Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Knowing too much can kill

Hello to us!

this week is full of useless learnings

and useful too

but mostly useless

I probably should attend lectures more constantly

*you really should not postpone preparing to exam til the last evening

And remember: I like you.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Hello to us!

It is not enough to have a good mind; the main thing is to use it well.
Rene Descartes

How can you not be in love with that men's beautiful mind?

And remember: I like you.

My theory about cars

Hello to us!

Every car has a soul, which attracts a certain kind of people. Thats my theory:)

Let me explain it

The car I hate the most is BMW

and yes, you can shut up now, I now it is comfortable, reliable etc etc insert some "woooow how awesome those cars are" crap here

but it has a black soul

and not the skin colour black, but the rotten fruit's like black

That car screams: ahaa, I'm too awesome for most of you

No, you're not.

And those lights, oh those lights, it always looks like that car is in constant search of something illegal to take or do

That kind of tricky bitch

and yes, I think it is a girl

But people who choose this car are mostly boys (even those 40 years old ones), who desperately need attention from girls

and I can not place a picture here, cos mostly BMW owners have the same black soul, like their cars

But lets imagine them:

like seriously, whyyyyyyyyyyy?

the same why question here, but the bigger label is, the better it suits

and jeans with some white sweathirt

Its like a fully depended on other's opinion boy

You see now, that I hate that car:)

As much as I hate BMW I looooooooooooooooove Ford

Thats my car

Thats my boy (and yes, it is a boy)

My dream car is Ford Mustang '67

To die for car

Someday I will buy it, but dont worry, im not gonna drive it myself, cos obviously it is men's car:)

So, about Ford

It is like a typical American car

It drives, it breaks, it lives

Most of the time it is quiet

But you really really shoulnt make the Ford's owner mad, cos it is the time when all hell breaks loose

They are calm and simple persons, but at the same time, they will not run away from the troubles (like BMW owners will do, or call for some criminal help, like Mercedes owners will do) but they are gonna face it and solve it, even if it means, that they may loose some part of their body in the fight.

abaout the lights: Ford is always smiling, depends on the model, that smile may be tired, friendly, evil, angry, old man smile etc etc

Ford owners can stay for a night at the 5 star hotel as ready as in the woods

They look like an ordinary people: some casual shoes, jeans and shirts

But they somehow have that aaaaaa f*ck off, I dont care what you think about me

I can write a whole book about why I love Fords:))))

So a quick peek into other cars:

Mercedes (men)

Key words: dirty money, guns, drugs, expensive whores, family man, who cheats on his wife, fat

Peugeot (girl)

Key words: youth, french girls, shoes

Renault (boy)

Key word: Peugeot's evil twin

Opel (most of it are boys and I loooove their new cars)

Key words: "I dont care what are you thinking about me, because I know, that I'm awesome"

Volkswagen, Honda, Toyota for me dont have souls, those are like working cars with no specific feelings. Nice cars, not less, not more:)

Feel free to discuss it with me

And remember: I like you.

Things I dont like

Hello to us!


I have never liked it

Cos it made me too emotional

I seriously cried when some animal there died

And you know, that piece of plastic, which can turn that damned toy off always get lost like in a day, and you had to create your own

So I always covered my tamagotchi with a pillow just not to hear how it dies


evil toy

it hurts

for real

And remember: I like you.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Things I like

Hello to us!

Snow globes

I love snow globes

I dont know exactly how much do I have

But not more than 7

It is that thing about globes, that when you have too much of it, it looses its charm

Such a peaceful thing to watch

And remember: I like you.

Why are you afraid of thinking?

Hello to us!

Have you ever noticed that people dont think much lately?

You tell them something, and they believe in it

You show them something on TV and they believe it

And I dont really understand why

Is it because they are so naive, or simply because it is too hard to think and to make you own conclusion?

I love Rene Descartes

I mean his brain

"If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things."

I doubt almost everything

I love physics and chemistry, but I find most of it illogical

I wish I could doubt absolutely everything

But I cant do that yet

Somehow when somebody tells me something about himself/herself i fully believe it

cos whats the point of lying about yourself?

Apparently there is a point, otherwise people wouldnt use it so often

Someday I will find it

That point

And remember: I like you.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Hello to us!

