our teachers who were the guides at the same time among general information told us a looooooot of good jokes and that kind of information, that you can get only from local people.

By the noon we were back to University and continued to work on our project. The working day was again only until 16.00, this time there were less jokes and more serious working day.

You do remember that that was my bad day?

I got on the wrong bus, got off on the wrong bus stop and got yet again completely lost. I got the map and still managed to be in the middle of nowhere. Yaaaaaay to Jana:)))

I still didn’t understand how that was possible, but in Tampere there are a lot of helpful people, and yes, almost everyone knows English. So while standing with the map on the street trying to find the street name on the map there always were people, who were simply passing by and if the saw my look of desperation they offered their help without me even asking:))I guess I’m not the only tourist who get lost every time. It took me about an hour and the help of 4 people (5 actually, but that man didn’t want to talk to me, so he just left and I’m not counting him in) to find the hostel. Maybe it’s my thing, because I got lost every single day in Tampere and never in Stockholm, the answer is that there is no sea in Tampere, and maybe I’m always oriented towards the sea:)it’s where I get my North direction without seeing the sea directly. Probably it’s in the genes :)

Anyway, quick clothes changing and I’m on my way to the bar where I can watch Canada – Switzerland hockey game. First of all went to Passion didn’t like that place at all, so I continued to Bulldog bar.

With aaaawesomely huge screen. There was only 3 people there, later 5, but only 3 were watching the game. I didn’t get why, but all of them were wearing caps and black glasses, thaaaaat was weeeeeird. I remembered that I have a digital camera with me (I don’t like taking pictures) but I decided to take one, so here I am:

It looks like I have big ass on the picture, but sadly I dont, it is simply bacause I'm standing bit weird

Cola light with ice and hockey and Jana is the happiest person in the world

The only thing or more correct – person, that bothered me was some man sitting on the coach next to mine and trying to speak to me in Finnish, I told him right away that sorry, I don’t speak Finnish, but that didn’t stop him, so in the end I decided it would be more easier for me just to nod and tell jah, it helped me for some time, but then he started to make like eeemmm moves with his body that showed what he wanted to do with me. It is good to be cold blooded, I focused on the game and ignored him completely, so he went away after about 10 minutes. :) And we woooooooon:) My Captain and his team.

When I got back to hostel I decided to make my life bit more secured, and asked one of our students to go with me next time. He agreed, but I never really went with him, cos at the same night or the night after most of them were drunk and yeah, I already told you what I think about that.

Went for some food shopping to Konsum, before it got closed (we had only breakfasts paid, all of the rest we had to buy food ourselves, not like it was in Aland, where every breakfasts, dinners, late dinners were paid by university and organization). And what about shops closing at 21.00 or in some rare occasions at 22.00? and you really should spend a lot of time to find that rare one. Apparently, finnish people don’t eat the same bread that we do:))) the most heartbreaking thing for me was the cost of coca-cola light, 0,5 for almost 2 euro, hoooooooooooooooooooooooow? In Estonia you can buy 2l for 1 euro:)))

That was my second day in Tampere.

Nordplus 2011. Day 2


Early wake up call, quick baggage packing routine and we are ready to leave the ship. The crew on the ship was as usual very polite and kind:))) The thing that left absolutely beyond my understanding is why we had to buy tickets on the bus and on the train if in the end we will get that money back. Anyway, we left the harbor, get the bus to railway station and with the help of our Finnish speaking teachers got the tickets to Tampere. Finnish people really have some good trains out there:)))Big and comfortable and reeeeeally quiet comparing to ours.

About 2 hours trip and we are in Tampere. The land where practically everyone speaks English:)))

Took about half an hour to find our hostel, and Hello, Dream Hostel. As you probably know I have already been with our University with another project in Finland, and if speaking the truth, I like the first one much better, already only because we lived in one hotel with our teacher and not like in Tampere, teachers in the hotel, students in the hostel. I really didn’t get why the students liked that hostel. Really. 4 people in one room. No tv, no cupboard, only some 30x30cm shelf for each person, no table, only two chairs and of course no private shower room, even mirror was not like a mirror but like some joke. Yeah, yeah, you can call me names, but I do love either comfortable rooms or no room at all (like spending nights on the street). Those hostel rooms are awful. The only thing that was excellent were people. Really good personal. Helpful, funny and open minded. The thought of spending the whole week in that place made my perfect world bit less perfect :))) At least it was pretty clean.

After check in we had some free time (see, if we had taken the first ship, we could go straight after the check-in to Tampere University of Applied Sciences or in crazy Finnish language: Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu). Anyway, at 12 we were in that University with really long Finnish name. Got there by bus. Do you know how much does it cost to take a single ride on Tampere bus? freaking 2.50. The next thing I did was to put a note on my brain: to buy a ticket card ASAP.

