Friday, April 15, 2011

My favorite picture from Finland

Meet team Estonia:

From the left: Marjuka, Jana, Oless, Anne, Roman

We were are the best

Old Christmas

Found another 2 years old Christmas video

we surely had some fun then:)))


Monday, April 11, 2011

NHL Premiere 2011

My friends, it is official

NHL Premiere 2011

Sadly no Columbus Blue Jackets for Jana this year


my second best team comes:)


Buffalo Sabres

Some time ago I told my hockey friends (yeah, in total 2 of them:)))) that if Sabres come to Finland then I will go to that game

You know what? Sabres are coming to Helsinki


And it is not even Sweden, it's like 3 hours on the ship and you are there

So I surely will try to get there


October 7th

Helsinki: Anaheim Ducks - Buffalo Sabres

Stockholm: New York Rangers - Los Angeles Kings

October 8th

Berlin: Buffalo Sabres - Los Angeles Kings

Stockholm: New York Rangers - Anaheim Ducks

Friday, April 8, 2011

Short summary

Short article I wrote for our University

All of the grammar mistakes are still here

But i really don't want to write another story here

I will simply add some pictures here later

Our University was a part of Multicultural Understanding in the Baltic Sea Region - Opportunities Obstacles in Communication meeting, which was held in Mariehamn, Aland Islands, 29 March - April 2 2011. During this meeting students from Baltic region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark and Finland) worked together trying to find the way to protect the environment and what was the main concern - Baltic Sea.

On the first day every group made presentations about their home countries, where we were talking about the things about what, in our opinion, everyone should know. The biggest surprise for foreign students was that our country is almost fully covered with Wi-Fi and that Skype came from Estonia. Later that evening we took the test on personality profiles, based on what our future team would be formed. We also played Barnga game (here we can add later youtube link)

On the second day we made presentations about our home researches, which included media coverage, young people's concerns for the future and interview with local company about their green policy. We are sad to admit, but we were the only country, whose biggest concern for the future is unemployment. All of the rest countries are more concern about the environment. After presentations we had the lecture on cultures and values. Later that day we were divided into the groups of 4-5 people, in which we were working on the green projects. The main idea was to collect all colors from our "personality profiles test" in one group, so that each person can work with another who is completely different. In the evening we had a lovely excursion around the island, so that we could see how people there live.

On the third day we were working on our projects, but we still had time to listen to 2 interesting lectures "The future of the Baltic sea" and "How to present complex ideas in a catchy way?". After the busy day we had some extremely amazing time in Maritime Safety Centre, where we were given some information about how to rescue people and even had trainings in heavy suits and under the rain and strong wind and stormy weather. The task was to safe the person who was in the open sea. Despite that we were in the swimming pool, that was extremely hard task to do, but everyone was safe. The lesson learned: Respect the sea.

On the final day we had our project presentations, which were very interesting and really possible to be managed. There were 1st, 2nd, 3rd places given, and students from our country were in the teams that got the first and the third places. Congratulations! After hard working days we had our gala party, where people were happy and didn't want to say good bye

Overall that was a useful meeting to be, we had learned how to work in teams, where the only thing in common you have is your second language, think fast and believe that your ideas can change the world.

Our final presentation


I know, that sound quality is awful, so here you can read the script:

We got the 3rd place, so congraaaats to us I still think with our absolutely new and innovative idea and funny perfomance we deserved to win the 1st place, or at least 2nd, if the 1st place would belong to the Carrots group

Our idea:

Anyway, congraaaaaats to us!!!

I know, that I'm terrible actress, but, well, I can't fake anything:)and I think it is really good, hard for me, but good for the rest

Our team of awesomeness is:

Naughty fish - Anna (Åland islands, Finland)

Good fish - Joonas (Helia, Finland)

Storyteller - Marie-Louise (Denmark)

and me, of course:)

*I converted 346Mb .mov video to 54 Mb .avi and the quality was lost during uploading it up here, but in my computer it is much better, yaaaay to me!

Good job, Format Factory!

Last games this season

Estonian time

Friday night (early early Saturday morning)

03:00 Columbus - Predators

Saturday night

02:00 Columbus - Sabres

Dear Columbus Blue Jackets, lets win the last 2 games!


Monday, April 4, 2011


I forgot to buy Åland flag

I guess that can be the reason to come back someday

Cos my home flag community needs it:)

I will place it between Finnish and Swedish flags:)

Columbus Blue Jackets

Get well, My Captain!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Departed

I'm not really a movie person

I watch usually not more than 2 movies a week

Sometimes none

I can watch my favorite movies multiply times, and I usually do that

All Shyamalan's movies, Gladiator, Number 23, Sunshine, The Moon etc etc

But one movie has a special place in my brain

The Departed

When I watched it for the first time I cried half a night

And had some sort of depression for at least a week

I couldn't understand, whether this world is really so rotten

What have you done?

What have you done?

What have you done?

What have you done?

What have you done?


This was the most common question for me

Seriously, if I had a gun, I would probably shoot my brains out after watching that movie

cos this world is really that rotten

May be I'm overreacting

But I've never in my life experienced so much bad emotions after watching some movie

And all of the actors are incredible

At least Scorsese left some hope for humanity

Not much thou

I love that movie

It makes me feel alive

It shows me that I'm not a complete robot yet

*and I love Leonardo DiCaprio, he looks soooooo hooooooooot there, and he plays sooooooooo well

This is war

Today I was looking through my Favorites Bar (yes, I'm using mostly Internet Explorer, and I like it, so shuuuut uuuuup) and I've found this video, that still hypnotizes me:

I love it, love it, love it, love it

That's the rule: in hockey I love goalkeepers (but the best player is still my Captain Nash) and in music bands I love drummers

The way they hold the drumsticks

The way they hit the drums

It's like they put their souls in those hits

Fast movements, strong hands, amazing coordination skills

What else do you need?


I can watch this video multiply times

*and I do

** Thirty Seconds to Mars will be perfoming in Estonia - 21 June, and of course I've already bought the ticket

I'm baaaack

Like again:)

I must be more constant here

I had great time in Aland (not as great as it was in Sweden, thou)

But you know I'm bit lazy, so I will write whole "omg how awesome that was" crap later



*not really