I probably can live there http://www.nhl.com/

yea, watching game highlights is a good tradition now

Especially when my Columbus Blue Jackets won the game:) with Nashville Predators

I find it pretty funny, that one of the goal was made by my Nash:)

Nashville - Nash


2:0, you go, booooys, weeeeee saluuuuuuuute yoooooou

btw does anybody know why the hell are they (all of the teams) fighting so much now?It is only my second season, but im sure, that last season they were much calmer

And so sorry for that, but i havent laughed for so much since i dunno

Caps vs Devils 0:5, like aaareeee yooou insaaaane?

The second from the top loses to the second from the bottom

with five to zero

see, another reason to love hockey:)))

everything can happen

But as for me, they may lose to everyone if my Jackets will continue to get the points

cos dear Columbus Blue Jackets, we need you in Playoffs

and you have not only one amazing goalie, but 2

and not only one Nash, but if comparing to the last season, then much more Nashes:)

If you have some free time, then dont be lazy and vote:


My picks are:

Forwards - Rick Nash (CBJ, and who would have thought:))), Corey Perry (Ducks) and Eric Staal (Hurricanes)

Defensemen - Dustin Bufyglien (Atlanta, and I have hope for him), Joni Pitkanen (Hurricanes)

Goalie - that was the toughest choice, there are just too many of them whom I like, but stay true to my first goalie love: Ryan Miller (Buffalo)

so good luck with that

And remember: I like you.

Things I like

Hello to us!

Things I like include a lot of crap, but yeah, I like it.

Or probably it is already "we like it"

So, meet my old friend: mobile phone Sony Ericsson W300i

It is exactly as awesome as it is on photo

That part of the phone, which is missing:

It looks like somebody bit it, but no

It would be too simple for being my phone

It was usual summer evening, when we decided to go to the carousels

I remember putting my phone into the pocket of my shorts with a thought: yaaaaaay, good for me for picking shorts with deep pockets.

ohhh, naive, naive Jana

at the end i have found my phone in the hands of some woman, who was holding it and questioning is it your phone? to every person that was there. How did it get there?well, when we were having fun if feeling sick on riding the carousels is fun, dunno dunno it simply flew out of the pocket, hit some metal parts of the carousel and finally hit the ground after that high speed all covered in some oil but still working as nothing had happened. like really, I cant even suggest from what material was that produced:)))some alien's technology for sure:)) and both of the displays work too, even now after i cant imagine how much falling to the ground in all possible weather conditions The only thing that i cant use now is memory card, not the one, that is in the phone now, but the new one, in other words i can switch it and my Sim card too:)but its been a while, more than a year, since the accident, and the old card is working perfectly fine.

the only thing i dont like about my phone is calendar. it is extremely uncomfortable

People always stare at my phone and ask the same question: "why dont you buy a new one"

It is hard to understand, but after all of that crap, through which we lived, it is still working, so i guess we simply suit each other.

And you dont change your friend when he is sick, dont you? but sadly nowadays people do that a lot, so consider me old-fashion

That was a short story about my old friend. Mobile phone.

And remember: I like you.


Hello to us!

You know that awful time back to November 2010 i know it is now, but by the time i will finish this blog, because we will meet, it probably will be something more like 2011

It was is like every single thing annoys you

i haven't slept longer than 3 hours for 4 days, just because when I close my eyes, all of those words, faces, voices, sounds come to my mind


But what to do, what to do, when you in one month loose almost everybody and everything you used to care of, it definitely should upset you

But it is almost December, and we love December, you know that

I have one more week of being upset, disappointed and angry

After that i will move on

and probably then we will meet

But until then, be patient, im in awful mood, sorry

And remember: I like you.

Space minute

Hello to us!

You know, that I'm science geek. I have already explained to you my position on choosing names, letter combinations hypnotize me. But what is more interesting are numbers. not only combinations, but every single number is like a snowflake, each one is unique.

I love Mars

I find it extremely attractive for living, just look at those numbers:

Mars is much colder than Earth. Temperatures at the Martian surface vary from as low as about -195 degrees F (-125 degrees C) near the poles during the winter to as much as 70 degrees F (20 degrees C) at midday near the equator. The average temperature on Mars is about -80 degrees F (-60 degrees C).