We had 4 hours there, getting to know the people we are going to work with, creating teams, getting the tasks. Have to say: teachers there are aaaaweeeeesooooooooome, not some old school boring academic language talking people, but very happy, funny, lovely and yet very smart women. Who know English language perfectly well. What about the students: Icelandic people have the most beautiful eyes color in the world. Each one of them:)It’s like you take Kimi R;ikkonen eyes and copy paste them in Icelandic genes. Lucky you:)))and their language, ooooohhhhh, their language, for me that sounded like Chinese. For real, every world is endless sentence full of hardly pronounced sounds:)))Finnish students were really helpful and funny:)))

In my team there were 6 people: Matti, Kristjan, Tiiu, Stefan, Aura and me. I will insert our group picture on Day 4 post. The name of our team was The Green Team. The task was sort of fail: Energy issues now and in the future in Estonia, Iceland and Finland. Why fail? Well for getting that information you didn’t have to bring people from other countries, you can simply use google.com, because there are plenty of information in English. Note for NordPlus people: you should use the EkoTekNord people way of doing things, give a problem, some time and at the end, you will have a lot of new good ideas, that were born in the groups of international students. Not collecting information in Internet.

But our team was awesome. My teams are always awesome:)

We worked there ‘til 16.00. Yet again, we are not some kids, who work 4 hours a day. We are capable of freely working until at least 18.00.

After that we had free time. As I already mentioned - I don’t like being in the room with a lot of people for a long time, so I took my things and went exploring the city alone. First thing that I did was to come back to the railway station and buying ticket card.

Pretty expensive thing – 19 euro for 6 days. Buuuuuuut, much cheaper if counting all of the bus rides that I took during that week:)

Took the first bus, went to the centre, walked there, watched the people, the places. Did you know that every single men in Finland is handsome? I really think that my the one is probably from Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway or Canada:))) the whole country of beautiful people. Being in the motherland of Hesburger I of course went to buy some fast food there. Prices there are completely different if to compare with Estonian one. Small fries + drink in Estonia = 1.60, in Tampere – 3.95. Yeap for the exact same food.

After having that first sightseeing walk and getting to know the vicinity I went back to hostel and had my time. I probably should explain why I did not connect to the people who were there, well, the answer is simple, I avoid drinking people, who drink not in the pubs, but I guess in a place you call home even if it is for a week, I have some serious reason for doing that, and for this I’m sorry. I’m sorry, that I have never gone partying with you, even after you were offering to do that. It is just who I am:) Outsider, who prefer to do things mostly on her own:)

That was my first day in Tampere.

Nordplus 2011. Day 1

Yet again

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack:)))

This time I really hope for a long time:)

I'm going to write now about our NordPlus project as substantially as I can, cos some part of it will be in my official Travel Diary, that I must have, well, today:))

Day 1


You know what it is when your plans change so quickly, that you cant do almost nothing with it?

Well, I have not run my 12km, because instead of previously set date the second of May we went on the first of May. If speaking the truth, I was willing to run those 12km in the morning and after that swim in the sea and still manage to catch the ship, but not everything is going as you want it to go, if the deal day second member cancels it:)

Anyway, the ship was at 21.00 and I didn’t even get late:)went on time, quick gathering in the port and welcome to Star!

We had a cabin, because it wasn’t possible to us to catch a train to Tampere after the ship’s arrival. It would be too late to do that. For me it left absolutely non understandable, why the hell we didn’t take the first morning ship to Helsinki (the fist one comes at 07:30 and arrives to Helsinki at 09:30), so that it wouldn’t be necessary for us to sleep in the cabin for 4 people, and be ready to leave the ship in the early morning (6 am).Coooome ooooon, 2 hours from Tallinn to Helsinki is not such a long way. So I guess note for the organisators: rewatch your timetables. You can save some money out there.

The ship itself is as usual for Tallink – awesoooome. Somehow that was only my second time to Finland on the Tallinn-Helsinki line, so it was too weird for me, that there were people sitting everywhere. Like literally everywhere, and the floor wasn’t the worst place for doing that:))Comparing to Tallinn-Stockholm line it was like if people went to their summer cabins in Finland:)))no big shops, no after midnight shows, no special programs, simply Tallinn-Helsinki kinda boring trip. Kinda - because I can find something interesting even in the piece of paper:)) The thing that I always do is running away from the large amount of people in the small room. So when you put 4 girls in one room with their baggage I will go somewhere else in moments after the beginning of the trip. I looooove watching the ship leaving the harbor, all of those little things they do before going to open water is magnificent, it still fascinates me how such a big ship can be ruled so accurately, sometimes it’s the matter of centimeters. I guess sea people will always be some sort of heroes for me:))

Some little shopping in the meantime, some search for the food and in 2 hours we already were in Helsinki. It was kinda sad to see people leaving the ship, when you know, that you have to spend the whole night in it, while there is huge unexplored city in front of you. I guess you can’t always get what you want. At least we got our food package for the breakfast. That was very lovely thing to get. I don’t like sleeping on the ship, but according to my experience the place in a cabin for 4 on Tallink ship most of the times is way more comfortable, that any place in hostels.