Works for me perfectly

I even have a tattoo with those numbers: 230 127 123, and this is average distance from Earth to Mars, made from my favorite numbers and number combination

I knoooow, how awesome is that

But for sure I will miss those beautiful colors like white as snow, blue as sky and green like trees.

May be I will think of something to make my life more beautiful there

And remember: I like you.


Hello to us!

I hope you understand now, that I fear almost nothing.

And by almost I mean except bugs and yeti.

I have that weird kind of a fear, when you are only scared of yeti, just because it is tall and hairy. Like really tall and really hairy. It just dont fit into my brain, that something is like a man, but is really not. How the hell is that possible?Well science dont know yet too

And about bugs. Its not like they are ugly but they are, it is more like I am afraid, that they can crawl into my eye or ear or nose and just crawl until my brain and make their babies there. My brain is my brain, my insides are my insides, it is absolutely not for the bugs.

May be that is why I dont like, when hairdressers touch my head. JUST LEAVE MY HEAD ALONE. may be i should do a t-shirt with those words while going to hair cutting.

But my biggest fear, about which I have never ever talked to anyone is losing my eyesight. And leg. Due to my medical issues I have diabetes I can lose it like for real. It is some sort of a childish fear, but I dont know how is it possible to live without seeing all of those colours and I really hope I will live til the very end with all of my legs and eyes.

I used to be afraid of some people too. You probably know that feeling, when you are standing next to some person, and all you wanna do is scream and run like hell. But it happens in rare occasions.

Those were all of my fears.

So stop asking me whether am I afraid of heights, depths, drunk people, junkies, bad weather etc etc.

Im not

Im not afraid to die

But if you are planning to kill be, just know, long-long time ago I stopped running from the dangerous things and people. I will fight until i will win. So you probably should reconsider your plans. /insert evil laugh here

And remember: I like you.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Stockholm Columbus Blue Jackets vs San Jose Sharks

Hello to us!

One more post about hockey

and for sure not the last one

I live in Estonia, but I sold my soul and came to Sweden to see Rick Nash and Co live:)))and i dont have a soul now

October 9th, 2010 will always be one of the happiest days of my life

I will write bit later about the trip, when we were sleeping in tunnelbana and MC Donald's:)))oh those beautiful Swedish people

Surprisingly I wasnt alone. Which is more unexpected - i came with a girl from Russia who doesnt even like Columbus Blue Jackets that much:)But back to those June days, when i bought the tickets, I bought 3, because somehow i thought i will find someone from my country within my friends but i probably dont have friends

So i spent 150 Eur on the seat next to me, which belonged to my best friend - you - me

Dont get me wrong, I really tried to sell it:)))I even stood in front of Globe with a piece of paper now i hope you understand, that being silent doesnt mean that you are shy, it only means that i dont want to talk to you

But in the end, I gave it free to absolutely unknown boy.

Note to us: buy tickets only for us.not more, not less

Outside Globe:

Inside Globe:
I even cried a bit there because of that damned ticket

But then I almost died

You know

the moment your favorite team come to ice

and the whole world stops

And you simply dont care about anything but the game

My Canadian genius hockey bear in the jacket:

I know, that quality sucks, but put yourself in my place, photos is the last thing that you are thinking about, when you have you dream playing so close to you

And not only i've been so close to my Nash, but the most beautiful player in NHL played too:)))yeeeeap, sweetie Antero:


And for sure Sharky is cute, but our Stinger is just a weeeeeeeeirdo, and of course I like him even more because of that:)))

But my favorite photo is with Sharks, yes, shame on my Columbus part

It is just extremely awkward
Like every part of it is taken from some trash horror movie

I will explain it more later

The game itself wasnt as interesting, as it might be, but who cares, we wooooooon:

And a little bit of us

i can be so happy sometimes

Do you see that hoodie?

i run like insane between the periods to get this:)somehow Swedish people have a plenty of money, to buy those things and i was forced to search the whole Globe, to find that very last place, where it was still available:)i took the smallest one S, but i can fit there at least twice, but who cares:)))

And I realized that i loooooove taking photos with strangers

Here they are:

Jana and Swedish family = Columbus happy fans

I love this photo so much, it is probably one the most important photos for me, I know, that I look like im some sort of a little people, but it is just because you can look like a tiny person with people like that. They are awesome. For real

Ghost fan, I'm behind him:))))

Blue Jackets girl fans:)))I know I look like im some sort of a drunker, so shut uuuup

Oilers, Vancouver, Flyers, Columbus, we are so different, but hockey fans are soooo amazing

And of course with San Jose Sharks fans:)))

Funny people:)))

When I asked for a photo with them, they said, ahaaa, thats because we lost today to your team, but okay. and somehow she managed to bite my fan scarf:)))

And question: what do people do, when they see a person with NHL things in tunnelbana?They take a picture with him, well say hello to David Keon, you never know whom you might meet in the metro.

Memories, memories

You know what, all of the people to whom i was offering a ticket, screw you, that game was awesome:)))

Im looking forward to get to know who will play in Europe next year:)))

And i'm pretty sure, that i will go to one of those games:))

With no extra ticket this time

And remember: I like you.

The most beautiful hockey boys

Our top 3

1. Antero Niittymäki (San Jose Sharks)

And yes, you can shut up now. Im not gonna change my first pick, cos open your eyes, his face is in perfect symmetry. And I like him a looooot. Of course he is not the worst goalie in NHL too:))) My perfect symmetry Finnish boy

2. Rick Nash (Columbus Blue Jackets, lets go, Jackeeets - my fav team)

My Canadian hockey bear. For sure he is not that macho macho man (like ovi). And I looove it, he has some kind of a real men's beauty. That something, that makes you stare at him without movement and silently completely dissolve in him, cos you dont have to care about future no more, because he knows how to deal with every possible problem:) And whats more, he is aaaaaaaaaweeeeeeeeeeesooooooooooome hockey player:)

3. Carolina Hurricanes

Im pretty sure, they have some kind of beauty contest before they start to watch their game abilities. Like for real. How did they put so much handsome boys in one team?

For example:
Cam Ward (goalie, i have a thing about liking goalies):

Those are boys, that I like a lot:)

And I have absolutely no idea, why girls dont watch a lot of hockey, like coooome ooooon, not only they look like real men should look like, but they are not as gay as football players.

I dont really like football

But I watch it sometimes (when Estonia plays)

Note to us: we love hockey, and we watch it a lot.

And remember: I like you.


Hello again Jana and her The One and the Only

yes, I do like myself more than you, so I will always put my name firstly

Unless you have some good reason for me not to do that

and I find Jana and her The One and The Only is too long for typing every time, so I am replacing it with "we" and "us"

Hello to us!

I like my name, I can even say that I looooove it

but be sure to spell and write it correctly, Jaana is not as perfectly right as Jana

I will try to explain

Jana is like something solid, you cant break it, you can cut the last a but Jan is strong enough to bring it back

I will add some pictures for better understanding

Another reason why I love my name, cos it is like a long wave:

Some names are like squares (and i don't like squares):

But the most beautiful are the short waves and the longest waves:

Or maybe I just like names with -Ri ending:)

And i have found one more interesting name, but it is not due to it's writing, but it is interesting how you pronounce it

Now I hope you realize why I love my name

And remember: I like you.


Hello, Jana

yeap, I'm writing to myself, cos lately I have realized, that I'm The best person in the world, the only one for Rick Nash or Antero Niittymäki, The only one I can fully trust . Wait a second, yeap, the last one is correct, there is no need of using strikethrough. In case I will lose my memory, I'm gonna break every single bone of your damned body save it for my further life. Noaw, I'm not telling the truth again, even to myself. Let's face it: I'm 24 and I still haven't met you yet. And by you, I mean you, yes you, the one and the only. And I'm gonna help you with that.

Name: Jana
Age: 24
Weight: 55kg
Height: 167cm
Eyes: gray

That's enough.

Not really, but still:)I will add here the things I like and don't like, my point of view on almost everything, my weird actions and thoughts, my way of changing that damned useless amount of useless and stupid and useless people making this world a better place and of course you're all welcome to help me with that. And by you, I mean people, that I kinda like, otherwise you wouldnt be in my Windows live messenger list. Or some strangers:) cos obviously, the people I kinda like are almost as unknown for me, as those strangers I dont know yet.

My mother tongue is Russian, my second language is Estonian, and English is my third one. And you may be wondering is it a good idea to microwave this why the hell am I using English, well, thats because I'm quite sure, that my The Only One is from Estonia or Norway or Finland or Sweden or Iceland or Canada.

And remember: I like you.